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American Idol: Who Will Win Tonight?

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As I watched American Idol last night I thought to myself, "Who is going to win the whole thing?" Judging from last night's show, I would say Crystal Bowersox. Crystal came out swinging last night, giving performances full of heart and soul. “Black Velvet” was awesome. But if you were to ask me who should win because of their overall performances all season, I would say Lee Dewyze. He was the underdog, always giving consistently good performances, while Crystal flopped several times. Lee’s "Hallelujah" was the highlight of the season, at least for me.

So who will be the next American Idol? I have no idea. I know who I am rooting for and whose album I would buy. Both Crystal and Lee are amazing artists full of potential! Both have their own unique style — Lee is more rock, while Crystal is a blues kind of girl!

Lee is the kind of artist you can hear on the radio right now, he has a lot of commercial appeal and I can see him making tons of hits if he hooks up with great songwriters. Lee has mass appeal. Crystal, on the other hand, has a more targeted audience; she has that bluesy sound that may not be favored by everyone, but these days artists are crossing boundaries and Crystal could easily do some rock, soul, or pop or a mix of all of them!

Did you watch last night’s American Idol? Well, did it feel empty? I felt like something was lacking — a sense of excitement! I blame the contestants; both are very serious people, never joking too much or showing too much emotion! I know both contestants have a lot at stake, but didn’t Adam Lambert bring excitement and fun to the American Idol stage? And even though he didn’t win — he won! He has more singles out than winner Kris Allen and he gets more attention.

Season highlights: Lee’s “Hallelujah,” Crystal’s “Black Velvet,” and the duo’s “Falling Slowly.”

Who should win? Who will win? We'll find out tonight!

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