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American Idol Gets Funky – Episode 423 – 1970s Dance Music

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The final seven American Idol finalists put on their dancing shoes tonight to take on the sounds of the 70s.

1. Constantine Maroulis – “Nights on Broadway” – The BeeGees
2. Carrie Underwood – “MacArthur Park” – Donna Summer
3. Scott Savol – “Everlasting Love” – Carl Carlton
4. Anthony Fedorov – “Don’t Take Away the Music” – Tavares
5. Vonzell Solomon – “I’m Every Woman” – Chaka Kahn
6. Anwar Robinson – “September” – Earth, Wind, and Fire
7. Bo Bice – “Vehicle” – Ides of March

ZMethos: Bad news first: what the hell was Carrie singing? Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always hated that song (although Brak did a good take on it on Cartoon Planet), but I honestly can’t see what the judges liked so much in her performance tonight. Maybe it sounded different in the studio. Scott also failed to impress; he just lacks the force of emotion behind his vocals that would serve to make his singing compelling. Finally, I thought Anwar’s singing was a tad grating. That song should have been smoother sounding.

Scott: I’ll go ahead and call my top four right now (in no particular order): Carrie, Constantine, Vonzell, and Bo. While quite a switch from the last time I updated my odds, these four are so clearly in a different league from Anwar, Anthony, and Scott that it’s ridiculous to even see them in the same competition.

Sure, Carrie picked a truly horrible song and she needs to lose the big hair, but her voice is still the best in the competition and that last note was absolutely amazing. She’s proved she can do well outside of her core country demographic, she just needs to get a little more confidence when she’s rocking out like last week or dancing up a storm like tonight.

Constatntine just keeps getting better and better every week. I totally disagreed with the judges lukewarm assessment of his performance tonight; I thought he did a fantastic job with a mediocre song, particularly by infusing a little bit of his own personality into it.

In like manner, Vonzell improves every week as well. The judges think she has personality, but I just don’t see it. What she does have is a great voice and a great sense of style. She won’t win, but she’ll be around for awhile.

Bo is no longer the front runner, but if he continues to turn out great performances like tonight’s, he’s still got a shot.

ZMethos: Bo has been my favorite for a while, and I still really enjoy his singing, but I see Constantine beginning to pull ahead. However, I think all told that Carrie has the most marketable voice and image (even despite this evening’s performance)–last week she came out looking and sounding like another Kelly Clarkson, and I think she could do as well or better than Clarkson has done.

I like Vonzell more and more each week, although I didn’t think this week was her best (although still very good). I do believe she has personality, is very likeable.

I think the bottom three should be Anwar, Scott and Anthony, although Anthony may yet scrape by again–his performance this week was borderline.

I’d like to see Scott be the one to go home. I’m just kind of sick of him.

Scott: I agree with your bottom three, but I think Anthony will be the one to go. Scott’s getting on my nerves, but he’s got a good core contingent of fans, more so than Anthony, I think.

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  • kathy janeke

    I think Carrie has what it takes to be American Idol and Scott sings boring songs so voting for Carrie to stay.

  • Keefer

    Great show tonight. Glad to see Bo was back. Carrie and Vonzell were great too. Scott needs to pack the bags. Is it just me or does anyone else notice the big lack of breath support he needs to sustain notes? They always sound prematurely cut off to me. He is really trying hard to improve his image for the audience. Way too obvious and probably too late.

  • Big Don

    Tonight I thought Bo, Vonzell, and Carrie stole the show. As good as Constantine has been lately, I completely agreed with Simons assesment of his performance tonight. Living in Vegas for many years I have seen way too many lounge singers that reminded me of Constantine. Lousy job trying to emulate Barry Gibbs falsetto. Vonzell blew me away with her Chaka Kahn rendition ‘I’m every woman”, and I thought Bo had his best performance since he did Greg Allmans ‘Whipping Post’ very early in the season. Scott actually sang Everlasting Love very well tonight, but it is past time that he go home. Still bothers me that Nadia is gone and Scott is still there. Anthony has a good voice, but just doesn’t do a thing for me, and the same for Anwar. I agree with the judges Randy and Simon that he only sings half the song good every week. Paula’s opinion doesn’t count because she is such a F’ing suck up to him.

  • TylerNewton

    Your bottom three may be correct, but you are not allowing yourself to see the large number of Scott AND Anthony fans out there.

    As I said last week, Anwar is most likely to go home tonight.

    If not Anwar, then Vonzell.

    Perhaps, Scott, you are not allowing yourself to accept the fact that Anwar can’t win AI. I know how high you were on Nadia AND Anwar before the finals. I don’t care what you say, but I know you didn’t like seeing Nadia go home last week, and you won’t like seeing your other pony Anwar go home this week.

    Anwar is off this week, Vonzell the next, then Scott, then Anthony. Then we are left with the final 3 to duke it out, without a clear front-runner.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Scott and ZM, very nice to have you back – Scott must depart or the earth will continue to spin out of alignment on its axis leading to God knows what catastrophes

  • I’d just really like to see Scott go; I feel like he drags the show down somehow. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler were right and Anwar were the one to say goodbye.

    I didn’t see last week’s results show, so I’m not sure who was in the bottom three then.

  • Eric Olsen

    ZM, Scott, Bo, Nadia, and Nadia went

  • scg

    I thought Constantine was good last night. His vocals were good and I liked the fact that he did that song a little differently. I think he’s pretty much done this with every song he’s done, so I don’t agree with Randy that there’s no originality there. What really gets me is that he didn’t say it to Bo who sang “Vehicle” EXACTLY like the original recording. I think Bo has a good voice, but he’s sounding the same to me every week. It’s boring! Pick a different type of song!

  • Eric Olsen

    it seems whenever Bo does pick a different kind of song, like th elast couple of weeks, he gets creamed. he was in the bottom 3 last week. I think we’ll be hearing the tired and true Bo style from here on out.

  • ashley

    Personally, I think that Scott should have been voted off since the very beginning. He can’t sing one note in tune, he beats his girlfriend, and he seems extremely sarcastic on every show since the show started! He irritates me really bad because he thinks that he’s the best. He should have been voted off tonight. I thought that Anwar was/is the best on the show. It isnt fair that the people with the accual talent have to go when the others who have nothing get to stay!…it’s ludacris!!!…but that’s just my opinion.

  • poo jaber

    i think this website licks balls.