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Americans Flock to India for Treatment

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A bit of a counter-intuitive thought and process here, but Americans in need of surgery are headed to India for shorter waits and costs about 75 percent less than the amount someone could fork over in America.

People do get great medical help in this country, though it is horribly expensive for even the most minor of surgeries. Doctors I’ve talked to blame malpractice and insurance companies but they pick on malpractice because they figure convincing legislators that it is bad for lawyers to make money is easier than convincing them insurance companies charge through the roof because they can.

Talk about your Hobson’s Choice.

Robert Walter Beeney was unable to walk due to a stiff hip when he landed in India Jan 24. Twenty days later, he not only recovered after a rare hip replacement surgery at Apollo Hospital here but also visited the famous Taj Mahal in Agra after that.

The 64-year-old real estate consultant from San Francisco underwent successful surface replacement surgery using the anatomic surface replacement (ASR) hip system Jan 27, reportedly becoming the first US national to come to India for the treatment.

…A team of doctors, led by orthopaedic surgeon Vijay Bose, carried out the procedure for Beeney. Jayaramchander Pingle, a member of the medical team, told a news conference Tuesday that while in the conventional hip replacement surgery the total hip was replaced in the new system the patient’s original head and neck of femur were preserved and only their surface is replaced with metal on metal articulation.

With the use of very advanced metallurgy in this device, the wear and tear is reduced to a fraction in the artificial joint as opposed to the conventional total hip replacement.

Another advantage of the latest procedure is that in the event of any problem that may occur in the long term, the conventional total hip replacement can be done at a later stage.

Beeney, who came to know about the procedure in India through the Internet, said that since this was not yet cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, he decided to come here.

“This is despite the fact that the device that is fixed in the hip is made in the US,” he said.

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  • Indian hospitals are among the best – a select few of them. This is good – if you can get the service, you will go where it is cheapest. That will also have the effect of driving costs down in the US, IMHO

    Check your headline, Temple – America’s ??

  • Read it as “The country’s flock to …. ”

    Drive down the costs. Yes. I’ve stayed away from getting medical, dental, visual help because of the cost. And I’m pretty damn healthy but isn’t that the point of preventative health care (not that this piece is about preventative but …

  • Wow, this is truly an era of global competition. I think Aaman’s right — competition can only help to reform the US health care system.

    It’s obvious that our government won’t bring down costs, so perhaps India and other nations will.

  • alienboy

    why don’t you get Bush to cancel all medical treatment in the usa? let’s just outsource the whole deal to India. maybe they vcan sort ouot your social security system too, lol

  • Aaman I should have interviewed you. You’ve probably recieved healthcare in both places, though hopefully major surgery in neither.

    India may be the country with the widest extremes. And with a country so large, with so many languages, being so central to everything, well, they have a pretty good future ahead of them don’t they.

  • It certainly seems like the Future (capital F) is headed in the direction of Asia. Was listening to NPR/BBC last night — interviews with Chinese scientists, professors, and people familiar with the research scene in Asia. Upshot is that great strides are being made, and if more reforms are made to modernize / free up more resources and creative potential, “the future’s wide open,” as Tom Petty sang.

  • How on earth do the email spammers think they’ll get anywhere posting the same scam to a blog?


  • I too prefer getting my dental done in India in each trip I make there. In last trip, I spent $20 for 3 tooth filling and $180 for minor nose operation for better air passage to avoid congestion.


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  • Same is happening here in the UK, British are flying to Tunisia, Belgium and many other countries, looking for affodable surgical and medical healthcare. Joint replacement waiting list is too long and people can not really put up with the pain for months

  • I agree with Dave. Where do these spammers expect to get wit that?