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Once again, Tim Daly gave a sterling performance in this week’s episode of Eyes. This ABC show is going to be one of the hits of the season. Now granted, part of the reason has to do with CBS putting CSI:NY on hiatus for a while. For the past two weeks, Gary Sinise has been seen on television in a repeat of the well crafted police drama.

Audiences appreciate watching a show which basically sticks to one main storyline. This audience member especially does, since it is easier to follow. Tim Daly’s character is Harlan Judd, the owner and main operator of Harlan Judd Risk Management Group, which handles corporate dilemmas when asking for law enforcement’s help would be inadvisable.

The latest episode has Harlan being visited by his college roommate, Brad. You see, Brad’s girlfriend has been kidnapped. This is bad enough, except that Brad cannot pay the ransom. Odd, considering his profession is that of physician. As the story continues, those who watch carefully learn that Brad left something out in his original narration of events. He has been dealing in a slick operation of legal prescription trafficking. He would write prescriptions for oxycodone (ABC’s name for OxyContin) and give them to ex-cons, drug addicts, and the like. When those patients died, Brad would take their Social Security numbers and buy more oxycodone off the Internet. Harlan is tipped off by the kidnapper, Travis, who is also one of Brad’s former dealers, to Brad’s scheme.

The subplot nicely blends the ethically bound attorney Leslie Town, played by Laura Leighton, and Gabrielle Beauvais Nilon’s character. Leslie has a client picked up by the police after a witness identifies a burglary suspect as being Hispanic. An alibi would clear Leslie’s client, but Oliver Sanchez’s boss Richard Sutherland, portrayed cleverly by Mitch Pileggi, has flown the coop. So, Leslie has to use a colleague of Judd’s in order to catch up with Sutherland and persuade him to return to the courtroom.

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  • joanne

    Mitch Pileggi’s perfermonce was just great.

    The producers of “Eyes” should have him on again!

  • As? Would not be a bad idea to have ‘Wings’ ast members making guest star appearances.