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American Idol: The Women

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What language was Randy Jackson speaking? “Ummm, dude, yeah it was kinda you know, a little … I don’t know.” In his comments on last night’s Top 12 Women’s competition, the once and future fat judge was nearly as pointless as Paula Abdul. Which reminds me to check tomorrow how the ratings for American Idol’s top women does against the world’s top women skaters?

One bit of scorecard I do know: Tall chicks: 3, Seacrest: 0 (or “Out” if you prefer).

Women on Idol don’t seem to have a wide range of songs to select from, or perhaps it’s their choice, but there were too many ballads last night. They all could have been in Mulan, not just that Christina Aquilera song Ayla Brown sang.

This is why the first performance of the night was such a standout. Mandisa went with Heart, one of their pop smashes of the 1980s, and gave the best performance in my opinion. The song was cooler than I remember it being through her voice and presentation. Of course she won’t win. But she’ll be around for awhile, don’t feel too bad for her.

On Thursday we find out which two are let go. It would be interesting if voters were asked to vote off participants instead of voting for their favorite. If so, the cloying diva Brenna Gethers might get the boot. But with the voting as it is, my guess is that we’ll say goodbye to “Opera Girl” Stevie Scott and bland blonde Heather Cox who sang the American Idol song that itself really sucked.

The eventual winner, if it is one of the girls, will be either Lisa Tucker or Paris Bennett. I think, who knows or cares really? Lisa Tucker may be destined for big fame but her name is just so common that I can’t imagine it in lights. Everyone in America knows someone named Lisa Tucker right?

The girls may win it this year though. They certainly appeared older and more experienced than the twelve boy finalists. That is the way it usually is at that age, as boys retain their gawkiness for a long, long time. They’re up tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, let’s go find a way to bust Kelly Pickler’s dad out of the hoosegow.

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  • zingzing

    woo-hoo! bing watches american idol and wants to beat up women!

  • Kelly Pickler gets my vote, get that girl to conquer her nerves and really get in touch with her talent and watch out!!!

  • -E

    I think Paris and McPhee are the most talented. Lisa is my third choice. As for the other gals, my opinion changes a lot. I can’t hep but think the country bumpkin Pickler is adorable, but we’ll have to see. The mean girl, I don’t think she can sing that well. I enjoy that she’s all bitchy and all, but that is pretty much the only thing going for her.

  • Ty

    I think it should be PARIS and Stevie.

    Paris because her grandma is so famous in music that Randy Jackson is in awe with her, meaning she can get her break without AI.

    AI is about giving people are great, but can’t get a break, a chance.

    Paris SHOULD (but won’t) GO NOW.

  • Bing

    Who does everyone think will get kicked off on Thurs?

    I think it should be Stevie and Becky.

    Becky may be hot but there’s something about her I find so annoying I just want to smack her…..really hard. Plus she is one of the worst female singers in the remaining 12.

  • Thea

    Are these comments published in a column, so we can read the replies?

  • Oh, great, glad you were able to make the changes. Yes, Tucker is more common than say – Underwood – but doesn’t diminish the fact that, WOW, she can sing!

    Tonight is boys turn.

  • Changes are live.

  • Thanks for the corrections Mary. I changed them in the post (awaiting their push to the live site by the editors). I guess I wasn’t paying attention as much as I should have.

    Luckily Lisa Tucker is just as common a name as Lisa Wheeler, so my point there can remain.

  • Just a couple of corrections, Becky did not sing the Mulan song – it was Ayla Brown.

    And it’s Lisa Tucker not Wheeler.