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American Idol: Stefano is LanGONE

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I figured as soon as the first guy was eliminated from season 10 of American Idol that they would start falling like dominoes, and as it turns out that’s the only prediction I’ve made this season that’s been on point.

Following Paul McDonald’s exit from Idol last week, Stefano Langone wasAMERICAN IDOL: Stefano Langone is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, April 21, (8:00-9:00- PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. eliminated from the competition last night. I’m not too surprised that Stefano was eliminated this week, it’s just too bad that it had to happen the night after he had what I considered to be his best performance in weeks. It takes me back to when Carly Smithson had an amazing performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” during season seven, then got knocked off the next night, except I definitely wasn’t as upset.

This may be a little surprising to most who read Idol Wired, but I would have preferred Stefano to stay one more week if it meant Jacob Lusk was going home. I cannot believe Jacob has made it as far as he has in the competition. And Jacob’s performance in comparison to Stefano’s was definitely the weaker of the two performances.

Alright, I have to say it; I was super disappointed to see Haley Reinhart in the bottom three. C’mon, America! Haley had the best performance the other night, she deserves your votes.

Also, did anyone else catch Stefano totally snubbing Scotty McCreery when giving out hugs last night? What in the world was that about?

Switching gears over to the return of David Cook to the Idol stage. David performed the first single, “The Last Goodbye” off his highly anticipated sophomore album, This Loud Morning.

I thought that once David shook off his initial nerves, his performance was excellent. It must be a trip to return to the show that made him “more than a name or a face in the crowd” to debut his new single. I love that he’s kicking off his album with something upbeat and lyrically catchy. I’m really hoping that you, yes you and everyone you know hopped on iTunes and downloaded his single. I am all in favor of supporting former Idol contestants, especially ones named David Cook.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch David’s performance of “The Last Goodbye,” or you just want to watch it again, check it out below!

What did you think of last night’s Idol results? Are you liking David Cook’s new single? Also, what do you think of the Idols singing Carole King songs next week?

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  • Next week should be interesting. Lauren and Scotty singing Carole King? Yikes. Haha. I see Casey and Haley doing the best out of the bunch. Jacob, unfortunately, might do quite well too, ugh. I’m hoping the boys continue to go down. I want to see 2 girls in the Top 5 this year. *crosses fingers*

  • I think with the right song, both Scotty and Lauren should be fine. I think this theme week will probably benefit Haley the most, as long as she continues to emotionally connect to her songs. I have no idea well this theme is going to work for Jacob.

  • Sherry

    I think Carole King is a great theme. Considering Lauren has already done a Carole King song I doubt she’ll have trouble finding another one. Scotty shouldn’t have a problem either. Carole King has a huge body of work, and there are only six contestants, should be too hard for each to find something.

    I would have preferred Jacob leave, but I wasn’t surprised about Stefano. I didn’t like his Wednesday performance, but I do think he has a great voice.

    David Cook’s song was ok. Sounds like he needs to give his voice a workout before he’d be ready to tour.

  • Everyone who made the top 13 this year has been vocally competent. But “emotionally connecting” with songs has always been an Idol shortcoming. Contestants are just too concerned with getting all the externals right — often leading to flashy but flat cover versions of songs done much better by others.

    Stefano was probably the worst remaining offender here — all plastic emotion [and weird diction…who pronounces words like that in real life? certainly not Stefano himself]. Nice guy, handsome guy, but not a loss to the show for him to leave.

    Haley is a better singer, but almost equally disconnected from the songs emotionally, as Jimmy Iovine has pointed out. You don’t believe her for a second.

    Ditto Scotty, who has a lot of talent but would possibly have benefited from waiting a year or two to compete. He’s still a callow kid doing a deep-voice novelty act…he hasn’t grown into the meaning/emotions of the songs yet. All smooth surface and isn’t-that-cute imitations of his elders.

    Lauren too might have benefited from waiting. But her natural vocal abilities are really strong. She’s barely tapped her full potential.

    Both Jacob and James have stunning vocal power but very uneven focus and discipline in using that power. The audience loves James [as do the judges] a lot more than Kirsten and a couple of other commenters here do — he’s a sure top-fiver. Jacob will have to prove himself for that to happen.

    Which leaves Casey. His emotional connection is to music in general, and “Nature Boy” was one of the highlights of the season. He’s a gifted all-round musician, and by far the most interesting, least boring contestant. Which doesn’t guarantee he’ll win, or that he will make a good first album…remember Crystal Bowersox?

  • As for David Cook, probably the best all around Idol talent of the last several years [along with the unjustly neglected Melinda Doolittle] — the new song was competent but bland. I have a feeling that he could do a really great acoustic album. I also have a feeling he will not take my advice, haha.

  • Carole King might bring out the bland and the boring in several contestants. I’ll be interested to see what James and Casey do with that material!

  • Sherry

    I disagree about Casey. I know he loves music but I don’t feel he actually connects the music with the audience. To me he is always acting. I don’t feel connected to him at all.On the other hand I didn’t think Stefano had as a much of a problem as the judges made out. I never really saw a problem with what he was doing, even the closed eyes.

    I wanted to like Casey, but he has just been a huge disappointment to me.

  • Joe

    “Haley is a better singer, but almost equally disconnected from the songs emotionally, as Jimmy Iovine has pointed out. You don’t believe her for a second.”

    Iovine didn’t say that she wasn’t disconnected. He just asked for more than anger, so she also incorporated rejection moresothan Adele did.

  • Paat

    Someone mentioned an acoustic CD from David Cook – there is now one available for pre-order at davidcookofficial. Just found it!

  • Kellie D.

    I thought David Cook’s song was fantastic! He’s got such a powerful voice and it’s, as you say, upbeat & catchy. I’m sure his new album will be as fantastic as his first post-Idol CD…one talented dude!

    Re: Carole King songs, I’m looking forward to whatever Casey sings!

  • Mart

    I thought Cook’s performance sucked

  • Butch

    Handyguy – man, I couldn’t disagree with you more about Stefano. I honestly would say he is easily the best pure vocalist out of the top 13. I think it’s really too bad Jacob hung on. Would’ve rather seen Casey leave too, especially since he got voted off weeks ago.

    I agree that Scotty is artistically immature. He has shown absolutely zero emotional depth. Plus he’s gotten too confident, almost to the point of arrogance. He would be perfect as the leader of a country “boy band.”

  • Well, differences in opinion make the world go round. You and I probably have different musical tastes, no biggie. To me, Stefano was a wind-up boy-band robot. Yes, he does have good pitch — that should be a minimum requirement. But he never for a second seemed like a pro, always an eager amateur.

    Jacob is uneven, but at his best moments he really touches people. That’s what the judges are responding to.

    All this ’emotional connection’ business may be a side issue for some performers anyhow. I mean, is Katy Perry emotionally connected to “ET”? For her sake, I would hope not. [I think her performance Thursday was godawful and ridiculous, but she sells millions of records so whatever. And she can be delightfully irreverent and funny in interviews.]