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American Idol: Elvis Presley Theme Week and Taylor Hicks

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Behind the Elvis Theme Week on American Idol one only has to look for a man named Robert F.X. Sillerman. He’s a Wall Street operator and sort of a ‘Donald Trump’ of the media business. A little background: he sold a group of radio stations to Westinghouse (now Viacom) in 1989 for $389 million. Less than a decade later he sold more stations to Hicks Muse for $2.1 billion. He had dealings with Clear Channel in 2000 when he sold a company that owned concert venues for a reported $3 billion. A real wheeler dealer.

Sillerman’s latest publicly traded corporation is titled CKX. The CK stands for “content is king,” while the ‘x’ is a reference to one of his middle initials. It’s unknown what they stand for but I’m leaning towards ‘effects’ abbreviated, you know, like seen on the cable FX station, or on an SUV made by Infinity Motors. It is his little secret. Sillerman made a business deal with Lisa Marie Presley in 2004, then moved to buy the smash-hit TV show American Idol and other properties from a company called 19 Entertainment (19E), which was previously owned by British pop mogul Simon Fuller. So you can see where this is leading. Regarding the business arrangements brokered with Lisa Marie Presley, what the man owns is Elvis Presley Enterprises. EPE generates $40 million in annual revenue from Graceland tours, onsite retailing, licensing, an apartment complex, and the much promoted Heartbreak Hotel. American Idol, Bob Sillerman, and 19E create a tangled but understandable money making thread, therefore we have American Idol able to throw an Elvis Presley Theme week and Sillerman able to promote his EPE ventures. Win-win for Sillerman and Elvis Presley entertainment from the final four contestants remaining on Idol.

Taylor Hicks and his compatriots will visit Graceland where they will have a tour accompanied by Priscilla Presley. To prepare for the competition this week, insight and guidance will be provided by Tommy Mattola. (I haven’t figured that one out yet.) I’ve been reading about the fortunate A.I. fans able to commute or that live in the vicinity, staking out Graceland with the hope of seeing their favorites. Ah, yes, I can just picture myself hanging on the music themed wrought iron entry gates of Graceland… Screaming like a giddy fangirlly freak, “Taylor! Taylor! Tay…!”

Snapping back to a semblance of reality, and back to topic, the overwhelming challenge the contestants will face under this theme is the dreaded ‘Karaoke’ label. This should pose a real test of their individual artistic abilities. (I’m not just talking about taking an Elvis song like “Burning Love” and giving it the “Creed” alt-rock treatment to ‘make it their own,’ ala the “Live” turn of “Walk the Line,” performed by Daughtry.) Definitely a challenging genre, creating lots of speculation and excitement for this crazily popular talent show.

It’s a given that Taylor Hicks will have the highest hurdle to jump this week to avoid the dreaded “K” label. Hicks is proving he is not a stupid man; I am confident The Soulman will carefully consider all options. Overall, Taylor has been demonstrating that he is a winner, a champion performer with a heart for success. Like Secretariat, Taylor Hicks “knows how to run a great race”, he hasn’t won all the Idol races so far, but the ones he has had the other contestants 20 lengths behind, blinded by flying sand. Online, Hicks has the largest confirmed fanbase and is all ready demonstrating his growing international appeal. The man has true star power evidenced by his performances of “Taking it to the Streets”, “Living for the City”, “Trouble,” and the brilliant combination of “Play That Funky Music White Boy,” by Wild Cherry teamed with George Harrison’s “Something.” No doubt, I am biased.

It may be inevitable that no matter what Taylor Hicks performs, a certain ascerbic judge may have already penned the dreaded “K” label on his index card. Conversely, when considering some of the ‘master-minds’ behind the Idol scenes such as the obviously brilliant Bob Sillerman, Hicks should be garnering the recognition, internally, within the monied fraternization needed to promote and develop his career.

My advice to Taylor Hicks, “Lay it all on the stage, baby, and don’t look back!”

Groove on Soulman!

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  • Guppusmaximus

    Oh Lord… Please help them. Mr. Daughtry sucks and it was evident with most of the covers he tried but he will surely burst a vein when he attempts the range that the king had…LOL, I can’t wait to hear Goatboy(Chris)and see his face turn maroon once more.Maybe he will try “Surrender”…*Smirk*.What a F*cking Creed wannabe! As for Taylor, if he sticks with the sugar pop from Elvis’ catalog,I think he will come out on top…

  • I started a topic on the A.I. general board titled, “The Goat”. It wasn’t bad, I just posted my thoughts about how I’d heard a certain contestant’s vocalizations reminding them of that animal. Amazingly with only those two words, the Daughtry gang were riding high and came gunning to take me down. They knew, we all knew who’s “The Goat”. LOL

    Regarding Taylor, I have only high praise for the man’s abilities, obviously. Sugar pop’s not all he can do. I love his voice, his energy, his style. The music he has already put out on his CD “Under the Radar” is really good. I’m a huge fan of the music genre he likes to perform.

  • labmom

    Taylor rocks!!… and this week will be his defining moment! Funny, I didn’t care for him at first, but now he’s my pick. His style is great and he can adapt so well to every genre. Go Taylor! You’re my idol!

  • ritz

    dont be hatin on Chris. He is an amazing singer. In my opinion he should win. Taylor should get voted off after Elliot. But as I know, he probably won’t. We all know the voting is rigged.

  • Simone

    Excellent assessment. Especially loved the racehorse analogy. 20 lengths behind! WOOOOOOOOO

  • Kris

    Taylor has shown himself to be unique from the very beginning. Yes, he is not the “stuff” that current top charts are “made of”. The simple truth is that those currently on “top” are are “made”, by the media, by “corporate America”, by those who desire to make a “quick buck”. Alternatively, this season, AI is forced to deal with the reality of a TRUE ARTIST in Taylor Hicks. Like Elvis (who was not welcomed in the mainstream initially), Jerry Lee Lewis, and Al Jareau, he FEELS the music and connects with the “everyman” like AI could never anticipate. Taylor is truly original; not a “dime a dozen” like others out there today, (including Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, and Kathrine McPhee, included)who are talented, yet predicatable, and boring.

  • Cindy

    Thank you Jewels, for expressing what all of Taylor’s fans feel and know about this man. I love all of your articles on him. You are able to see Taylor for the amazing talent he is. Keep up the good work!

  • BonBon

    Thank you, Jewels Richardson, for a fabulous article. I believe the final four contestants are ALL multi-talented and will all do well in the industry. From what I’m hearing out of Memphis tonight, Taylor Hicks was a VERY popular boy with the crowds. I understand also that he had ooodles of FAN MAIL waiting at Graceland. Not surprising since sooo many people say his fans are as wild about him as were Elvis’ fans back in the 50s and 60s.

    But I want to share an insight into Taylor Hicks, the man. I’m active at his board on the myidol website. A few weeks ago, people kept posting messages that were very derogatory about him on the General and AI5 Board. His fans fought back. Taylor sent word through a friend that he suggested we stay on our own board and not venture into others areas. He emphatically stated that Chris, Ace, Elliott, Paris, Kat, Kellie, Bucky,etc. were his FRIENDS. They had become like family. Taylor didn’t want us to get into arguments with their fans or to speak negatively about the other contestants.

    To me, that says all I need to know about who Taylor Hicks is under the Taylor Mania that is just beginning to sweep not only America, but the globe. The syndicated radio program with Glenn Beck had a Taylor Hicks caller from JAPAN this week. The Fox-syndicated radio program, Rick and Bubba, have had Hicks’ fans call from Germany, Denmark, the Phillippines and even BANGLADESH!

    Thank you, Jewels, for a fine article.


  • Sandra

    Thank you for this article,I have to say I had given up listening to music,grunge,hard rock,rap,
    metal,nope not for me,it was just a noise!But when I heard a soulful voice singing Sam Cooke,I ran to see who was this amazing,solitary figure standing there begging to have his voice heard.Wow! I was swept away,finally some one with talent and soul and words you could actually understand.I had never watched Idol before but knew I had to follow this mans music,he has so much talent and sings from his soul,regardless who wins or loses Taylor Hicks is here to stay,and one can only guess where and how far his amazing talent will carry him.I am just thankful to be along for the ride,and thank you Paula and Randy for pushing him through to Hollywood,and thank you Jewels for your kind words.Rest assured Taylor,your voice HAS been heard.We love you!! Soul Patrol

  • gobsmacked

    i absolutely loved this article. i always appreciate good writing, but when it’s used to convey a beautiful message about taylor hicks, then i love it even more! as an ex-pat living in japan, i am amazed and inspired by the response to taylor. i’ve even called into glennbeck and rick&bubba now, because i want the int’l fans’ voices to be heard as well. thank you for sharing your artistry to say something meaningful and heartfelt about taylor. lay it all on the stage…will be the soul patrol’s battle cry this week! taylor has put the muse back into music, and for that we are profoundly grateful.

  • saira4taylor

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Jewels, for the wonderful “spot on” article on Taylor Hicks! I was honored to be able to attend a rehearsal of the show this past Tuesday and Taylor is awesome on Tv…and magic in person! He draws you in and makes you want to smile and dance. When he sings a slow song you swoon and are hypnotized by his beautiful whiskey tenor voice. Taylor connects with his audience and he loves what he does and he loves his fans!! It’s so wonderful to see him be acknowledged for the talented singer/musician/performer that he is! As they’ve said on the show…They have broken the mold…there is no other like Taylor Hicks!!!

    Southern California

  • Carolle

    I am living and breathing Taylor from the time I stumble out of bed in the morning until I snuggle in at night, he is simply “The Best.”
    Mission Accomplished, Taylor has arrived and he will be with us always, we are truly blessed.
    I read everything I can about Taylor and cannot get enough. Your article is one of the few that has brought tears to my eyes. I have a son that is a Taylor look-alike (my son is hounded daily with questions if he is realted to Taylor.) I am a 66 years young red-headed (by the bottle) Avon lady of 17 years here in Redondo Beach, Ca. My beloved father passed away last year. He was 92.
    When Taylor made it to the top 12 and the group picture was taken, there is a bright shining object smack dab on top of Taylor’s head, I call it dad’s shining star from heaven telling us that his look-alike grandson will come out on top. I just about had a heart attack when Taylor went down on the floor doing his “Funky” performance but then it was just fine. Ryan and Katherine saved him, I watched the video over and over, Ryan led the way on the next fall to the floor and then Katherine crawled around on her knees and saved Taylor from Simon’s wrath, what a kick. I always get sooooo nervous that Taylor will fall off the stage in his exuberance but then it will be just fine, he will just jump back up and make it part of his performance. Maybe he will grab the microphone and run around the stage screaming and with shooting flames all around him. But, that will be fine also, he will put the Taylor brand on the song and make it his own. I will look forward to your next article on our rising star, Taylor Hicks.
    Carolle…..P.S. I am able to get in 300 to 400 votes each week and my 91 year old mom gets in between 225 and 300, she even takes the telephone with her to the bathroom.

  • CarissaD

    WOW, what a wonderful read. Taylor is such a great performer and inspiration to so many. He has brought so many fans out of the shadows and back to enjoying music again. So many of us are tired of the cookie cutter crap shoved down our throats. We have to VOTE VOTE VOTE to ensure that Taylor wins the AI crown. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog.

  • Hey yall, I was at Graceland today. We got to see ALL of the Idols along with Prisiclla and Lisa Marie Presley. It was so cool to be in Memphis. We hung out at the front gate to see them come in, then we took a tour and guess what!? We got to meet EVERY single Idol, get autographs and pictures. Chris was cool, a little shorter than I expected and so was Elliott. Katharine was the most fun to see out of all of them, she seemed so concerned when she met some kids from St. Jude Hospital who are battling cancer at the Memphis research hospital, it was an emotional moment. Taylor was exactly who you see on TV, full of personality and he kept yelling Soul Patrol. Some people even eve had him talk to relatives on their cell phones. I still can’t believe it, Graceland was SOOOOOO FRIGGING COOL! I’m an Idol fan and now I LOVE ELVIS TO! Elvis and the Idols rock! I can’t upload my pics on here, but check out elvis.com, they have tons of pics of them arriving at the famous front gate. There is a poll on there as to who people think will win AI5. Last time I checked Chris and Katharine were running neck and neck. I even signed up for their e-newsletter and got an update about more pics from the trip, they were much better than the ones I took.

  • I go out to dinner and when I return – let me say how pleased I am to see the Taylor love in evidence in this space tonight. Just fabulous. To direct responses to some of you tonight:

    ritz – Sorry to have offended, no hate going on, but I have heard comments to this effect and so simply addressed it as it was spoken. Chris does have a great deal of positives, but he also lacks in many ways. One, he never interacts with anyone in the audience really – just the cameras, and vocally, what he can do is good, he just doesn’t have any versatility. One other thing, Bo Bice needs to seriously give him some mic stand advice. The Biceman is the maestro of the Mic Stand.

    Kris – You are on target regarding the music landscape of today! Man, this is exactly why all the freaking ‘newsmakers’ in the music world are simply copying one another; look at the hip hop artists, sounding alike, look at the alt rockers, same thing, look at the country charts – bad example, this has been happening there a very long time. It’s The Money. “So and So” finds a popular sound, then 20 more wanna-be’s line up to do the same thing. You wind up with a manipulated scene where maxing for popularity rules.

    I believe that Hicks may have caught everyone in the A.I. circle surprised; everyone but Paula Abdul. Dear darling Paula with all her wackiness has never wavered in her support for Hicks – since day one. She was instrumental for putting him through.

    BonBon – I am So Glad to hear about all the fanmail for Hicks. It is crucial this time in the competition that he knows how strongly he is backed. It will provide him even more courage to do what he has in his heart to do in this talent contest. Win. Regarding your comments about Hicks and his integrity, there is not one doubt in my mind that he has anything but a great and kind heart. Actions speak loudly. Of course, as you said, the other contestants, “They had become like family” look what they have all gone through together. It must truly be an overwhelming and incredible journey to partake in the American Idol experience. Thank you for your gracious comments.

    Cindy – Thank you for letting me know you have read my articles on Hicks. It comes from my heart to promote him. I’ll be back with another one very soon.

    Sandra – Seriously, the Sam Cooke HOOKED me. It was like an epiphany moment. I looked up from a necklace I was beading, watched Hicks perform, and said to the beloved people I live with, well hell, I guess I will watch this damn show this season afterall. (After last year,and catching Bo Bice on the show, I followed it; but was skeptical of this year – my continued viewing.) I began blogging about him immediately.

    gobsmacked – I missed your conversation with Glenn Beck by mere minutes. I listen to him every morning and was so disappointed that I came into the program right as you were leaving. From what I understand, you made the Soul Patrol very proud of you, your articulate comments, your representing Hicks in such a wide forum. Beck is incredible, and the fact he is supporting Taylor even better! He’s the number 3 show in syndication, I believe, so man, you got The Word out! Hicks ‘putting the muse back into music’, Amen to that! Thank you so much for your support of Hicks and your kind words.

    saira4taylor – So you were one of the fortunate ones to attend last week! I saw the “Change is gonna come” poster. That must have been you! There is no other like Taylor Hicks.

    Carolle – You must have one good looking boy. Taylor’s soul performance of “Play That Funky Music White Boy” was pure genius and solely for the Soul Patrol. Wrapping it with “Something” by George Harrison; genius.

    CarissaD – I loved your comment, “So many of us are tired of the cookie cutter crap shoved down our throats” so true. I’m sick of the same thing myself.

    Groove on Soulman!

  • I’ve been to Graceland too, really was a great day for me. That front gate is really cool, isn’t it? I have been an Elvis Presley fan since I was a little girl. Watched all his movies and listened to all his records. Still have some of the original vinyls that still play great. (I love the real old ones like “Sunrise”) So cool that you could be there today when the A.I. final four were there.

    Regarding the polls, the difference is who decides to make the effort to vote, or join the site I guess. From what we’ve gained over the internet overall responses, The Soulman is leading well ahead of the other contestants. Thank you for finding this piece and taking the time to post.
    Happy Trails.

  • Rose

    I know that Taylor has a big fan base, but so do the other contestants. I really feel that each contestant can pull this off. What I do not like is Taylor being compared with the one true King of Rock N Roll. NO one can ever take his place and I am asking all Tay fans to please stop comparing him to Elvis. Taylor has his own originality that his fans love and to compare him with the biggest star that American will ever see is wrong.

  • fan from south africa

    Whatyou say is true, Taylor is developing an international following. We are about 4 shows behind America, but everyone is talking “Taylor Hicks”, how they love him, his style, his voice, his persona. I think they found a “real one” this time round.

  • This is true in my country as well. We all watch on SkyDish. Everyone at my university faculty of medicine of guadalajara knows of Taylor Hicks and his music. We feel blessed to see such an artist like we have not seen in long time. They say he reminds them of other music legends. Everyone remembers Elvis. Taylor Hicks has a very great passion for music, and it touches everyone in their hearts. Taylor will the the one to sing Elvis music the way Elvis would want his music to be sung. We also love Elvis and Taylor Hicks. This man Taylor Hicks is the One! An international star Taylor Hicks. Vote americans because we cannot here in my country. Our hearts and prayers are with you. He is the BEST!

  • It looks like the world will be focusing on Elvis Presley’s Graceland again this week. Hundreds of millions of people will remember Elvis’s wonderful versatile voice and the great many songs he made his own.

    Good luck to the four American Idol finalists, but alway’s remember Elvis’s famous quote, “I don’t sound like nobody”.

    Nevertheless we will enjoy the show even here in Irelandtoo

  • Merrymax

    Thanks Jules for acknowledging how wonderful Taylor Hicks is. No he is not the usual singer or performer! Just ask Simon? However he is a breath of fresh air with originality like no other. When was the last time a performer like Taylor surfaced?

    I am obsessed – have his CD and all the clips from AI. This is ALL I listen to. What is AI really about? Selling and making money. Taylor is already a star and will be the next AI. He IS what an American Idol should be!

    I am 59 years old and he appeals to all ages. His excitement and passion for music gives us a reason to live 🙂

    Thanks again for the great article.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Taylor Hicks is a true musician that’s the difference between this season and the others…He doesn’t need American Idol but it’s nice to see,for once, that America is actually voting on talent as opposed to looks. What I was saying was that in order for Taylor to win out this week, He needs to focus on the pop hits from Elvis.

    BUT…everyone is doomed this week! The judges always make remarks about taking on challenging songs because you’ll always come out short and now they wanna showcase Elvis…HA!! Noone on this show will ever do any justice to an Elvis song.

  • lulu

    Taylor is not an Elvis imporsonator, but I’ve definitly been reminded of Elvis at different times when watching Taylor. I can’t help but think the trip to Graceland was Taylormade. Taylor has always been the Idol to make me smile. Long live Soul Patrol!

  • Guppusmaximus – Yes, it is going to be a tough show for the contestants to pull off. I doubt Hicks would want to proclaim himself the ‘New “E”‘, rather he’d like to be accepted for what he has to offer. You’re right, there is no equal to Elvis.

    I think what some of the Hicks fans mean when they bring up the comparison, is that he reminds them of the charisma, energy, passion Elvis possessed. Elvis gave everything he had when he performed. In his early years he was abandoned on stage, gave himself up to the music. Critics at first did not take to him either as he was so unique.

    The music scene the past few decades has become rife with artists copying one another, there are few unique performers on the charts. Record companies have been bemoaning the business side of the industry and blame it on the internet. Why don’t they examine the type of talent they’re pushing? Looks seem to be the primary focus in any genre, and if one sound sells, they go out and find 10 others that can make the same sound. They take them, wrap them up in identical “packaging”, and wonder why sales don’t achieve the desired heights. I’m not saying that artists are not going platinum, etc…, of course that is happening, but there is not the same enthusiasm witnessed years ago. We’re also a retro loving society, and Hicks is providing that retro/throwback feel with the type of music he prefers to perform as well as his style of performing. The pre-mature gray hair fits him, he is like an ‘old soul’ in a young man’s body.

    On the whole, it’s possible that a large segment of the potential music buying populace have simply become jaded, have lost enthusiasm about collecting music by any one artist like witnessed in decades past with the Beatles, with Buddy Holly, with Elvis Presley, to name only three obvious historic idols.

    Hicks is giving an enormous segment of fans interested in music a new reason to tune back into the music scene. American Idol got very lucky this year. Hicks can give an entire new feel and direction to this show, provide it with credence for discovering a real international caliber performer and star. Their eyes should be alight with dollar $ign$ right now. This man would bring it.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Has anybody here read what I posted or are they just gonna keep posting comments that remark on something that isn’t new?? The music scene,commercially, has been dead for quite awhile and anyone who has an ear for music has noticed it. I never proclaimed that Taylor is trying to be the “New E”, I was just saying that with his vocal ability(which is soulful,blues)he should stick with a straight forward tune or he will end up looking like Chris “Goatboy” Daughtry(Straining and turning colors).

    American Idol is a poor attempt at producing talent but an excellent venue for exploiting the business. This is the first time in American Idol history that we have a true performer(Hicks) and not just the formulated ones from the shows’ producers.
    Mr. Hicks doesn’t have to be cued or directed on how to entertain,why,because he is a musician that is connected with the music not just some mimicry of the real thing. I personally would like to see him lose because he will still have an audience to release an album to and he won’t be pressured into touring for a CD that he had no creative control over. He knows he will have offers when he leaves and you won’t see him upset if he has to go.

  • Guppusmaximus – I read what you said, I apologize if you feel ran over and ignored…not my intention at all!
    “I never proclaimed that Taylor is trying to be the “New E”, I was just saying that with his vocal ability(which is soulful,blues)he should stick with a straight forward tune or he will end up looking like Chris “Goatboy” Daughtry(Straining and turning colors).”
    (I love this comment.)

    You are right with your assessment that A.I. has been lacking in producing talent – they’ve been all about the money, and going about it in a cheesy way. That’s why sites like VFTW have caught my eye; they’re all about pointing this out. And, true, if Hicks doesn’t take top spot he’ll be fine career wise, but wouldn’t it be cool if he did win it; I’m not sure Idol would know how to really handle it – and I doubt Hicks will allow them to manipulate him. If Sillerman is as intelligent as he seems on paper to be, he would be wise to use his influence to have A.I. marketing take on a new direction.

  • Carrie

    Jewels — Excellent writing once again. Oh, how I enjoy your insight. 🙂


    With interest I have been reading the comments about Chris’s resemblance to a goat. All along I have seen great similarities to the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Not bashing him, just making an observation. His looks and demeanor are rather cold and icy to me while Taylor has a charm that exudes warmth. I loved this article, and could not agree more with the observations. When I read the pro messages about Taylor, it is as though I had written them myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article!

  • Thanks for the info about Sillerman. I knew the part about Elvis’s estate purchase, but was unaware that he also had purchased A.I.’s mother ship.

    As far as this year’s race, Taylor is certainly the most unique, and I love what he does…but I also enjoy Elliot and Katharine. Chris…well, the guy’s got a cannon in his throat, but he needs to learn how to sing. Can’t stand that crazy vibrato.

    I know Taylor’s got the big fan base…and I think he’s likely to win. I’ll certainly be happy with that outcome. But Katharine has an amazing voice, and Elliott is right behind her.

    But the fun is in the watching, isn’t it? 😉

  • Somebody needs to pay attention to how much Taylor resembles George Clooney. Brush his hair back and to the side and in some shots he is a double!
    Get the word out on this look alike. He’s so cool. A great performer/entertainer, singer, sincere, and deserves to win!

  • Mary Jo, I think Tay is much better looking than George Clooney! Clooney did a great turn in O Brother Where Art Thou, but Taylor’s got him beat! Wonder how long before Tay’s on the cover of People? 😉

    Carrie, thank you for your comments, good to see you here spreading more Taylor Love!

  • Girl600

    Great article, I found you by looking up their trip to Graceland on Google News. My first time here. I read this entry on my show.

  • Girl600, what show? Just curious. Thanks.

  • don brown

    Taylor Hicks: is one ‘special person’ you better grab him now, or you will lose out! just like Elvis Presley a man said no! but, anouther man said ‘yes. Taylor is the same but differint. he has that~(his own style)to back himself.listen to your radio, look at t.v. check out your p.c. people are talking about the (‘soul man’)Taylor Hicks. i am 58 years old. but love it when some one like this guy comes along.I set back and just weight to see who? will end up helping him.That person wont regreat it. TAYLOR HICKS YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOR THE BEST. Don

  • Mr. Brown, I began following him from his initial audition on A.I. After he opened his mouth, mine fell open! Truly a great find on such a show as this…Make sure you’re voting this week, it is crucial! I love hearing the enthusiasm so many folks have for The Soulman!

  • Brittany

    I am a BIG Elvis Presley fan. Taylor Hicks is weird and stupid. He can not dance. not dance. If he does a 50’s number and tries to dance like Elvis, I am gonna GO OFF! I do not think that Chris should change up or modernize the rock hits. It would help to get more fans, but clearly, that’s not needed! I think that Katherine will do the best if she does some ballads. I think it’s a shame that Mandesa and Paris were voted off because they would do great although Paris did Fever already and Taylor did Something. Overall, Taylor Hicks sux.

  • JUDY


  • Brittany, it’s S U C K S. Not sux. Just so we’re clear. I hope he dances his sweet ass off, my only regret is I can’t see you “GO OFF”, does your head spin round and round or what?

    Take two WOOO WOOO’s and don’t call me in the morning.

  • Jewels another great article about Taylor. I love Taylor and after his outstanding performance last week I no longer care about any negative comments people make about him.

    I know that I and a lot of people think he’s great and for those who don’t nothing can be said to change their minds. And if they still don’t like him after last week, I doubt there is anything he can do to change their minds either. They’re the one’s missing out.

  • Gail from Florida

    I remember watching Taylor’s first audition on American Idlo. He sang a ballad. The three judges asked if he would sing something a little more upbeat. He closed his eyes, hit his hands against his thighs, and sang. I have no idea what the song was, but I moved up to the edge of my chair while he sang, and thought, “My God, who is this guy? He is wonderful – he reminds me of Elvis.” I have been a fan of Taylor ever since, NOT because he is EQUAL to Elvis (no one ever will equal Elvis), but because he sings from the soul, moves from the soul, dances from the soul, and reaches out to everyone from the soul — as did Elvis. He REMINDS me of Elvis. I watched Elvis on TV when he was only shown from the waist up. But every teenager (and adult – and young child, knew how Elvis moved. Taylor has his own unique style – as did Elvis. If anyone can sing an Elvis song, it is Taylor – the next American Idol.

  • Its a podcast on iTunes, ‘Girl600’. I do a weekly audio review of the performances.

  • Girl600 – I went on to Google you and found your site and listened to your run down; you were funny and kind – thanks! You’re bookmarked so I can listen to other shows. Thanks.

  • Spoilers for tonight on the contestants;
    Taylor Hicks: “In the Ghetto” (I posted that one on my blogsite last Thursday as my favorite pick) and “Jailhouse Rock” (I would have preferred “A Little Less Conversation” or “All Shook Up” but I think he can pull this one off.)

    Elliott Yamin: “Trouble” and “If I Can Dream”

    Chris Daughtry: “A Little Less Conversation” and “Suspicious Minds”

    Katherine McPhee: “Hound Dog/All Shook Up” (?)and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

    Remember these are just spoilers, based on a report garnered off of AOL.

  • Donna

    Taylor will keep the groove alive-the best all around performer- great style, charisma, beautiful southern r&b/soul style- The best idol to capture everyone’s hearts – the next AI..Soul Patrol in tow!

  • Donna

    Taylor will keep the groove alive-the best all around performer- great style, charisma, beautiful southern r&b/soul style- The best idol to capture everyone’s hearts – the next AI..Soul Patrol in tow!

  • katelyn

    I think tonight is going to be tough with the voting. Everyone was excellent.

  • Jewels

    No, everyone was not excellent. Let’s look at Katharine. Really – obstacales in the mix, she should have gone naked – that’s the only thing that would have saved her tonight. Predictions, Tay, Chris and Elliot – final three. God speed that’s how it should be …….

  • Jewel, a listener named Ana thanked me today for reading your post. I’m glad you are ok with me reading it, I was concerned about that part but it was so good that I knew my AI/Soul Patrol crew would love it. I gave her this page’s link, (its also posted in the show’s description), she (as most of my listeners are) is a huge TH fan.

  • Jewels

    girl600 – man getting the Hicks Word out Numero Uno – and hell you are fun! And – yo you gave out blogcritics name – so pimped them too – all good gal! thank you.

  • Yeah, great, but she didn’t answer the question: What show???

    Oh, Ms. Richardson, thanks. Taylor did the job last night, didn’t he?

    Elliott: Very nice, indeed, but how come he rated the wailing band and backup dancers?

    The Goat will continue bleating.

    The Kat should go.

    As to who will go, I don’t know. Depends on how the Princess P vote is distributed, but I suspect Taylor is safe, safe, safe.

    (Actually, if Paris’ vote goes to Kat, there could be a tossup between Elliott and Chris and Chris’ fanbase . If the Princess P vote goes to Elliott,

  • “Dial Idol” has Hicks on top AGAIN, this week and Elliott running a close second – Kat and Chris are virtually tied in last, with indications Chris is out. Actually, I will be somewhat surprised if Chris leaves, I am leaning toward Katharine. We may be looking at Taylor and Elliot top two. That is how it should be. Elliott really played the Idol game great last night.

    I had chose “In the Ghetto”, hoped he’d perform this one, posted it on my blog last Thursday. I loved the soul spin he gave it, just perfect Taylor. That would sound great on his new CD. “Jailhouse Rock”, though was fun, I liked his beginning the song in the audience, and he was really good vocally. I knew when I saw the spoilers come over the AP, that definitely Cowell couldn’t wait to say ‘Karaoke’. Karaoke is doing the song (or try to) like the original whereas Hicks put his own vocal treatments in the song. I love his growl.

    The real joke came when Daughtry did “Suspicious Minds”, the sunglasses his attempt at (?). He was OK but, disagreeing with Simon, it didn’t work for me. Randy had it right. Chris butchered “A Little Less Conversation”, Taylor would have made that one great. Then we are entried to Daughtry’s ramblings about his underwear. Please.

    Katharine just flopped all the way around last night. Not wasting any more keystrokes on that.

    Check out Desiree’s article.

  • robin

    I like Taylor he rock’s and Chris is ok and Kath is ok too I dont know Elliott has what it take’s to still in it. But I think he will be the last 3 there.

  • Chris was top one but I think Taylor is now, and Chirs is top 2 now, and the girl is top 3.

  • Good day, Ms. Davis, looks like Taylor’s on top again. A previously reliable source is calling tonight a rocker shocker. We’ll see tonight if they’re still holding their accuracy rate.

    I’ve been reading some of the press articles slamming Hicks, (I like info from both sides) most are piggybacking on each other about Hicks ‘casting a spell on America’. Apparently one guy/gal wrote that in a piece, the others read it and are running with the idea. I hope he casts that spell straight to the number one slot.
    Here’s a link to one such article:Boston Herald

    Oh, and Girl600 has one of those itunes podcast type shows she runs one everyday.

  • Hey now, Ms. Richardson. I saw the prediction too, and my rock is SHOCKED. Or, in Ellen DeGeneres terminology, the news freaked my freak. I only hope it comes true. And it’s such good news – and much deserved – for Elliott fans.

    I read the Herald piece this morning, along with other naysaying news commentaries. Screw’ em, I say. I’ll buy Taylor’s records – and more people will than the nattering newspaper nabobs of negativism and one Mr. Cowell possible could imagine. (Baseball cap tip to the late Spiro Agnew for the one positive he left behind – excluding, of course, his progeny.)


  • SEE


  • Jewels

    Glad to see Robin and SEE joining the Taylor Hicks bandwagon. Kat should have been the one to go last night, but I had heard from a ‘friend’ that it was a rocker shocker night.

    I thought they were going to have to carry Paula out on a stretcher. Hit her hard…that or the meds kicked up on high. I do love Paula though.

  • who cares i’m just a kid????

    taylor rocks he will win he has the whole package !!!!! i’d like to see all those people who say he can’t dance dance in front of millions i think he could do it with out idol but its apparently assisted his popularity!!!! and im not just saying that cause im a birmingham native.