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An Internet Dummy Finds Her Internet Troll

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Like so many people all around the world, I blog. Not very often, not as much as I should, but I do find time to contribute every now and then. My main blog is devoted to my journey to becoming published. I also publish a gardening blog and a jewelry making blog. I had a now-neglected secret and totally anonymous blog where I spouted off about my daily problems. Several blogs are springboards to my writing projects. I have also used the idea of a rogue blog as a recurring theme for one of my novels.

I’ve utilized various blogging platforms, including Live Journal, Blogger, and WordPress. I like WordPress best; it’s simple. I’m simple-minded and I don’t have a lot of time to waste learning the ins and outs of online media. Just like my favorite market, if I’m not in there and out in less than five minutes, you’ve lost me as a customer.

One nice feature of WordPress is that you can moderate comments. You can also see the IP addresses of anyone who comments. (For those who just visit, there are programs for tracking your traffic, Stat Counter among them.)

I’ve been maintaining my main blog for three years. I’m no blogging sensation; if I have more than a couple of visitors, it’s a champagne moment. If any of them comment, it’s “Whee!” and “Squee!” As with all of my writing, my primary audience is me. If I can hook anyone else into my weird world, that’s a bonus.

The other day I decided to take a peek and had comments to moderate. One was particularly snide. It wasn’t snide as in SPAM bot snide, this comment was personal. I decided to allocate it to SPAM but not before jotting down the IP address.

I had time on my hands, so I decided to Google the IP address. Up comes the city, state, area code, and IP provider. Not only that, but the longitude and latitude!

With this information, I went to iTouchMap.com and entered the coordinates. Up pops a bubble indicating exactly where the computer was located, which happened to be approximately five miles away from my house.

Modern technology is just so damned crafty.

A word to the wise and unwise Internet trolls: You might be able to hide behind a phony email address and a cutesy name, but when even an internet dummy like me can find your physical location, it might be time to give up your hobby of harassment.

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  • Michael

    Very interesting. I didn’t know this could be done, but from my own experience in Europe it is not reliable. My Greece ISP assigns a different IP address each time I log in. It could be located anywhere in Greece and is usually different each time.
    I understand this is less common in the US but still used by some ISP’s.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus


    I’m in the US and even though my ISP may not assign a new IP Address as often,it still shows an inaccurate location. But, I don’t troll Joanne,so, I’ve got no worries:)

  • tomtomsatnav

    Any way to do this on youtube?

  • As the bombers in Boston found (and as George Orwell predicted and as various communist dictators demonstrated), the age of privacy is over. We might as well get used to going naked and living in glass houses. My wife wants to be very private, so we live on five acres of woods on an island in Puget Sound, but I guess you are looking at us as I type. I am waving at you right now!

  • Mr. MP! Hello! Nice to *see* you.

    A co-worker was telling me that she was alerted by text message a comment made on Facebook. When she clicked on the icon, she could not only see where the gentleman was at the time of the comment, but where he was in real time – as he was walking around his house. The modern age is fraught with modern problems. Big Brother is only one of them.