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An Interview with Dario Scardapane, Creator of NBC’s Trauma

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From what I’ve read, the opening 10 minutes of the NBC drama Trauma — and say that five times fast — is the greatest introduction to a TV show ever. It cures cancer, tames global warming and reveals the secrets behind “Lost.”

Okay, maybe it doesn’t do the last thing, but still!

Seriously, NBC has had great success with emergency medicine shows going back to Emergency! — the one with the exclamation point — and, of course, the long-running ER.

Audio Excerpt: "I keep hearing, 'Okay, that's a pretty amazing way to start things. How are you going to keep up with it week after week?'  Television isn't the realm of the timid. Setting the bar really, really high for yourself… I embrace it."

Dario Scardapane is the creator and executive producer of Trauma, which, all kidding aside, is one of the most talked about dramas of the new TV season. And Scardapane brings an unusual background to this show. Instead of being a Hollywood set rat, he’s a former journalist who has worked at Vogue, the Los Angeles Times, Details, and US Magazine.

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Cliff Curtis and Aimee Garcia star in NBC's Trauma, Mondays at 9 p.m.

You can listen to this interview with Dario Scardapane, creator and executive producer of the NBC drama Trauma, by clicking the BlogTalk Radio audio player above!

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  • TC

    I’ve worked EMS for almost 29 years and have been a nurse 19 years. I am currently a flight nurse. I found this show to be insulting to my profession and to those of us who have dedicated our lives to it. It is obvious the creators and producers ignored their technical experts. The portrayal of paramedics is unrealistic and ignorant of the real people doing this job. I know I will not be watching further episodes and will not be patronizing their sponsors.

  • TC,
    Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion.

  • JN

    Bob, TC’s sentiment is actually spot on. It’s as if the writers know just enough about EMS to slap together a show. “Third Watch” was light years ahead of “Trauma.” Seriously. The unethical behavior is one thing, but the sloppy medicine, cheesy ER scenes, and flagrant protocol mishaps are just too much. They’re forsaking realism for drama and going the wrong way with it. It *is* possible to maintain the adrenaline/drama while actually being technically accurate. 😐

  • JN,

    I’m glad to have the feedback from both of you. Thanks!