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“American Idol” – Eight Men Standing

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The evening started with Simon Cowell being a bit contentious regarding some ex-Idol contestants who had challenged the system by suggesting they were eliminated because they had not received as much air time and attention as some of their rivals. Simon was only just getting up a head of steam before he was cut off so that the eight remaining male vocalists could begin with–

Scott Savol, a Taurus (as tonight’s mini-interviews focused on each singer’s star sign), was looking pretty natty this week in slacks and a jacket dressed a bit down with a less dressy shirt. Maybe he’s finally found his look, and with it some additional confidence; his sound during his take of “I Can’t Help Myself” was stronger than ever. I think it’d be an honest shame to lose him at this point in the competition, and Randy and Paula seemed to agree, although Simon was less enthusiastic about Scott’s choreography.

Meanwhile, it turns out Bo Bice is a Scorpio. He took on Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be,” a markedly different kind of song from his earlier choices. Bo gets points for trying to branch out, but he was a little bit weaker this week. I don’t think it’ll slow down his momentum any, though, and I expect him to stick around for the final 12.

Anthony Fedorov is one singer who upgraded tonight. He moved away from the 80’s ballads he’d been singing the past couple weeks and went Latin. Perhaps Anthony is working to break out of the “Clay Jr.” image that has been foisted upon him–although it didn’t stop Simon from drawing the comparison once again. No matter; Anthony was more solid tonight than he has been in a while. (Oh, and he’s a Taurus.)

While all three judges seemed pleased with [Taurus] Nikko Smith‘s rendition of “Georgia On My Mind,” he lacked the richness and fullness of tone usually associated with that song. Nikko was wobbly until the very end of the number, but that may not matter in the long run, since (as Simon pointed out) it’s that last big note that people are going to remember. Still, I find it hard to see Nikko as a winner in this competition, even if he does make it a few more rounds.

Travis Tucker (an Aries) came onstage dressed like a newsie, and his weird dancing didn’t help to reduce the sensation. While it was clear he was having fun, his singing of Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step” was off-kilter. Randy gave Travis props for the stage performance, but a thumbs down on the pitch, and Simon called the whole thing “appalling,” saying it looked like something from a theme park show. I have to agree, and I think Travis’ time may finally be up.

I think Gemini Mario Vazquez is mostly relying on what appears to be a solid fan base, as well as what Simon calls his “charm” to get by in this competition. While the past few weeks he’s done upbeat, almost spastic, numbers, tonight Mario opted for something a little slower. He did all right, although I prefer the faster songs. Points for finally appearing without a hat.

Although judges Randy and Paula were pleased with Constantine Maroulis‘ take on The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” I have to go with Simon tonight (much as it pains me, because I really like Constantine, who is a Virgo)–it wasn’t very good. I’m guessing the sound in the studio must be very different from the sound that is broadcast, even with our high-end home theatre system. What I don’t agree with Simon about is that Simon called Constantine’s performance a “bad impersonation of Sting.” It was nothing like Sting. It was some pseudo-rocked up version of the song that didn’t work.

Anwar Robinson, on the other hand, was one of the best singers of the night. This Taurus sang “What a Wonderful World,” and the arrangement was particularly fine. While Anwar started out just a little shaky, he caught up to the music quickly and came through with a fantastic middle and finish.

It’s hard to say who will be dismissed on Wednesday. I do think Travis Tucker will finally be given his walking papers, and possibly Nikko Smith. I would say Constantine–just based on tonight’s performances–but I think he’s got enough fans to pull him through for another week.

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  • Davina

    carrie underwood is the best girl by far..ahes absolutely fab. Her and anwar will be the last two i there, the only ones with true talent i say.

  • Eric Olsen

    Pattie, I agree with you on everything except Scott, who I think has a pretty great voice and a powerful presence even though he looks like a turd.

  • Pattie

    I think Travis had the weakest performance on Monday. I would have to pick Scott as the second one to go just because someone else has to go and I think Scott will not win this competition this year. I have yet to decide who I think should win but all the other guys have potential. It’s a shame you couldn’t eliminate 4 girls instead because I really believe the guys are much better this year.

  • I just want to point out that I did not write this review (though I wish I had, as it is quite good). ZMethos is reviewing the men for this round, not me. You can read my review of the women’s performances from tonight here.

    That being said, I think any cries of racism in regard to this review are quite ludicrous.

  • Bo’s really rockin. It’d be nice to see a rocker win, although I think it’s unlikely.

    Bo and Anwar are my two favs, although I think Nicco could win as well, he seems to melt the ladies with his voice.

    I agree with comment 19, in that this house is ready for Travis and Constantine to go home Wed.

    Fav female in this house is Mikala (sp?), mostly because of her personality. She is a mix of talent. Watch her performing but mostly just in the interviews and you can see Bette Midler, Fran Drescher, Barbara Streisand and about 4 other personalities all blended together perfectly. (but not the annoying aspects of their personalities, at least not to us)

    Anwar will probably win, although every season there is at least one person who is ‘holding back’ until the right moment, so who knows.

  • Sounds like you’re the one with the issue if you are cataloguing the melanin content of each contestant. Mr. Pepper seems to be giving shoutouts to those he considers the best singers, as is his right. Who gives a darn what they look like? Other than you, that is.


    Take a look at Scott Pepper’s AI posts over the years. He always prefers a black singer over a white singer any day of the week.

    If you don’t believe me, go back and read every AI post from Scott Pepper aka ZMethos. He has a large bias towards black singers.

  • simonaddict

    I agree with this review of last nights show. I definitely think Travis is going home and I hope Constantine will to. But, I also agree Constantine has such a large fan base he may make it again this week.(Unfortunately)

    My favorite performances of the night were Anwar and Anthony. The best of all 8 was definitely Anwar.


    I was reading the post below and what is up with this one?

    …..If Constantine doesn’t go home, it’s because of his “following,” since white guys always get white girls in love with them, right?

    Thanks again for showing us your racism against white guys. We know how much you fall all over the black people…

    Whoever posted this comment…please take your medication. Your views are totally ignorant and just show how dimwitted you are. Good grief, get a life.

  • If anyone. I don’t expect much.

  • Eric Olsen

    it will be interesting to see who steps up, if anyone, tonight

  • Sure, but is she a great singer? Mileage varies on that point. It’s early yet. I’ll see how she does tonight if I can stay awake.

  • Eric Olsen

    she’s cute and has a beautiful smile?

  • Indeed. The girls, by and large, leave a lot to be desired — there isn’t a Kelly or Fantasia in the bunch from what I have seen so far. My son likes Vonzell, but I don’t see what attracts him.

  • Eric Olsen

    we are simpatico Nat! There is a lot of talent this year, and so far the guys have the better of it

  • Er, my gut.

  • I like Constantine, but mu gut tells me he needs to go, along with Travis.

    Mr. or Ms. AI, puh-leeze. There is a really good crop of guys this year; talented or not, at least nine of them will be ousted at some point. Last night, Constantine was among the weakest two (at least IMO). He needs to go.

    As for the ultimate winner, I suspect it will be my fave, Bo, who wasn’t at his best last night, or Anthony, who soared.

  • gloria

    Constantine is terrible! The girls are not that strong so I think it will be between Anthony and Anwar. Anwar is a gem!

  • Chrissy

    I have to say that Constantine needs to GO! I don’t like his voice or his personality. He tries too hard. I think it is going to be between Bo and Anwar

  • Melinda Barlow

    Hey, I love Bo. I think its time for a rocker to come in at or near the top. I think Simon even though he can be cruel looks at these contestants as to how they will sound in the recording studio and who is marketable.
    Lets not bring any racisim into this. All these guys are good – they would not have made it this far otherwise!

  • tina

    it will be between bo and anthony!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    AI (etc), why would you bring racism into this? What would lead you to such an extreme declaration?

    I think Travis was the weakest vocally, and has been all along. I enjoyed Constantine much more last night than I have before, but he is the next weakest and should be the other to go. I don’t see two “rockers” making the finals and Bo is to Constantine as Gregg Allman is to Donnie Van Zandt.

  • maria

    I would bet everything that I have on Anthony.
    brilliant voice, oh, his ballads melt mine and all the other hearts in my family, with the last Mark Anthony’s song he has proved that he is at home at upbeat rythm as well, must say I don’t agree with Simon, Anthony seems excellent dancer and he commanded stage as a born performer.
    He is cute, he has that special sex appeal we women are able to spot the first second we see a man,as a preson he seems such a pleasant guy you would invite him home at the first date.
    I respect him for what he has gone through in his life.
    The best candidate for American Idol!

  • Terri

    I have a feeling Constantine may be going this week. And I’m a big fan – he is a cutie.

    I tried to vote for him several times last night, I got “through” twice – only to get a recording about some kind of talk line. I double checked the number and it was correct… could someone have hacked into the AI phone lines?


    Anthony will be the winner. He is a star and wss from the beginning. He has the most potential to go as far as Clay Aiken. He is the epitomy of THE AMERICAN IDOL….homespun and nice as well as incredibly talented.Just watch him slowly grow to be the winner.


    Of course you would say Constantine.

    When faced with repeated poor performances from a black guy (Travis) and a weak performance from otherwise solid white guy (Constantine), you’d love to see the white guy go home.

    If Constantine doesn’t go home, it’s because of his “following,” since white guys always get white girls in love with them, right?

    Thanks again for showing us your racism against white guys. We know how much you fall all over the black people (Well, except god-awful Janay who needs to go!)

  • laura

    i think the boys of american idol have tried there hardest but there just not good enough and hopefully a girl wins the competition