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American Idol: The 7 Candidates

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This time it was Barry Manilow night. Not that I’m much into his music, but okay. I thought all in all the show was fine, nothing seriously disturbing. My take on the seven candidates goes like this in the order of their performances:

DIANA DeGARMO: Somehow she slightly reminded me of Celine Dion with her performance, sometimes her tone of her voice was similar, I thought. I think, she has an unbelievable voice, and she truly gave it all past night. I was almost in tears at the end. I see many dislike her, but I like her very much and believe she’s got lots of potential, she just doesn’t believe in herself enough. Randy Jackson said, she was the most ambitious 16-year-old he’d seen so far, and I believe this is part of why people do not like her. She probably tries too hard, and people can’t bear it. But I look at her for the artist with a great voice she is, and to me she’s one of the best.

GEORGE HUFF: I really love this guy, he’s got such a positive aura, and I think his voice is special. I think he could still improve a lot technically, but he was born with treasure in his throat. He always reminds me of Luther Vandross, and I like Luther very much also. Though past night’s performance didn’t impress me as much as others before. I felt kind of bored, I didn’t listen closely, because his spirit just didn’t touch me this time. But I’m sure he’s gonna make it again and again.

JENNIFER HUDSON: I have the feeling, although she’s still going strong and fighting, she’s lost some of her magic throughout the past few shows. I think she’s lost a bit of faith in herself. But I like her, and I think she’s also very talented. The jury gave her props all the way, but her performance didn’t fully convince me.

JASMINE TRIAS: What irritates me about Jasmine is that her strong, powerful voice just doesn’t fit her petite physical appearance. You look at her, then she opens her mouth, and you feel like this can’t be the same person. I think she has a great voice, but now with all her strong rivals I’d have to say she’s one of the weaker candidates. But she sounded great.

LA TOYA LONDON: To me it would be a disgrace in history if La Toya dropped out of the competition any time soon. To me she’s the winner. She performs like a real pro, she’s so secure when she sings, her voice is amazing, she looks beautiful, I like her seemingly smooth personality. She is just perfect. I’d not be surprised if record companies were already standing in line rooting for her.

JOHN STEVENS: As cute as he is for his 17 years, and as much as I like it if people have their own, different style, I think he just gotta get booted this week. He just can’t stand the pressure anymore, he is the weakest of them all, and I hope nobody has to leave the competition before he leaves. It would be a shame to the others. I also thought he just didn’t feel the song. Like Simon Cowell said – it sounded mechanical. And yes, probably it’s his age, or maybe not, I don’t know. The song choice was great, but he messed it up emotionally.

FANTASIA BARRINO: I hadn’t liked her much in the beginning, but I must say – I’ve changed my mind. Especially past week she did an amazing performance! Absolutely gorgeous! But this week I felt the fast songs are just not for her, she can’t show in fast songs how great she can be technically and emotionally. Too much fun factor makes her sound wishy-washy. But I’m sure she’s gonna make it again this week, and I hope next time she chooses a better song for herself again. It’s probably her personality to sing songs like that, but I think she just sounds better if she slows it down.

All in all, my guesses for the bottom three this week are: John Stevens, Jennifer Hudson and Jasmine Trias.
And I think John Stevens is gonna drop out. If this competition and America is fair, then he’s gotta go.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Monique, did you used to be Michelle?

  • haha, hi eric, err, yes, i should rename myself to Michelle again. sorry.

  • Terry

    Who was the girl that sang the “Tear drop…” song on the April 7th show?


  • Liz Walker

    Is some kind of a fix on??? I live in Dallas, TX — have not been able to vote for FANTASIA BARRINO for three weeks running no matter how many times I dial and re-dial whatever her number is for that given week. I finally gave up and voted for another contestant — that vote went through!!! Looks like built in failure for FB to me.

    Don Quixote – still jostling a windmills

  • Check out this site for more information and news about American Idol.

  • Anyone can be a star if they’re on AI, including William Hung. Who needs a great voice?

    See my blog for details.

  • im not being mean or anything .. but i think that the people who make the show are somewhat PREDIDOUS to jasmine .. its like you guys want to get rid of her because she’s asian .. i think she has all rite just like all of the other contestents .. and also if she goes .. i think its because you guys made her nervous and two nights (or three) in a row you let her go first .. this monday and tuesday .. and also .. she doesnt get good judement .. and im happy that randy supports his own kind . put how about other people too .. i can tell he really doesnt like jasmine or asians at all .. so i expect jasmine to stay and fantasia to go .. i hope you guys listen to me .. and give asians there time to be famous too .. thank you for your time

  • Raye, sorry, but everyone who thinks this show is about racism at this point is a moron to me. do you not understand that ONE just always GOT to go? and Jasmine is just the weakest. it is just a fact, and everyone who’s got ears and can differ between good and bad will tell you that.
    you GUY really need a reality check if the above is truly your opinion.

  • ouh, by the way, just to act as stupid as you, i wonder – are you a racist? you want fantasia out? i think it’s got to be about the race if you think so. har har. dude, so stupid.

  • Jasmine is only part Asian — she comes from a mixed Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese background.