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American Idol: The Final 12

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The women are the stars of American Idol this season. We’ve got a couple strong voices in the group. It was also kind of nice (I can’t believe I’m saying this) to see the extended bios. It just gave me more of a sense on who these kids were. I also don’t remember there ever being so many of the contestants still being in high school.

LaToya London – She sang a great polished version of “Ain’t Nobody”, and was looking sexy to boot. LaTonya seemed very comfortable on stage.

Amy Adams – Poor girl. She had to follow LaToya’s wonderful performance. It was pretty lackluster version of “You Make Me Feel Brand New.” The song was way out of a range that she’s comfortable with.

Matt Rogers – The poor big guy. He doesn’t take criticism real well. He was passable.

Camile Velasco – Please get rid of the rainbow wristband. Is it bothering anyone else? Once again it looked as if she was in pain singing “Son of a Preacher Man.” She needs to let go, and relax way more on stage.

Jon Peter Lewis – The dancing must stop. It was cute with the Elvis song, but it’s beginning to lose it’s charm. He loses himself when he starts dancing.

Fantasia Barrino – Does the world need a sober Macy Gray? She is a fantastic performer, and can belt it out, but I’m thinking the nasally voice could hurt her in the long run (I am well aware that oddsmakers a listing her as the favorite).

George Huff – He did Otis Redding proud. Out of the male vocalists, he’s got the strongest voice.

Jennifer Hudson – Props for our Chicago girl! Tastefully dressed tonight, she beautifully sang a controlled version of “Baby I Love You.”

John Stevens – John’s got no soul. The 16 year-old Rat Packer could barely hit one right note throughout probably one of the most tedious versions of “Lately” I’ve ever heard.

Leah LaBelle – She couldn’t keep us hanging on with her off version of “You Keep Me Hanging On.” Although, she didn’t cry when Simon told her she should pack her bags.

Jasmine Trias – She had a shaky start to “Inseparable,” but plowed through and then got tons of praise by all three judges.

Diana DeGarmo – The bubbly teenager sang a rousing version of “Think” that assured her a spot on next weeks show.

So who will be in the bottom three? Leah, Matt, and John. With Leah saying bye bye.

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