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America’s Best Show Dog Is Carlee, A German Shorthaired Pointer

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It’s over! Several days of judging, rousing audience participation, excited auction bidding and nail biting anticipation. The Westminster Kennel Club’s 2005 Show is over.

The final judge had to review the top 7 dogs that were all outstanding. Four large dogs, one medium sized and two representatives of the small variety vied for the top position and the whirlwind network shows and public appearances.

All seven were crowd favourites. The Pekinese, the Bloodhound, the Great Perinese, the lively, personable Terrier. The other three lovelies were breeds whose names I can’t quite remember now.

It was Carlee who stole the coveted prize. She stood at attention, rear feet perfectly placed without being touched by her handler, Michelle Ostermiller, who also handled the winner last year.

Carlee did everything Michelle asked her to and stood as if to say ‘Here I Am’ to a silent, stunned crowd riveted by Carlee’s magical presence.

The judge commented that Carlee, a German Shorthaired Pointer, was ‘a spectacular breed type with fabulous condition’.

Congratulations to my girl Carlee, her owner and Michelle Ostermiller, her handler who truly allowed Carlee to shine. Enjoy your retirement, Carlee!

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  • Patricia

    She was magnificent!She was so focused on her trainer that she did not even realize how gorgeous she was. She was so aloof and yet so beautiful. We can all learn from her, namely, that if you focus on, and enjoy, the process the rest will follow. Bravo Carlee and Michelle!.