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(Re: Easongate – with apologies to Robert Frost)

An Imposter
(Re: Easongate – with apologies to Robert Frost)

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Mr. Jordan’s been to Davos.
What he saw there just might salve us.
Clinton, Jolie, Blair, and Bono,
Diversity of sapiens homo,
Rooms packed full of Euro-lovers,
Leftish rigmaroles to mutter,
Hundreds of the masses’ betters,
Plans to break the masses’ fetters,
Arguments too stale to mention
‘Gainst American intervention –
Most of all corporate production
Destined to prove news destruction.
What are credentials, talk show japers,
Media galas, Sunday papers,

But marks of journalist distinction
Now risking corporate extinction?
But his finest bit of blarney
Came on stage with Dave and Barney.
Said US troops were terminators
Of many hostile Fourth Estate-ers.
Then as quick as late night comedy
Retreated from his claim – or did he?
The tape and transcript will stay buried
In version Swiss of Woods Rosemary.
Teach mainstream media self-destruction?
Teach your grandmother egg suction.

– Harry Forbes

From Squaring the Boston Globe

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About Harry

  • Nice effort, Harry – last line’s quite evocative:))

  • The last line, and a few others are 100% stolen from a Frost poem called “An Importer”.

    Though stolen, they are apt.

  • Eric Olsen

    why aren’t the comments showing up? Anyway, super job Harry, very clever

  • Liked this. Thanks, Harry.