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American Idol: Kelly Clarkson Takes A Swing—And Gets Smacked Down?

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In other news proving, once again, that They are not like Us, Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, brother of Good Charlotte frontman, Joel Madden (and, so far as I can tell, no relation to John Madden), ragged on the lovable Kelly Clarkson for—and I quote—“dissing” Hilary Duff, who happens to be Joel Madden’s girlfriend.

Apparently, the lovable Kelly Clarkson, no doubt alluding to those wacky celebrity boxing matches, made a joke about how she would love to get in the ring and battle fellow Texans Hilary Duff and Beyonce Knowles. (Which I think would be an improvement over battling Paula Jones and Tanya Harding. But I digress.)

Battle of the Bootylicious, anyone?


I’m just wondering: how is this—stating in a joking manner that one would like to “get in the ring” with this or that person—a diss?

Of course, I’m not advocating that Kelly Clarkson actually put on some gloves and start pulling sucker punches on either Ms. Duff or Ms. Knowles.

I mean, you never know: Hilary just might start doing that silent drill dance routine thingy from Cadet Kelly and that’s enough to freak anybody into forfeiting the round.

(BTW, I can’t mention Cadet Kelly without recalling for you Hilary’s most famous line. She’s shining Army boots and says to another cadet, “Excuse me, sir, may I borrow some spit? I promise I’ll pay you back!”)

However, if we’re talking about singing here, let’s just be clear: Kelly Clarkson has the pipes to blow both those other gals off the mat. No contest. Please. Clean up on aisle six.

That doesn’t mean that the gazillion of Hilary and Beyonce fans are wrong. Of course not.

Hilary Duff and Beyonce Knowles are perfectly lovable singers themselves and perfectly suitable objects of fandom, if that’s what floats your boat.

It just means that in a vocal chord to vocal chord competition, Ms. Clarkson would be hard to beat.

And she knows it.

Nevertheless—and although he is not the one dating Hilary Duff (or . . . issss heee?)—Benji Madden reportedly took great offense at Kelly’s quip and, according to a copy of the Benji-gram reportedly saved by mtv.com, he blogged:

My mom told me if I didn’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, so I won’t say ‘Amercian Idol’ sux, but it does make me laugh when someone like Kelly Clarkson disses someone like Hilary Duff. ‘Cause let’s not forget Kelly . . ., you were a ‘contestant’ on a TV show. Hilary made herself.

Ah, such rage against the machine!

Look, inquiring minds want to know: what are the odds that Hilary Duff would have made it as a singer if she had not first incarnated herself as an international tweenie sensation on that tv show, Lizzie McGuire?

What are the odds that, without that little tv show resume item, Lizzie McGuire, Hillary Duff even would have been offered a record contract?

Is there any truth to the rumors that once someone becomes an international tweenie/teen sensation, industry execs start looking around for ways to milk the cow and often suddenly discover that—whoa!—The Sensation maybe can sing? (Not to mention discovering that The Sensation’s face looks good on a lunchbox.)

Just asking.

I mean, if arguing that Hilary Duff’s singing career has had nothing to do with that tv show, Lizzie McGuire, is Benji Madden’s idea of a smackdown, well, goll-eee. Send up the flares.

But what I really want to say is this: here we go again with the schtick that somehow artists discovered through our lovable American Idol discovery machine are not legitimate. They don’t deserve to sell discs. They don’t deserve to be on radio. They don’t deserve to live.

Die, American Idol, die!

I have addressed this frank balderdash at length [here, here, here, here, and here, for example] and don’t feel the need right now to go into it again for those who have not been paying attention.

But I will say this to the Benji Maddens of the world:

Hello. It’s about the singing.

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  • Monica

    Let’s not forget, that Kelly Clarkson won American Idol because her REAL competition (Tamyra) was voted off..leaving who…Justin Who?…I’ll admit that she can sing, but she is not the best vocally…Beyonce not only can Sing, dance, and write her own songs.. she has been successfull at a early age…she’s paid her dues…Kelly Clarkson has not….
    Hillary Duff is cute, and talented.. but I can agree that she is vocally challenged compared to Kelly Clarkson…
    Kelly Clarkson be carefull of what you wish for…Beyonce doesn’t strike as a “Punk”.. stop selling wolf tickets.. someone might just cash those in for you

  • Average Joe

    Monica, I believe you need to study up on Miss Clarkson. You gave me a good laugh. That’s all I need to say.

    Sticker, thanks for the level-headed analysis.

  • Thank you, Average Joe.

    I can definitely see being a fan of Tamyra, but the fact remains that she has failed to find commercial success with her singing.

    Ms. Clarkson’s latest disc, Breakaway, is full of songs she penned. And they are good.

    Average Joe, thanks for the level-headed response!

  • Good Charlotte is so stupid.

    That is all.

  • Why, Bob A. Booey–thanks for your insight!

  • Hah…

  • I forget what the exact quote was, but Kelly Clarkson didn’t even say anything negative about the Duffmeister, just something totally innocuous that got the Madden boys’ panties in a bunch.

    That is all.

  • I forget what the exact quote was, but Kelly Clarkson didn’t even say anything negative about the Duffmeister, just something totally innocuous that got the Madden boys’ panties in a bunch.

    You are right, Bob A. Booey.

    Plus Clarkson’s comments were made during an interview for a feature called something like “Stupid Questions For [name a celebrity].”

    It was obvious it was a joke.

    It’s obvious that the Madden boys actually believe that Hilary Duff is a true singing star.

  • Anna

    Good Charlotte rocks! Keep your negative comments to yourself.

  • I don’t know what’s sadder. The fact that Cadet Kelly was referenced, or the fact that I picked up on said reference.

    Damn you, Disney Channel…

    Alka Seltzior!

  • jay

    Kelly, Beyonce and Hilary should not be compared. They’re not the same. They sing different genres of music. They all got into to biz differently. They all appeal to different fans. Their voices and vocal ranges aren’t the same. So, why the comparison?

    Each star was “pimped” at one point during their career, so saying that one is manufactured and the other isn’t is ridiculous.

    Obviously, Kelly got her start from a TV show. Although it was a live, singing contest each week (that neither Beyonce nor Hilary had to go through – can you imagine how difficult that would be?), Kelly was legally bound to help make an album that the record company wanted (Thankful). And I mean, come on, just look at the movie she was forced to be in.

    Hilary was/is a product created by Disney. Lindsay Lohan followed Duff’s shoes on this one. The whole, “she cute, a fairly good actress, and can kind of sing – let’s see if she can sell an album. She certainly has. Although, thank God for the computer program AutoTone, or those not so high notes would never make it…

    Beyonce can sing, and dance (although not both very well – as you can witness as she performs live at a concert or on countless TV appearance), and is incredibly beautiful. Of course, her parents were the ones behind her success – you know, “show parents.”

    Since when is a musical artist not valid unless they “prove themself”? What does that mean exactly? Where is the bar set? Should they have been “trying” to get into the biz for X number of years first? I’ve always laughed when this has been said regarding Kelly Clarkson.

    Her first, “Thankful” album was more a creation by the record label. She didn’t write most of the songs on there. Some people shrug their shoulders, some people gasp over that one. But the fact is THE GIRL CAN SING. She may not also be a dancer, an actress, a make-up spokesperson, or a clothes designer (the list could go on), but she knows how to sing. And regarding her album “Breakaway,” she knows how to write her music, as well.

    Perhaps she’ll eventually “prove” herself when she sells her 10 millionth album, or she gets a grammy, or gets fake teeth, or a covergirl contract.
    Who knows?

    In my eyes, and many others (since she dominates radio and sells millions of albums on her own), she’s already proven herself. Overall, she has the incredible voice to back her shit up. That’s sadly becoming a more difficult thing for other artists out there to do today.

  • Who is still going to be a compelling and selling singer 10-20 years from now?

    Kelly Clarkson.

  • JEN

    Since the rest of us aren’t fucking Hilary Duff it is easy for us to see what is what in this mess. As far as that pseudo rock star goes, if he wasn’t doing the punk mall rock thing he would clearly be picking up chicks at his local elementary school.

  • Rene

    You’re right on the money Jay. I’ve often wondered why people think that Kelly isn’t a valid artist because she started off on American Idol.

    Talent is talent as you’ve indicated and people should give the truly talented a fair break. Instead, you have your Ashlee Simpsons out there who on the other hand, continue to sell millions of records even when you know they don’t have any talent.

  • Niya

    okay..ppl…okay let’s look at the facts…..
    1)Beyonce,Kelly, and Hilary were all pimped out by the business at one point and time
    Beyonce was the star of Destiny’s Child where the other two were to make Daddy’s little Gurl a.k.a Beyonce look good
    Kelly was part of a hit t.v show that just so happened to help make you a pop star
    Hilary was under the same circumstances expect her show was for a younger crowd
    2)I doubt that Hilary would’ve been such a pop sensation if she didn’t have that show but then again the same could be said of Kelly now couldn’t it?
    3)It really isn’t fair to compare and contrast Beyonce and Kelly because because they do have different styles when it comes to music…
    4)WHY?WHY?WHY?!?!? are ppl bashing Good Charlotte??!?!?Just because you don’t agree with Benji’s statments doesn’t mean that you get to bash the music they make…..especially if the subject at hand has nothing to do with it
    P.S If all three of the gurl’s were singing the same song under the same circumstances i think that Kelly would blow the others out the water
    P.P.S I love G.C they’re my fave band..and while i don’t agree w/ Benji’s actions i think he’s still hott

  • Well, if Benji is “hott,” then by all means never question his judgement.

  • Good Charlotte, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, The Duffs, and Tamyra all suck. Put them all in a ring and hope no one survives.

  • mrs.joelmadden

    benji’s brother,joel, is sooo hott man

  • Yeah, but is he hotTTTTTtttttTTT?

    And who are you married to again? John Madden? I get confused easily.

    I’ve always found the pale goth mascara meets fake mall punk with spiky hair meets bad white trash tattoos meets fake ghetto rap party look irresistable myself in men.

    THat is all.

  • Abbs

    I agree with ppl when they say not to compare kelly, beyonce, and hillary…but i hate Good Charlotte….I think their gross, ugly, have sucky songs….and i just think they suck…so they shouldn’t even be talking…I know and everyone knows that kelly clarkson would have gotten a contract label even if she wasn’t on american idol…I luv her music…and i think that if u were to compare kelly, hillary, and beyonce…kelly would blow all of them away with her vocals…and i dont hear beyonce and hillary on the radio….oh and i luv kellys new music video “because of you”

  • sheila

    i just think that hilary duff is a slut.she’s just using joel to get back at aaron. she’s needs to get over herself. aaron is doing better than she is and joel can do better as well

  • joel is gey i hate him he is a bicth but hilary rocks joel is shit and poo and he is very stupid

  • Benji’s comments really bothered me as a Kelly fan, since they were mean- spirited and targeted all of the things that Kelly probably is self- concious about.
    Allof the posts about Hil only geting that recording contract because of Lizzie McGuire are 100% right. Most artists usually go through a peroid of doing embarresing jobs before getting a recording contract and Kelly just went through it on national television. Its not about how you get into the biz, its about what you can do once you’re there. Kelly is an exception to AI because she’s better than the three winners after her. She’s proved herself with her album Breakaway and has gained support from many current artists so Benji Madden is in the minority.

    In 30 years, I have no doubt that Kelly will still be popular. I don’t know how many Disney songs Hilary can do and still get away with it.

    Kelly could be up for several Grammys this year, while the best Hilary might do is a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award.
    ‘Nough said!

  • i dont get it. this is about kelly and benji, not beyonce or hilary. are u kidding, kelly clarkson says so herself how much she loves beyonce and thinks shes one of the most beautiful women in the world, and likes hilary duff aswell. so dont be taking what some people say about beyonce anD hilary from the above comments, and let them resemble what you think kellys thoughts are about them. kelly clarkson is the best singer i think and she is beautiful, but in no way did she ever say anything about hilary or beyonce in a mean way, i mean she didnt even comment on the fact, because she waz being the bigger person.
    I LOVE KELLY CLARKSON SHE IS AMAZING!!! AND PLEEZ PEOPLE, STOP TAKING OFFENSE TO THIS STUPID SITUATION. benji is just one of those guys that if u look at him wrong, he will start trouble. whatever, its over…
    i love her!!

  • Wammy


  • loser

    hilary is sooooo FAKE! Im STILL pissed at joel…..and as i always say… THAT’S NOT RIGHT. Im not hatin’. She’s pretty…true. she can act..well, but wow…she can sing? Its just that she’s FAKE. Kelly’s cool. Benji’s hot/he rules. Joel’s awsome. GC rocks ass.The Duffs need to go. I swear if i see that bleached blonde piece of sh*t again…i will scream. no offence to n e one.
    srry to any ‘hil’ luvers. (yeah…right)

  • loser

    benji’s not a fag you bitch.

  • No, he isn’t. but, apparently, Mr./Ms. Wammy and Mr./Ms. Loser are homophobes.

  • #1kellyfan

    In my opnion Clarkson is the best signer ever and everyone CAN have there own opinion and favourites! and enough already with the American Idol stuff like who cares if thats where she got her start and if you dont like the show then just don’t watch it and also if you dont like certain artist/celebs then keep the rude comments to yourself!! but i do think Benji was way out of line and has now apologized to Kelly! he was dumb to ever have said anything. he claims he said it cause he is close to Hilary and knows her so well — so if he knew her oh so well then why did he not know that Kelly and Hilary are big fans of each other, they always talk and hang out when they can ! So ya Benji you do know her very well.

  • benji is good looking so keep your coments to urself!
    hilary duff is so much better than kelly clarkson,kelly clarkson sucks!



  • paula

    joel te amo hilary sos una perraaaa

  • Brie

    I would not be surprised if the people who hated Hilary Duff because she was not “punk” like Good Charlotte supposedly was (ha), now love her because Joel likes her. Because Good Charlotte is always right. Since they’re hot, you know.

    I think Good Charlotte — especially Joel and Benji, but they’re the only members of the band anyway — just has a problem. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s big.

  • Paul

    Anyone with any taste whatsoever in Music knows that Good Charlotte SUCKS big time. A weak imitation of Green Day. I would like to slap them, each one. Oh, and Hillary Duff can’t hold a candle to Kelly Clarkson.

  • samantha

    hilary duff is just an anorexic freak, benji & joel madden are rude and they are just copying green day and trying to be cool, i dont know about beyonce, but i know kelly clarkson is the best singer in this world! to people that think kelly sux becuz she came from a tv show: american idol is a show to find singing talent and that is why kelly won.

  • Look, I really think you’re taking this too serious, i mean, i don’t understand why you have to relate what benji said with good charlotte’s music. if benji says something about somebody, it really doesn’t have to affect gc’s music…if you don’t like good charlotte, that’s ok but you can’t go around saying that gc sucks just cause benj said something about miss kelly….look i don’t like hilary duff and i really can’t imagine why joel’s dating her but what i can say is that she has made her career till this far by her own, her tv show really helped her to be recognized but you gotta admit that she made it for her talent, that she didnt need some contest to be recognized, she made her own way to be where she is and her fame isn’t something that she won abruptly as kelly clarkson did, hilary’s been on the business for a several time and you gotta have that clear before making any statement. also you have to know that hilary and kelly’s music are different. hilary is a very pop trendy girl and kelly’s a pop-rock girl. their music is not the same style so you can’t compare them. kelly’s voice is strong and that’s what she likes to hear in her record but hilary’s a sweet girl and that’s what you can see on her record….both are very different. i don’t like kelly, i don’t like hilary but what i can say, from a neutral position, is that you guys have to stop saying that kelly’s better than hilary or that hilary’s better than kelly; nobody’s better or worse than anybody….comparing hilary’s music with kelly’s music is like comparing a doctor with a teacher.

  • Rene

    I’d say that now that Kelly has two Grammys that she is better. HELL YEA!!!

  • Nicole

    i hate good charlotte and hilary duff!!! Kelly is the best ever!!( my opinion) i WAS an obssessed fan of hilary duff, but when she turned anorexic, i stopped liking her!! its a good thing i did cus she is just like lindsay lohan who got super skinny and ugly…lindsay is better now cus she had weight!! hilary duff was great…WAS great!!! kelly is the best now!! her voice is awesome!! not like hil’s voice..it sounds like a dead rat!!i shouldn’t love hil in the first place..i truly did have an obsesity on hd..i swear.. but now i know she is a copy of lindsay’s personality..well..how can i say this nicely..she SUXX!! i love kelly and
    hil cant change that..i know she doesn’t care cus she doesnt have a heart…(for hil.. hil, you were
    great..you were made to be a memory) i feel bad that i said these things to hd…but i know that im doing the right thing…KC4eva!! if hil if hd will go back, i’d probably pick her!!! but from now..its KC!!

  • Paula

    I love Kelly Clarkson and I always will. Benji and Joel had no rights at all to say that about Kelly. I love Good Charlotte, but the fact that Joel and Benji dissed Kelly like that, it made me liked Good Charlotte less. I still listen to them, don’t get me wrong, but Kelly Clarkson is so much better then GC. A7X rulez!

  • Christina

    WTF Kelly Clarkson SUCKS! Every song is the same, every vid, EVERYTHING! Her voice is so annoying and she is so annoying! I’m surprised how she even has ONE fan. Good Charlotte tho.. are the best thing this world has to offer.Love u Benji even more for this!! GC WOO

  • virginia

    fuck people i get benji is hot. but you need to look passed that and see what a sweet sweet person he is just because he slamed kelly doesnt mean he hates her he might of even thought that the whole ring thing was actually going to happen so he stook up for his friend hilary