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American Idol: I’ve Got A Bad Feeling

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I am sensing doom about this week's American Idol. And really, it's not about the performances being good or bad, it's more about who could be going home this week, since it is a double elimination. Also, the last time American Idol had an Elvis Presley themed week, the results were not what anyone had anticipated.

In case you had forgotten or had just pushed the memory aside, it was during "Elvis Presley Week" during the Top Four during season five that Chris Daughtry was eliminated. Granted, it's Top Nine 2.0 this week, but thanks to the judges using that ridiculous save of theirs during the last results show, there are two people going home. In short, if you don't vote for your favorite, there is a huge chance they could go home this week.

I would love to see Tim Urban head on home this week, and honestly, if he does survive this week, I will be fairly shocked. Mike Lynche, who was the eliminated contestant last week before the judges saved him, is someone else I wouldn't mind see pack his bags for good this time. He was just way too smug last week for my taste.

I do fear for Siobhan Magnus, whose last couple of weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride. I feel like she really has to do well this week to stay and to work her way back up to being a front runner. Truthfully, I'd be super bummed if Siobhan went home this week, especially if Andrew Garcia or Katie Stevens wound up being safe.

My other issue this week is that Idol is repeating another theme week. Season eight's Adam Lambert is the guest mentor, and the Idols are singing Elvis Presley songs? Not exactly how I envisioned this week going down. I get that both Elvis and Adam are considered "controversial" and share a similar hair style every once in awhile, and maybe that was Idol's thinking when it came to the theme this week. I just think that when you have an artist like Adam who takes risks, that maybe Idol should have thought about taking a risk and doing a theme that hasn't already been done. A glam rock or some sort of pop music themed week would have been fantastic.

On the plus side, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak confirmed that season seven Idol contestant Brooke White would be performing during the results show this week. She will be doing a duet with Justin Gaston (also known as Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend) from Idol creator Simon Fuller's If I Can Dream web-based series.

A word to the wise: don't be complacent this week when it comes to voting. (Especially for Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, and Siobhan Magnus.) I don't want "shocking results" from Ryan Seacrest. I just want the contestants who deserve to be competing on Idol to survive the double elimination. In the past, voter complacency has lost us such contestants like Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and, most recently, Alex Lambert. For the love, keep the talent in the competition.

How are you feeling about the double elimination this week? Which contestant do you not want to see eliminated? And are you happy about the Idols singing the songs of Elvis Presley or would you have preferred a different theme?

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  • The Legend

    I would have loved to see the theme be DAVID BOWIE songs…so many good songs that the contestants could do versions of…and Adam would have loved mentoring that.
    Changes, Life on Mars, Let’s Dance, China Doll, Suffragette City, Space Oddity, Panic in Detroit, Heroes, Time, Moonage Daydream…..etc

  • Brian Quinn

    I am very happy at the Elvis theme Week for American Idol. Elvis was the most talented artist of all time whether it be the early Elvis or the Vegas Elvis. Most Elvis fans prefer the Vegas Elvis. He was more mature and sang better.

  • chris

    I can’t believe they used the save on Michael Lynche. He is getting really cocky.

    I think Tim Urban might go this week (although I have been saying this since the first show).

    I think Crystal has got a good chance of winning.

  • Tele

    Just keep voting your Siobhan and she will be fine….! Keep voting for 2 hours straight!

  • cef

    I wouldn’t care if the contestants were covering “The Best of Sesame Street” as long as Adam is present.

  • Angelraj

    I agree that Adam can work with any genre, but if AI wanted to do a killer show they should have considered a glam/rock type theme. So clueless! They have Adam Lambert in the house for goodness sake!

  • Cindy

    @glenda, it’s inappropriate for Adam to mentor David Bowie theme since David Bowie is still alive. And Freddie Mercury maybe gone, but the band, Queen is still going… they should mentor their own themes, not Adam. I think AI have been looking for a mentor for the Elvis week, and Adam has been compared to Elvis and some of his fans have passed the Elvis baton to him. I also think Adam would have nailed “Jail House Rock”, if given the opportunity. Too bad, we may never get to see what I think would be an epic number.

  • Sam

    I would not be surprised if Michael Lynche were eliminated this week. I have read many blogs with negative responses to the judges’ save. I don’t remember this much hostility toward Matt Giraud,the contestant who received the save last year. I think Crystal, Casey, Lee and probably Siobhan are the most likely to advance. I think this week there will be less viewers who will spread their votes to more than 1 contestant, so we can tell whose fan bases are the strongest.

  • glenda

    Why, oh why didn’t Idol choose a David Bowie theme, or Queen, or something that would work so well with the talented Glambert?? Why Elvis? I just don’t get the decision making by TPTB on Idol anymore, at all.

  • Wicked Glitter

    Adam can handle any theme, and own it. I can’t wait for tomorrow night just to see Adam again. Two nights of Adam Lambert! Even thats not enough. He should be on everyday. I hope they don’t make Adam tone it down too much. I love Adam’s muchness!

  • oceanview

    Voter complacency in conjunction with a highly liked idol is what the save was supposed to be for! But the judges used it on Mr. Ego-the-Size-Of-A-Planet Big Mike. Sure he vocals are good, BUT not quite as good as Siobhan’s or Crystals or perhaps Lee’s, and people are put off by his smugness. Just the fact that Big Mike looked so shocked when he was going home is more proof that he thinks he’s going to win and is full of himself. And when he picks people up he does it to show off his muscles. That said, the save was WASTED! I’m also so worried about Siobhan!

    Why? She’s been hyped less than Crystal and she’s in real danger. And she’s very, very good! From a person who knows music and singing, she’s got one of the best voices there. And I never throw an idol out over their rare mistakes if they are good. Otherwise, I’d have to throw Crystal out too since she’s not perfect either. Plus she does so well because she always does the same thing over and over. Never tries to push her self towards something exciting or hard to do like Siobhan does. To me Siobhan is everything the idol should be this year. Good singer, on key (except her off night), tries hard, pushes the limits etc, is relevant, current, fresh and not boring.

    But I still love Crystal’s singing. My point is Siobhan IS in danger! I want her in the finale two with Crystal, but the odds are now against that. And not because she’s not good enough. Just because the odds are against her. I hope she makes it to the finale!

  • ana

    I don’t care what happens as long as Crystal, Siobhan, and several of the other more talented singers are safe, and Big Mike goes home.

  • Double eliminations are scary, but I’m not biting my fingernails about it. I’d be most fine with Tim, Katie, Aaron, or Andrew leaving (Even though I like Andrew and am warming up to Katie, I don’t think they’ve lived up to their potential) though.

    Yeah, DNW an Elvis theme. It might’ve been fine if they did it later in the season, but following up with the music of one icon after some others in two weeks is just too much, LOL!

  • VSH

    I think we need to lose Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia. And quite honestly losing Big Mike would not disappoint me either, I find him to be what he’s already been called this year by some of the judges “A Holiday Inn Singer” and he has gotten way to cocky! The save was wasted on him in my opinion, would of been used better had the judges just held onto that wild card in case of emergency. I also believe Shibon will be fine this week, Elvis has her voice written all over it.

  • chris ford

    Agree with comments. I also think Siobhan is a real talent and a strong performer…but also a risk-taker who is in danger because she might just crash and burn. Hope she does well and does not overreach with a crappy overdone late Elvis glitz in Vegas act. No Lady Glambert moment. She could do very well with a seductive, soaring voice “early Elvis” number though.
    I think the men are at greatest risk, however – especially Aaron, Andrew, and the Giant Cheeseball. You can’t give a female the death sentence of being “a bad Elvis imitator”.
    As far as I am concerned, the sooner the phony “Big Mike” is gone and we are no longer subjected to his preening, prancing buffoonery and his trashy “cry-ugly” wife and their whole maudlin storyline – the better.

  • Toni Schram

    I’ve got that same know my stomach and it’s starting to gnaw at me. I hope we don’t have a repeat of losing people (Michael Johns, Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson) well before their time…