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An Early Look at Jennifer’s Body: Checking Up On Jennifer’s Chompers

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Don’t even start talking about this photo of Megan Fox that Fangoria dug up. I know what you’re thinking. Man, can she eat. No, Fox didn’t participate in a July 4th hot dog eating contest, but you’re almost right. This is the latest image from Jennifer’s Body which terrorizes theaters September 18. Directed by Karyn Kusama, Fox plays Jennifer Check, a cheerleader turned demon who consumes boys around town while mousy best friend, Needy Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried) tries to prevent her from killing every available man in town.

Casting Fox here makes more sense plot-wise than in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. Her playing a boy-killing beauty fits better than playing a geek lover who can replace an oil filter without smudging her fake tan. The new photo totally plays on her intimidating good looks — an evil stare that will drive every male in America into seeing this movie. 

If you see Bruno this week you can catch the Jennifer’s Body trailer. It's a standard preview with teens getting slaughtered to noisy metal music. I suggest checking out the red-band version at Slashfilm for a true taste. Set to the Runaways punk song “Cherry Bomb,” it’s more stylish and captures both the fun and frights. You’ll get hit with tons of double entendres about Fox and, yes, tons of cleavage shots. The film title and shameless sexuality suit her perfectly since her body makes up the bulk of her acting ability. The script also rubs in allusions to Fox’s vapid magazine interviews like ones about her–(cough)–bisexuality. In the movie’s trailer, Fox stalks Amanda Seyfried who pleads with her, “I thought you only murdered boys.” Fox replies, “I go both ways.”

Juno scribe Diablo Cody penned Jennifer’s Body. We haven’t heard much cinematically from Cody since she won the Best Screenplay Oscar. Cody returns to film atop a geyser of blood with Jennifer’s Body. I didn’t think so, but judging from the preview clip, this movie may be more digestible for those who found Juno too nauseatingly sweet. It looks to be an homage to cheesy '80s slasher movies. Gore, sex, and rock n’ roll, woo-hoo. I’m personally hoping for some Sam Raimi references. It looks funny too. In the trailer, a character talks about toughening up with the Bowflex. How can all you guys (or girls, possibly?) not be interested seeing Megan Fox mount a dude for a midnight snack?

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