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American Idol: Give Me My Results Already!

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Was it just me, or did Idol Gives Back just drag on and on last night? I know that's awful to say, since the show supports many great causes, but about the hour and a half mark, I just wanted the results already.

What I think Idol should have done was make Idol Gives Back a separate telecast from the results show, which is what they did in season seven. If we're being honest here, a lot of the performances for Idol Gives Back were not up to snuff at all. Other than wanting to see the footage of David Cook's recent trip to Ethiopia, I just wanted the results for the week. I just think that two telecasts would have been more appropriate, especially since the show went over by almost a full 30 minutes. American Idol Top 6.

Idol reunited the Top 12 to lip- sync to "Keeping The Dream Alive." The song title is somewhat of an oxymoron for the contestants that have already been eliminated this season, but hey, get your lip- sync on! Towards the mid-part of the performance, it actually sounded like Crystal Bowersox was singing live. This made me laugh, because it makes the other contestants like Crystal's backup singers. Maybe this is only amusing to me (More than likely).

My favorite moment of Idol Gives Back was the comedy portion coming from George Lopez and Wanda Sykes. George did a bit where he had "won" a chance to host Idol, and he decided to judge the judges. It was pretty funny.

Wanda did a bit from one of her past stand-up shows, where she talks about Idol and how she watches it only because it's mean that they make the eliminated contestant sing. One of my favorite lines was, "Come out here and remind America why they didn't vote for you." It was pretty spot-on and very funny. She even managed to throw in Ryan's old send off, "Seacrest, out!"

Idol mentor for the week, Alicia Keys performed "Unthinkable" and "Empire State of Mind (pt 2)" and, in the words of Randy Jackson, "was a little pitchy, dawg." Not too bad, though. I think she struggled more during her second song, but overall I liked her performance. Her outfit, however, was a totally different story. Two words for you: hot mess.

There was the "all-star" performance of "Stairway To Heaven," which was sung by Mary J. Blige. On guitar was Oriathi, who had performed her latest single earlier this season. I had mentioned last night during the show that I thought Orianthi was a much better guitar player than a singer, to which one of my friends responded, "What are things she has in common with Casey James, Alex?" (See? It's not just me that thinks he should embrace being a guitar player.)

I also really enjoyed Carrie Underwood's performance of "Change." I love that, as one of the most successful Idol winners to come off the show, she still comes back to lend her support.

Speaking of Idol winners returning to show their support, season seven winner, David Cook also made an appearance to talk about his time in Ethiopia.

And if you're curious as to what song David was singing in the above clip, it was "Heroes" off his self-titled album.

Now, onto the results! Early on in the broadcast, Ryan had Crystal and Casey James out to center stage and let Casey know that he was in the bottom three. Then Aaron Kelly and Lee Dewyze were brought out to center stage. Aaron was told that he also was in the bottom three.

And hour or so went by and Ryan finally had Siobhan Magnus, Mike Lynche, and Tim Urban come out to center stage. It would be Tim joining the bottom three.

Now, for those who maybe had checked the Dial Idol predictions, you (and of course, me) would have seen that Casey was expected to be eliminated last night. So, I not so patiently waited throughout the broadcast to watch this happen. I was ready for the gasps and booing from the audience. I was wanting to see the look on Kara's face and see if she'd try to get Casey to take off his shirt one more time. However, that is not what went down.

Finally, at almost 10:30, Ryan rolled out the bottom three to center stage. He first sent Aaron back to safety leaving Casey and Tim. We then found out that it would be Tim giving us one last smile that night.

And I can't even believe that I am about to admit this, but I was kind of not thrilled to see him go. His performance this week wasn't as good as the ones in the past couple weeks, but you really could see that he was trying. Yes, he had huge pitch and phrasing issues throughout the season, but just for entertainment value and the fact that I want Mike Lynche eliminated sooner than later, I would have liked to have seen Tim stick around. (I'm not saying that I wanted him to win, just FYI.)

Also, I can't believe he didn't get to sing one last time. Idol was already running over, what's another minute and a half? To me, that was kind of a snub. I mean, even Sanjaya got to sing on his way out.

It was a long night of Idol, celebrities, and social awareness. I hope everyone donated what they could to support children and families in need.

What did everyone think of Idol Gives Back? Should it be a separate broadcast next time? And what do you think of Tim Urban getting the boot?

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Kirsten Coachman is a writer and editor from the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit her long-running music blog, Wait...WHAT, at waitwhatmusic.net. Follow Kirsten Coachman on Twitter: @KirsCoachman
  • I’m with you, Kirsten. These “results” shows are too dragged out. I think you’re absolutely right, Idol Gives Back, despite all its good intentions, should be a separate show like it used to be.

  • Tim Urban never belonged on the show. Cute but completely talent-free. “You really could see that he was trying”?? Pleez.

    And I’m beginning to thing your gratuitous, constant ‘lynching’ of Michael Lynche is about something other than his singing ability.

  • Kirsten

    handyguy: You’re right I have been going after Michael Lynche for things other than his singing. I don’t believe the save should have been used on him whatsoever and I think his attitude is obnoxious and smug. Both of these things I have mentioned previously.

    And I do think Tim has improved in the past couple weeks. Did he belong on the show this season? Not at all. But, his improvement shows that he was trying to put the effort in. I think if his performance had been better this week, he could have stuck around. Just an opinion.

  • David, Carrie, George Lopez, and Wanda Sykes were definitely the best parts of the show. I also got a kick out of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill’s segments, haha. But overall, I felt the same way. What a drag. I enjoyed the way they did it in season 7, where it just ran for three nights – Idol performances on Tuesday, charity broadcast on Wednesday, and results on Thursday. Yes, it would take one more day to get the results but at least we wouldn’t have to wait two hours and that way, there would be separate focuses – one night for charity and the two other nights focused on the contestants.

    LOL, I also find it funny that you mentioned the Orianthi / Casey James comparison too because I just read from someone who was at the show that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!

  • RolandAlbanesse

    I found your review thorough and clear. It was dragged out and because I saw it on my DVR I didn’t see the end. BTW I think thats the plan so people tune in Live. Make the shows off their scheduled time on purpose so you tune in.
    Tim leaving was a good thing for me. He has improved over the last couple of weeks but his stage work is lacking. If he was on a Variety Show from the 70’s I can see him ballading out with a coral choker. Otherwise I am happy he left.
    I am just tired of the “big Brotha’ thing for Lynch.. I get it.. he is large. But, can he nail it every time or bring the sexy that he thinks he can every time. I am not a musicologist of any sort but his singing is always flat and his way of singing the words tend to lean toward melodrama rather than sincerity. Elvis week should have rocked for him with a song like “In the Ghetto”. It is one of the great overlooked Elvis songs and the Elvis version shows the emotion. All he had to do was listen to it truthfully.
    Casey will stick around for his looks and lip biting guitar playing. Not a fan of his but, he can sing certain types of songs. Lets have Lynyrd Skynyrd week and he will nail it.. other wise do studio work and rock out sir.
    Yes give back bits were okay and the shots of kids suffering nearly had me balling. The comedy almost has me crying. Jonah Hill is not funny and that bit was long and had no real out. Lopez’s jokes where hit or miss for me when he talked about the judges. He should have stuck with the excited “I won a chance to be ryan” bit. Wanda had the best routine and it showed that she had done it before.

  • ewolfgirl

    I’m never happy to see anyone leave, because it is sad and painful for them. I believe it was high time for Tim to go, however he should have been afforded 2 minutes to sing his song. IGB & results show should def. be separate.
    The Black Eyed Peas need to go home; I’m beyond sick of them & their talentless music and Fergie’s boots looked like hockey goalie pads, gah.
    I think it’s good that Idol Gives Back both nationally & internationally, however kids not having enough money for school books in West Virginia somehow pales in comparison to a pregnant woman dying a horrible death in Africa from malaria or a 5 year old being sold off for marriage. Hmmm, wonder if they could break that up into 2 separate shows somehow? Like, 2 hours on Tuesday (first hour = IGB to the U.S., then 2nd hour = contestants performing. Then Wed, would be IGB to the Int’l community and then a 1/2 hour of results show. Just a thought….

  • nanio1

    If only the show was as entertaining as your column!! It’s to bad they are having to depend on the professionals for the highlights. It’s sad when I have to decide whether to donate my hard earned money to poor starving children or Idol contestants for voice lessons. SAD,SAD, SAD.

  • Tim has been decent. He’ll be on tour, which is nice. I also think he’ll get his own CD at some point.