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American Idol Watch: Top Six

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Katharine McPhee – “I Have Nothing”. Again, the boobs take center stage. Hold on, let me move my TV to a different angle; I don’t want to lose an eye. Choosing any Whitney Houston song is a big risk, especially “I Have Nothing,” which has to be one of the most difficult pop songs to sing ever written. The good news is, Lisa Tucker didn’t make it to this week, because if she had – she probably would’ve chosen this. The bad news is, Kat didn’t do the song much justice either. You could hear her all-over-the-place pitch at the beginning of the song before she even GOT to the difficult notes. All the credibility she gained back last week just flew right out the window.

By the way…did anyone else notice her panty slip?

Grade: C-

Elliott Yamin – “A Song For You.” No one who has ever been on this show in all of its four seasons can tackle a song like “A Song For You” like Elliott. The minute I heard he was singing this, I knew he would do it beautifully. And he did just that. After this performance, Elliott needs to win this show. Hands down. I agree with Randy in that he should have used the Donny Hathaway arrangement, but it was still a fantastic performance. I’ll be right back, I have to go wipe the tears off of my face.

Grade: A

Kellie Pickler – “Unchained Melody.” Don’t really understand the “Kelly Clarkson in ‘Walk Away'” hairstyle, but the outfit’s decent. I understand that she’s supposed to be doing the “LeAnn Rimes” version of the song, but I just can’t help but think she lacks the soul for a song like this. Kellie is in no way the best vocalist in the competition, but what she does have is spunk and spirit. With that said, she needs to pick songs that reflect that from now on otherwise she’s screwed.

Grade: C+

Paris Bennett – “The Way We Were.” Taking on Barbra Streisand… never a good idea unless you’re La Toya London doing “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” With that said, Paris did a decent job. It was a very old song for her to choose, but what do you want the girl to do when she has to choose from David Foster songs? Interesting to see her return to her “Midnight Train To Georgia” Flight of the Phoenix hair-do. Even though her performance was solid tonight, I unfortunately have the feeling she may be going home tomorrow night.

Grade: B

Taylor Hicks – “Just Once.” Whole-heartedly agree that this was the wrong choice of song. Poor Taylor was off-pitch all over the place, struggled with some of the high notes, and overall the performance was just lackluster. Taylor has nothing to worry about, though. He’ll sail through to the Top 5.

On to something else, though … what the hell was with Paula tonight? I understand the crying over Elliott’s performance, but can anyone explain the drunken rage after Taylor’s performance? I was honestly scared at the sight of Paula’s standing and shaking, pointing at Taylor screaming “We love you! We love you!” Take your meds, honey.

Grade: C+

Chris Daughtry – “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman.” Chris Daughtry on his back. I’ve waited months for this. Ahem. Great choice of song, and great performance. Yet again, showing he’s no one-trick pony, and that he’s got the range and the voice to last in this competition until the very end. Keep on trucking, Chris. Keep on trucking.

PS: Is anyone else getting tired of the clang-clang of Paula’s bangles and shangles and dangles? How much metal can one wear?

Grade: A-

[ADBLOCKHERE]Best Vocal Performance: Elliott Yamin

Most Original Performance: Chris Daughtry

Best Overall Performance: Elliott Yamin

Going Home: Paris Bennett or Kellie Pickler

MP3s of the performances can be found online.

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  • Rene

    Kellie Pickler sucks. I can’t believe you have the gall to give her a C+. It was an F if ever there was one. She sounded awful. Her voice is to thin.

  • jdanton2

    i think Lisa Tucker would have done a great job on I Have Nothing . she performed it on Star Search and she was very good with it then.

  • Something must be wrong with my ears because I thought Katharine sounded great, although I’m severely annoyed by that song.

    But they could just end the competition today and crown Elliott the king. He was so incredibly fantastic last night…I nearly shed a tear too. And Chris, c’mon, you have to admit…the boy was looking gooood last night, huh?!?!?

    Now Chris Daughtry…mmmm how can I keep this PG-13?? Chris, I read the version you wrote on BOFI…and yeah, my sentiments exactly…although we might have to fight over him…..or…uhh..share?? 😉

    Either way….he sang his pretty little butt off, which is no surprise.

    Seeing Elliott and Chris as the final two will, no doubt, be PORN for me.

  • maybe it’s just me, but i have never successfully downloaded any mp3’s from the links in these articles.

  • Jim

    Your words about Elliott are true and meaningful. I worry that he may have suffered in the votes because everyone was rushing to “save” the bad singers and didn’t vote as much for him. I hope that wasn’t the show’s plan. I hope they didn’t praise him so highly so they can get rid of him tonight.

    Did you know Donny Hathaway’s CDs (or some of them) have gone way up on Amazon after Elliott’s performance? Now THAT is a wow moment.

  • Uhhh…

    Anyone who thinks Lisa Tucker can sing “I Have Nothing”….

    I remind you of how she butchered ‘Because of You’

  • sal m

    if chris had shown a little more versatility early on in the competition (try to imagine simon saying that word for effect) he would be the odds on favorite to win at this point, instead of fighting out of the bottom 3. hopefully he won back some fans, although it seems like his support is a mile wide but only an inch thick, which could be a problem.

    he’s good enough to win but i don’t think he will.

    and i’m sick of paula and randy…

  • Paul Roy

    Katherine will get voted off soon because most women voters are too jealous of her good looks, even though she is one of the best singers. Kelly Clarkson got alot of the “hey she is average looking just like me” housewife votes. I didn’t think her vocals were nearly as bad as the judges, and you said. Elliot was awesome. I used to think that Taylor could win it, but his last few performances have really shown that he is not in the same league as the others vocally. Kelly really needs to go. Her stupid blond act is really starting to get annoying, and she can’t sing anything other than a simple country song.

  • Brian

    And out goes Kelly…Come on this stupid blonde thing whether an act or not has to start turning people off. She was awful.
    And why did Kelly Clarkson appeal to the housewives when she was on idol? The show was not what it is today. It was on during the summer and was not a big hit so the wardrobes, the hair, the make-up and the stage have been lifted up a few levels since then and the producers Im sure want sexy women on the show. Who hasn’t shown some skin besides Mandesa?

  • Judge Judi

    I agree with almost all of the bloggers. Kelli HAS to go tonight. If not her, than it should be Taylor. Kelli has NEVER been in the same league as the others as far as singing goes. And yes, the top two SHOULD be Elliott and Chris. Both of them have tremendous voices …

    Now if America got REALLY smart, they would vote for anyone EXCEPT Katharine. And it’s certainly NOT that I’m jealous of her. I’d rather be an average looking person with a great personality, than a great looking person who thinks they are God’s gift to American Idol.

    Oh, and another thing … could they show ANOTHER shot of her dad crying when she sings??!! GEEZ, my dad cries when I sing too, and it’s not because I sing good … just because Mr. McPhee loves his daughter, it doesn’t mean the rest of America does!!! I think “daddy” is a little blind to his daughter’s ego!!

    Did Katharine really think she was impressing Andrea by singing one of his songs to him? Oh please!? I’m really hoping that America is starting to see through her arrogance and smugness. Put her up against Elliott or Chris in the finals, and watch her drop like a rock!!

  • Rachel

    uhmmm lisa would have been awesome with i have nothing, her star search one was great, and she’s obviously a lot better now so it would have been awesome…

  • Judge Judi

    Sorry about blogging twice … guess I just wanted to state my opinion strongly!! ha ha

  • Paris is ugly, stinky, and is Anne Nesby’s grandbaby!!!!!!!

    Please, America, for the love of God, can the fewest amount of votes this week go to PARIS???

    SHE ABSOLUTELY **MUST** GO HOME NOW. This is getting f**king ridiculous!

    I hope she is gone tonight.

  • Dude…Lisa Tucker does not have a belter’s voice.

    Just the little I heard of her singing “I Have Nothing” with Stevie Wonder at the piano was horrible.

  • Anastasia

    What is wrong with Katharine McPhee being so sexy and gorgeous??
    She is a very good singer!!!
    I agree with you about Elliot and Chris….
    Gosh, I wish they will vote out Kelly!!!
    Hate her!!!!!
    She is getting worse every week!!!!!

  • I hate Paris

    Now that Kellie is off, out of the final 5, you have to be an idiot to think Paris is not the worst.

    She is HORRID and has to go!!!!

  • I hate Katherine

    Hey “I hate Paris”, I will help vote Paris off if you help me vote Katherine off, deal???

  • Sizzlin

    Oh Judge Judi, you are sooo right on!
    I knew Kelli was leaving, she was darn right awful!
    Elliott and Chris were near perfect, and is it me or is Elliott getting better looking each week. They were both fantastic and looked really hot, great song pic’s too.

    Katherine and her BOOBS MUST GO!!!

    Paris and or Taylor will be gone next.

    Leave Paula alone, so she is a little high strung and emotional, what TV personality isn’t….

  • Kim

    Does anyone know what the top five will be singing next week?

  • one from the year they were born and any song from this week’s Top 10 Billboard Charts

  • gimme a break

    Katharine McPhee is so sterile it’s sickening. There’s no substance to her voice or performance. She sounds like the average girl singer in a wedding or lounge band…except her pitch is worse…she reminds me of Cathie Lee Gifford!

    Paris is still a kid and was probably raised listening to alot of old style singers and jazz. Musically, she’s more advanced than some of the others but she’s got some growing and work to do.

    Kelly….Why? She’ll get a gig doing soaps or something. (how Kelly made it this far and Mandissa – clearly the best female vocalist in the competition – got kicked off, I’ll never understand why, in spite of Mandissa’s poor choice of wardrobe and performance style on her last round)

    Taylor really has a ton of charisma, which is really important but technically he’s not as good as Elliot or Chris. He’s another one with pitch problems. If he works on that he would probably do well.

    Chris is an awesome performer and great singer, however he also has some pitch issues. He has tremendous potential and he is a star, no doubt.

    Elliot I think is the best all around singer left in this competition. Technically he’s great and he really has alot of depth as does Chris. I really hope he does win because I think he deserves it. The guy wears an insulin pump and is partially deaf and his pitch is still better than everyone else! I think both of these guys will get a decent shot at a successful career in the business. Clive Davis has already made it known that he is ready to sign Chris.

    Hopefully, the winner will truly be the most deserving.

    ..and for the guy who made the ridiculous comment about housewives voting for Kelly Clarkson because she was the average looking girl?? Are you listening or jerking off with the sound off while your watching the show??? Kelly Clarkson, the average looking girl who won out of pity from the housewives has gone on to win several awards including a couple of grammys for her latest album, some of which she wrote herself. Unbelievable… She won because she was the most talented and deserved to win.

  • Udona

    Elliott should win this, that was awesome! His eyes are so expressive.

    Chris did a great job as well.

  • Judge Judi

    To blogger # 21 (gimme a break) – Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You seem to be the only one in America who recognizes that Katharine is a major ROBOT when she sings. I think her mom is coaching her on how to sing every note, how to look in the camera at a certain point, how to bat her eyes, blah, blah, blah.

    I was trying to think how I would feel if Katharine really WON this thing! I don’t think she’d sell many records because I don’t think people really like her! The producers better start thinking about THAT.

    I’m fairly certain the judges know who will be kicked out before the show airs. And there’s no doubt in my mind that the Producers probably told Simon to apologize to Katharine on air since the votes showed she was in the top 2. Simon had to save face, so he apologized to Katharine (which made me puke even more, because then I had to look at Katharine’s smug face AGAIN!!)

    Well, enough about Katharine. I pray that Elliott or Chris will sweep the rest of this competition, and that TRUE talent will win out!!! In my book, Chris and Elliott are the most talented, and I would cheer for either one of them!

  • Blogger #21 isn’t the only one. The McPheever leaves me ICE cold.

  • Rene

    I’ve gone back out of curiosity and downloaded all of Kelly Clarkson’s performances for AI1 and she could sing circles around any of the current contestants.

  • Amen to that, Rene. AMEN to that.

  • Indeed.

  • Gimme a Break

    Absolutely!! Kelly Clarkson truly derserved to win and she took full advantage of her shot. Good for her! I applaud her. By the way….What the hell happened to Rubin and Fantasia???

  • Steve

    I think I heard this month that Ruben should have something new out this year. I thought the judges were harsh on Katherine, I think the sound difference on TV vs. stage could well have been the reason for Simon’s change of heart, I didn’t detect BS on that point.

    I agree with #25, though, Clarkson is hard to beat.

  • Sing like YAMIN it!

    I am so glad I stumbled onto this blog. Y’all seem pretty sensible and I am in agreement with most of you.

    I am glad to see there are other people who think Katherine is a snotty, snobby, arrogant ice queen who is very pitchy and just yells her way through songs.

    Rumor has it her millionaire father has phone banks set up in Cali to garner her more votes, and that he went up to the AI judges after her butchering of I have nothing and chewed them out, which is why they apologized the next day.

    Of course those are rumors, but I could see a little truth in them.

    Get aboard the E train – Vote Elliott! Anyone who doesn’t think he is the best singer is simply tone deaf.

  • lars

    When I saw Kat audition, I picked her to be the winner of the whole thing. I liked her then, but she has not performed consistently. She has made up for her vocal shortcomings with her T & A act, and I’m sick of it. Her pandering to the camera is as bad as Kellie’s dumb girl act. I’m a housewife, and what should I be jealous of Kat for? My ass is bigger than my boobs just like hers!

  • Sissy

    This is supposed to be a contest for vocal and image as a performer. Katherine’s vocals did not make the grade, so she how is it that she did not go home? I think it is because she is showing her assets to make up for her poor performance. What is this contest again beauty or singing? I am very dissappointed Chris is gone.

  • linnybug

    I feel bad about Chris leaving because I think it’s so unfair and quite twisted, actually since it was painfully obvious that Katherine was by far the weakest singer and performer left. However, Chris will do better not being held down by the contract the winner will have to fulfill. I’m so blown away that such a poor excuse for a singer is still there when others who were out of her league, who she couldn’t touch…even at her best…have been voted off. Only her leaving this week will prove there is any validity to this show…or society is just that screwed up!

  • samuel

    that was a very bias review towards chris.