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American Idol – Episode 423a – Adios Anwar

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The American Idol audience got it wrong tonight, sending home the talented Anwar Robinson over the bland Anthony Fedorov and the excruciating Scott Savol. Last night, Anwar recovered from a few off weeks, but it apparently wasn’t enough to renew America’s initial adoration for the middle school music teacher.

The top four of Vonzell, Constantine, Carrie, and Bo were no surprise, of course, and kudos to Bo for refusing to play the game of choosing the top group even after he knew that he himself was safe.

Prediction Scorecard

Well, our weekly guessing game does not seem to be turning out well. Of the six finalists who’ve left the show so far, I’ve predicted only one correctly. ZMethos has had 2 of the 6 right.

Scott: 1:6
ZMethos: 2:6

It is some consolation, however, that I did correctly predict the bottom 3 tonight, even though I thought it would be Anthony leaving, and not Anwar.

“AI” Season 4 Odds Update

I realize that I haven’t updated the odds for some time now, so it’s probably time to revisit the finalists.

Mikalah Gordon – Previous Odds: 40:1 – No Current Odds

Long gone by now, Mikalah was too obnoxious to hang around for long.

Nikko Smith – Previous Odds: 30:1 – No Current Odds

Nikko got a second chance at stardom, but that was the only chance he got.

Jessica Sierra – Previous Odds: 25:1 – No Current Odds

Jessica was a decent performer, but not strong enough for this season.

Nadia Turner – Previews Odds: 6:1 – No Current Odds

The only real travesty in the voting before tonight, Nadia started off strong by made some poor choices (mohawk, anyone?) along the way.

Anwar Robinson – Previous Odds: 15:2 – No Current Odds

While he didn’t really have a chance to win it, like I said above, Anwar deserved to last at least longer than Scott and Anthony.

Scott Savol – Previous Odds: 15:1 – Current Odds: 30:1

As inexplicable as it is that he’s still around, Scott can’t continue to last much longer. He just can’t.

Anthony Fedorov – Previous Odds: 20:1 – Current Odds: 20:1

The weakest singer of the remaining finalists, Anthony is living on borrowed time.

Vonzell Solomon – Previous Odds: 20:1 – Current Odds: 12:1

Without a doubt, Vonzell is the most improved of the finalists. She came in with very little screen time from the previous rounds, and she’s been a consistently solid performer. However, she’s definitely number 4 this year.

Bo Bice – Previous Odds: 3:1 – Current Odds: 9:2

Slipping a bit since his appearance in the bottom 3 last week, Bo came back strong tonight as his fans rallied for him. He could still win, but it will take truly amazing showings each and every week from here on in.

Carrie Underwood – Previous Odds: 12:1 – Current Odds: 3:1

Carrie is not particularly consistent, having faltered a few times with strange song choices and amazingly large hair, but she has the voice and she has the look. With no appearances to date in the bottom 3, it’s a good bet we’ll see her in the final 2 along with…

Constantine Maroulis – Previous Odds: 10:1 – Current Odds: 2:1

The true star this season has been Constantine. He started out strong, faltered, and then came back with a vengeance. Every time Bo ups his game, Constantine follows suit. A consummate performer, it’s quite easy to see Con as this season’s American Idol.

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  • >> and kudos to Bo for refusing to play the game of choosing the top.

    That was so scripted I saw puppet strings.

    Anwar did react great – he has to be a good example to his middle school students. He’s got the chance at a musical career. Scott – nobody will tough him unless he starts doing death metal (and then very few will touch him because, it’s death metal)

  • I think Bice’s performance was the strongest of the 70s dance week. I like him better than Maroulis or Underwood, but then, I haven’t seen all of the episodes.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!


  • TylerNewton

    Hey Scott and everyone else, GUESS WHAT???


    I said Scott, Anthony, and Anwar would be the bottom 3, and Anwar would go home.

    Nobody believed me when I said Nadia would go home last week, and she did. Nobody believed me when I said Anwar would go home tonight, AND HE DID.

    I think credit should be given where credit is due on these predictions.

    NEXT WEEK VONZELL WILL GO HOME. Mark my words. After last wednesday I said Anwar would go home, and before that I said Nadia would go home.

  • TylerNewton

    Looking at your previous odds I was right in my entry in your last blog entry about AI.


    Hahahaha. I for one am glad. Perhaps you need admit that you are full of sh** Scott Pepper, and CONCEDE THAT VONZELL WILL GO HOME NEXT WEEK. Your predictions obviously show your lack of understanding of AI dynamics.

    After all, Bo, Carrie, Constantine have a huge fan base. Parts of that fan base will SAVE Scott and Anthony yet again, leaving Vonzell to leave next week (because fans of the top 3 want no part of Vonzell in the finals).

  • Nice job with your predictions, Tyler. I still think Vonzell should stick around until the top 4, but I guess we will see.

  • Eric Olsen

    you rule Tyler – Scott will go next week. You heard it here. Vonzell has picked up a lot of support

  • leon clinton

    I predicted Anwar would go home, and he did. I like Carrie and Con for the top 2. Carrie is so Hot looking I don’t really care if she can sing or not! Certainly with those looks and her good voice who can beat her?

  • Eric Olsen

    Constantine’s female fans appear to have the same feelings as Carrie’s male fans do

  • scg

    As scary as this fact is for me, it seems my thoughts are in line with Tyler’s. I had also pegged Nadia to go and last night Anwar (especially when he landed in the bottom 3 with Scott and Anthony!). Remember, Vonzell did a fantastic job one week and still ended up in the bottom 3.

    But for the record, I really like Vonzell and hope she stays and that we finally get put out of our misery as SCOTT GOES HOME!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    we need a national movement — Scott Go Home — even though “home” is perilously close to where I am

  • National Movement?! Why don’t you just call more often for everyone else?