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American Idol Prediction: My Plea to Sanjaya and America

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Hey man, I have been with ya all the way. Just look here on Blogritics to see my weekly predictions.

While others have a problem accepting what is, I have successfully predicted each week that Ryan Seacrest would pronounce you safe. Who cares what Simon Cowell has to say about you (hey, you shut him up)? Or that Paula Abdul can’t seem to send out that love vibe for you? You are the man (da) dog, right Randy?

I will predict that once again this week Ryan Seacrest will pronounce, “Sanjaya, America has voted and you are safe”. Congratulations dog, you made the top nine. Maybe Randy will let you in the dog pound tonight.

You are a phenomenon, no doubt. The Fanjayanatics, the teenyboppers, they can’t get enough of you and the love affair continues. When Larry King started talking about you on Larry King Live, I though it was really wild. In the last week, you have Joe Scarborough (Scarborough Country) talking about you. As smart as Joe is, you really have him confused, he just doesn’t get it. Not yet anyway. And now, I really have to congratulate you. None other than Tony Kornheiser of Pardon the Interruption (PTI) on ESPN is watching and digging your act. What say you Stat Boy (Tony Reali)?

Sanjaya, the most credible man in America, Larry King, one of the brightest and most honest men on TV, Joe Scarborough, and a Monday Night Football analyst and co-anchor of the best sports show on TV are all talking about you. Can it get any better? 

Okay, Sanjaya, here is my plea. Get back to the basics. Get the hair down and straightened or go with the curly look, but make it basic. Get dressed like the kid you are. Get into the middle of the stage. Let us hear your best effort. Get a Stevie Wonder or Lionel Ritchie song, something like that. Let the little girls have it. You gotta stay true to yourself, man, or you are “going home”. Forget the gimmicks.

It looks to me like Chris S. is going home this week. Dude, you gotta watch your weight, man. I thought you love your wife? Well, killing yourself is no way to show it. 

In closing, here is my plea to America: send Hailey home next week. Sure she is really pleasing to look at and I admit I am enjoying it right along with you. But the sooner we send her home the sooner we get to see her in Playboy. Think about it.

See ya all next week.


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About Bob DeMarco

  • I like how everything is spreading around. I started a cult like following with http://www.sanjaya-idol.com. It’s funny to see what people really like to do.

  • I hope Sanjaya does more crazy stuff like this. If I’ll be forced to watch him, then at least he should amuse me, like a circus clown. Keep it up kid! Dig your own grave! Be rude to Simon! Last night was, to quite Kelly Clarkson’s song, a beautiful disaster.

  • Grandpa Idol

    Someone must be coaching Sanjaya to exhibit these extreme behaviors. I hope he takes Randy and Paula’s advice and really lets it hang out next week so maybe he will crash and burn once and for all. Maybe next week will be the Broadway theme and someone will have to explain to Sanjaya what Broadway is. He might even try something from Phantom of the Opera because he thinks the dude in the movie was cool.

  • oscar

    Did anyone out there happen to buy the mp3 of Malinda Dolittle’s “My Funny valantine?” If so I’d love to get a hold of it. I’ve never heard it covered that well.
    If you have it let me know how to get a hold of you.

  • Granpa Idol, surely one day you will see the light. The boy is destined to do something great and he’s on his way. My boy will be the last one standing.

  • dee20

    Sanjaya is a joke!!! come on he needs to be voted off immediately… its absolutely ridiculous that people are voting for him… if this competition is about talent.. he obviously has none!

  • Julz

    Sanjaya’s gotta go. I can’t keep watching this train wreck every week.

  • J. Adams

    It’s time to vote for those who truly deserve the votes. What you are doing voting for Sanjya is to hurt the truly talented. What’s wrong with doing the right thing. Even if he were to win, he wouldn’t win and become a big joke.

  • kitty

    I think a lot of people who are ragging on Sanjaya are just brain washed to what other people think. People need to think for themselves. He is not as bad as they are trying to make him. He has a nice voice, it’s obvious that he is still a little bit green but very much has potential.Soooo what he’s not a belter and his voice is soft. There are all kinds of voices that are appealling to the ear. They all don’t have to be screamers or have to sing every note on the keyboard.If you look back at other American Idols, there were a lot of contestants that should have been voted off before others or should not have(Jennifer Hudson to name one)Yes this is a singing competition but the show gave up the right to judge and let america do it.I guess america is being brain washed since they keep voting him back on. But america is not too stupid since melinda dolittle,Jordon Sparks and Lakeasha are still in the top three!