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American Idol – Episode 424a – Constantine Maroulis Out

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Well, we have our first real shocker of the fourth season of American Idol. Early favorite Constantine Maroulis will be rejoining his band, Pray For The Soul Of Betty, as he received the lowest number of votes on the show this week.

Last night, Con turned in one of his weaker performances with an enthusiastic rendition of a sub-par song (Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me”), but almost no one figured that he’d be the one to leave tonight, particularly in light of Scott Savol’s truly dreadful showing. But Scott wasn’t even in the bottom three tonight.

Prediction Scorecard

Last night, both ZMethos and I predicted that Scott Savol would be the one to leave, bringing our records to a horrible 2:7 and 1:7, respectively. Kudos to ZMethos for picking Con as one of the bottom three, but no extra points, unfortunately.

American Idol Season Four Odds Update

With Constantine gone, the remainder of the season is likely to be a showdown between Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice.

Constantine Maroulis – Previous Odds: 2:1 – No Current Odds

My previous pick to win the whole thing, now nothing but a fond memory.

Anthony Fedorov – Previous Odds: 20:1 – Current Odds: 30:1

With too many showings in the bottom 3, Anthony is likely to be the next to go.

Vonzell Solomon – Previous Odds: 12:1 – Current Odds: 20:1

She’s got talent, but she’ll still likely end up in fourth place.

Scott Savol – Previous Odds: 30:1 – Current Odds: 15:1

The inexplicable phenomenon continues. He may make it to first runner-up, but no further.

Carrie Underwood – Previous Odds: 3:1 – Current Odds: 3:1

My personal favorite is likely to end up in the Clay Aiken spot this season.

Bo Bice – Previous Odds: 9:2 – Current Odds: Even

With Constantine gone, this is Bo’s show.

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  • Dawn

    The terrorists have won, and there is in fact, no God.

  • Juliet Kitson

    I am new to watching American Idol and after watching it the past couple weeks I’m going back to watching CSI and My Wife and Kids. You cannot seriously leave this competition up to the sponsorship of a cell phone company to encourage people to vote. Shame on you. Between Ford and all the other commercial sponsors the show does very,very well. I’m sure that after tonight, Paula will not be the only one crying.

  • Elizabeth

    Scott needs to go home !!! He has no charisma and he dresses terrible + plus his attitude doesn’t help at all. HE IS JUST LUCKY !! And Anthony should be next….


    SIMON, YOU SHOULD BE INCHARGE !!! Leaving the voting up to people is just going to make contestants & viewers loose all faith. Scotty should be gone long time ago ! & Anthony should have follow him 30 seconds after.

  • marie zrinzo

    I’m done with the show…Constantine should have been the new idol. Scott is several weeks overdue back to OH. Something’s really wrong here…

  • S. Garcia

    Very disspointed with Constantine getting eliminated. It makes me wonder if the results are rigged. TONIGHTS results makes me question the credibility of how votes are tabulated.

  • Caitlin

    I AGREE THAT SCOTT SHOULD HAVE GONE. Constantine was my personal favorite..he deserved to be the American Idol. Love for Constantine – Forever.



  • Jo Anne

    Constantine is cool but was over-confidant and so were his fans. I love Bo and when he ended up in the bottom three I increased my voting and encouraged others to vote. Go Bo!!!!

  • Debra Davis

    Say it isn’t so…can’t believe what happened tonight. But then I picked Justin over Kelly and Clay over Reuben. I really thought the third time was the charm. Go Constantine…hope you get a great record contract. Your family will always be proud of you.

  • I am shocked!! Constantine is my boy!! I believe he is a true performer. He can sing anything!! Heck all he needs to do is look into the camera & I’m happy! Scott NEEDS to go!!!

  • Diane

    The producers liked Bo … They made BO stand out by making him stand in between not picking the low group. They also made a big deal about BO being inthe bottom 3 one week. They didnt do that for any other contestant. Alittle UNFAIR!! Now that Connie is out Bo doesnt have any real comptition. I guess thats what AI wanted. However, I dont think that will sell cd’s. Funny but why did Ruben win AI but Clay out sell him with his CD’s. Humm strange

  • Rickriprock

    I find it hard to believe the judges actually think this is the best pool of talent in all the American Idols combined. Even including the top 12, my opinion is it could be the worst. Last season was so much better. Scott and Anthony are a joke. I can sing better than either on a drunken night of Karaoke. With what’s left I feel sorry for the record company who is sinking cash into a contract. Ruben, Clay, Kimberly……WE MISS YOU!

  • Corpus Christi, Texas

    Dear Constantine, AMERICA WAS MISTAKEN !! At the very least you should be on the top 3. We wish you the best with your new album. WE LOVE YOU BOY !

  • Tony

    Agreed, Scott should have been gone a long time ago. But watching last nights show Constantine by far was the worst of the night.

  • Radioactive

    Scott Rocks and is heading straight to the top!

    Vonzel has to stop SCREAMING!

  • V

    I can’t believe Constantine was voted out tonight. Scott should have been gone a LONG time ago…It should have come down to Bo, Carrie and Constantine in the final three. I will be upset if Scott isn’t voted off next week, followed by Anthony, then Vonzell. America will get it right if it comes down to Bo and Carrie for the final two. PLEASE vote Scott off next week.

  • Tammy

    I was very SHOCKED that Constantine went home tonight. I agree that Scott should have went home long ago. People need to quit giving him sympathy votes and start voting on his singing ability (which is not top 5 quality!) I was hoping that the top 2 was going to be Bo and Constantine 🙁 Bo should win. If he gets voted off, I won’t watch AI ever again!

  • It is fixed. They were probably mad about Constantine’s record deal and the show probably decided to vote him off, NOT THE PEOPLES votes.

    I will not watch the show after this. IT IS FIXED!!!! Scott sucks

  • stacey

    I can’t stop crying! My 7 year old son said to me “don’t cry mommy just think that you can see him live if he comes back to NYC. He’s your idol mom” That was the sweetest thing. But it doesn’t make me feel better. I really do hope that Bo wins now!!!!!!

  • Rickriprock

    Perhaps when Michael Jackson gets out of prison, they will let him perform in American Idol 100. Of course, he’ll be voted off faster than an adult in Neverland.

  • tina

    Simon’s cruelty to Scott is causing sympathy votes. He should be next followed by Federov. If not, there is something truly wrong. And as for Carrie, Vonzell, and Bo–They are all great and I would be happy with any one of them as the new Idol.

  • Donna

    I am no longer watching this show
    America is deaf
    i love constantine
    i hate scott

  • Rhine

    I can’t imagine if Scott is going all the way to win this competition.

    Sad to see Connie go. But dun worry, you’ll get a record deal very soon.

  • Shark

    I keep watching just so I can be there the night when that arrogant cracker turd of a human, Scott, gets voted off.

    I can’t wait to see him whip out a hidden 9mm Glock and start poppin’ caps on the judges and crew.

    We’ve got some great live television comin’ up, folks! This criminal motard is gonna freak!

    PS: Scott Pepper — what are the odds that Savol will use a 9mm versus other weapons available to inbred, African-American wannabees from Ohio?

  • Rickriprock

    Tell ’em Shark. Scott is a thug. I just noticed tonight that he actually DOES have opposable thumbs.

  • jan

    I am a long time follower of Idol, Canadian and American. But, tonight, my heart was broken as I watched a very intellegent and talented you man get booted off AL. Constantine, I have looked forward to you week after week and you have never failed to please me. If Paula doesn’t make her move on you soon let me know ’cause I’m right here next in line. Can’t wait to hear about your first release…I’ll be first in line to buy it along with all my friends, family and whoever I can drag in off the streets! All the best for future success, health and happiness….ROCK ON CONSTANTINE!!!

  • Rickriprock

    Jan, if Constantine doesn’t go for your move, give me a call.

  • Christine, Long Island

    I think if Simon wasn’t so mean to Scott that he would have been the one voted out. People gave Scott symptahy votes. I really enjoyed watching Constantine every week. If Bo goes I won’t watch. It’ll be boring.

  • lisa

    Constatine has a band called “Pray for the Soul of Mary” the debut is coming out May 10th.

  • lisa

    sorry the bands name is Pray for the soul of Betty! OOOOOps

  • Rickriprock

    That’s “Betty”, Lisa. But no matter who his band prays for, they will be mainstream. He did enough to sell them a few.

  • Bob

    “They also made a big deal about BO being inthe bottom 3 one week. They didnt do that for any other contestant. Alittle UNFAIR!! Now that Connie is out Bo doesnt have any real comptition. I guess thats what AI wanted. ”

    Obviously, That’s why Jessica,Nadia left. They were competition for Vonzell and Carrie. As i thought, we are left with one rocker…No suprise

  • rajan

    Americans are deaf! Scott Savoll is still alive? Give me a frigin break! This show is pathetic…how the hell did he NOT even end up in the bottom 3…It makes me sick…People are voting great talent like Vonzell behind Scott…Give me a damn break! Just because she is African-American does not mean she is an R&B singer…quit generalizing and vote for the singers who are the best…Vonzell, Constantine, or Carrie deserve to win this…Bo is totaly overrated he should have went instead of Constantine! Wake up and open your ears damn America!!

  • Shark

    Constantine couldn’t survive very long, since the ‘rock vote’ was going to Bo.

    And Constantine had to go eventually, if for no other reason than that obnoxious cutesy-pout of his.

    Rumor has it that Paula slipped him her hotel key as a consolation prize.


    Final thought: She claps like a seal… I wonder if she screws like one?


  • Cathy Z

    American Idol just plain sucks this year. They keep fat ass Savol around for the ratings and kick Constantine off. Please don’t tell me the results aren’t rigged cuz America is not so dumb that they wouldn’t even put fat ass in the bottom three. I’m not watching anymore,,,,I can’t bear to watch Savol howl out his music anymore and stay in the competition. He sucks and everyone knows it.

  • Sue

    I am nauseaus and disgusted! I have no idea who could be voting for that fat piece of sh*t Scott…it must be other fat pieces of sh*t!

    I have every confidence that the record companies will be begging Constantine to sign. It’s AI’s loss. It will serve them right that they just lost a decent percentage of viewers, and that this fat pig Scott they selected could actually win…if that happens, the entire show will be looked at as a huge joke, and Constantine will go on to have the best career and laugh at all of this!

    GO Constantine! You rock and you don’t need this garbage!


    Maybe Scotty & Fedorov are the only clients of the text messaging Company sponsoring this contest !! 😉 Either that or they have “hackers” sending mass text messages. TAKE YOUR PICK ! If neither one of them leaves next week that would leave no doubt that something STINKS !!

  • Gail

    Now that Constantine is gone, I won’t be watching AI. I’m sure this show is rigged, been following the show since the beginning. Never got one vote through for Clay, neither did my mom in a different state (we called the whole time allowed) yet Rueben’s mom voted how many times? Doesn’t add up! Reality shows are not “reality”. It’s still fantasy TV, scripted and manipulated.

  • Sharon

    no way!!! Constantine is the next IDOL. The only other choice is Anthony. Bo is a carbon copy of everyone who sang a little bit country and a littel bit rock and roll, Carrie can only sing country, and Scott is a joke. Vonszell (sp?) please don”t scream, we’ve had one Whitney and look where she ended up. The final two should have been Constantine and Anthony. What’s going on? Are commerical sponsers picking the winner? Anthony you have my vote……..over and over and over

  • Andrew

    Fake rockers can’t sing rock songs. Constantine should’ve sang boy band songs that’s more suitable for a pussy pretty boy like him. But Scott should’ve been gone before him. No Scott voters even think that his singing or performance is great, it’s just sympathy votes! Hey America, this is not American wife beater or American ordinary guy competition. It’s American Idol and it’s a singing competition!

  • Nini

    Hey Sharon, YOU are one of the ones causing this voting to be so bad. Get a new T.V. set or clean your ears with q-tips. ANTHONY bearly holds a tune. This is a singing contest not a cutie constest girl.

  • kendra

    I am simply stupified and amazed AMERICA what were you thinking when you tallied up the votes??? Constantine is AMERICA”S hardrocker heartthrob, he could mesmorize you with his bedroom eyes, so what if Tuesday was not his best performance at least he was hot to look at week after week,unlike SCOTT ugh>> I hope Constantine rocks on and I know that he already has things lined up you don’t get this far in the competition without benefiting from it >>>>>> BUT DAMN will I miss watching him every week
    ROCK ON>>

  • Ash

    this show has got to be rigged. There is just NO WAY that many people voted for Scott. He did not deserve to be in the top three and he did not deserve to be kept on! Constantine is so much more talented and was truly cheated!

  • JC

    Constantine should not have been voted off tonight! I can’t believe what the producers are doing to boost exposure and ratings…It makes me really wonder if the votings are legit! Scott should have been gone a long time ago especially with his attitude and Anthony is just plain annoying. Constantine, good luck to you and I hope to see you on TV again soon!

  • Janet

    I feel like I’m living in another dimension. Could someone please explain to me how Constantine had the lowest number of votes. I wonder if an email campaign could bring Constantine back. I say lets all email the show and demand that Constantine return. He may not have the best voice but he is the sexiest and is the best performer. I really enjoyed watching him sing. The show wont be the same without him.

  • kim

    I agree with Lucas,I believe that Scott and Anthony have friends and family voting in huge quantities.This can be traced it needs to be researched.
    Anwar and Connie should still be in the running.

  • joelline

    The truly evil people at “Vote for the Worst” are behind this catastrophe. Like spoiled children, they have been disappointed in the past, and so they have decided to band together to vote for the worst singers rather than the best ones. They are advocating a vote for Scott. I can’t believe they want to reward that beady-eyed scum bag and punish themselves and all of the other viewers with this stupid tactic. I’ll miss Constantine and it makes me ill to think that I’ll have to listen to Scott at least once more (on the other hand, I WON’T LISTEN TO SCOTT ONCE MORE–I’LL TURN DOWN THE SOUND WHEN HE’S ON!)

  • Lynn

    I’m so glad that fake ass poser Constantine is gone! He can’t sing, and he’s creepy when he plays the camera! I do agree that Scott and Anthony suck too, and should’ve gone a long time ago- well before Nadia!
    Bo’s going to win the whole thing, and deserves too…

    But it doesn’t matter who anyone votes for, because IT’S COMPLETELY RIGGED!!! And teenage girls who use their little speed dial things…suck like Scott Savol!

  • harold Morris

    I will never….never watch American Idol again… Enjoy your show let the next monkey be your next american idol…I know the producer of American Idol likes a monkey face to win. Constantine shouldn’t be out.

  • Dave

    American Idol in my opinion should leave the home life in the home and allow the singers to sing more songs. This is a singing contest not a feel sorry for me contest. In my opinion what curved the voting was the stupid take me home biographies. Please, let them sing and don’t influence votes by bleeding hearts.

  • Mary

    HOW HOW HOW did such mediocre talent – Scott (yuck) and Anthony(better, but no excitement) – stay on and the most exciting (along with Bo) get voted off??? I don’t think ANYONE with ears and eyes can fathom this one. I’m not watching IDOL anymore. Seems like it’s heading for the title “American Loser”. . . . the question is . . . how did this monumental farce happen???????

  • Archie

    Carrie Underwood

    Bo Bice

    Anthony Fedorov

    Vonzell Solomon

    Scott Savol

    Constantine Maroulis
    These were the odds this past week on American Idol. Do you think Scott is going to get a lot of betting action next week on Bodog?

  • deedee

    This is all SIMONS FAULT!! His constant dislike of Scott and his hideously cruel remark to him, make this a backlash to gain Scott the sympathy vote. So even Constantine fans probably felt he was safe enough this week to give their vote to poor
    Scott just to make Simon wrong. What a pity. I will miss the sexy Mr Maroulis

  • Joanna

    I almost hope that Scott wins this year. He has no charisma, no humility, a mediocre voice, a sickening look, a fake gangsta affect of speaking like he’s from the hood, and he’s gross. He will sell no records, no one will go see him, and American Idol can finally be put down as a transient phenomenon. I sure hope that ABC special really uncovers good dirt on the show, and I will believe every last word. There’s something wrong with the show.

    It’s so obvious that they’ve already picked Carrie to win. Having Con leave and pig-faced Scott stay only gives her more of an edge. So, I will be voting for Scott. I hope he wins American Idol. He represents what this show has become, nothing but bland music, attitude, and disappointment.

    You can bet I won’t invest another season watching and rooting for anyone. I hope this is AI’s last season.

  • gloria johnston

    Snotty Scotty still on? Are voters deaf and blind. Scott has the personality of a slug and looks like one too.
    My husband,an avid music lover was
    furious over Constantine getting the boot. We will not be be watching until only Bo and Carrie are left. The true
    talent has been USA with the country singers. At least the judges on that show try and give constructive criticism unlike Simon’s asshole remarks.

  • julius

    Let’s face it we all became complaisant because we thought Const was safe. This should be a lesson – nobody is safe! We need to show our collective anger by voting en mass next week. I have this figured out. The only way to get rid of Scott next week is to vote for Vonzel. Trust me – there is logic to my madness but not enough space to explain. Do not underestimate Tony – there are millions of Russian immigrants voting for Tony. If you want Scott out next week – vote VONZEL!

  • Mikey


  • Anna

    “I almost hope that Scott wins this year. He has no charisma, no humility, a mediocre voice, a sickening look, a fake gangsta affect of speaking like he’s from the hood, and he’s gross. He will sell no records, no one will go see him, and American Idol can finally be put down as a transient phenomenon. I sure hope that ABC special really uncovers good dirt on the show, and I will believe every last word. There’s something wrong with the show.”

    So totally agree with you Joanna …. I say boycott the show and vote for scott … give ’em what they deserve. I think they totally manipulate things to get who they want to win … I’d love to see it backfire and them wind up with Scott.

    Constantine – It’s all going to work out for you babe … you are so cool, so hot, and so talented!!! Rock on … looking forward to buying your records!

  • cruiserking

    I’ve long felt the voting mechanism of American Idol just does not work. Scott Savol has no business continuing to croon his boring bilge every week. In the end it all becomes a popularity contest, not one based on talent and performance ability.

    The judges should have the power to vote contestants off each week. If the public is to have a vote it should be the final one when there are two contestants remaining.


  • Kristi

    I am so upset and have never felt at a loss as i do right now that you all would even pick Scott over Constantine. I thought i like american Idol but i am done with it now.
    Good bye American Idol i dont believe in you anymore!!!

  • Anna

    There’s a petition floating for a recount if anyone is interested:

    PLEASE PLEASE, everybody sign the petition and add your scathing comments!

    Whoever had trouble getting through to Con’s line… go sign!


  • Please Please

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Constantine OUT? What the heck is going on????

  • Boycott Idol

    I say boycott IDOL…this sucks for Constantine and something smells like a rat. He will do great no doubt…but dont waste your time on a show that is obviously fixed…puhlease with Scott the loser bad attitude criminal. Constantine is the best and needs to sell a ton of records on May 10th.

  • Prince

    Just got off the phone with a friend from Miami. She attended what she thought was a birthday party – turned out it was a “vote for Scott Savol” party. There were lots of food and drinks. The music was turned down and everybody was watching AI. Then they handed out cell phones to everybody. Somehow they had figured out that Scott will be singing last and had programmed the cell phones (with Scott’s number) to vote for Scott. All they did was sit there and dial “redial” all night. Scott may look dumb, but he is very organized! I agree with Julius, all of us who are Constantine’s fans should vote for Vonzel.

  • rhonda

    There must have been a problem with the phone lines last night BECAUSE Constantine should not have been voted off. Plain and simple!! He has true talent. Some of those “wanna be singers” are nothing but “WANNA BE SINGERS”! What a joke. I really looked forward to watching American Idol every week, enjoying watching someone with true talent and a great personality, carisma, debineer, unique, originality ! All of what an American Idol is supposed to be. Come on people get your heads out of the sand. I am totally dissapointed. Signed an extremeley dissapointed fan.

  • nickie

    you guys need to stop busting on Scott. His mom is right’ he is just an average joe. I like him he has a good voice. We don’t need another Kelly Clarkson. Maybe Scott shouldn’t win but he made it this far,GIVE HIM SOME CREDIT!!!!!! Constantine was good but he sucked the most last night. I think Bo is the winner— Personality and all. I was more upset to see Anwar go before Constantine, now he was a nice and talented guy. But for now –Good luck Scott people are just plain mean.

  • Maryann

    This is a total outraged and you can’t tell me American Idol is not fixed.
    Constantine is the most talented performer and he is a great singer. Scott sucks….no way he is in the top 3.

    Constantine has my full support in his career. I am not watching Idol. I will support Constantine though when he comes to Phila with the AI tour.

    Constantine – I love you.

  • TylerNewton

    I really thought Vonzell would go home tonight, but apparently choosing such a horrid song (How you remind me? by Nickelback) did Constantine in.

    I cringed beyond belief when he sang that song. It was one of the worst song choices from ANYONE in the history of the finals round of any season of AI.

    I don’t know ANYONE who ever really liked that song. It sucks, and proved to be the downfall of Constantine.

    Don’t worry though, next week everything will return back to normal and VONZELL will go home.

  • Anna

    Scott combines a unique blend of doughboy looks, complete lack of rhythm demonstrated by inabilty to keep the correct song tempo (aka white mans disease), extremely weak voice, and really disgusting sneering attitude. He’s a frickin wife beater!!!
    Only in america!

  • I do think Constantine is the overall best performer and was the most versatile of the bunch. His performances exemplified the melting pot of America…Rock, crooning, musicals …you name it. He represented us all and all our loves and differences. He pulled it off better overall than anyone. Scott has by far the worst voice, can’t move, has only one dimension musically, is not charasmatic and quite frankly, I was pretty embarrased last week when his mother said he is representative of America. Unfortunately, it occured to me she might be right. The people voting for Scott are the people voting for George Bush.

  • julius

    Constantine had never been in the “bottom three” of this competition at anytime. The first time he appears in the bottom three – he gets voted out! How do you like that. Bo, Carrie, and Tony have very strong fan bases. They are not going anywhere. Vonzel needs help. The only way to get rid of Scott is for all of us to support Vonzel. Lets send Scotty home next week. Let’s get organized and vote for Vonzel!!!

  • Mark

    My God. All you dumb ass people out there that think Constantine can sing. Get real!! This is a contest about singing, not looks or stage presence. I’m tired of all the girls complaining. Here’s a clue, stop WATCHING!!! If you all want boyish looks, pick up a copy of playgirl!! You are right about Scott though; he isn’t attractive and can’t hold his own on stage, but he can sing!! You are all looking at the personal appearance, not the voice. All I hear about is Scott is ugly and fat, so don’t pretend that you hate his singing. You dislike his looks! I work with music and have listened to everyone on tape when they started with 24 contestants. Constantine wasn’t even in the top 12 with me and my associates, but since he’s on T.V. the girls just have to vote for him. Scott however was # 3, Bo # 2, and the guy who walked out quite a few weeks ago was #1.( Forgot his name,since I only get to watch periodically.) Anybody out there that has a clue about music, knows what I am talking about! The story of Charley Pride comes to mind as far as greatness without looks,at least right away. Lastly remember this, it’s a reality show!!

  • Anna

    nope, Mark, the looks stuff is secondary.
    If Scott had: a) talent, and b) any endearing features in his personality, there would be no comments about his porkiness.

    On the other hand, if Constantine had an awful personality or a criminal record, or less singing talent, his looks would not have so endeared him to people.

    I love constantine’s voice … if scott had C’s voice, I would love it!!!
    YOU don’t know what you are talking about musically … you and the rest of the beverly hillbilly types that like scott!

  • peg evans

    Scott, what I suggest is for you to wear a tuxedo and sing ‘Ave Maria’
    Seriously, I see this for you and think it would suit you and think you would do a beautiful job with this beautiful song.

  • josh

    vonzell all the way

  • JZ

    I am sad that Constantine was voted off. I am sure that he will be successful in the future and Scott will be soon forgotten. The best thing we Constantine fans can do is to support the Pray for the soul of Betty CD. I still like Bo and Carrie but I am no longer watching American idol.

  • TylerNewton

    Vonzell is the WORST. Tonight was HER night to go, but Constantine had to f**k that up by singing the worst song ever, How you remind me by Nickelback.

    In fact, if Bo is smart, he’ll realize to NEVER EVER sing a Nickelback song.

    Vonzell WILL go next week because of this fluke of Constantine going home.

  • Christin Cobb

    How could they vote off the TOTAL PACKAGE Idol. I will totally miss the stage presence, stlye, talent and carrisma that Constantine represented this year. I am so dissapointed in the show and the viewers. ONCE, we have someone UNIQUE in every way, and voted off, instead of LESS talented Scott or Anthony…for God’s sakes. Musically, stylisticly, originallity, and wide-range of talent……we will definately MISS CONSTANTINE! Christin

  • Kristi

    Well AMERICAN IDOL.. looks like i will be watching something else on Tuesday and wednesday nights. Now that your show SUCKS!!! CONSTANTINE, I WILL BE VOTING FOR YOU STILL.

  • pevans

    I think Bo is darling
    what a smile, what a voice, talent, stage presence etc.
    I like it that he obviously doesn’t have a desperate urge to win this thing, but I think he probably will and I will be happy for him

  • valentine

    It still amazes me that after Simon told Constantine that his version of ‘My Funny Valentine’ was ‘hands down’ the ‘best’ Idol performance he’d seen, that Constantine would elect to go a different direction with his choice of songs.
    Unfortunate, but Constantine is very talented and will survive!

  • T

    I think most of the american public does not quite understand the fact that you NEED to vote off the person who is CONSISTENTLY bad, and NOT the person who is not that good just one week……. Get that into your head people….. Now we have lost a very talented singer who deserved to win. So long Constantine 🙁

  • feddy

    Anthony is truly something special.
    His is already a success story.
    His goodness shines through and you cannot help but like him.
    I’m expecting that he will again make a wise choice of song selection.
    I am so happy for his parents-their pride is well understood.

  • downunder

    Carrie is lovely but must present herself in something other than old ugly jeans! Come on! Get some advice from a fashion consultant. All the gorgeous options available in clothes and she continues to wear jeans! Why?!!

  • karatekid

    Wow! How interesting that you grew up in a Martial Arts environment. Use it to your advantage. Lose some of the shiny, glossy, blowing kisses, Hi daddy stuff and wear something slightly oriental in theme, have a more subtle look and continue to sing with all your heart. It’s all in the packaging! Go girl!

  • jackie

    I read a funny thing. It asked why does Randy call everyone dog and dude, regardless of gender. Good question.
    Less is more-say it simply, sincerely and forego the dog doodoo.
    Paula may want a more mature look, less gushing, be the maternal voice, not the gotta make everyone feel OK all the time voice.
    Simon really should respect himself and the general public a bit more by wearing something other than boring Tee shirts, especially since he is prone to advise contestants on their attire. I love his honesty, his heartfelt opinion-there would be NO Idol show without it. Wake up America!
    This is entertainment! Do not take it so personally. I hear a lot of hate in many of the comments from viewers-hard to believe.
    Randy, Paula, Simon, I like all three of you.

  • benedict

    Here’s the deal:
    Skin heads vs Jews vs Christians vs non-believers vs ignorant vs educated vs fat vs thin vs every kind of bias that exists. These are some of the elements that are involved in the outcome of the voting that determines who goes and who stays and who ultimatly is voted the Idol. Enjoy it or turn it off, we don’t really care. But don’t whine about it!!! Get up there yourselves if you think you have all the answers! [Good Luck, sucker!]

  • Beethoven

    The system is hopelessly flawed. They ask for a positive vote to get a negative result. It’s illogical and unreliable. It may be that very few who voted would’ve chosen Constantine if they’d been asked who should go. But that wasn’t the question asked, so that’s not the question the voters answered. They’ll never change to voting singers “off the island.” But they could switch to a “picks and pans” system, allowing viewers to first vote for a pick, then select a pan. It would take a more sophisticated setup for the voting, which has to be a non-issue on a show with this kind of draw. But it would allow voters to address the issue at hand, which is “Who should go?” not “Who should stay?”

  • Terra

    ~~ NO WAY ~~ My family likes to watch the show together and we were all shocked when Mario, and Nikko left, and NOW CONSTANTINE…We’re ready to stop watching!!! Scott, we’re glad that a fat guy showed he could get into the top 12, but you’er way tooooooo pitchy!!! Constantine had amazing performances and desirved to be in the top three (at least). Good luck Constantine, we’re still cheering for you and look forward to seeing you on tour:)

  • Bob

    It is wierd that Constantine left.
    Scott is actually worse than him.
    When Scott and Nikko were in the
    bottom 2, I was shocked when Nikko was
    the one to leave and Scott stayed.
    Simon, stop staying those things about
    Scott because people are sure not listening to you. It is stupid, that Scott who is pitchy is still here, and Constantine is not.

  • lisa

    Was always wondering if this show is rigged. They are great actors! No wonder Simon is the way he is. He seems to be the only real thing about the show. It just all has to end pretty soon. I dont give it another season if Scott wins. SO RIGGED- People shouldnt be spending their bucks on this because it doesent matter. could it be fraudulent?

  • lisa

    Not saying that he is perfect but Simon’s next book should be “How Did I ever Survive Idol!” I guess it was the pay?

  • samiam

    You all must be high. Constantine had no talent from the beginning. In all the weeks he’s been on he’s had maybe one good performance. I will say this much for him his going away performance was 100 times better than his performance Tuesday night. He was horrible. Granted Scott picks really really reallly bad songs to sing but at least he has harmony. Constantine should have been gone weeks ago. Its because of Teenage girls and Lonely housewives that he survived this long be glad you got to see his no talent self as long as you did.

    GOOD RIDDANCE Constantine

  • Eric Olsen

    when I first saw Constantine on the show, I thought he was pretty much all hat, but he grew and grew and gave it his all and rightfully became a favorite. I am still shocked this happened – saying he has no talent is simply absurd.

  • Don

    Despite what you might think, Constantine was NOT the best singer by any stretch of the imagination. His performance was the worst of the night-hands down. Nadia should have been this years winner. She had the best vocals in this very pathetic group. As it stands now, Vonzel or Bo should win. Any one else would be a travesty to the show.
    ps. Paula needs to go because she’s a complete head case.



  • This is America. Far too often, “multiplatinum” equals “subpar.”

    Was Constantine the most amazing talent on the AI stage? Mileage will differ. (I think NOT.) But I believe most of us can agree that he should not have gone home this week. And I believe most of us agree that Scott is most deserving of the boot.

    What I don’t understand is the underlying nastiness against Vonzell. Why do people hate her? I don’t think she will or should win, but she’s talented.

    As the days go by, I am becoming more and more interested in what the ABC News AI exposé will have. It’s probably limited to Corey Clark’s allegations, though, which don’t interest me. Even if he did screw Paula Abdul, BFD.

    At any rate, I weep not for Constantine Maroulis. His band’s LP is out soon and he will be on his way. In fact, Con is probably better off without the AI title.

  • BklynRaven

    Thank goodness I won’t be subjected to that poseur Constantine anymore. His “Rock” persona made me gag.

    While I think Scott is a thug, he (or his handlers) were smart enough to know how to appeal to middle America’s sensibilities. (give it to the poor, fat slob, he’s mediocore just like us).

    I really like Bo, but even if he wins, he will never get respect from the demographic he’s trying to appeal to.
    Still I hope he wins, he at least is keeping it real..

  • Justme

    Constantine– You are the best hands down. I hope you will have a chance to read all of the positive feedback. The best thing AI can do now is bring you back for a special appearance–either that or risk losing a lot of viewers. Either way, your records will sell, so hang in there.

  • Eric Olsen

    Nat, agree CM may be better off without the title and I love Vonzell – what’s not to love?

  • Mila

    I was shocked to see Constantine voted off. First I was heartbroken when Mario Vasquez left and now Constantine. It’s always sad to see a contestant go and it’s more heartbreaking if you see someone you’re rooting for go. I don’t think I can stand any more of this. No more AI for me.

  • CD

    It’s not because Scott is fat. Reuben was fat but because he could “blow” as Randy says, he won! Give people more credit. Constantine’s performance on Tuesday set him back but he embodied the qualities of “the perfect man”. He had the intelligence, the humor, the sex appeal, the beautiful face & body and then it only got better when he opened his mouth to sing. Didn’t anybody watch the Bohemian Rhapsody performance? Common – that was the best performance on AI since it’s inception! Constantine be proud – you were amazing and obviously america is in uproar over the results.

  • Reminds me of how awful we felt when Tamyra Gray was voted off in the first season. I feel badly for Constantine’s fans. And I still wonder who in heck is voting for that Scott.

  • AG

    I am done with the show, I feel there should only one vote per each contestant& the Judges should have the last say. What is the sense of there being Judges just to make comments. Scott should not even made it to the top 12. They said people are voting for him because he deserves a second chance. This a a singing compitition. Just rename the show American Idol Second Chance in Life. I will not watch the rest of the show, there is nobody good enough to win. Where are the Joss Stone’s out of 100,000 try outs. Mario was the best from day one and he backed out. If Scott wins there should never be another American Idol show in the future.

  • Pattie

    Constantine has already won. His bands CD is #2 on Amazon’s best seller list surpassing Simons Il Devo group. Even though he signed his rights away, his voice is still on it.

  • grace

    it’s not just a singing competition. it’s a ‘who deserves a record contract’ competition. our greatest stars have more than a ‘correct’ singing voice, they have a distinctive voice along with alot of other characteristics that give them the edge. constantine has the edge. the competition put him out there for all to see, and is just speeding up what would have ultimately been a success story.

  • AG

    The show should never be on again, this is the worse season ever. Paula should get off the drugs that are fogging her brain & hearing. There were others at the Auditions that were so much better. And how is she a Judge anyway she could never sing in her day. Randy is a record producer ( of What ) Simon you need to get other Judges to replace them. Also Simon should have the final say.

  • AG

    And Ryan Seacrest better not say another stupid remark like thats why you should vote, the votes are fixed. There is noway Scott had more votes then Constantine. Let see what Seacrest Jerk Off excuse is next Tuesday.

  • Patty

    FOX needs to fix the voting problem once and for all. After last night, I’m done. Constantine, if you read this, you are the STAR!! You may have been voted off early, but you are still the winner…just like Clay was! Good luck!

  • Elizabeth

    Does anybody knows when the ABC American Idol special is going to air ? I thought it was tonight. ANYONE ?

  • marina

    The Prime Time Special is on May 4…next Thursday.

  • SuckyScotty

    ok…Con had a bad night…bad song choice…but he isn’t consistently bad..I will never forget the dull ache left in my ears after Scotty sang Against All Odds…my god..Scott is a terrible singer…and a woman beater…Bo is a great singer, but a habitual drug offender…idols???I don’t think so. My kids, seriously, laugh their ass off when Scott opens his mouth to speak and leave the room when he sings (can it actually be called singing)..you know guys, I don’t care who wins know since I am DONE with AI, but for a peaceful nights sleep, next Wednesday let me read that Scotty went back to the place he came from,,,Oh and Cleveland, I would be very PISSED that he thinks millions of you are JUST LIKE HIM.hahaahaaaa. By the way, did anyone see the FatAss laughing hysterically as Constantine got booted off? Tasteless to go along with his fatassiness, squintyeyedness, and toneless voice…..Good luck America..do the right thing…..

  • Jim

    im not a person to cry…but see Constantine leave the show brought a tear to my eye. I honestly wish death upon scott savol, because he should not be on the show at all… SCOTT SUCKS. there i said it… i feel a bit better now but i will miss Constantine. and if you want to know why Scott is still on tv and good ol Con is sitting at home check out this http://www.votefortheworst.com it explains scott being alive…i mean…on tv still.

  • Nini Puff-Corpus Christi,Tx.

    Scotty wasn’t good but FEDEROV was the worst and has always been the worst of all the finalists…. He needs to go next! For sure Carry will be 1st. Bo 2nd and Vonzell 3rd. Do you all agree ?

  • CONSTANTINE NEEDS TO COME BACK ANTHONY NEEDS TO LEAVE. IF THEY DONT BRING HIM BACK I WILL NEVER WATCH AMERICAN IDOL EVER AGAIN WE WANT CONSTANTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It ain’t gonna happen. Go buy his record instead.

  • -E

    Oh, but that makes too much sense and means people would have to stop complaining.

  • kathy

    constantine will rock on in the hearts and souls of this universe.there isn`t any stopping it!! hes the bomb

  • Pat

    Constantine will be the long term winner of AI4.
    No one can touch him. AI’s mistake to boot him off.
    THey didn’t know a good thing when they had it.

  • angie

    man u people suck 4 voteing 4 carrie and not bo ever 1 in usa knows bo should have won of the other rocker

  • haley

    omg i just don’t get y the Kelly Clarkson won’t let the ppl on American Idol who try out use her songs! is it b/c she doesn’t want someone to take her place? cause we all kno that she is like the only American Idol winner to go BIG!!! anyway, if anyone has any idea just lemme kno plz in like a comment or sumthin. THX A TON! he he ~haley~