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American Idol – Three Left

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The contestants in this year of Lord 2005 for the final four competitors were challenged to sing two very different song genres on 5/10/05 in this American Idol competition. One challenge was to sing the songs of Philadelphia as composed by the Gamble and Huff songwriting team. The second challenge was to belt out a country and western tune.

My first impression during the competition this past week was how nicely attired all of the contestants were. Which makes me think at this stage in the contest some serious money is being spent on the singers’ wardrobes.

Carrie Underwood sported nice jeans and an appropriately country top during her country and western song. For her “Philadelphia sound” performance, she wore a properly fitting pair of striped pants with a lovely top. I never realized how chesty Carrie is. A point that could never hurt.

It occurs to me that Carrie Underwood looks a little like Jonbenet Ramsey had that murdered innocent lived to achieve Carrie’s age.

Bo Bice looked great in a three piece black suit but I am puzzled about those sandals. Definitely out of place with his more formal attire. In fact, after his performance in the Gamble and Huff challenge, Simon remarked “terrible image, fantastic performance”. Whatever that meant.

A couple of notes regarding Bice-his mother has to be the youngest looking mother of a fellow Bo’s age I’ve ever seen. And the woman is positively gorgeous.

Also I was quite surprised when Bo sang “Money, Money”, otherwise known as The Apprentice theme song. I would have thought the contest gurus might have disallowed this due to the NBC competition.

Vonzell Solomon sang a song almost incongruent with her voice and entertainment persona. At least as I see it.

Vonzell, as always, wore a beautiful and colorful dress for her country/western performance. She sang the Rimes tune “How Do I Live Without You”. Which would be the last song in the universe I’d think of Vonzell singing.

This is not to say she did a bad job. Indeed it is those songs incompatible with the contestant’s evident singing genre that require the most talent. Randy remarked that this was the most difficult song sung that evening.

Unless I’m mistaken, Vonzell seemed especially emotional that evening. She even mentioned having had a very bad day. It was never made clear what was bothering her so.

When it came time to belt out a Gamble and Huff tune Vonzell was in her element. Sure she sounded great. But her dynamite outfit featuring a gold top with gold shoes, added an element of star quality unequaled by many professional performers.

Anthony Fedorov did his sitting down schtick again. He does like to sit down as he begins his song, then jump up for the completion. It’s a bit of singing drama and suits his style.

His parents are foreign born, judging by their accent. I couldn’t help but nurture an idealistic notion that it would be nice for their son to win as an American Idol. Sort of the American Dream come true a generation removed.

Anthony sure looks American. His boots for the country western song were a nice touch.

Alas, Anthony was sent home by the American audience. Still, he’s a handsome fellow with adorable blue eyes and a very nice voice. If he plays his cards right he’ll go places.

I had to chuckle when Simon remarked that Anthony needed a little bit of soul with his Philadelphia sound performance. Damn. Anthony has to be the whitest person in the country!

My picks at this time:
3-Vonzell Solomon
2-Bo Bice
1-Carrie Underwood

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  • DeeDee

    Vonzell,has a really wonderful voice. I see her as #1.

  • Anthony is not cute at all!!!
    he is poopy
    Here is my top three vote:

    he is exciting and even a little cute
    hey, she’s good
    no comment