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American Idol‘s Adam Lambert: Balls of Steel!

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This Adam Lambert thing has really started to disturb me. I mostly watch American Idol as a guilty pleasure, but this guy is seriously starting to make me question my sexuality and my rock edge. The best way to make someone think you are a completely uncool loser is to tell them that you saw a megastar last night on American Idol. How do I tell my friends that I blew off the first half of my hometown Cleveland Cavaliers playing in the playoffs to watch a glammed out, proudly homosexual cabaret singer lay waste to our best memories of Robert Plant and Elvis Presley? And now I’m so wired up by it, I’m blowing off the second half to write about it.

Was Adam Lambert really in the bottom two last week on American Idol? It was shocking and hard to believe, but my first inclination was abject depression that perhaps it was a wake up call. Perhaps America wasn’t ready for the overly dramatic, over the top androgynous chaos of Adam Lambert after all.

There’s little doubt in my mind that Lambert wants to win this competition. Surely, he’d be forced to dial it down this week. The fact that it was going to be Idol’s first rock week made the thought of Lambert hiding his true self even more depressing. I mean, if Lambert has the Bill O’Reillys of the world freaked out at the image he’s been throwing out to the world on Idol, imagine what he’d think of the glittery six-inch platform shoes and skin-tight leather outfit that anyone who has been paying attention knows that Lambert really wants to be wearing.

Imagine my delight, when exactly the opposite happened. I should have never doubted the man that Paula Abdul called the “bravest contestant in Idol history.”

I’m not exactly sure how you tone down Adam Lambert, but certainly coming out in Elvis ’68 black leather to take on the ultra-histrionic Robert Plant’s most histrionic vocal performance isn’t the way to do it. Are you kidding me? The amount of balls it takes to appropriate that Presley look, stance, and sneer to add a whole lotta makeup and sing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” is earth-shatteringly, mind-bogglingly ballsy.

Idol judges are fond of telling their contestants to stay away from the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey numbers. Well, everyone knows that you don’t mess with Robert Plant. Unless Lambert just blew this thing completely out of the water (and he did!), he’d not only look completely ridiculous, he’d probably cause major riots and looting in our inner cities. You just don’t go there, do you?

Was that really Slash up there endorsing Lambert’s performance? I’ve got to believe that Led Zeppelin is holy ground for Saul Hudson. Did he really just say that he’d normally never consider being on this less than hard rock cool show, but there were a couple of artists that he really wanted to get a chance to work with? I’m going to go way out on a ledge and guess that the former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist wasn’t there to work with Danny Gokey. Let’s instead note that Slash is currently part of a super group, Velvet Revolver, desperately looking for a new lead singer and it's obvious to everyone with a brain that Adam Lambert can blow!

Do I really have the guts to go all Jon Landau “I’ve seen the history of rock and roll and his name is …” to the explosion of androgynous thunder and lightning that was the opening of last night’s show? Hell no, I’m no Adam Lambert, but there was Slash sitting proudly in the audience putting his reputation on the line.

God, help me ever having any credibility again. I’m raving about someone appearing on a show where one of the judges (Kara – Miss “Studio 57” Malaprop, herself) faulted one of the singers (Danny Gokey, who was left gasping in the dust trying to out-scream Lambert) for choosing to sing “Dream On” rather than an “earlier Aerosmith” song, by naming two songs that band did over a decade later!

My mother felt it was unfair that Lambert got to both open and close the show (an electric duet with Alison Iraheta on Foghat’s “Slow Ride,” where he seemed to libidinously and brazenly encourage the 17-year-old further out onto the ledge, which should probably be illegal in most of the South). My response was that it was unfair that Lambert is 1000 times more talented and charismatically fascinating than the three other poor saps that had to try and follow what could conservatively be called a looting of everything that has historically been the American Idol franchise.

At the top of the show America’s favorite Dick Clark wannabe, Ryan Seacrest, pointed out that dress rehearsal had to be skipped due an unforeseen collapse of one of the show’s promotional towers. From my point of view, the producers of the show should be happy that Lambert’s epic assault didn’t cause the whole roof to collapse, killing everyone fortunate enough to be there to see it.

Yes, I just said that.

Here's the truth by far — the gayest part of last night’s show was poor Kris Allen and Danny Gokey teaming up to bring us some Styx, which is pretty amazing when you consider that Lambert isn’t hiding his sexuality like Clay Aiken did. There isn’t going to be a “Yes, it’s true, I’m gay” People magazine cover in Adam Lambert’s future. Lambert’s cover is more likely to say, “Please, weren’t you paying any attention?”

For anyone with any remaining doubt, check out the back of this Upper Deck American Idol trading card where Lambert lists his hero as gay icon Harvey Milk.

Yes, all of my “cool” friends are mocking me right now. Thankfully, I have Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong on my side. “That kid that's on there — Adam — hitting those high notes?” Armstrong told AOL’s Spinner.com. “Pretty badass, man.”

Pretty, badass – indeed.

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  • Lexi

    You said it: “BAD ASS INDEED!” Adam Lambert will be the future of Rock and Roll!

  • Jen

    You have three more games to watch the Cavs sweep the Hawks, Adam is way more important!

  • Danny

    Totally right on! Adam is the ONLY reason I’m watching the show this year – he is BEYOND INCREDIBLE!

  • Justine Cupplo

    Great article. One of the best on Lambert that I’ve read.

  • moll

    Fireworks go off in my head when I watch Adam. He is spectacular.

  • Andrea

    Excellent Article! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Adam Lambert rocks every time he steps on stage. Even when I don’t particularly like the song, I love his voice and the way he presents his magic. Also loved your article. Great work.

  • pip

    Brad- he’s got legions of older babes questioning their sanity because they just can’t get enough of that good 27 year old gay Adam stuff. So don’t worry the homosexual panic. We all want to fuck him.

  • Alexis

    I find it amusing that fans of Allison have “Save the Rocker, Save the Competition” as their slogan, seeing as after last night, we all know who the real mothereffing rock god is. That was crazy and disturbing and all kinds of incredible.

  • nvJody

    I am one of the older babes, and not since Elvis has anyone ever moved me like Adam does. Loved your article – best one I have read so far

  • ditto

    GREAT reading. I ‘m also in Cleveland and I also missed the game, but there is just something about Adam. He is mesmerizing and I simply can’t wait for an album. I’m 48 ….

  • Mickey

    Nutty as this may sound, my husband and I (both in our seventies) think that Adam is the most exciting performer we have seen in a long time. Furthermore, we feel that he is holding back (yes!) for fear of truly outshining the other contestants. Regardless of the results
    in our book, he is already the winner.

  • Impressive showing I must say. Would want to see him sing a few more rock songs before I am convinced.

  • Hi please come over to my website and check out why I believe ADAM LAMBERT will win. I have compiled an ASTROLOGICAL Analysis for him – and have found amazing similarities between his chart and the late ELVIS. thank you Elizabeth xxx

  • Steph

    Fantastic article – so much fun and so accurate. Adam is beyond fantastic and if he doesn’t win, America is just being ridiculous.

  • Well to tell you the truth, I thought his performance was a little understated… Just kidding.

    Believe it or not I’ve never seen a whole episode of American Idol, then I watched your clip and couldn’t stop replaying it.

    I have a feeling that Adam is going to do for Gay Pride what Led Zepplin did for rock.

    Excellent article.

  • Lee

    The whole Lambert package stuns one. He is absolutely riveting. So many have mentioned how “happy” he makes them feel. I think that’s absolutely true – and it comes from the joy he takes in his performances. Youth and beauty are draws in themselves, but combined with such incredible talent, one is rendered almost speechless in admiration.

  • AM

    Great, great article. Best one on him that I’ve read so far. You took a lot of what I’ve been feeling (and saying, to disbelieving friends) and put it right on the line. I’ll be forwarding the URL all over the place!

  • I’ve downloaded 20 of Adam’s performances, Idol and pre-Idol, and if you do a little digging on Youtube Mongo, you’ll find Adam can sing the hell out of anything – ballads, rock, electronica, funk, pop. This man gets me hot (for music) like no other. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s just so pretty to look at.

  • Mridula

    Brilliant article!! You summed up my thoughts beautifully! Just keep voting for him – I dont live in the States and can therefore not vote.

  • You know Brad, come to think of it I thought your article was a little understated too.

  • Christine Lakatos

    Right ON! American Idol is a time that me and my 12-year-old daughter bond (she can sing and she loves Adam)! Adam does remind me of Elvis, and is extremely talented–he should win!

  • Paul Roy

    And I though I was the only one who caught that moronic “earlier Aerosmith song” statement that Kara made. I was waiting for Simon to tell her, “Dream On is one of their earliest songs you dumb bitch”. Anyways, I haven’t been watching Idol this year, but I happened to watch it this week, and Lambert was pretty awesome. I haven’t seen any of his other performances though. Lambert fronting Velvet Revolver certainly would be pretty cool.

  • Dorri

    Great article! and very right on … Love Adam and look forward to seeing him every week … everyone needs to listen to his studio versions of his AI songs .. omg .. Mad World is unbelievable. And as far as his Zepplin song .. I had so hoped that he would sing Whole Lotta Love .. he did .. and he not only blew the competition out of the water by leagues .. but it just proved to me that he has one hell of a future in front of me .. I’ll be listening

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    First off… Rock week on American Idol is 8 years too late. It’s about time that they had someone who could actually sing a rock song,but, he’s definitely NO Elvis Presley. As for the whole killer Gay vocalist who slapped the pride back into the community…Rob Halford did that years ago when it took some fucking gonads plus he had the pipes to back it up. Just listen to some Painkiller.

    I’ll give him credit for being the first real Rock vocalist to ever grace American Idol but,next, I wouldn’t call him the future unless he bails out of the contest right now & releases a balls-to-the-wall Rock album that will match that the true classics. None of this Top 40,studio magic schlock!

  • Linda

    Great Blog! Count me among The Song Remains the Same era of women who have fallen for Adam Lambert. Hard. I am, like you, at once mesmerized and baffled as to how a contestant on a reality show – on the Fox Network no less (Bravo would have had at least a smidgen of intellectual cache)- has completely overtaken my aural and visual brain receptors. How did this happen? Who cares? It’s a comforting delight to know I can still be blindsided by talent and charisma and raw sexuality. I will…Rock On!

  • tricia1751

    Great,great article! I am so glad others see what I do. I am a 58 year old married woman with 2 grown kids. My husband and I love him!!

  • flynnsgirl

    Great article. I hope that everyone who sees the unique talent that is Adam Lambert will vote for him the next two weeks. No one deserves to win this competition more than Adam. He can sing anything, he is so crazy good.
    Adam needs our votes!

  • OutlandoGirl

    Don’t worry Brad. I’m a 39 year old happily married woman, and I want to jump Adam’s bones too.

  • Amy

    Hell ya, Adam’s bringing ROCK back!!!

  • Andy

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who just can’t get enough of this guy. It feels a little crazy to be this hyped up about him, but he REALLY IS THAT GOOD!! Like “what the HELL?!?” kinda good. I mean, the kid’s gotten standing ovations from badass Simon Cowell and both Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, for cryin’ out loud! Every week he DELIVERS the goods, and his appeal… androgynous, or however else you want to frame it, seems to work for everybody — straight women who know he’s gay, gay men, straight men who’ve never had a homo-erotic thought in their lives. It’s called CHARISMA, folks, and he’s overflowing with it. And then there’s those pipes. Holey moley!!

  • PIP Is Funny

    PIP’s quote is a pisser. Good shit.

  • Jen

    Enjoyed your article. I am a grandmother. My children and grandchildren are huge fans of Adam. When Slash came on my 8 year old grandson started yelling Slash. I didn’t even think he knew who Slash was.

    Canadian Fans

  • diane

    i have to tell you that your article was exactly what was in my head when i started to watch Idol this season with the kids- i actually wrote a similar one on my blog after he did Ring of Fire….and forget it after Mad World I was sure Adam Lambert was the future of Rock. He’s the best i’ve ever seen on any talent show ever. It’s so exciting to see the pure talent that he is…

  • bostonbonnie

    I’m 60. Loved Elvis to death and beyond. Never thought anyone would be as good as this again. It’s like being born again. I’m even going to endure the idols tour just for those minutes when it will be Adam up there.

  • RoRo

    Good article, thanks. Can’t wait to see Adam Lambert on the Idols tour. I hope he gets some good offers in the future, though I think the top 10 are under a 1 yr contract with Idol folks that may limit their ability to sign with anyone else (don’t quote me on that).
    Overseas voters may be able to vote by purchasing an international calling card that routes them through an 800 or Watts line, where they then call a U.S. number. I saw on a blog that someone had been successful at doing that from overseas, Ireland, I want to say.

  • Judy

    Bravo,you have brilliantly said what so many have been thinking and couldn’t put into words ! Adam’s flawless,fearless and effortless performances have blowm me away every week.He’s the only reason I watch ! It’s an added plus that he’s also intoxicating to look at !

  • Lilandra

    I don’t like Zeppelin but after this I went and bought Led Zeppelin album. He can make any music interesting enough to try! And there is such incredible charisma and joy of music in his performances, even through TV. Imagine to see him in live concert…Too bad I can’t vote I live in Finland. And yes, I am almost 40 and I get up 4 am to see him…Crazy. Talented man!

  • Joan

    Can’t wait for an Adam Lambert-Susan Doyle duet. Just kidding.

  • Sarina

    thanks for being so authentic! You say a lot of things that others only think or (won’t even admit to thinking). The fact is, Adam elicits so many emotions in all of us all at once…but most importantly he makes us giddy with JOY and helps set us free; unmasks us; makes us want to FEEL real in whatever form that takes. LOVED YOUR ARTICLE. You are also very cool!

  • Debbie

    I’ve been watching every week and keep predicting Adam since the very beginning. Was hoping he never made the bottom, so you kinda wonder what happened. Maybe they just do that for people to get ralled up. Hopefully he’ll make it to the top, if he doesn’t I’ll never watch AI again!

  • nicole

    I have never in my life, heard or seen a perfomer like adam!!!! Oh man!!! Everytime I hear him I just melt!! Can’t wait to by his record!!!!!

  • isla

    Hey, that was a great article. Pretty much described everything I experienced when I first encountered this androgenous catch-me-if-you-can singing angel/fiend. But had to laugh when reading comments and found the one that blatantly said “we all want to fuck him”. Loved it. One way or another we all do. It’s how this “star” business works. Adam’s the whole orgasmic package.

  • schizoid


  • Shirl

    Love the tone of your article! We all feel crazy! Experiencing Adam is pure pleasure! I am another old babe from the Led Zeppelin era and Adam awakens all those youthful feelings…..what fun! I wish him well and thank him for the joy he brings.

  • Susan L

    Adam has a whole lotta my love. And—I love your piece. I totally agree with you that Adam’s fearlessness goes beyond the stage. While I love him musically, I also love that he is totally, unapologetically, himself…all the time! I also happen to really like who that person is!

  • Winnie

    Count down to final night. Is anyone else as nervous as I am? I will be sick if Adam doesn’t win. Though I feel like an idiot, and could never tell my acquaintances, I will be voting like a little teeny-bopper tomorrow night. This beautiful, sexy, blazingly talented young man deserves it. He has paid his dues.

  • Ella

    Great article! Thank you.

  • Suse1701

    Wow!! Sorry I’m a week late and a dollar short. I can’t believe this article just came up on Google. I’m an Adam junkie and read everything about him. (Before this year, had about .15 percent interest in Idol. I’d watch the first two audition shows, before it became an out-an-out bloodbath, then I’d watch the Final 3 or 4.)

    This is the best piece I’ve ever read on him. I’m a writer/editor/journalist and I have to say, you NAILED this article.

    I happened to catch Adam’s “Satisfaction,” because I tuned in to watch Jasmine or Ju’Not or someone I saw from a glimpse of Hollywood week. O. M. G.!!! I was BLOWN AWAY. Then I decided to check out Michael Jackson week. I was moderately entertained until Adam came on an KILLED with “Black or White.” By the time he was flashing his 1,000-watt smile at the end, I was his slave. And mind you, the jewelry, the makeup, the guyliner … usually a deal breaker with me; it’s not my thing. With Adam, I was over it in about a minute and a half.

    Adam is so beyond good it’s frightening. Give him a year, he will own the world. I adore Kris. I’ve been rooting for him every step of the way, but Adam is in a league of his own and I thank God that we’ve finally been allowed just be touched by that gift.

  • Lee

    ‘Loved the article – I don’t know how it escaped me until now. And, yes, Winnie – I’m really nervous about tomorrow, and wouldn’t dare tell most people I know how caught up in this I’ve been. What I have to say about this Adam Hysteria is … well, I’m caught between “What the hell is WRONG with us?!?” and “This is the best thing that’s happened in a long time!” I especially love the comments from women not typically expected to be scrambling to gush over a 27-year old, because when this madness overcame me, I thought that -at 61- I alone felt this way, and needed therapy. Now I realize that Adam Lambert IS my therapy.

  • Mark


    I’m glad I’m not the only one overcome with Adam Lambert hysteria! I haven’t been this excited about an artist, much less an AI performer in a long, long time.. (I stopped watching after Bo Bice’s season). I would watch the auditions but that’s it.. this year, WOW! sold.. hook, line and sinker the minute Adam came on the screen. Amazing… simply amazing.

  • Lee

    Boy! This is the comment list that doesn’t end! I’ve already left a comment, but I got caught up in expounding on Adam’s fabulousness, and failed to make a proper comment on your blog … It is by far the most entertaining piece written on this subject! Thanks so much!

  • shauna

    Adam must win. I’m still recovering from Whole Lotta Love, been in a state of hormonal turbulence since I saw him perform it – electrifying. I have been mesmerised by every single performance he’s done. Can’t vote tonight, I’m english but I’m staying up to watch it live online even though I have to work 12 hour shift tomorrow.

  • Lynnsy

    Brad. Thank you.Your article synced in my brain like Adam’s performances…your words rang in my head…you are where Adam’s followers are…mesmerized by this young man who is such a gift to all of us. I am turning 70 this year and now wearing black nail polish…we will sing Feel Good at my birthday bash. I may even wear the silver white suit and come down a flight of stairs.Thanks for your perception, your observations and your sterling sense of humor. Onward.

  • Angela

    Having recently surrendered the coolness factor myself (bought a ticket to an American Idol Tour), I really appreciate your article. You are not alone 😉 Great writing! Of course, there was a similarly fearless performer in the nineties, the late Jeff Buckley, who had to go to France first to be appreciated.

  • Janice

    Whole Lotta Love was my favorite. Even my husband (54 years old) replayed it 4 times.
    He thought he was too cool to watch Idol also but enjoyed the season with me because of the prerformances of Adam Lambert.

  • luv4adam

    Luuv the article. You touched on how most of us feel about this fearless kid. I’ve gotta whole lotta love for a whole lotta ADAM!!! Haven’t had this much excitement over ANY other music artist. ADAM ROCKS MY WORLD!!!

  • Iluvadam4ever

    Adam was the only reason that I was so crazy about watching on AI but I will not watch it anymore. He shouldve won. ***Adam Rocks the World***

  • Alma Villarreal


  • kitty

    Best article I’ve read about Adam’s rock night performance, and I’ve read all of them! Adam brings you in and BAM you’re obsessed!

  • Libbylicious

    I know that Elvis is dead and Adam is gay. I don’t care, they both give me the chills. I’m just as nuts as you are, a closet case until I realized everybody was talking about Adam. I’ve talked with 80 year olds, my doctor and fellow mourners at a funeral about Adam. We can’t help ourselves, we old folks haven’t had this much excitement in our lives since Elvis sneered at us.

  • Carrie

    Great article and one of the BEST on Adam Lambert. Most of us feel that same way about Adam! He IS the most exciting artist in decades! I can’t wait to buy his CD!

  • Carrie

    Adam IS a ROCK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kitty

    Adam, please give us more “indulgent rubbish” I love you!

  • Yeah, honey – what you said. Now I ‘get’ all the Elvis insanity. Really. In all my 30 years of rock-n-roll attendage – I’ve never seen a performer who’s teasing lip curl I actually wanted to gnaw on – but Adam’s the one. He struts down that stage and sweetheart – were I physically there – this middle-aged 70’s disco refugee would need several burly bodyguards to hold me the fuck off…..and even then it would likely end up a draw (I’m scrappy). Adam tosses his head – and sweet Jesus! I’m reliving hearing Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’ for the very first time.

    As for the boyfriend – I’ve seen ‘em – and he is (as the lyric says) – ‘hotter than a pepper sprout’. (What is it about L.A. anyway? The water? So many good-lookin’ men!). What I don’t get is all this ‘to do’. After all – we (and in his fans, we) all knew Mr. Fantastic wore brilliant, glittery wings under all that yummy black leather. So? Who cares? I keep shaking my head and thinking: “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.”

    If only they could.

  • Amanda

    This is the best thing I’ve ever read!!!!! I love Adam and he’s so fucking amazing. He doesn’t give a fuck what people say about him, he does things his own way and he doesn’t get embarassed or apologize for himself. Add all his talent to that and you have something special.

    Love u for writing this, you are so funny!

  • WTF

    My boyfriend told me last week he finds Adam Lambert “sexy in a totally non-homosexual way and “would do him if” he had to. What the hell?? I’m not even kidding LOL!!!! I didn’t know whether to kiss him or merely be incredibly worried.

  • Bigger Than Life

    Elvis in his height was ahead of my sexual awakening about 20 years. Watching Adam explode on the scene – with all the comparisons to Elvis… help me understand how such a star could become bigger than life itself. I hope Adam can live up to all the expectations for a very very long time.

  • Heather

    Great article. I agree with all points, and screw the AI stigma/being a dork who watches it. If I can appreciate a good cover bought off of Itunes from whoever (a million covers of everything exists), I can appreciate it on idol. Good music and good talent is just that. Lambert may not have won, but it wont’ matter.

  • Millie

    Adam make my life upside down,for sure! He made me countdown just to see him perform again!Ohh,feel sad that A.I finished!I want to see him again badly.The best season ever,thanks to Adam!

  • Samantha Collins

    Thanks for yet another fantastic read. I love the way you express yourself — and I appreciate the Adam love.

  • needacoke

    Really enjoyed this article! You do a great job!

  • sibcygirl

    “balls of steel” Perfect description of this wonderful performer. I’m 50+ and can’t get enough of this performer. He will be a shot in the arm to the music world. The “rap crap” has gone on long enough. If he runs his career the proper way, mark my words, he will be bigger than Elvis and the Beatles. He is so talented, gracious, confident and powerful. GREAT ARTICLE!

  • LC

    Great article. Exactly my thinking and I’m glad YOU said it. Adam is AMAZING and sexy and sings like nobody else. Elvis had a 7 octave voice (which of course he didn’t get to use very much, thanks to his poor management) and I LOVE Elvis…but Adam is equally amazing, equally sexy, and so charasmatic that even Elvis would have to agree. He is leagues beyond the others on the show. Like you said, it’s not fair to them. And I’m writing this after Adam LOST!
    Yes. LOST AMERICAN IDOL! I was SO pissed at first, but now I’m glad he doesn’t have to sing all those POP tunes that AI makes their winners sing. He’s on his own to make his OWN amazing music. Whatever it is, I’ll be listening.

  • Selu

    Mr. Laidman– You’ve got a whole lotta love from new friends who aren’t mocking you…we’re celebrating the genius of your article. Brilliant!

  • SantaBarbaraGranny

    I’m So glad I found this…bookmarked!!!

  • Allie

    Yeah fuck the bill orielly’s of this world…they so much want a piece of Adam, the stupid homophobes.

  • Melinda

    Love this article! Yes, it is 7/2/09 and I am still obsessively searching anything Adam Lambert. Which is how I found this great article.
    Can’t wait to follow Adam’s career and your great articles about him.

  • MLL

    I can’t believe I missed this article all these months. Brilliant. Love the tone, love the writing, and of course love the subject. Lordy, there’s nothing sexier than brains – both the article subject and the article author fit that bill tonight. I’m in love.

  • indigo

    Its a year later since Adam sang whole lotta love,just happened to read your article and it is right on,his popularity is increasing in leaps and bound,i have been looking for any news or article to read about Adam since last AI, Now AI is ruined for me because there will be no one as good as Adam Lamber,they might as well stop prducing AI.I am still watching Adam’s AI performances from last year. I am a fan for life. You are a great writer by the way! Thanks.

  • indigo

    Thanks for the brilliant article,you have a great insight from the early on,most people are realizing it slowly but surely,you are a fine writer who has fine tuned so early on how Adam is so talented, what most writers are now writing about Adam. you have skills my friend,use it wisely.

  • Cat

    Well, I know I’m a year late with this comment, but I just recently discovered Adam Lambert, having heard one of his songs on the radio and falling in love with his voice. I don’t have TV and I totally missed all this, so i’m catching up now. Thanks for your article, it’s one of the best and funniest i’ve read. Building a career doesn’t happen overnight, but I think Adam is truly incredible and well on his way. He is certainly living up to expectations, in my opinion, and doing everything right to open people’s minds. I watched him perform last night and am addicted for life. He is also garnering legions of younger fans (like me 🙂 who probably never watched AI either. The concerts are sold out and fans are extremely diverse. No doubt he will become iconic.

  • Vicky Fonseca

    Hi Brad, I have no idea how I missed this article last year and want to say it made me smile. I want to say thank your for being brave and saying what you think – so many men are not able to really take control of who they are. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with a straight man enjoying the uncommon talent in Adam Lambert! Enjoying Adam won’t turn a straight guy into a gay one. If they have friends who suddenly give him crap, tell him he is now uncool or perceive it and/or him as “gay”, well, they are just bigoted morons. I for one do not find bigoted morons enrich my life and have little room for them in my life. Just sayin…… Here is my question to you Brad. Obviously you were turning into a fan a year ago. Have you been following Adam this last year, are you still a fan or do you have any comments?

    Thanks very much for your honesty and your ability to judge Adam based upon his art and not his sexuality.

    Vicky Fonseca
    Glambert #4113

  • CherelleDay

    Whoot! Well, I am only just reading ur article now and have to say this. I just love you. Seriously, isn’t it magnificent to reflect on how right you were – how clear your vision? Closing in on a year and a half now and you called it buddy. Props to you!

  • Ovationimpact

    Grammy Nominated Artist Adam Lambert for best male vocalist in the same category as Michael Jackson, the Grammy Academy should create a new posthumous award category as it is getting somewhat creepy to continue to notice Jackson’s name appear as a nominee at multiple award shows, validates your 2009 articles insight of the raw talents of Adam Lambert.

    As a first time, of anyone – ever, fan girl who has flown to see Adam Lambert sing live at over US 20 permits me to say your Balls of Steel analysis of Adams vocals, stage charisma, and sex appeal can indeed collapse a roof and leaves a fan wanting more from this extraordinary talent.

  • cheriemelissa

    I love your article. You have said what we all feel. He is the best singer I’ve heard and I’ve heard them all. His tour this year was spectacular. I saw it in Milwaukee and have been floating on air ever since. I wish I could travel everywhere he performs as I can’t get enough!!!

  • Sandy

    I, too, just came across this article and read every damn comment. It’s sort of like a page out of history. And how happy are we to see Adam so successful today? We saw him in Milwaukee, also..remember the stairs? I thought I’d die. No one more talented or sexy in our world..I’m a fan forever! And, to you Brad…please let us know your state of mind today.

  • brad laidman

    Still a fan – I’d prefer his album to be more of a rock album than a dance album, but he is still a presence and seemingly a good guy – I still root for him.

  • brad laidman

    Also the clips I saw from the Idol tour were all fantastic

  • How does it feel to have totally called what Adam’s magazine “outing” would be? A friend just posted the link to this tonight so it was really cool to read it for the first time at the end of Glamnation Tour. Star of Idols Live tour, an album that has gone gold in the US and sold over a million copies world wide. Winner of more than one international music award and now a Grammy nominee. Adam did “break” AI. He will walk away from the stigma and leave 19 in his dust and they’ll never understand what hit them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Suzie

    How did I miss this article – prophetic, right on. you captured what Adam’s singing and persona is all about. Love it.

  • Lauriellen

    Someone reposted this article on Adamofficial.com today. It is so fun to look back at what people were saying almost 2 years ago. Adam will be performing on American Idol on Thursday, March 10. And yes, he is doing for the gay community what Plant did for rock. He’s singing an acoustic version of “Aftermath” with a remix dance version becoming available that night with proceeds going to the “Trevor Project.” Also available is a CD/DVD of the Glam Nation Tour which was the best thing I ever experienced. Hearing him LIVE is better than TV or recording.

  • Judy

    @Lauriellen….Agree 100% hearing him live is an experience which leaves you speechless

  • Debbie

    Saw the post about your article on Adam’s website. What you wrote was so prophetic – would love to hear your views now that Adam is on his way to being an international star and a cultural icon. Love your avi, by the way.

  • queenrosered

    I can’t believe I missed this article for so long Brad!! KUDOS to you for also having balls of steel and writing this SPOT ON blog about the most awesome male performer since..well, FOREVER!
    My hubby is a long-haired rocker/musician and we have seen Lambert live 8 times so far! We can’t wait for his sophomore album to drop and his next tour. I hope you were also able to see/hear him on his Glam Nation tour.
    Adam Lambert is what you’d get if you gave a rock-happy mad scientist some DNA from Bowie, Mercury, Plant & Presley!
    Thanks for this awesome tribute and I hope you’re still a fan? We are..for LIFE! ROCK ON!

    • Sherry

      So do you like him – Simon Cowell to Paula

  • Minxyinbedlam

    It’s 11/2013 and I just read this. So funny cuz never was AI fan but watched this man, crazy talented. Saw him w/Queen and Nile Rodgers more legends who love him

  • Sherry

    Unbelievable that I didn’t see this article for almost 4.5 yrs afterward. I laughed so hard all the way through the reading. Brilliantly written. FYI Robert Plant said Adam’s cover of WLL was the best he’s ever witnessed. So if that isn’t credibility than nothing is. Adam is a phenomenon and many don’t know what to think of him. However people with good taste in music and voice know that eventually the whole world will appreciate this gifted artist’s talent.

  • CinEnkeBert

    Great article!!! Adam is definitely the BEST singer to ever come out of Idol regardless of what album sales show. His performances are polarizing!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the world to appreciate his talent!

  • Lauriellen

    Someone posted this old blog on Facebook and it is as relevant today as it was back then as Adam is still going where he has no business being…now on Glee!

    This also reminded me of a blog I wrote just two weeks ago where I referenced Slash and put up some Idol links. http://lol-psychic.com/2013/10/28/velvet/

    I’m anxiously waiting for the announcement that Queen + Adam Lambert will be doing a tour in N. America.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Not long after this article Kris Allen was announced the winner of American Idol Season 8. By now we all know that Allen won with 38 million AT&T assisted Arkansas votes. The lesson is that Adam Lambert’s extraordinary talent was far more significant than a reality show win. Cheating for Allen by his Arkansas friends did not help Allen’s career in the long run. Karma is a bitch! .

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Laurieellen – Don’t know what you mean by “Adam going where he has no business being”. I think Adam is perfect for Glee and was great entertainment on Idol.

  • Evelyn Ruiz

    I rediscovered this article yesterday when I activated an old flash I found, It is a very good article about Adam and what he said and was in 2009 in AI are still true today. I respect and love him totally forever.