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American Idol Contestant Has Proof

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In response to Saturday Night Live skit on the whole situation, former American Idol contestant Corey “Fallen Idol” Clark supposedly has evidence of his affair with Paula Abdul according to his lawyer. The lawyer, Richard Jefferson, stated the former contestant has no plans to share the evidence that proves their affair because of its “explicit” nature.

The lawyer also said Clark will cooperate with a government agency if it should start an investigation into the allegation. No government agency has indicated it will probe into it. Of course, Abdul claims everything is a lie.

In case you missed the hullaboo, Corey Clark claimed he had an affair with Paula Abdul while he was a contestant on American Idol 2003 and coached him how to dress right and perform.

On Live with Regis and Kelly and The Ellen Degeneres Show, American Idol candidate enemy number one, Simon Cowell, said that Abdul would not be fired or face punishment.

At the end of the SNL sketch, Abdul critiqued her imitator saying to Amy Poehler: “You need to perfect the clap a little more and be a lot more sexier so contestants will be willing to sleep with you.”

The closest meryl’s notes comes to scandals is reporting on someone’s poor use of grammar.

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  • Eric Olsen

    super Meryl, thanks for the update!

  • Corey Clark is a lot more than a fallen idol, he’s a fallen man.

    I say that because real men don’t kiss and tell, especially when it’s someone as hot and totally cool as Paula Abdul.

    I for one won’t be picking up his CD, and outside of his immediate family and a bunch of limp wrists, I can’t imagine that anyone that would want to help some idiot who might as well be running around screaming, “Ewwww, I was almost seduced by this…this… sexy, beautiful woman. She wanted to do, you know, sexual things with me. Ewwww”.

    Corey, get your hormones STRAIGHTENED out (get it?)..

  • I’m a little scared as to what his evidence consists of…the mind boggles!

  • psquared

    re: jim lacey

    trust me that no gay man would be seduced by paula abdul. and if kissing and telling makes a guy gay, then i guess i can go try to get all those jocks from high school. yehaaa.

    grow up. corey’s an ass because he’s an ass. calling him queer just makes you an ass too.

  • Jz

    Here we go again folks. Corey yet again has “PROOF”, but he’s not going to share it, LOL. Of course unless a goverment agency probes into it. Now I believed a little of Clark’s story might be true, but he’s starting to lose all of his credibility.

    Well, I am here to tell everyone that I ALSO KNOW Paula Abdul! That is correct. I know her because I am the reason she dumped her ex in 1998. Him catching us in the bedroom later led to him filing for divorce. I met Paula through a friend of hers that invited me to a party… I will also tell you that Paula was pregnant with our child until tragedy struck after she had a miscarriage. I have a way to prove it, but I’m not going to embarrass Paula with the details (even though I’m embarrassing her a little as I speak).

    As my lawyer already knows, I am willing to cooperate with the goverment or any goverment agency if it should start an investigation on what some “no nothing” jerks have said is only an allegation. What do they know?! Losers! What makes my story more believable than Corey’s is that not only did my 2 best friends witness it, but so did my parents! Yes, they were there in the bedroom! They were right there and they will tell you what Paula and I and were doing! Just ask my mom! Now would a mother lie? We all know of course that’s not possible. Now this is a big step up from Corey’s attempt at proof that his friends simply saw them together.

    So as you can tell. I’m not messing with your heads. Again the big Zinger here is that I am willing to cooperate with the goverment!!! I haven’t had a call from yet, but when they call, you will find out I was right. What I am telling you IS all true and Paula is too afraid to take me on because she knows she did it with me!

  • bezzill

    Why did Corey feel the need to spill his bizness. So what if he slept with Paula, and so what if she offered him suggestions, but I doubt she would be capable of rigging the results so that he stayed in the competetion until he was disqualified.

    Corey, you’re gonna have a hard time finding real women who would want to sleep with a meager mediocre performer.

  • “Why did Corey feel the need to spill his bizness.”

    for that mean, old, mean, mean green.

  • jarboy

    Maybe Corey is going to claim that Paula Abdul has a crooked penis, like Paula Jones claims Bill Clinton has! Tho I slept with her, too, and didn’t notice it being particularly crooked, though it was bigger than Corey’s.

  • jane

    Please, Paula is a nice person and she does says nice things about people. Corey is just saying all these statement because he wants people to buy his “new released CD”. i mean where in the world will u make up such an accusation and then sing a song about it?. My advice for u (Corey), is to come clean and tell us that you love Paula Abdul (since you’ve written a song about her in your “new CD”) and stop embarrasing her. If you can’t, I will tell you to do these four words: “SHUT THE F***K UP”.

  • david

    who really gives a rat’s ass anyway!!
    who’s been porking Randy Jackson would be a better story!!

  • jarboy

    Pay attention, David, Paula has been porking Randy — she’s the only one with a big enough johnson to fill his gapping h*le.