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American Idol‘s Michael Johns Seeks Help

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The following information was taken from American Idol's Michael Johns' primary FAN website, and I have included quotes directly from them; so you know I’m not making it up. I am such a huge fan of this man and his talent and had to share this juicy tidbit.

If you go to that website, and take time to peruse all of the forums, you will find more topics and threads than you have room to fit in your head, or time to read for that matter. You could spend hours and days in there. This is a very open place, where fans are encouraged to leave their comments. It would seem I’m not the only fan who has an opinion (not that I ever thought that I was). I picked out only one of the newest, juiciest bits, and decided to share it with my readers.

According to some of the comments I read, Michael Johns now has people (a.k.a. an entourage). That would seem to indicate, his status is well into the metamorphosis stage, transforming him from one of the "American Idol Top Ten", and changing him into an individual star on his own. "It Won’t Be Long" before the association with American Idol is just a footnote in this rising star’s story. (note: "It Won’t Be Long", is the title to one of Michael's unreleased pre-idol songs. More information will follow for all 21 of them at the bottom of this article.)

I’m sure you’re thinking by now, "Okay, enough with the foreplay already, let’s get on to Michael Johns needs!"

Here’s the quote I referred to before, where Java/Allison (site admininstrator), posted the following announcement in the forums:

For those of you attending any of the future American Idol concert shows MICHAEL needs your help.

He is wanting someone from each show to gather email addresses from people before and after the concerts.

This is effective starting with the St. Louis show on July 18th and going on for each show thereafter until the final show on Sept 18th.
If you are willing to take the time to do this you will get a very special reward. VERY SPECIAL. It's so special that I don't even think I can say what it is. *squee*

I just got the word on this and my head is kind of spinning right now. This is so exciting!

PM me if you think you are up for the task.

UPDATE: I will be getting more information about this tomorrow. I have a few questions one of them being if more than one person per show. I will keep this thread updated!

UPDATE Part 2: There can be 2 people signed up for each show.
Below are the remaining tour dates and the people who have signed up.

There is more information in the rest of the article listed in the forum!

Be sure to sign up, and enter your e-mail address at the sites main page! They have hinted that there might be upcoming features and surprises, by entering your e-mail address at Michael Johns Online (MJO). Michael Johns

The posted topic goes on to list what cities are left in the American Idol Tour 2008, and which ones still have an opening left for a lucky volunteer to claim the reward. Keep in mind, there will only be two people allowed to participate in each city, so you'll have to hurry to stake your claim. As with everything else recently, regarding this star, the reward is left in mystery. From the sound of excitement Java exudes, whatever is the reward, it will be well worth having.

I'd claim it myself, but the nearest tour to where I abide is seven hours away. It's not that I'd mind the drive, as a matter of fact; if I were able, I'd walk on water to get there, just to see this show. The problem is, last time I checked about two months ago, the show was completely sold out of everything but the nosebleed section, left of the stage. Not even that would keep me from going if I got the chance. My problem is, I don't know my schedule that far in advance.  My suggestion would be, if you've not already done so, get your tickets now.

The videos I've seen so far of the tour show there are huge screens on all sides of the stage, tastefully utilized to give close-ups of every performance. They lend the illusion of having front row seats for every seat in the house.  With all of the idols so near; you could almost reach out and touch them. This is one tour, where the stars' presentations are very professionally put on display. We would not expect anything less than the best from American Idol, and at least with this show, they don't disappoint us!

I'm off again on another topic, to address the previous subject to which I eluded. It may come as a surprise to some of you Michael Johns fans, to learn that he even has pre-idol music. There are 21 songs available for free download.  There is a link at my personal MySpace page.   

Michael's generosity never ceases to amaze me. After all, what artist gives away that much of his art in unreleased songs, which should be put on the market for sale? Yet, he's offered these songs for the entire world to download for themselves, and share in freely. All you need to do in order to claim the entire list of 21 songs, is click on the link above and go to the Ayos iShare program found on that page.

From there, you click on the title of the tune you wish to hear. It brings up a small music player, and a link for download directly to your computer. There are no strings attached. You don't have to add me as a friend, since my page is in essence, an open book of tribute dedicated almost solely to Michael Johns. You don't have to join any clubs, or try a new product, or leave any information about yourself. The only requirement is that you find time to go there and enjoy the music.

These songs showcase Michael Johns in his astounding talent and versatility. There are tunes from every type genre of rock and soul one could imagine. They compare in styles ranging from such classic rock as done by the Beatles, to the hardest rock done by masters like Ozzy and Nickelback. There are tunes boasting his talent from the sexiest blues, all the way up to rock, and modern pop.

All of them are clearly intended to evoke emotion of some kind in the listener, and they are all perfectly done. Some of the "missing you" types and "break up" songs will rip your heart asunder.  That's assuming of course, you've ever broken up with your love, or missed someone that you care about, or were ever in love to begin with.  His voice expresses the deepest emotions as he renders the songs through his soul.

It seems to his fans, that Michael has the unique ability to evoke in us emotions unbidden. It doesn't appear to the average fan that he even knows what effect he has on us. He surrenders himself to the live performances, and is most comfortable while he is performing.  His subtle command of that realm makes it appear as though he can control what we feel effortlessly.  Having seen the reaction of his fans while he is on stage, I would have to agree with that assessment. 

Clearly, he will be one of the great super stars of all time, the likes of which have not yet embodied in this century, until now.  He has so quickly captured worldwide acclaim, and the phenomena of unshakeable fans. I can't wait to see what he has in store for all of us. Join with me and the rest of the world, as we watch with anticipation, what's yet to come in his future! 

I have a feeling it will be so bright; you might wish to upgrade your sunglasses now. I've gone so far as to purchase several pair for protection, while I witness the unveiling of the star in Michael Johns.  Who am I to say? 

As always, mine is Just One Opinion.

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  • dbc

    “Clearly, he will be one of the great super stars of all time, the likes of which have not yet embodied in this century, until now.”

    I agree!

  • Michael Johns is truly a talented singer and I hope he goes far.

    He is also a very nice guy and he really deserves all the success he can find.

  • is this article meant to be sarcastic?

    with a comment like “Clearly, he will be one of the great super stars of all time, the likes of which have not yet embodied in this century, until now,” I’m guessing it is.

  • Oh, Eric, never underestimate the over-estimatabilities (not a word – is now) of overzealous American Idol fans.

  • I thank Eric and Tom for their comments, but felt the need to respond. Forgive me if I choose to use actual words, since most of my readers understand them. For Eric, when I use sarcasm in my piece, you won’t have to ask, you’ll know it. For Tom, I am not now, nor have I ever been an American Idol fan. If you read the piece more thoroughly, you’ll see most of my pot shots are taken at them. This year was the first they ever caught my attention, and I won’t bother watching next year. Stay tuned in the future for conspiracy theories where they are concerned. As for being over zealous, ultimately, that is my choice. This article is my personal OPINION, and you have a right to yours. If you have no interest in Michael Johns future, why are you reading this piece? Thanks again for your comments.

  • Kate

    “If you have no interest in Michael Johns future, why are you reading this piece?”

    I kind of agree with both, Tom and Eric. And I do “care about his future”.
    This whole thing comes across as overly-obsessed-fangirly and really kind of… Claymate-ish.

    Sorry, but that’s how it comes across to me, and it makes me worry as an MJ fan that we ARE going to see a Claymate redux.

  • Psyche

    Well, I for one highly appreciate Ultimat1 for writing these articles. And I agree with everything said about MJO. It is a really fun place to chat about Michael, and the more publicity it gets, the better.

    Thanks again Unltimat1, you’re the voice of many MJ fans out there, and even some of us are more subtle.

  • Sedz / Jo

    Another great article – Thank you for taking the time to help promote someone who is not only a talented performer but also a genuinely nice guy.

    After 10 years of being in this difficult business, Michael deserves all the accolades and success that he will no doubt continue to get.I hope for a lengthy and prosperous career for him as I feel he has earned it.

  • Thanks for your opinion. I’m not sure what part of the article lends the theory that I am obsessed. As a writer, it is my intent to seduce the reader into finishing it to the end. Some people call it poetic license, I simply call it being a bit of a tease. I can assure you, I am not obsessed or fangirly in any way. I was simply incensed by his untimely departure from AI, and decided to take up his banner to champion. Some people enjoy reading things that stir the imagination. It wasn’t intended if I’ve offended yours.

  • Sandy

    I dearly love Michael Johns’ singing, especially the blues type songs. I’ve been scouring the Internet for his older songs and am so grateful to have found a resource here. Thanks very much Ultimat1. I hope Michael has a terrific career and I think he deserves it.

  • Lisa

    LOVED this article and I’m glad to see that other people respect that a singer doesn’t have to sound technically correct to be a great singer. It’s about the emotion behind the singer. You can sing every note perfectly but if you don’t connect with the feelings of your audience, you won’t succeed. Michael has that ability.

  • whocares