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An Interview with Director Marcio Garcia

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Márcio Garcia started out on MTV and has added director to the list of many hats he dons. Márcio directed the romantic comedy Bed & Breakfast (2010) and recently finished directing the upcoming, Open Road.

The charming Márcio took a few moments to discuss Bed & Breakfast, his award for Best Director, the next great frontier in filmmaking, and life in Brazil.

How are things going in beautiful, lush, tropical Brazil ?

Things are great. I just finished directing another movie, Open Road, with Andy Garcia and Juliette Lewis. I am very excited about it.   

Let me start off by saying thank you, Márcio, for directing such a fun multidimensional film.  Bed & Breakfast is charming, heartwarming, vibrant and real.  What was your vision going in as a director to bring the movie to life, as opposed to seeing it from the perspective of an actor?

My main objective was to make it a believable story, with characters that people could relate to,  The situations themselves would lead to the comedic elements.

You were both director and producer of the film. Which role did you enjoy more?

Directing is always more fun.  It makes your creative juices flow.  In producing, your creativity is going towards making the whole thing happen.

In your words, please describe Bed & Breakfast?

Bed and Breakfast is a heartwarming  romantic comedy where two totally distinct characters, so different from each other, end up finding so many human things in common that they fall in love.

 What was the most memorable moment on the set? Were there any lessons you learned working on the film?

There were several situations.  I think the scene where Juliana and Dean are stranded on the road was very special.  Also enjoyed the dinner scene, because it was the day I had so many great actors.  It was really a party.  I learned that acting here is no different than in Brazil. Great actors are alwaysopened to finding the right tone to make their characters real and believable.

How different was the pacing in making Bed & Breakfast from making “PREDILEÇÃO”?

It was night and day, “PREDILEÇÃO” was an action short film.  B&B was calmer and had everything to do with timing.

You’ve worn quite a few hats in your life so far. Aside from being a husband and father, what has been the one closest to who you are – actor, director, producer, or writer?

I really enjoy producing and directing.  It is where I find I can be my best.

When did you first know this was that you wanted to do with your life? Was there a moment when the light bulb went on and you said, “That’s what I want to do. I want to be a filmmaker. I want to be a director.”?  How would you explain to somebody who knows nothing about what you do, what is it that’s so exciting to you about doing it?

I’ve always loved movies and television. But I never thought about one day working in the industry.  I became a fashion model by accident.  Then I got an invitation to act in a soap opera.  One thing led to another.  When I started acting, I realized I loved this industry and wanted to be able to tell my own stories.  That’s why I produced and directed my first short movie.  What is exciting for me is working with people and getting the best out of everyone.

When you started out, did you have something in mind you wanted to achieve?

Not really.

Please describe how it felt to be awarded “Best Director” at the Newport Film Festival while in England? Did it feel as momentous as when your directorial debut received a nod from the Cleveland International Film Festival? How are these milestones similar? How do they differ?

I knew Predilection was a good movie but I never expected to receive such a great award.  It was a humbling experience.  I was very happy with it.  Cleveland was the same thing.  For me they were not that different because, by living in Brazil, they were both very far from my reality.

 What do you understand about achievement now that you did not when you were in your twenties? How would you characterize your contribution, your achievement in the field of filmmaking so far? What about the setbacks, frustrations, self-doubts? How do you deal with them?

In my twenties I was just finding out about myself and having fun.  Right now I feel that I am just starting to really have fun on a more serious way.  Making movies is not an easy task, but I love the challenge.  It is too early.  It is too early to talk about achievement.

 Is there something you haven’t you done that you would like to do?

Yes,  lots of things.  One of them is making an action movie like Predilection, as a feature film.

What do you see as the next great challenge, the next great frontier in film making?

The great challenge is always finding a great story and bringing it successfully to the screen.  This was in the 1900’s and it will be in the 2100’s.  Technology – 3D OR 4D – are just means to telling a story.

 Do you plan to return to film, novelas or television as an actor or would you prefer writing and directing them instead?

I plan to keep doing all.

I want you to know I absolutely love your MGP website. It is so cutting edge. Did you have anything to do with putting it together?

Yes,  absolutely.  I was very involved.  I worked with Leandro, my right hand man, who is a computer wiz.  He is responsible to making it a reality.

What was your childhood like? Was there a book that influenced or inspired you in some way? What films influenced you most as a young person?

I was fortunate to being raised by a loving family who always supported me, even today, I count on my father as a major counselor for my career. 

Were there any teachers who had a big influence on you?

No one in particular.

How did you parents feel about what you’ve chosen professionally?

They totally support me.

Márcio, thank you so much!

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