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American Idol – Episode 424 – 2000-2005

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The American Idol producers are clearly running out of ideas for weekly themes, as tonight’s was simply any track from the past five years. One would have thought that with such a broad array of choices, the contestants would have picked better songs than they ended up with.

1. Carrie Underwood – “When God Fearin’ Women Get The Blues” – Martina McBride
2. Bo Bice – “I Don’t Wanna Be” – Gavin DeGraw
3. Vonzell Solomon – “I Turn To You” – Christina Aguilera
4. Anthony Fedorov – “I Surrender” – Celene Dion
5. Constantine Maroulis – “How You Remind Me” – Nickelback
6. Scott Savol – “Dance With My Father” – Luther Vandross

Scott: A decidedly mixed bag this week, with favorites Carrie and Constantine turning in somewhat less than impressive performances. Carrie was clearly comfortable singing Martina again, but I agree with the judges that the song did little to show off her great voice. While not exactly a deadly showing for her, it was among her worst performances to date. Carrie is best when she sticks with country, but there are far more impressive songs that would really showcase her talent.

Constantine was in much the same situation, choosing a fairly simple song and even then not singing it all that well. Where he excelled, however, was in his performance, really giving off the rock star vibe even better than Bo this week.

ZMethos: While Constantine rocked with a rock song–resulting in only an average performance overall–Bo did a more rockin’ version of a current radio hit. In the end, Bo won this round. Although I had the same thought as Simon Cowell about the glasses; why hide those pretty eyes?

Carrie’s fans will always be happy to hear her do country of any kind, and they’ll vote for her no matter that this performance wasn’t up to her usual standard. Vonzell, too, did okay but this evening wasn’t her strongest showing. The beginning of the song was off, and she didn’t hit her stride until halfway through.

I have to put Anthony, Scott, and Constantine in the bottom three for the week. Constantine has many fans, and he may pull it out, but I think Vonzell may top him this go round.

Scott: Wow, I cannot see Con in the bottom three. He has what could be the most devoted fan base of the remaining hopefuls, and if they perceive this week’s performance to be as lackluster as the judges did, expect them to turn out in droves to save him. He and Bo appear to be playing to different audiences now, so I don’t think they steal votes from each other like they might have in earlier rounds.

Anthony is in an interesting situation this week. He has not been a favorite of mine, nor am I a fan of the song he choose tonight, but I think he’ll actually get a fair amount of votes this time around, both from sympathy and from his “fans.” I don’t think he’ll be in the bottom three; instead, I predict it will be between Vonzell, Carrie, and Scott.

Vonzell continues to turn out decent performances, but I don’t think she has the grassroots support to really turn out the vote.

Carrie has yet to be in the bottom three, and I’m guessing some of her fans may abandon her this week, or possibly just assume she’s safe again, dropping her into the loser’s circle for the first time.

Scott was absolutely horrible, not even whatever fans he has left can save him this week.

ZMethos: Scott had some particularly glaring pitch problems this evening, and I have him pegged to (finally!) leave tomorrow. But that could be, yet again, just my wishful thinking.

Scott: My record at predicting the loser has been horrible to date (1 out of 6), but I agree that Scott Savol leaving tomorrow is a pretty decent bet.

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  • Paul

    Vonzell Soloman and diana degarmo were the best. their voices and preformances. but its all about who you like the best, not the voices and preformances, its the ratings that come first. it should have been Baby V and carry in the final 2. they are both excellent. now you have 2 blacks and 2 whites, no one can accuse them of being prejudice. wasnt the subtle

  • kara

    Does it really matter who wins? actually it doesn’t because after Kelly Clarkson AI winners don’t get much. Trust me after they win we wont even buy their CD’s we will just download them online if that much. AI is a very forgetable show, we get all pumped up during the season and as soon as the show ends we are ready to move on, wait actually ready for the next audition.

    Lets not even bother killing each other over this made for TV-melo drama singing competion. Who cares what color person wins? not me because I have heard better singers and still downloaded their music if that much. NON of the finalist will sell millions of records sorry to disappoint you, they are not million dollars material

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks guys! I think Bo was the obvious winner in the rockers competition last night, as evidenced by the audience reaction. I thought they were going to hoist Bo up and carry him to the throne. Con picked a boring song and didn’t come up with any kind of interesting angle into it.

    But can we please, please, please finally be rid of the lumbering ground sloth that is Scott?

  • TylerNewton

    Repost from MY blog:

    Yes, I watch American Idol. I watch it every week, clapping and cheering on both Tuesday night, and especially Wednesday night (if the people I HATE go home, as they did the last two weeks, and as they will tonight)

    In fact, I am a HUGE fanboy of American Idol. I love Clay, hate that fat f**k Ruben, and I loathe Fantasia, that ugly a$$ buck toothed b**ch.

    This season is quite interesting. I have three people I really like: Bo, Carrie, and Constantine. And yes, I have the stupid DVD listed in my currently watching (And it IS stupid, even an AI fanboy like me can admit it).

    Unforunately too many fuckers in the world of blogs that are AI fans (And regularly analyze it) don’t understand AI. They have no grasp of the dynamics of AI. I’m gonna dish it out here:

    In this season, if you watch, it is pretty clear that the 3 big favorites are Bo, Carrie, and Constantine. It’s basically them and everyone else. For the last several weeks, these stupid fuckers with their dumbass blogs kept saying Scott or Anthony would go home.

    Of course only I, the great [Tyler Newton], CORRECTLY predicted who would go home the last two weeks, and I believe I will right again tonight.

    Here is the thing. Bo/Carrie/Constantine fans really want to see their favorite win. Of course 2 of the big 3 are the main threats to your favorite if you are a fan of B, C, or C, but I told everyone when the finals started the threats to this AI holy trinity were Nikko, Anwar, Nadia, and Vonzell.

    Why??? Simple, and PLEASE don’t accuse me of being a racist. Think about this before you jump to conclusions. The reality of AI is that if you favorite happens to be white (like Bo, Carrie, or Constantine), you DON’T want to see them go up against one of the black competitors.

    Sadly it is somehow socially unacceptable to open root for someone who happens to be white, and it is somehow socially more than acceptable to openly root for someone who happens to be black.

    AI has proved this: Last year, in AI 3, one week of the finals we had an all black “bottom 3” (the 3 contestants that week with the lowest amount of votes). Everybody called AI racist, including Elton John.

    BUT BUT BUT…we’ve had several bottom 3’s consisting of white people (And also bottom 3’s of non-black people) over the years, AND NOT ONCE DID ANYONE SCREAM RACISM.

    The racism card only came out when the bottom 3 was black.

    That, plus the Ruben/Clay fiasco, along with the “drooling” over Fantasia in AI 3, shows that it is frowned upon to like the non-black people, and at the same hearlded simply for liking someone who happens to be black.

    So how does this apply to Bo, Carrie, Constantine fans? If you are a Bo fan, you would NEVER want to see an AI final of Bo vs. Nadia. Because of what I said above, Bo would lose. Carrie vs. Vonzell? Carrie loses. Constantine vs. Anwar? Close, but Anwar wins.

    Thus Bo, Carrie, Constantine fans have been doing their best to get rid of 4 black people. Two weeks ago I said Nadia was gone, and sure enough she left. Last week I said Anwar would be gone, even though the NIGHT BEFORE, he was lamented as “Technically the best singer here,” and he went.

    Since in AI you vote to keep people on (And not vote off, which has, in the past been the main source of discontent towards AI voting), some Bo fans, some Carrie fans, and some Constantine fans are voting for Scott, widely considered the worst singer, not only among the top 6, but perhaps the top 10 or 12. By voting for Scott, they are indirectly voting Vonzell off, as they did the last two weeks with Nadia and Anwar.

    Once all the black singers are off, Scott and Anthony will then be easy pickings (nobody will be throwing their votes to them anymore), leaving the big 3.

    Many AI fans who regularly post recaps and analysis of AI in their blogs don’t seem to understand this. They can’t understand that a Bo fan would rather have a Bo vs. Constantine final than a Bo vs. Anwar final. They can’t understand that a Carrie fan would rather have Carrie v. Constantine final than a Carrie vs. Nadia final.

    Some of you will accuse me of being racist, but I contend I am just telling it like it is. A fascinating question to explore is why is it extremely socially acceptable to support a black singer, and why is it completely socially unacceptable to support a white singer? Perhaps we are entering an era in which the tables are turned. As payback for being victims of racism for many years in this country, black people now have it to where black is “in,” and white is “out.”

    One need only look to the movie “Hitch,” and every other movie like it for evidence in our culture.

    Some of you may accuse me of being a dork because I love AI, and in response, I’ll stipulate to that fact.

  • To be frank, I wish we could just send of Fedorov and Scott in the same episode. They both annoy me no end.

  • TylerNewton

    “Scott was absolutely horrible, not even whatever fans he has left can save him this week.”

    Once again, Mr. Pepper, you continue to show your ignorance about AI. Obviously you are continue to show you bias towards Vonzell.

    The reality this week is the same as last week AND the week before (both of which your predictions were flat WRONG, and mine were 100% CORRECT). Bo, Carrie, Constantine fans **NEED** Vonzell to go home, because Vonzell is the biggest threat to any of those 3. Nobody wants their favorite in the finals against Vonzell, because Vonzell will win.

    Thus SOME (not all) of the fans of the big 3 will throw their vote to Scott and Anthony.

    The bottom 3 this week will be:

    1.) CARRIE…yes, Carrie. Why?? Couple reasons. Some of her fans will not vote for her because “she doesn’t need it.” This effect has been known to send favorites into the bottom 3. People start thinking she doesn’t need their vote, so they don’t vote.

    The BIG reason is, of course, many Carrie fans will throw their vote to Scott to help get rid of Vonzell.

    2.) SCOTT ‘Nuff said.

    3.) VONZELL With a portion of the Bo/Carrie/Constantine fan base voting like crazy for Scott, Vonzell not only makes the bottom 3, but she WILL go home tomorrow, just like Anwar last week, and Nadia two weeks ago.

    Just watch Pepper. Your posts show how little you know about Idol, and have been showing what I’m saying is actually happening. Be prepared to be proved wrong yet again Pepper.

  • Scott, I think you are so right about Con’s fans swarming to his defense.

    He may have even gotten some of the Clay Nation to support him tonight.

    I think the B3 will be Scott, Vonzell and Carrie or Con. Oh, the drama!