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American Idol Prediction: Teenyboppers Will Send Sanjaya Soaring Into the Top Ten

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Call them what you want Fanjayanatics, Fanjayanistas, or teenyboppers — it should be clear by now that America's teenagers love Sanjaya. Little Ashley left little doubt that Ryan Seacrest will say these beautiful words to Sanjaya tonight: "America voted — you are safe."

If you are still unable to figure out what is happening then maybe Peter Noone hipped you in last night when he explained it's not a singing contest, it's a voting contest. If you cannot accept this then all I can say is God bless you. Right, Simon?

Frankly, I am really getting tired of people knocking this kid. He emanates a pureness that is rare in today's age. For me, and millions of voters across the country, this purity is what makes him so appealing. Is he a great singer? No! He gets our vote anyway — bah humbug.

I admit that Sanjaya’s machinations on the floor and stage left a lot to be desired for many of the shows purists. But, at the end of the day his million dollar smile and the tears of Ashley let you know that he was sure to live to sing another day on the show. Like it or not.

It was odd that Simon somehow concluded after the performance exactly the opposite of what everyone was seeing. Did he really believe that little Ashley hated the performance? Is that possible? You tell me. One thing for sure, Sanjaya confuses Simon and did something no one else has been able to do — he left him speechless.

The fans of Sanjaya will prove the power of the vote by sending him on to the tour at the end of the season. It will be interesting to the see this new teenybopper generation in action at the concerts. Meanwhile, can the teenyboppers continue this trend of voting Sanjay through as the season progresses? Only time will tell.

Our young people are learning one very good lesson, in my opinion — the power of the ballot box. If nothing else they are learning that if you get up off your butt and vote for what you believe in, you can change the world. In the big scheme of things it won’t change much if Sanjaya continues on each week. Or will it?

It is a tough call tonight between Gina, Stephanie, or Phil as to who goes home. I’ll go with a lukewarm prediction of Stephanie.

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  • sunshine

    Yes, sanjaya in a bit inexperiened..but in time he can only get better. After all he is still so young. I watch american idol only to see him. He makes the show more interesting. If he doesn’t win american idol..i think it will be a blessing. Then he can continue his career…I am sure there are agents out there that will give him a chance..he will be better off than sticking to this american idol contract.

  • Will

    American Idol is not what its cracked up to be. If he gets voted off, will probably be better for him. He can then work on improving, with all this media attention …am sure some agent will give him a shot.

  • SLS

    Good article analysis of Sanjaya except for the interpretation of Simon’s comment, “The little girl’s face says it all.” It seemed clear to me that Simon was saying that the little girl’s hysterical crying mirrored what the Beatles received when they hit the US in the British Invasion…and it had nothing at all to do with the Beatle’s talent at that point; it was all about Girl-Fanlove Hysteria.

    Simon was saying that Sanjaya’s getting through each week because of the little girls who adore him but who aren’t old enough yet to be musically discerning. There! Not exactly analysis in a nutshell, but, I hope, plain enough.

  • Alan

    Sanjaya goes to camp or gets campy!! It was like watching the Rocky Horror Sanjaya Show!! My wife and I were killing ourselves laughing. Between the shots of him acting like he was on steroids and that little girl crying in the audience, it was magnificent television. What a performance!! Okay his singing was not the greatest, and it probably never will be, but I think he found his niche. From a performance point of view I’d say he was in the top three, and definitely one of the most memorable I’ve ever seen on AI.

  • Grandpa Idol

    As I’ve commented in Jewels’ blog, Sanjaya is not in a class that a true AI contender is in. I also don’t believe that his age is a factor since 17 year old Jordin Sparks can sing circles around him. I also noticed that little Ashley cried for every one last night and probably be a handfull for her parents when she reaches her teenage years. Once Sanjay is mercifully removed from AI he will return to a life of obscurity taking his recently acquired GED to burger flipping school where he will land after the summer tour which I’m sad to say he will probably wind up after tonight.

  • I love you, Grandpa Idol.

    It’s no use commenting here about how little talent Sanjaya has compared to the others. All they care about is that he’s such a nice, sweet, innocent boy, full of puppies and clouds and angels, which is apparently what matters most in a singing competition. I guess the other contestants don’t deserve to win because they’re not full of cotton candy purity, goodness, and happy happy smiles.

    Come on Grandpa Idol, join me in my American Idol articles where we can speak truthfully about the contestants.

  • J stewart

    Grandpa it people like you that discuss me. How would you feel if your butt go back to flipping burger. At least he not one of the lazy teen we have out thier that depend on his parent for everthing. SanJaya will never be flipping burger. And do you have your GED probably not. This kid is great in my eyes. He bounced back even when he has the worst critcisim from the judges for the past weeks Adults like you and I could not take a critcism from our boss. The first thing we would do is probably quit or get revenge. But SanJaya is a fighter. People treated Jesus and talk and threw stone and he die for us. So who are we to judge,and beside who say you have to be good to be in the media. There are lot of TV shows that are stupid and we look at ignorance people every day. Are we bashing them no. William Hung not no good singer, and guess what he laughing all the way to the bank. We have to work hard for our money. So if you don’t have anything good to say shut up. SanJaya is better than all the boys on the american idol. At least he have no song off pitch.

  • Grandpa Idol

    Well, you caught me. It’s true I don’t have a GED and I’m proud of it. I do, however, have a fair mastery of the English language. Let’s all just get along and agree that Sayjaya, albeit cute and cuddly, sucks as a commercially viable vocalist.

  • Janet

    I personally like Sanjaya. I think it is terrible that people are being so mean and cruel. So what if he is gay or maybe not who cares. He is only 17 give him a break – he was good enough to get to the top 24 – now 12 – No he most likely won’t win- But PLEASE PLEASE stop being so cruel to him.. Go Sanjaya – this 52 yr old grandma LOVES you — it’s just not the teenyboppers xoxoxo J

  • joanne

    well lets face it grandpa you love him. He is really awful but lets give him the benefit he has a lot of nerve and he thinks he is good. I say he is going but who am I just a grandma!!

  • Silasdog

    People, with all due respect, Sanjaya is a lousy singer. He has no pipes, no chops, he is really a poor vocalist. It’s about singing, not smiling and doing the hula. He seems like a nice guy, but even he must realize that he is not in the same league with the other contestants. If he had any sense of self respect he would bow out of the competition. To continue with his dreadful singing every week is like having an annoying little brat relentlessly making noise just for spite.

  • Don’t worry Grandpa Idol, I don’t think that J Stewart even has a GED, since he/she is clearly incapable of forming a comprehensive sentence.

  • thekidcantsing

    sanjaya is going down the tubes tonight..or maybe phil? phil isn’t going anywhere either but can still sing circles around sanGAYa.if he doesn’t get voted of i’m comitting suicide….i can’t take it anymore!!!

  • thekidcantsing

    ok…next time it’s suicide..i have to live long enough to see that freekin goofball voted off.what a joke this is…urrrrrrr nightmare.

  • Grandpa Idol

    Take a deep breath and put down the sharp objects. Sanjaya will get his soon enough and we’ll all have to find someone else to dwell on. At this point the best talent has not been sent home.

  • It’s kind of sad how predictable this show has become. There has always been one bad singer that people keep on this show for far too long. Sanjaya is just the 2007 version of people like Scott Savol and…well, I’ve forgotten the others.

    Stephanie, the person who got voted off, had a good voice and I bet that at least one or two other very good singers (but not necessarily winner material) will get voted off before Sanjaya does. Why? Because this has happened before.

  • thekidcantsing

    hahaha..i’ve come to my senses grampa idol. all the sharp objects have been put away.


    I think its ridiculous someone starving until sanjaya gets voted off..So common people…lets have some fun and see how far she can go.

  • Amanda

    Sanjaya needs to go, he isnt a good singer and he is making through only because the teenyboppers parents are leting them vote. Despite people saying this is a voting competion it isnt, it is a singing competion!!!! It would be nice if everone would realize that!!!!

  • We can argue all day (and night) as to whether this is a singing or voting competition. I think Noone’s point is at the end of the day it takes much more than a good voice to win fans. Check out many of the more famous rockers and musicians experiencing great success, most do not have stellar vocals. A star must have that “It” factor. The quality that makes people sit up and take notice, the quality that keeps the public’s attention and on occasion, make the young girls cry. Love him or hate him, young Malakar has that factor.

  • Lisathefox

    Sanjaya’s like a dusky Donny Osmond. I bet Simon Cowel is secretly planning to sign him. There’s money in that pearly white smile. Can’t sing for toffee, but I have no objection to him having a go. Do they turn his mic right down do you think? You can barely hear him sometimes. The one that gets up my nose is Chris Sligh. That man has issues. He has a shield up. I find his forced confidence irritating.

  • thekidcantsing

    chris sligh will be going soon. he has a lispy sounding voice that i really don’t like.it’s going to be a lady that wins this year and my choice is jordan sparks. she looks good and sounds good. you need both to win.

  • Alright, we all know Sanjaya has no singing talents whatsoever COMPARED to the other contestants. We do not HATE Sanjaya. We hate the people that are keeping him on the show. Personally, I feel bad for him. He knows he does not belong in the competition at this point, so he’s just trying to make the best of it. Sanjaya is taking the places of people who DESERVE to be there. As much as a I hated Hailey, she deserved to be there way over Sanjaya. Take a look at http://www.votefortheworst.com. It’s pretty rediculous. If you need to hate anything or anyone, hate this website and everyone who agrees with it. Snajaya is a joke at this point and needs to be sent home soon. GO BLAKE, CHRIS AND JORDAN. noneck=fake—phil=scary—lakisha=whatever

  • zack


    Sanjaya Malakara is OUTSELLING Chris Richardson, Lakisha Jones, Phil Stacey, Gina Glocksen, Chris Sligh, Brandon Rogers, Haley Scarnato and Stephanie Edwards.

    The sales figures speak the truth: Sanjaya is more marketable than all those other singers.

    iTunes Hot 100 Albums:

    #9 Blake Lewis
    #12 Jordin Sparks
    #18 Melinda Doolittle
    #62 Sanjaya Malakar
    #64 Chris Richardson
    #76 Lakisha Jones
    #89 Phil Stacey

    Brandon Rogers, Gina Glocksen, Haley Scarnato, Chris Sligh and Stephanie Edwrads have not cracked into that list.

  • SilasDogg

    SilasDog your posts are lousy on all of the lame sites where you post. I know you are just a gay man that hates the world. You should because you are in it! Your “eloquence” is typical of your kind. You may think that your verbosity is witty, but it is not. Please have unprotected sex, acquire the deficiency, and call it a day! Don’t wait for the deterioration, kill yourself instead. And don’t leave any blood, which means no violent death for you. It’s all in the pills. Did I mention your posts on Amazon were lame?


    Well Gramps,we are not quite your age,but we are not impressed with your critique of Sanjaya.We met lot’s of Sanjaya fans at the concerts who are not young,and they all adore his singing and talent.The am idol music director that year said Sanjaya might win because of his beautiful voice. Your taste Gramps,is not necessarily the norm.