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American Idol: Carrie Underwood Fills Some Big Shoes

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Carrie Underwood—yes, the first country artist in Billboard chart history to bow at number one on the Hot 100 chart (“Inside Your Heaven”) and the recipient of the continued praise of fellow country warbler, Rascal Flatts frontman, Gary LeVox— followed in the footsteps of many an American Idol finalist this week—except that she was wearing Skechers.

Which, by the way, sells more than sneakers—including this line of beachy flips called “Heatwaves–Kauai”—which reminds me of Jasmine Trias, who just released her debut in R & B, which . . .

Okay, back to the important topic at hand: SHOES.

Yep. Talk about stepping into some big shoes: like Britney and Christina before her—and please do not email me with the equisite correction that Christina has a size 2 footsie FOR MY INFORMATION—it’s an expression, people, look it up!—the bonny lass from Oklahoma signed on the dotted line this week to rep the trendy Manhattan Beach, CA company.

(This company is so trendy it even posts a “Notice to Parents” on its website.)

Carrie enthused in a statement reported in eonline:

Being a part of Skechers is exciting. It is such a hip company with a great attitude and image. I’ve been wearing Skechers for years, so for me this is a really great project. I can proudly endorse Skechers–and happily add more pairs to my closet!

I have a feeling Carrie’s going to need a new closet.

But then, clothing, of course, is an important part of life. Therefore, it’s very important that we have celebrities around to help us understand what shoes to wear.

Besides, we love the pics and why would a company spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional photographer and an ad design team if we didn’t return the love by pulling out the Master Card?

Seriously. The world is a better place because Kelly Clarkson decided to endorse Candies—thus stepping into the shoes of such luminaries before her as Kelly Osborne and Jenny McCarthy, and thus contributing to the loveliness of pop culture by creating all those delicious pop art ads.

Believe it or not, someday all those old dusty posters of Campbell soup cans and multiple-imaged Marilyn Monroes that are presently hanging in museums are going to be replaced by pics of Kelly in a bathtub, wearing 6-inch platform slip-ons.

Way to go, Kel! Dude!

And such a relief! My goodness, after another full season of Simon (Mr. Owner of 457 Black Tees) Cowell ragging on the contestants for their fashion sense—sniffing that anything beyond jeans and a cutesy top was “too old” and “old fashioned”—I hope Mr. Cowell gets the message that the real fashion world thinks Carrie Underwood is gorgeous and stylish and is willing to put their money on that fact.

Of course, we live in a world where Gwen Stefani designs digital cameras (the HP R607 “Harajuku Lovers Digital Camera”), P. Diddy designs sweat suits AND tuxedos (the whole lot described by Sean himself as “fashion viagra”), and Xzibit designs sneakers.

Then there’s John Elway—yes, the venerable and venerated Denver Broncos Number 7—who designs man furniture (and, like the man, the furniture is “coordinated”).

So it’s even better that Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are not the only American Idol celebrities kind enough to dispense fashion advice.

Most recently, Tamyra Gray (AI1) signed to rep H&M Clothing (in a worldwide campaign that kicks off in Milan!) and K-Lo (Kimberley Locke, AI2) recently signed to rep Lane Bryant’s Seven7 designer jeans.

Fantasia, after winning AI3, launched two new shades of M.A.C. lipstick (Fantabulous1 and Fantabulous2, described, respectively, as “smoldering copper” and “full-on reddened bronze”).

And we all remember Ruben Studdard and his Flava jerseys.

Okay, we won’t go there.

There are rumors (well, I’m hoping they are rumors) that Paula Abdul is considering augmenting her income by starting a clothing line, and we all know that Bo’s Granny Madge has been in talks with a couple of companies to start a Bo Bice line.

Which leads the rugrats-all-grown-up to immediately chant that they want a Bo Bice leather jacket and Bo Bice flip flops. To wear all at the same time, naturally.

Then, going way back, there was someone named Ryan Starr (AI1).

I saw Ryan once on a red carpet event (back when she went to red carpet events, and I don’t mean to imply I was there in person—-I just can’t stand those Joan and Melissa twins!) and, when Ryan was asked what she was up to, she said—big surprise!—that she was designing a clothing line.

(No, I mean it! It was a big surprise!)

What I also remember about that interview is that Ryan stated that she had been contacted about the possibility of acting, either on tv or the big screen. I distinctly remember her saying, “Why would anybody think I want to act?” (or words to that effect).

I dunno, that just struck me as so . . . profound. Why would anybody think I want to act? Whew. Just let that reverberate in your head for a while.

I mean, there are so many layers to it.

(Besides, I thought everybody wanted to act, at least once they got that first voicemail from the producer’s “people.”)

Oh, and, by the way, that was too Ryan Star on Bravo’s “Battle of the Reality Stars”! Oh, okay, yeah, but that was a reality show. So no acting there. My bad.

Anyway, don’t know what became of Ryan’s clothing line, but Ryan says she’s “loven life” and getting a lot of work—tv, music, writing songs—so I guess at some level American Idol worked its magic again.

And, speaking of magical, it’s nice to see Carrie getting another gem to add to her charm bracelet—Skechers contract going next to the Mustang convertible,

the Marquis Private Jet Card,

and, I think, sweetest of all: a custom-made guitar from Oklahoma.

Alisa Everitt, a guitar crafter from Morgan Guitars near Skiatook, Oklahoma, delivered the guitar to Carrie in time for her to take it on the American Idols Live tour opening in Sunrise, Florida on July 12. (Unfortunately, Kelly Clarkson had to postpone Florida and Louisiana dates due to hurricane).

The $5,000 Morgan acoustic beauty features “Carrie” written in pearl and surrounded by doves.

That sounds real nice. And I’m sure Carrie is going to sound real nice on tour, too.

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  • kim

    dose is have a brother

  • cathy

    hey i love u carrie your my fav singer ur 1 song that i loved the most is jesus take the wheel i reminds me of when my mon and sis where in a car thing and i was in my mons tummy and she diddnt even know and hear i am !!! i really love ur music bye

  • matthew patterson

    to my big sis,Ilove you,your my insperation to do the right things in life as I feel Im being put to the greatest test of my whole life.your music,some hearts of mine is what inspired me.

  • amber

    hi carrie u inspired me to keep dreaming to become a singer and i live in wisconsin and i didnt think that i could become a singer because i lived in a very small town. i think that u r really pretty and a good singer when

  • Samantha Keene

    hi im from above
    and i want an e mail from the real Carrie Underwood not a fake
    Carrie i have a question 4 u
    do u have a brother named Matthew Underwood from Zoey 101 the T.V. show?

  • Samantha Keene

    Hi Carrie.
    I am a big fan of ur music and my fav song is Jesus take the Wheel. I would luv 2 see u in concert again. I saw u in Vermont at the Champlain Valley Fair. I would luv 2 know ur e-mail address. Could u please e-mail it 2 me [please please please] Horsecrazysam95. please and thank u. I hope to talk to u soon. g2g have a great nite and ttyl [talk to ya later]

    Ur biggest fan
    Sammy “Doddles” Keene

  • Tiffany Nicole Schaefer

    Dear Carrie,
    Hi! I just wanted you to know that I am you’r #1 Fan! A lot of people say that, but i’m the real deal! LOL… Anyway, I have a question for you… I have been singing for 10 years now, (I’m 14 years old) and i have sung at kareoke nights, School talent shows, at a biography fair and three time in front of at least 100 people or more! So my question for you is, do I keep trying????… or do i give up? PLEASE WRITE BACK… P.S. I went to your concert in Salisberry! I WON TWO FRONT ROW SEATS FROM CAT COUNTRY! I love you soo much and you are my IDOL. I also voted for you for American Idol about 5 or 6 times! i wanted to do more but my mom said that I could’nt cause of the amount of it costing me! But PLEASE!!!! WRITE BACK!!! My FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Kiersten

    Carrie Underwood is so amazing. I listened to her new CD, Some hearts, and it was so phenomonal! My favorite song is, Jesus Take The Wheel. And Carrie makes that song alive!!
    Thanks Carrie!!!

  • Alisha

    I Love You Carrie and I wish one day if I can meet you in person my name is Alisha

  • Jami again

    i also wish i had your email address so if you read this i hope you put it on here

  • Jami

    Dear Carrie,
    I soo hope your reading this Carrie. I am 12 years old and I want you to know that I love your singing. And i listen to country a lot. You have an outstanding voice and i was soo rooting for you the whole season of american idol. I especially love your songs, Jesus take the wheel, and Don’t forget to remember me. I wish i could meet you soo bad. And i wish i knew where to find a fan club for you but i hope you read this soo bad. Your soo cool and a great romodel and your very pretty. I wish i could meet you!

  • Michaela Renick

    Dear Carrie,
    Hi!I’m eleven years old and I so wish I could meet you.I just love country.I love your song Before He Cheats.I loooove you soo much.You are so pretty.And you have a beautiful voice .I don’y know your’e e-mail address,I wan’t it soo bad.I would also like to join your’e fan club

  • Amber

    I love you carrie your my IDOL im so glad you won I voted and cheered for you Im so happy for you I love you

  • Teeny

    What was the famous Ryan “star comment”? The one Carrie misunderstood or something?

  • justme

    what size shirt does carrie wear in the hershey’s commercial?

  • Samantha

    Hi Carrie
    I am a huge fan of yours i would love to talk to you i am also a country lover. I wish i could find your email to email you but i know it prolly wouldnt be you. If you would email me and i want the real carrie not the fake one. 😀 Well okay i was at your concert on wednesday and i was in the fifth row wearing a cowboy hat!!!! Please email me back

  • Sally–

    While it still strikes some people as wierd, I agree with you that the idea of singers getting endorsement contracts no longer offends most people, nor does it seem like “selling out.”

    As I said, today many people are happy to see “their” stars in a variety of venues, including commercials!

    For example, I am sure Clay Aiken’s fans would have loved to have seen/heard him even in a few endorsements during the long period of basic silence they began to call “the drought.”

    It all started when the Rolling Stones licensed their songs for car commericals . . . (j/k)

  • sally

    I don’t believe that Carrie’s endorsements of Skecher and Hersheys is tantamount to selling out of her singing career. She does need to have more exposure and this is part of it. Living in an idealistic world, where I believe BO had tried and at last also given out (he joined the AI for better gigs), he did what I believe to survive and so did Carrie when she went back to study for a degree before AI. IMO any help for all the AI contestants to promote dreams and their careers will be welcomed.

  • jdanton–

    I agree with you that Tamyra is very charming, not to mention beautiful. I also am glad that she will continue to be visible in various markets.

  • She’s got some big granny panties to fill to, by the looks of her.

    I kid, I kid.

    When it comes out, she’s going to have a great CD ….

    for me to poop on!

    I wonder if the love songs are going to be about pale Russian albino Anthony Federov or scummy Alabama hippie drug felon Bo Bice? And what ever happened to her redneck boyfriend who suddenly disappeared during the course of the show? Has he jumped off the roof of the local Waffle House yet after his shift?

    Is there any truth to the rumors being reported by Senator Al Barger and ace reporter Dave Nalle that Anthony Federov is responsible for the murder of hundreds of millions as a result of his origin from Mother Russia?

    Enquiring minds want to know, Sticker. Get on this and report back. IMMEDIATELY.

    Thank you.

  • jdanton2

    its so great to hear about Tamyra Gray and H&M clothing . she is so beautiful as well as talented and will certainly do a great job at this . Tamyra has shown that she is so good at whatever she does ,from singing,songwriting ,acting and now modeling .

  • Kylie petersen

    hey i am a huge fan of yours i wish i could meet you my mom and dad met anthony federof and some1 else we got there autograph but i wish i got yours i have independence day and inside your heaven plese email me i am crazy about you

  • to temple stark and natalie davis:

    That was kind of my point! Perhaps my humor was a little too deadpan, but the thought in my head was–remember when musicians/actors were considered sell-outs/hacks for even going near endorsements, etc.?

    Now I see that Sheryl Crow has licensed her upcoming single for a commercial—pre-release!—and, of course, Gwen Stefani sold her song to Pepsi for the Super Bowl while it was still climbing the charts.

    So I guess my point is: wow, take a look around at how product endorsement/integration/development has spread its tenacles into the music (and larger celebrity) world. One could write a book, much less an article, about it!

    And, yeah, it’s part of the incongruence—the tension between art and commerce—is demonstrated by the very fact that the topic is posted in the music section.

    I’d be interested in hearing from music fans on this.

  • Yeah, that was my first thought too — what the hell do this have to do with music? Mr. Sticker has written a fine and interesting piece, as usual (keep it coming, sir), but the Skecher news depresses me, coming as it does on the heels of the sad (IMO) Sheryl Crow-Dell deal: Now we have Carrie Underwood selling out at the beginning of her career. Makes me sad, and I am not even a fan of her music.

  • AJ

    Carrie underwood is just soososos amazing she is sososos awesome i hope that she and kelly and diana goes far in their amazing talents that each one has

  • I should, of course, add that the post was exceptionally well-written and above board – although I want to strongly not believe the country music and billboard factoid.

    Not because it is wrong, but, well because, well, it sounds wrong. 🙂

  • I hope news of product endorsements doesn’t become a regualr thing here in the music section.

    Because .. um, big deal.

    Not any kind of rule, just a preference.