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American Idol: Jacob Lusk is Eliminated…FINALLY!

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I found out about last night’s American Idol results via Twitter per usual, but this week I may have done a happy dance in my apartment when I found out who was sent home. This may have been followed up by watching the results show a couple hours later with the biggest smile on my face. Jacob Lusk was finally sent home, y’all! Thank you Grilled Cheesus!

The results show itself was a little bland per usual. The Top 5 sang The Turtles’ “Happy Together,” which sounded heinous from note one, so I put the contestants on mute to watch the following video instead.

Aw, the good ol’ days of Paula and Simon on the judging panel and David Cook’s flat ironed hair.

Lady Antebellum sang their new single, “Just a Kiss.” Very pretty song, yet not anywhere near as good as their smash hit“ Need You Now.” Jennifer Lopez’s pre-taped lip sync-tastic performance of “On The Floor” with Pitbull proved that only she could get away with rhyming “ov-ah” with “love control-ah.” So talented, that one. I did very much enjoy “Jenny From the Block’s” sparkly silver “Hammer Pants.” If we were back in 1991, I would have been begging my mom for a pair just like them.

Onto the results. The contestants were being split into groups. James Durbin and Haley Reinhart in one group and Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina were in the other. And then there was Scotty McCreery looking oh-so adorable in plaid, who looked relieved when Ryan Seacrest told him that he was safe. And then Ryan did something that most Idol fans have been expecting for the last couple weeks to take place, “The Huff.”

What’s “The Huff,” you ask? Let me explain.

Back in season three the seven remaining contestants were split into two groups. It was Fantasia, LaToya London and Jennifer Hudson in one group and Diana DeGarmo, Jasmine Trias and John Stevens in the other. And then this happened.

Alas, “The Huff” was born. Other former contestants that have been “Huffed” include David Archuleta and Adam Lambert. Last night it was Scotty’s turn, who pleaded with Ryan to not make him do that. AMERICAN IDOL: Jacob Lusk is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL airing Wednesday, May 5 (8:00-9:30- PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

If you watched, you know that Ryan guided Scotty over to James and Haley and  announced them all safe. Also, by this point Lauren Alaina was an absolute mess. I feel for this girl, because of course she doesn’t want to get eliminated,  but she needs to have some poise and keep herself together.

And then the highlight of the evening came, which wasn’t Ryan announcing that Jacob was going home; it was Jacob getting his swan song cut off in the middle of all the ridiculous vocals gone wild runs he was doing. Or as my brother put it, “Fox gave America what they wanted.”

Next week, the Top 4 will be singing songs of Leiber and Stoller and will be mentored by Lady Gaga.

Okay Idol fans, what did y’all think about last night’s results?

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  • Nancy

    Haley and Scotty deserve the praise. They have been consistently good each week. I would not be surprised to see them as the final two.

  • Nancy

    Jacob mihgt be okay enough to make it as far as he did, but he and Stefano should have been eliminated a lot sooner. Even Casey, whom I have never been crazy about, is better.

  • I understand that, but it’s my opinion that is being questioned. And in my opinion, he overstayed his welcome, and by that I meant I wish he had been eliminated weeks ago.

    I don’t care that y’all disagree with me, you know, feel free. Idol isn’t serious business at the end of the day; it’s just something fun I like to write about.

  • Yeah, but it’s not called Kirsten Idol. There’s a difference in wanting to see him off the show and him overstaying his welcome. In the opinion of many others he was welcome.

  • It’s in my opinion that Jacob was on the show longer than he should have been. I felt the same way about Sanjaya from season six and Tim Urban from last season.

  • El Bicho

    How does someone who gets the votes needed to stay overstay his welcome?

  • Jordan Richardson


  • Jordan Richardson

    Jacob really was atrocious on his last night on the show, no question about that. But at other times he’s been explosive, dynamic and emotion – all in very good ways we don’t normally experience on AI. I think he could be “a little much,” but I enjoyed his take overall.

    I really dig Haley and have been a supporter since opening night. I wouldn’t say she (or anyone else) has faced much by way of actual criticism, though. The judges seem to be going out of their way to take it easy on everyone. Nowhere was this more apparent than with the hype over Pia Toscano.

  • Jordan: I agree, most of the contestants have been overpraised, with the exception of Haley. Haley had to earn that standing ovation she received the other night, because the judges’ comments have been doing her zero favors.

    But when it comes to the guys especially, I feel like the judges throw praise at them like party favors at a birthday party.

    James has been consistently pitchy the entire competition, Jacob needed to learn some vocal control, the judges had the power to get these things across to them, yet decided to tell them that they’re the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Everyone on the show has been “overpraised by the judges,” though.

  • Handyguy: I think you said last night something along the lines of “differences make the world go round.”

    My opinion of Jacob is that he’s good singer who lacks vocal control, was way too overpraised by the judges, who should have been telling him to work on his pitch which would go out the window anytime he went into his crazy vocal runs, and whose ego got overinflated over the course of the competition.

    I don’t try to purposely come off as mean-spirited. I have never been less than honest about anyone’s performances on this show, because I choose to call it as I hear it.

    I feel like Jacob overstayed his welcome this season. And there’s a singer like that every season. He should have probably gone home the night Pia Toscano went home.

    For me, this has been an extremely frustrating season, because it’s like the judges refuse to critique anyone other than Haley on a regular basis.

    But you know, to each their own.

  • We’re sooo glad you got your happy dance, but your treatment of Jacob Lusk all season has been tacky, rude, and cruel — downright mean-spirited. So at least that’s over.

    Maybe I’m just getting weary of the show itself, but even though the general vocal level this year has been pretty high, it just doesn’t seem very exciting, compared to the David Cook and Lambert/Allen seasons especially. Part of it is missing Simon Cowell’s wit and taste. Lopez is actually a fairly good mentor, not exactly the same as a judge.

    Leiber and Stoller and Lady Gaga sound like a toxic but potentially funny mix. And Scotty gets to do more Elvis, which seems to wake him up a little.

  • Have you heard Jennifer Lopez sing live before? It doesn’t sound anything like it did last night.

  • Brandon

    Just wanted to say that Jennifer Lopez’s performance wasn’t lip-synched. She was singing along with the track.