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American Idol Week 3 Results: Good-bye, Jessica

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Good-bye, Jessica.

No one wants to pile on minutes after a girl, who can actually sing and whose heart is so set on becoming a star, just got shown the door. But let’s be realistic here.

As Simon said last night, for all her vocal prowess, Jessica lacked likeability. In other words, she did not have a winning persona. To quote someone famous for being famous, “I don’t mean to be rude, but . . .” my take on Jessica from the beginning was that she reminded me of that saying about horses, “rode hard and put up wet.” And other colourful images I went into in more detail in my Week 1 recap.

Despite the mantra that “this is a singing competition,” please: we all know there’s more to it than that. Many can sing; few become stars.

Probably the bigger surprise of the evening was the fact that Scott and Anthony escaped the bottom three. Unless the votes were so close that those who escaped did so just barely, this week’s results likely mean that Nadia has burned up a lot of her political capital and is not going to be able to come back from the brink.

Nadia’s performances have varied somewhat in quality, but the real weight around her neck is the precipitous drop in her winsomeness. And standing in the bottom three two weeks in a row isn’t exactly a confidence elixir.

Moreover, since she came out in Week 2 and stated, basically, she could barely find one song in Fred Bronson’s 1,008-page book of number one hits that she liked, maybe she’ll say to herself, “Bag this anyway.”

Anwar, OTOH, is Mr. Congeniality. You would love to have an adult beverage with him or have him teach your children music. But the judges are exactly right: he continually flounders when he performs, but then seemingly rescues himself by hitting the money notes.

He, Anthony and Scott are now the most vulnerable.

That said, okay, okay: I’m going to go ahead and predict the top four:

Fourth place will be Vonzell. Third will be Bo or Carrie. The runner-up will be Bo or Carrie. And who takes the trophy? Constantine. That’s my story and, for now, I’m sticking to it.

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  • TylerNewton

    “As Simon said last night, for all her vocal prowess, Jessica lacked likeability. In other words, she did not have a winning persona.”

    This was his way of saying that we all judge women on looks, and Jessica was frankly too ugly to be American Idol. If AI was a competition held over the radio, Jessica would survive for a country showdown final with Carrie, no question.

    No real surprise that Nadia and Anwar are in the bottom 3. Both are soon on their way out.

    As for Anthony, his fans seem to rally like the fans of Nikki Mckibbin in AI1. He’ll last until he’s up against Bo, Carrie, and Constantine only.

  • Tyler:

    Simon may have been trying to imply that Jessica was not attractive, but that’s not where I’m coming from. I think she just comes across as too rough around the edges.

    She looked better before she went to the board-straight ‘do, etc. but I still think the prob was her personality.

    I mean, tonight she said it never even occurred to her that she might be in the bottom three. That kind of attitude does come across and not as likeable.

    Anyway, I’m sure she will have a chance to make it in country music.

  • TylerNewton

    Her ugly look had nothing to dow with makeup or hair. Her face is just ugly. It’s not the kind that people want to look at.

    Men and women judge women by their looks, and Jessica didn’t even look plain. Ask Scott Pepper, another blogger here. He has compared her face to Ms. Piggy, and that has nothing to do with her hair/makeup.

    Why should Jessica have been worried? The judges kept saying that she has one of the best voices in the competition, but she was off tonight. The sad thing was that even Simon, yes Simon, didn’t have the heart to tell her that her face would keep her from ever becoming a huge star.

    Let’s face the facts: When guy voters vote, they didn’t vote for Jessica because of her ugly mug. They went for Carrie and other guy singers.

    Girl voters also didn’t vote for Jessica because girls tend to flock to the pretty ones, hence they all went to Carrie or guy singers.

    Jessica has a face many cannot stand to look at for long periods of time and that’s why she’s out. There was nothing she could do about it, besides going to one of “The Swan” cosmetic surgeons BEFORE entering the AI competition.

    Sounds harsh, but ask fellow blogger Scott Pepper. He’ll tell you that her Ms. Piggy face (not hair/makeup) is what doomed her from the start of the finals.

  • TylerNewton

    Here is what Scott said when I said Jessica was too ugly:

    Comment 2 posted by Scott Pepper on March 29, 2005 11:16 PM:

    I couldn’t agree more. Tonight was a particuarly bad night for Jessica–she looked a little bit too much like Miss Piggy for comfort.

  • I still don’t agree that Jessica is “ugly.” However, I maintain that, whatever, that’s not the point.

    Yes, as in life, people may initially base their votes in large part on looks and initial image.

    But also as in life, other qualities about a person can eventually win people over or push them away.

    American Idol is a particularly challenging venue for performers.

    One, because part of it’s live and the other part is produced with the goal of making good television, regardless of how that effects the particular contestant,the performer’s image is not as tightly controlled and shaped for his/her good as it would be if the performer were coming up through the traditional industry publicity route.

    Second, b/c the format emphasizes getting to know the contestant (at least the image of the contestant) at the same time we are getting to know their music, who they come off as is a lot more crucial than it is for the performer who first meets the public as a pre-packaged music industry client.

    And all of this is compressed in time and in the literal context of competing with other performers.

  • Eric Olsen

    this was a mistake, the first real blunder by voters – they should have kept her around to challenge the leaders. It isn’t that she is particularly unattractive, she just isn’t notably attractive like the other remaining women are


    Jessica certainly is ATTRACTIVE, she is NOT FAT, moreover, she has a GREAT VOICE, and, just being in the A.I. top ten already makes her a SUCCESS! I hope Jessica keeps on believing in herself because history proves many of the most successful folks were denied opportunities in their beginning years. Remember, he who laughs last, laughs best!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree she has a great voice, but you aren’t being realistic to say she isn’t stubby looking

  • Eric:

    I agree that the show/competition would have benefited from Jessica staying around longer.

    Now it seems pretty clear who the top four are going to be (although I predicted Vonzell would be fourth, that’s the one slot that is the most open to contention).

    So, now we settle in to a few weeks of just clearing out the walking wounded.

    Unless, of course, something brilliant happens for one of these folks.

  • The entire show is BORING (shout it out the Simpsons way).

    BORING !!!

  • Also it’s worth noting that Natalie Maines, lead singer for the Dixie Chicks, had plenty of years when she was in the public eye and not exactly svelte. But the DC sold millions of records.

    Granted, Natalie still had a sweet face, but those other two chicks were nothing to write home about (and that’s putting it nicely).

    Didn’t hurt their sales one bit.

    I still maintain it was Jessica’s failure to engage the audience that led to her early out. And it shows how making it on AI actually can be tougher, in the sense that the performers are judged much earlier, before they’ve even recorded a cd, on how they come across as a person.

  • Eric Olsen

    good points, Sticker, agreed

  • scg

    I can’t understand why Jessica is being called ugly. I think she has a beautiful face. She may be a little plumper than Nadia (but then who isn’t? Even Carrie looks like she out weighs her), but it’s in all the right places. When she wore that top that she was practically bursting out of a few weeks ago, you can’t tell me there weren’t any guys that didn’t like that! And about the likeability factor–please! The least likeable person is still on the show, and yes, I mean Scott. Sorry, but that guy is just plain CREEPY!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    agreed scq, the difference is between “not unattractive” and “hottie,” which all the remaining women are

  • TylerNewton

    No one has a problem with Jessica’s body or size. It’s her face. Just the face. It’s hideous, and Scott Pepper was on the money when he made Ms. Piggy references.

    Before Jessica was voted off last night, I said she’d never win because women are too harshly judged on looks, and Jessica’s face is too ugly to win AI.