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America’s Next Top History-Making Presidential Idol Election 2008

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I hate politics. Just like I hate reality TV. They are the same thing. Some people pay attention to Survivor, some don't. The people who don't watch it have no interest in hearing about it. And the people that do, have their own opinions about who should win and why and argue with you about it until one of you loses. Not in a world of hypocrites who denounce political attacks and scandals that their team are on the wrong side of, yet thrive on the sweet victory while jumping on the bandwagon when it happens to the other guy.

I find it bizarre the way this world is. The way that people say it was. I don't know if I believe that it was really better back then. Mudslinging, slander, dissing, dirty laundry, skeletons. They've always been there and we are getting better at it.

The world demands that everything they absorb come in a daytime soap opera box. That's what network television and the news media have sculpted themselves into based on demands of our time. I think it's safe to say based on voter statistics that my friend, Eva (D-OR) gives me, and my personal opinion, that nobody gives a shit about politics except when something big goes down. Scandal. Terrorist attacks. If Rock the Vote isn't working, then what better way to sell politics than to spice it up a little bit and start selling it in tasty, bite-sized, scandal-sprinkled snacks? Obama's a Muslim! McCain owns more shit than you poor bastards!

Like it or not, we're living in a Jerry Springer culture. What it's coming down to is who the crowd's going to side with. Whichever camp brings the midget is a shoo-in.

As if the scandals of McCain's veep aren't enough and isn't enough of a clever move in this issue-free political chess match, this hurricane business, while it's really not in McCain's power to do anything about, he's scored another brilliant move scaling down the convention. It was unnecessary as far as I'm concerned, but it was all about image. If that hurricane had come the week before, Obama would have done the same thing McCain is doing, and it would've strengthened his plan for change in the eyes of the voters just as must as McCain's hoping his concern is portrayed the same way, when it really comes down to America's perception of a Republican government. He's clever to avoid any comparisons to the perceived Bush failure with Katrina and his campaign for president. No fucking way. But that's how we are.

And the latest Springer twist is a classic! I mean, for the last few days, the leftist bloggers have been going apeshit claiming the Down syndrome, fresh-from-the-oven Palin was really her 17-year-old daughter's baby and she was really the grandma. Then today, the Palin camp comes out and not only says, "You're wrong." They go on to say, "It wasn't her baby, but she's pregnant now." (And the crowd goes, "OOOOOOOOOO!")

The terrible thing is, I think it's working the wrong way. I can honestly feel myself being pulled on who to vote for based on moves made by the campaigns in this ridiculous news-based reality TV show of "America's Next Top History-Making Presidential Idol Election 2008". Obama's got the Clintons. Oh, but the Clintons don't really like Obama. Clinton supporters still feeling jaded. McCain picks a woman veep. Palin's baby is her daughter's. Her daughter's having a baby now! Obama-McCain-Obama-McCain-David Cook.

Maybe I'm going out on a big limb here saying this, but we created this culture. We vote for American Idols and root for Survivors. And we're going to start doing it based on who can cover their ass the best, and win our hearts with their charisma. Issues? Fuck issues. Don't bog me down with an episode discussing the candidate's stand on Iraq or Social Security, man! Get to the part where Obama's homeless brother crashes Sarah Palin's daughter's wedding and the two of them fall in love and elope!

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  • This is right on.

    I don’t watch reality TV, and I’ve cut down heavily on the so-called “news” – which is really sensationalized crap.

    Let’s get down to meat and potatoes, and stop making political office a beauty pageant or a popularity contest.

  • Has anyone seen the video of Cindy McCain explaining Gov. Palin’s National Security Experience. The link is to the clip on my site. You’ve got to see it.

  • Baronius

    Josh, I think that the mainstream culture keeps getting more frivolous, but fewer and fewer people follow it. Senior citizens lag behind the quick turnaround of pop culture, and eventually drop out altogether. Evangelical Christians have their own music, books, and news outlets. Hispanics have a semi-separate culture (Univision ratings are higher than FOX in some timeslots). I just named these three groups off the top of my head because they’re all demographically growing, and increasingly independent from the mainstream culture you properly denounce. I don’t think that any of them are more poorly informed either. So don’t worry that everyone’s becoming as stupid as modern culture. There are more alternatives to it.

    I was reading the same comments during the numerous debates. People complained that the debates had less information, and also that people weren’t watching them. Well, maybe people are making up their minds on sound reasoning and are less influenced by campaign fluff. The guy who’s playing Warcraft instead of watching the convention may be making the wise choice.

  • One of my friends pointed out that I completely ignore the people who actually do make up their mind based on issues, but even those people have a tendency to be misinformed and influenced.
    Everybody has an agenda. Everybody throws stones. I still believe it will come down to whoever takes the best beating. And maybe there’s nothing wrong with that, because I’m voting for the guy who seems like he can handle his shit better.
    I’ll admit I’m more democrat (44%) than I am republican (3%), but I won’t deny that McCain’s actions do hold some sway with me. Luckily, when I took my political affiliation quiz, I was more communist than anything. Does it show?

  • Could not agree more. 2008 marks the end of Journalism in America.

  • Jordan Richardson

    They said that last year, too. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that. And…

  • Can’t deny that it’s getting worse, though!

  • Jordan Richardson

    I think it’s getting better, actually. You just have to steer clear of mainstream, corporate media outlets. There’s plenty of REAL news online.

  • Cannonshop

    Not sure about that, Jordan-I think it best to use Multiple sources-including (ugh) mainstream media-if for no other reason than to figure out what they’re NOT telling you. For instance, we’ve had a circus around Bristol, and Trig, and Bristol’s Pregnancy.

    We have NOT had much in the way of coverage wrt Palin’s record in the national media, what she’s done, what she’s failed to do, etc. etc. It’s all about “Mommy Palin”, or “Religious Palin”.

    I watched the news before work today, and for the life of me, I could NOT get away from the teen pregnancy…because that, you see, is ‘titillating’ and sick and wrong, whereas rooting out corrupt officials, making pipeline agreements with foreign nations, visiting troops in the Middle East and hospitals in Germany just aren’t…what, worthy of comment?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Being that Canadian media is quite a bit different from American media, I haven’t found that I’ve been as inundated with the whole pregnancy thing, although a flip over to CNN or ABC certainly revealed a different focus. The CBC and Global mentioned it in passing, with most commentators not recognizing why it mattered at all.

    And I agree that you need a variety of news sources. For myself, I tend to stay away from mainstream media sources for purposes of seeking information, but I do like to use them to round out what people perceive as the “big picture.” My comment was mainly geared towards the sentiment that “journalism is dead.” I don’t believe it is.

  • Actually, Jordan, since I live only 20 minutes from the border, I find myself tuning toward Canadian news for everything these days. The reporting seems to be a bit more balanced. They are certainly more accurate when it comes to the weather!

  • Fistybuns McGillicuddy

    Oh, way to go, Josh. Your trenchant anti-political commentary has just given me full-blown AIDS! I hope you’re happy!

  • That’s exactly what my dad said!