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An Average Joe loses out to an Average Jerk

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I was fairly disappointed when Larissa didn’t pick Brian. I didn’t feel bad for her in the least when it turned out that shallow, pretty-boy, jock Gil ran screaming because her ex was Fabio.

What kind of world do we live in where a man feels so threatened by a romance cover model with long hair that he has to judgementally freak out on a former beauty contestant…holy crap. Nevermind. Now I see what’s wrong. The whole construct is entirely unbelievable.

Poor Brian. Just postulating here, but I bet if Larissa had picked him and told him, like a NORMAL person, he would have said “Fabio? You mean the swishy guy that a bird flew into and broke his nose? Hah. Well, we’ve already proved that you’d pick me over a guy like that, so, you know, that’s a funny anecdote, now let’s get some chowdah.”

Not that I really care. I was telling someone last night how I need more willpower to not watch so much tv. He pointed out that what I really need is “won’t” power as in: “I won’t watch so much TV!”

But then I went home and watched The O.C., Las Vegas (oh Sean Astin, I wished you’d died because you’d eaten that money, that would have been awesome), Angel and tidbits of Average Joe. That’s won’t power for ya.

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  • Eric Olsen

    But at least you have the ability to analyze it, so it’s really just fodder for your ciritcal faculties. Yeah … That’s the ticket. Thanks Amber!

  • Kelly Trujillo

    Is anyone really surprised that the beautiful cover model picked the shallow, hunky Gil over Brian, the intelligent, loving “Average Joe”? Me neither. In my opinion, Larissa got what she deserved. Now I know a lot of people felt really sorry for Brian…we all know what it’s like to have your heart broken, but I believe what happened to him will turn out to be for the better. I certainly don’t feel sorry for him. Do you have any idea how many women in the Boston metropolitan area must be clamoring for dates with this guy?

  • Eric Olsen

    Good point Kelly, he will be be Batchelor #1 in Boston after this kind of exposure.

  • sonya

    I can’t help wondering why such a “beauty queen” would feel “lucky” to spend time with these AVERAGE HUNKS, who themselves were nothing better than the common hunk image, nothing exceptional there, definitely no more of a treat than Fabio would appear to be. I assumed her life had previously been nothing but hunks, especially after her initial reaction to the “Joes”, who mostly were BELOW AVERAGE.

    While I think Larissa was pretty, and I was fooled into thinking she had depth and was kind-hearted, after hearing her words that must have been scripted for her to say to keep us “tuned in” instead of “turned off”, I am sure there are much prettier, if not at least as pretty, women who have never entered a beauty contest. By the same token, there are much smarter, well-mannered, and more presentable “Average Joes”, less sloppy and misfit than the bulk of the pickings on this show, with a few exceptions.

    I thought there was a (joe) guy named Michael voted off soon after the hunks arrived that was very cute and nice, but who turned off Larissa with his comments about Jesus being center in his life. She got to KEEP Tony’s painting (self-indulgent – he should get to have it as a souvenir, sell it, whatever, she will probably sell it). Whatever happened to the one she was supposed to be painting of him? Fredo saw the obvious much sooner than the rest of us, and was the only “Joe” to figure out that she was NOT the catch of the day, as we all now know. For this I admire his intellect and guts to stand up for his principles. Now there is a catch, ladies. A man to feel SAFE with, and who RESPECTS you.

    Brian was an absolute darling, witty, charming, funny and entertaining, but unfortunately he took the “hottie” bait and made a fool of himself on national TV. But she was his Dream Girl, and I’m sure more guys can understand him than Gil’s Fabio hang-up. However, upon reading his comments on the NBC page, he sounds just as shallow and self-centered as the rest of them. What a disappointment!

    How can any of us expect “REALITY” to develop between groups of people who take turns (take a number) for a few hours at a time “ALONE” – WITH THE CAMERAS, SPOTLIGHTS, ETC IN THEIR FACES, with someone who was a perfect stranger to them before this whole project started?

    *****And did anyone else notice that Fabio was also a blue-eyed blonde (like Gil), AND there is a picture of him on his International Fan Club website (something about his sparkly blue eyes), where, I SWEAR, if you cut his hair short and dyed it black, he would look JUST LIKE BRIAN!!! See for yourself!*****

    Obviously Brian, Larissa, and Gil have self esteem problems, although Brian may have overcome his as a result of this experience. Gil always was, and always will be, a self-centered, cold-hearted user, and Larissa can’t seem to resist that type of abuse. She was as if “in heat” with every hunk, like some sort of brainless nymphomaniac. She obviously has serious issues. I feel sorry for them and for myself for all the time I wasted watching this show.

    —But I would watch it again if BRIAN were given the chance to have HIS TURN doing the picking…..

  • Miranda

    I believe it was absolutely awful for Larissa to have chosen Gil over Brian. It seemed like all through the show that Larissa had feelings for Brian..and had really intimate moments with him, she even admited that herself. I think she just got caught up in the moment and the looks of Gil.She had maybe one or two dates with Gil..and she thought he was the one. Come on, he would not even open up to her. I believe if Larissa had picked Brian…she would have had herself a real man..Brian would have accepted her for who she was, and to me if Love is really in the picture , whoever you’re ex boyfriend was, shouldn’t even be in the picture. So many girls would love to have a guy like Brian…and I will tell you now you will not find many like him in the world. She rejected the average joe…so I guess she knows what it feels to be rejected herself.

  • Mary

    Does anyone know Brian Worth’s email address? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to write to him! I, too, was totally disappointed in how this show ended. This was my first “reality show” that I got hooked into and boy was I disappointed. Her lines did seem scripted (as someone else mentioned) at times, which makes me question if this show is just total BS or not. Anyway, if someone knows Brian’s email address, I would certainly appreciate getting it! Thanks!

  • Metamorphic

    I cant believe how many people out there believe in the reality show “Average Joe”…that show is probably the stinkiest of them all…I gotta admit..it was cool for a while til the submarine episode, the boat-jackin and all that crap…and then came the Fabio part which further proves the fact that the guys at NBC just wanted to have a really good laugh at us viewers. Whatelse can i say other than “Average Joe is just so stupid..” Why cant they just keep it a reality show..no scripts, no ‘thriller’ plots and all that BS! yuck!!


    Where is Brian Worth now? What is he up to and how can I send a message to him? He is such a sweetie. One on=f the good guys, I must say and that is not average! :} Would love to know what he is up to these days.
    Thanks for your time.


    Where is Brian Worth now? What is he up to and how can I send a message to him? He is such a sweetie. One on=f the good guys, I must say and that is not average! :} Would love to know what he is up to these days.
    Thanks for your time.