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American Idol Watch: Top 8

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I was so incredibly excited it was Queen week, and thank God it was. After the debacles that were the past two weeks, we needed a breath of fresh air, and this was it.

Bucky Covington “Fat-Bottomed Girls.” Good song choice for Bucky, but that doesn’t mean it sounded good. It was a pretty decent performance, but at this point in the show, you should be excellent every week. There’s still yet to be a Bucky Covington performance that knocked my socks off, and that’s what it’s all about. I want someone to honestly explain to me what not only makes Bucky different from the rest of the contestants left, but what makes him better>.

Grade: C

Ace “We Will Rock You.” How do you say…complete and utter wrong choice of song? I know Freddie Mercury’s ballads are a little hard to live up to vocally, but there are so many songs that better fit Ace’s style than fucking “We Will Rock You.” Honestly, what was the logic behind this? The sad part is, he doesn’t even realize it sucked. He thinks he “rocked.” Well, we’ll just see when you’re in the bottom three tomorrow night, sweetheart.

Grade: D

Kellie Pickler “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Kellie Pickler goes Dominatrix? The hair’s scaring me a bit — it looks a little too Axl Rose goes to beauty school. And those boots look like something I’d see on RuPaul at a Bon Jovi concert. But all that aside, the performance was pretty good — definitely better than the crap she’s done the past two weeks, even though I would’ve liked to see her exert a bit more energy and show some more vocal range. She’s not going anywhere this week, though.

Grade: B-

Chris Daughtry “Innuendo.” I’m not sure how I feel about the emo eyeliner — it’s a little My Chemical Romance, but I really enjoyed the performance and he finally after weeks of me saying this — he finally showed what a great voice he has like he did with “Hemorrhage.” And of course, he looked sexy doing it — as always.

Grade: A

Katharine McPhee “Who Wants To Live Forever.” I honestly think she should’ve stuck to the first song. Just from the little bit I heard in her rehearsal, it sounded much better than her “Who Wants To Live Forever” shrill shouting. She tried to take a big risk, so I’ll give her that. But not every risk is a good one. Case in point: Lisa Tucker singing “Because of You” or Jasmine Trias singing “All By Myself” (that should never…ever…happen…again). I don’t wanna say she oversang the song, because that’s kind of how the song is written. I might say however, that the song was too big for her — in the way that “The Voice Within” was.

Grade: C

Elliott Yamin “Somebody To Love.” Thank you Elliott! Dear God, his performance was so great. There were a few moments where he lost it a little bit, but it was so energetic, so fresh, so genuine, that it doesn’t matter. I loved it. It was the first performance of the night that made me stop and pay attention. It gave me chills. Bravo, Elliott. Bravo.

Grade: A

Taylor Hicks “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” This performance gave us one of the most hilarious moments in American Idol history. As if the whole kicking the mic stand thing wasn’t done enough times already, the silver fox tried it tonight and missed. I almost dropped my fruit punch when he went for it again. But I soon forgot it all, as his performance was nearly flawless. He was into it, he got the audience into the song, he showed great vocals, he completely delivered the song in every sense of the word. And Simon can go eat rotten salmon.

Grade: A

Paris Bennett “The Show Must Go On.” I’m not so sure about the outfit, the song choice, or the cleavage (love the hair though), but Paris definitely sang it tonight. Like Randy said, the beginning was a little rocky, and even towards the middle when you thought she was gonna take it and run it didn’t quite get there, but at the end she pulled it all together (like she almost always does) and she quote “worked it out.”

Grade: B

Best Vocal Performance: Chris Daughtry

Most Original Performance: Taylor Hicks

Best Overall Performance: Elliott Yamin

Going Home: Ace Young

You can get the mp3s of the performances online.

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  • I think the performance I enjoyed the most was that of Taylor Hicks. He’s not just a singer – he’s a performer! As for Bucky, it was a good song choice for him and he did it okay, I guess. But at this stage, okay doesn’t make the cut. I can’t help but keep wondering if Gedeon was in the running instead of the lackluster Bucky, what would he do in these genres? At least he enunciated! I want Bucky gone.

    The Queen songs show was certainly a relief after suffering through the last two genres! I’ve always been a Queen fan. I’m not a huge Ace fan at all (faves are Taylor. Elliott and Chris), but I would have liked to see Ace try “Killer Queen.” As a matter of fact, I bet Elliott could do a fantastic “Killer Queen”!

  • i still think that chris should have done “Tie Your Mother Down”.

    and once again, the live mix on the tv was horrible. voices were getting swallowed.

  • Rene

    Another lackluster night as far as I’m concerned. I hate Kellie Pickler and her moronic act. It’s getting so old I just don’t understand how anyone can stand her. I thought she sounded shrill. Props on her looks though. She definitely looks like the hardcore porn whore she will soon be.

  • Ace is such a bad singer, I don’t think he would even make it past an N’Sync audition. It’s frustrating because you know people are voting for him because of his looks, but in the unlikely event he goes much farther and gets a music career, we’re going to be subjected to his voice on the radio and DVD’s, where people can’t look at him. I wish people wouldn’t vote on looks, it will just come back to bite us all for YEARS to come.

    Chris was definitely the best, but it was his genre. He didn’t give one of those once-in-a-contest memorable performances though, like he should have.

    Personally I would have given Elliot a C and Taylor didn’t even grab my attention. Paris and Kellie both did better than I thought they would do. Bucky wasn’t too bad, but I’m not sure why he’s still around either.

  • Sizzlin

    Wow! Finally, a better show than what we’ve seen the last 2 shows..
    Calamari Kelly singing Bohemian Rhapsody??? Who would’ve thunk it, the girl actually did “aaight”as Randy so eloquently puts it.
    Bucky was ok too but WHAT was going on with Ace? His pants looked too big, his song sucked! And the nerve, to ask Queen to change it around, what the…and what was even more amazing is when Ryan asked hinm how he did and he said he “rocked”??? Again, what a boob…
    Chris and Elliot were the best once again, (but hey Chris, go for a little less eyeliner next time), I don’t care for McPhee’s smugness, and Paris looked like she dressed up for some dominatrix event.
    My bottom three will be Ace, Taylor, and Bucky.

  • Jim

    I agree with you, Elliott was a definite A. The band was too loud, but that’s not unusual this season, sadly.

  • Definitely don’t think Taylor will be in bottom 3. At ALL.

  • Ty

    Ace will be in the bottom 3, but he isn’t going home.

    Paris is finally done. She looked like she doesn’t belong, and can’t sing well either. That said, Ace is close to going home, but we’ll have to wait until next week for that.

    No need to predict the third member of the bottom 3 because it doesn’t matter. Even if that third member is in the bottom 2, Paris is finally gone. Nobody likes her and HER GRANDMA CAN GET HER A RECORD DEAL. Bye bye Paris.

  • All I gotta say is that Elliott rocked my world, AGAIN last night! 😉