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A nanny by day and a cage dancer by night; Amy Miles has an indecisive nature. She’s also been an art school drop out and a waitress in her 12 years as a New Yorker. Maybe it’s because of her need for the night life. “My first record, Dirty Stay Out (2002), was about the girl who stays out all night and does the walk of shame the next morning,” she says in Interview magazine.

Songs like “Kill to Know” and “Marry You Again” make Dirty Stay Out a true love/hate album, peeking into characters that want to caress as much as they want to stab. Her sound reflects early 90’s alternative, often evoking The Breeders and Belly with vocal inflections of a breathy Sheryl Crow. Miles has a unique style, however, and is not afraid to occasionally tread close to recent Liz Phair.

It’s still early in the game for Amy Miles. Working closely with Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think fame, she’s honing her craft and gearing up for the release of Noble Hatch, an album titled after a 16-year-old bad boy from her junior high. While still obscure to most of the public (her second album is still awaiting a label), Miles has developed a cult following in New York as a club favorite.

With a number of indie-rockers getting the MTV nod of approval, let’s hope Miles can rise past the arena of regional success and not linger in obscurity.

You can hear music samples and watch videos at her site.

Read about Amy Miles and more here.

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