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American Idol: Bo Bice’s Injury Won’t Sideline this Powerful “Vehicle”

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The Detroit A. I. Live! concert provided Bo Bice fans powerful proof this Rising Star is destined for greatness. I Bo-Lieve! (As they say in his hometown of Helena, Alabama.)

Bo Bice recently sustained injuries to include a broken foot and a sprained ankle while performing on tour. A jump attempted during an energetic performance, curtailed by surface grabbing athletic shoes contributed to the injuries. The dedicated performer, as he is exhibiting to be, continued on with that performance, not going to the hospital for treatment until afterwards. “The Show Must Go On…”

There were moments during Bice’s performance in Detroit that were painful to watch. (I will warn you!) No, he was not missing lyrics; the painful part comes in watching him navigating that big stage, air-cast in tow, trying not letting it stop or slow him down. The effort of performing lwith the cast does impact his delivery of “Vehicle”, but when he finally stops, stands and delivers the rest of the song, his voice commands the venue.
Detroit Concert video

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  • Eric Olsen

    cool Jewels, thanks and welcome!

  • i recall hearing about the injury the day after it occurred. Thoroughly impressive, in my book. Brings back memories of eons ago: I was dancing in a revival of “Bells Are Ringing” in NY and twisted my ankle severely right after the first number — just by stepping badly off of a riser. Kept going even as my ankle swelled grotesquely. In fact, I pulled off everything needed, including a complicated cha-cha number that featured lifts and throws, except for the curtain call. You have to do what you have to do — the show must go on.

    The best thing about the AI show mishap is that Bo’s sense of humor is still intact. He told reporters that he’ll be working seated for a portion of his tour performances and cracked that fans will get a stool sample of Bo. Bad taste, yeah, but funny. This guy is awesome!

  • Tammy

    I hope this helps to prove to everyone just awesome unbelievably awesome and dedicated Bo is. Oh yes, I do BOlieve!!


    You feel bad for the kid when you look at those photos and if you’ve ever broken a bone you know the PAIN he must be in! He is a real trooper.
    Still I think it would be commical if Scott or Constantine pushed Bo out on stage in a wheel chair along with some cheesy “witty” banter.
    It would ROCK!

  • shannon

    Great article. Bo Bice is an awesome vocalist and performer who has my complete admiration. I agree that this man is destined for greatness!

  • Natalie Davis has led a very interesting life.

    When did you swear off the fellas, Natalie?

    Bo was probably really, really high when he attempted that stage jump (allegedly). You can bet he’s on some good meds for that ankle and loving it.

    That is all.

  • Sammy

    When I heard Bo broke his foot, I worried that Bo would not be on the Idol Tour when I see it. Selfish of me, I know. But Bo proved to be a real performer just by not leaving when you get a broken foot. I now admire him 100 times more. Take notice Britney Spears and Clay Aiken!

  • This is the bravest, gutsiest performance I’ve seen by a young woman since Kerri Strug.

    Cats back for everyone!

    That is all.

  • Yeah, reports say he went to the hospital afterward, was hooked to a morphine drip for the pain (many of you know, surely, how painful a broken bone can be), hopped (gingerly, one hopes) onto the AI bus for the next stop (Cleveland) and never missed a performance. That’s dedication for you.

  • I must have the latest medical update on Bo Bice immediately! Somebody please!

    Is there anything on the wires? Any press releases from the ICU? I’m dying here 🙂 PLEASE!

    And will Scott Savol be calling upon all of Cleveland to pray for Bo tonight? I must know that my prayers are not in vain and that I’m not just one solitary voice in the night. Bo needs us now more than ever. Let’s be as courageous and dedicated as he was for us.

    We love you, Bo!

    Thank you.

    That is all.

  • Dearest Bob A. Booey,

    You sound phull of phooey! Cats back atcha.

    That is all.

  • Ms. Richardson, it’s best just to ignore him.

  • I appreciate your advice Ms. Davis, but he really is quite in love with me I think, (sarcasm dripping) he just can’t quit posting, feel like I have really inherited a stalker. Was he once yours? You may have him back if you like (silly me, I know you don’t!). I just had to let him know I noticed, like a small child he just kept coming back. You know, “here I am, here I am, here I am!” Having some of that womanly maternal instinct (or whatever) I just had to let him know, yes Bob, I do see you! Thanks.

  • OK. Proceed at your own risk, and good luck. 🙂

  • A stalker? Oh please, honey. Keep wishing. I don’t chase broads, especially older ones.

    I don’t know who you are or that you even wrote this when I posted, quite honestly. Write more interesting stuff and I’ll notice. Thank you for noticing me — I am a wonderful boy, I agree.

    I’m just expressing my concern for Bo Bice is all. Anyone can tell you I’m the #1 primo American Idol fan — go back and see my weepy recap of Fantasia winning it in 5, baby!

    In all seriousness, I’m a little concerned that the doctors who prescribed a morphine drip for our hero were unaware of his history of drug addiction and that he’s a convicted drug felon with two possession arrests for marijuana and cocaine. Addicts aren’t allowed morphine, usually. Could this be a hazard for the American Idol tour this summer? Can Bo possibly keep it together until the tour hits Toledo?
    Stay tuned as your intrepid reporters bring you inside the continuing story of this Fallen Idol, dear reader!

    Calling each other Ms. doesn’t make you any more sophisticated.

    That is all.

  • Duane

    Who is the Bo Bice chick? She’s really not very attractive. Which is fine, I guess. It’s just surprising these days when a chick singer who almost looks like a guy would gain any kind of popularity. Hey, I believe in the feminist movement.

    And what’s the deal with chick singers taking guy names? Bo, Josh, Rikki, Stevie, and a bunch of others I can’t think of.

  • I agree, Duane. It looks like she has a little bit of chin stubble going on too. Somebody needs to take her for a waxing. Look at that jawline. Poor girl. I heard her mom is so pretty too.

    That is all.

  • Bob A.,
    I was just having a little fun, really. With your writing style I was quite happy you took time to post to my little article. The stalking part, well, as I said, I was just having a little fun, you know an old woman such as myself, I’ve got limited time for fun left in this world. I am sure you are a wonderful boy.
    Your point on the morphine drip, completely valid. I too was surprised that the Dr.s would give the Bo-man morphine! I have had my share of experiences with Dr.s, and have come to the conclusion, eventhough you have Dr. in front of your name, doesn’t mean you know everything and see all.
    If you have looked at my site, which I guess you might have, since you know I am an old gal, The large-in-your face image is about his change, his stepping away from the narcotic lifestyle. When I read stories about treatment he received it was a concern of mine as well. Also if he is provided an overabundance of pain meds, not good either. So anyway, Bob A. thanks for even noticing my story, and happy to know you are a Bo fan. Much Love.

  • I love you too, Jewels.

    Are you a MILF? If you’re hot, we can be the Demi and Ashton of BlogCritics. I’m way hotter than Bo, but Bo’s mom is really hot. If you look like Bo’s mom, game on.

    That is all.

  • Ms. Richardson, flirting with drug use does not make one an addict. There is no credible report of Bo Bice being a drug addict. And to clarify misperceptions, the fact is that he was arrested on two separate occasions: one, for felony cocaine possession; the second, for marijuana possession, public intoxication, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor offenses (intoxication and paraphernalia) and paid a fine. The other two charges were dismissed after he completed a diversion program. Meaning, he was never convicted for any felony crimes.

  • zedd

    duane, you don’t have to be too obviously jealous. you can try out for AI to, buddy.

  • Duane

    Cool, Zedd. I’ve put together this routine where I take eight bamboo poles and spin plates on top of them. I can keep those those babies spinning for up to 30 or 40 seconds! Whaddaya think? Do I have a shot?

  • Re: to post #20 –
    Ms. Davis, no there hasn’t been a credible report on dear Bo being an addict, but there are different forms of addiction. Do I think he was lying up smoking crack and boozed up 24/7, or running around with eyes rolling for dope, NO. I do say there is more than substantial evidence that he has more than a propensity within him that could lead to the above mentioned bleak scenarios. He knows it. I know what I am talking about with this sort of situation.

    Point taken, though and you are correct in your overall statements. So good to meet another Bo fan.

  • posting # 22. Duane! Do you wear short shorts while you perform this magnificent feat? If so, you’ve got my vote!

  • post # 19: Bob A, (in my mind you will forever be Bobba, so adorable). You’re way hotter than Bo?!? Well that is something to consider. Smart and HOT! Wow!

  • Duane

    Well, Jewels, the last time I wore shorts in public, I was arrested for disturbing the peace, and one of those anti-fur protestors sprayed me with pork blood. It was all a mistake, I tell ya.

    Thanks fer yer support!

  • Man, pork blood. You must’ve (I know how you like ‘combo’ wording like that *smiling*) really had a lot going on … gettin’ warm in here. OK 2 votes.

  • Natalie, come on, my sista.

    If a guy is arrested TWICE for possession, how much drugs do you think he was doing? It’s really pretty hard to get arrested twice for possession. And do you know what most diversion progams are? Addiction treatment. I’d bet the odds of Bo being an addict are very, very high (90%) and whether he was one or not based on his use, he was treated for addiction. Therefore, he should not be receiving morphone.

    Jewels, you’re too sweet. I only wish I was smart, adorable or hot 🙂 You be careful or I’m gonna have to be nice to you, in the Biblical sense. No fair.

    That is all.

  • Mr. Booey, you and I are *not* siblings. I have one brother and he is not you. And that erroneous characterization you employed is spelled “sister.”

    Please ignore my existence hereafter.

  • Jewels

    Ms. Davis,
    I happened to see you had visited the C. Sheehan story. I am working on that topic. I think dubya should throw a BBQ for all the tired, sweaty, hungry campers outside his hacienda. (I didn’t get into the fray until about post 130). Good topic over there. Gonna go see them again later.

    Also be nice to Bob A. he’s adorable.

    Got some more Bo – news in the ‘oven’. Same bat time, same bat channel…

  • Thanks, Jewels. If you were one of the scout moms when I was a young Boy Scout, I so would have flirted with you 🙂 I can never get enough Bo news, my dear.

    Is this the same Natalie Davis or am I getting people mixed up? I’m honestly really confused. Black lesbian chick who used to be the only one who’d argue on the same side as me and MacDiva when everyone was going crazy about race issues and Bill Cosby? Hell, I sort of remember it being only me, Steve S (Boom) and Natalie (if it’s the same woman) who were arguing against the homophobes on a couple of topics as well.

    That is all.

  • Adorable? Mileage varies, Ms. Richardson. For one thing, he makes all kinds of idiotic, ignorant, and incorrect assumptions about humans. His sense of humor, if one wishes to call it that, tends toward cruelty and misogyny. Regardless of whatever went before, in his recent incarnation, I have realized that my time is better spent having root canal than being upset by the likes of him.

  • Jewels

    No need to be upset by our Bob A.

  • Jewels

    Ms. Davis, thank you for checking in – did some some looking into your sit.e, How does one become a member or is it invitation only? Cool work lady.

  • Jewels

    Bobba: Re: the MILF post yesterday, OK I’m old but not informed. MILF Never heard that before. (Arn’t I like a virgin who’s like 45?) Anyway I checked out MILF and let me tell you, nothing I haven’t seen/done before. Thanks my young Bobba-stud for educating this old gal.

  • I saw Him Chicago at the United Center and he was great. he was the best and the break in his leg didnt stop him from doing a great job


  • Jewels

    Thanks for the post! I have been hearing that from many who have attended his concerts after his injury. He’s a powerhouse!

  • Ms. Richardson, thanks. The site is not a membership site, but you are certainly welcome to join the site’s e-list, which offers action alerts and progressive-left news. How-to info is on the support page.

  • Everyone should follow the lead of Jewels refer to me as “Bobba-stud” from now on. Not really 🙂

    I think Jewels likes me.

    That is all.

  • You are the bobba-stud! *big smooch*

  • Gypsee

    Ummm this is MY video from Detroit and I don’t see the credit for that given to me. This was only posted on fan boards and each post had my name credited to it. If you are going to continue to use this as a link, please make sure my name is credited with this video. I can recognize my work and this is not polite! Gypsee

  • Jewels

    Gypsee, let me educate you, as a general discourse, when one posts something openly on the www. plane it can be considered public property, especially since where I picked it up on “You Send It”, there was NO Identification, NO Copywrite I.D. Do you not understand that the Web as we still know it is PUBLIC DOMAIN. This is a legal term my dear, I have studied a bit of law in my time. As an example, I have a blog with all sorts of compiled info on BO BICE. Some original, some I have found elsewhere. All up for “grabs”. If you post something “outthere” especially in a fan-site or “YouSendIt” don’t be angry if it is utilized to Promote (hello, anyone home?!?!) the individual in the material in question. It is not promoting ME, it is utilized to promote BO BICE, isn’t that WHY you put it out there in the First place, OF COURSE, IF indeed this is really your VIDEO. I do not know this for a fact. If it is, great job, don’t be insulted it was utililzed to promote BO. We need (as Bo – fans) to do what we can as a unified entity to assist him, not freaking act like we are 12 yrs. old and YAMMER about who did what. Do I care if you go on my site and copy articles and pics, HELL NO, I put it there to PROMOTE BO BICE not ME. ARE you getting it yet?

  • Gypsee

    There is no need to be rude. All the sites I visit are considerate about this. And yes, I did put it out there to get Bo out to fans, but it appeared as if you were claiming it to be your work. Whatever…you run your site your way. If people enjoy my video, great, and yes it was indeed my cam that filmed it. G

  • Mr./Ms. Gypsee, I recommend you get a Creative Commons license for your work and post it, stat. CC offers what it calls “a flexible copyright for creative work” that allows writers, photographers, etc. to reserve all rights, some rights, or no rights at all and to specify exactly the circumstances under which their work can be used with the creator’s approval. You deserve credit for your work, absolutely, but you have to state terms up front or people will just grab it. And if you don’t at least include your name and pertinent information with your photos, people don’t have the opportunity to do the right thing. I assume Ms. Richardson is not the sort of human who would post an item with the intention of taking undeserved credit. Given your terms, I suspect she would willingly respect them.

  • Gypsee

    Yes I realize now this was unintentional. Most boards I frequent have some guidelines about this and recently this was abused by someone intentionally so I supposed that influenced my post. If people enjoy my video then that is good. 🙂 G

  • Gy;see

    I have sent Ms. Richardson a second Detroit video of mine which she can post here too. Each board is different, so my apologies for jumping the gun here too fast 🙂 G

  • Sandy

    To Bob A, Natalie and everyone else concerned with Bo’s past drug use, “addiction,” rap sheet, etc., I think there are still some errors and misleading statements in what’s been posted here so far.

    First, “felony cocaine possession” is redundant in Alabama and the term suggests more than it denotes. Possession of ANY amount of cocaine in Alabama is a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. In point of fact, the amount of cocaine found in the pocket of Bo’s jacket (which had been draped over the back of a chair while his band performed a gig on stage) was ca. 1/4 gram.

    That charge was dropped — “without prejudice” — when the arresting officer failed to appear in court and the prosecutor did not see fit to refile the charges until, almost 2 years later, Bo was found in possession of 2 marijuana joints and some sort of “paraphernalia” (which could have been a bong, roach clip, or rolling papers — who knows?). Had the prosecutor’s office felt the cocaine possession case against Bo in 2001 was serious and strong, it’s likely they would have reopened it soon thereafter.

    When Bo was charged with misdemeanor “public intoxication” (alcohol?) and possession of marijuana and “paraphernalia” 2 years later, threatening to reopen the old cocaine case was a handy way to induce a plea bargain. (Who wouldn’t plead guilty to a couple of minor misdemeanor charges carrying no jail time and minor fines when threatened with up to 10 years because someone had previously found a small amount of cocaine in your pocket?)

    From the reports I’ve read from local newspapers, the cocaine (felony) and pot (misdemeanor) possession charges were BOTH dropped when Bo pled guilty to the intoxication and paraphernalia charges. Then both of THOSE charges were cleared from Bo’s record when he entered and completed the “diversion” program. I.e., Bo has NO convictions, even for misdemeanors, on his record now.

    I know this is tangential to the review about Bo’s broken foot, but when distorted facts crop up in the online discussions I think it’s important to clear them up lest the distortions and exaggerations become accepted as fact.

    Bo’s friends and bandmates say that he never was addicted to drugs or was a heavy user. Despite his being cleared of the cocaine charge, I’d hardly be surprised or shocked if he did coke or pot more than a few times during the ’90s (which he admits he doesn’t remember much). I mean, rock, country, jazz, and blues musicians have been known to partake on occasion. (So have Presidents and CEOs.) Bo’s indicated that he “turned his life around” in the past few years. He may well believe his alcohol and/or drug use was problematic at times.

    This still doesn not suggest he’s so prone to addiction that he shouldn’t be given strong pain killers for a newly broken foot. (Morphine is not the only prescription med that can be addictive or that’s been known to be used recreationally. Just ask Elvis. Or Rush.)

    I’m very much impressed with Bo’s spirit, strength, dedication, and professionalism. He also has a very strong support system in friends, wife, church, and family. Besides, he’s an adult, capable of making his own medical decisions. I’m not worried about his getting a morphine drip in the hours after breaking his foot.

    (When I broke my own leg, it was Percodan that got me through the first two or three days. After that, I transitioned gradually to extra-strength Ibuprofen — even though I had almost a full bottle of Percodan that I kept “for emergencies” till I finally threw it out 2 years later. Bo will probably make a similar transition. Dependency doesn’t always develop.)


  • Mr./Ms. Sandy, thanks for the info. Please point out the distortions you allege are in my comment. Yes, it is not as detailed as yours, as I was attempting to be as concise as possible, but the information I provided — coke and pot charges dismissed after the diversion program, guilty pleas for the misdemeanor offenses — is correct. Where was my information distorted or incorrect?

    At any rate, I was the one (prior to your arriveal) arguing that there was no information that I could find that could show with any credibility that Bo Bice has any sort of addiction problem. Others insisted otherwise; I continue to disagree with them.

  • Sandy, thank you for the BO BICE drug involvement story! You apparently are local to the area he is from, and are obviously a huge fan, supporter and Bo-liever.
    Whichever is the case I appreciate your comments and your information.

    Ms. Davis, Bob A. and myself have not stated we know him to be, or are convinced he is an addict. In fact Ms. Davis supported him during Bob A. and my speculation about the med situation. Considering the reports, the arrests (multiple) and the program Bo completed, the indicators are present to throw up a red flag. I comment on this out of concern for him, we (music lovers) have lost too many great artists to drugs and alcohol abuse, I would hate to have Bo succumb to that fate. He is a gifted performer and I adore him and his music. He can write, and sing, and his ability to communicate with his audience has not been seen in a very long time.

    Also Sandy, this is not a fan-site where all that is spoken and the only information covered is positive and glowing. What is fantastic of BC is the engagement of discussion about the different sides on any issue openly.

    Again, I very much appreciate your comments and your posting.
    Much Love.

  • Dawn

    Why is everyone bringing up Bo’s past? Please been here done that already.
    Look like anyone would’nt take some kind of drug if your broke your foot! I own horse’s and have broken a few bones, Nothing big some finger’s and yes both my feet(toes)It’s not Fun.
    Bo has been a real trooper through all this! Nice nice new’s thanks for the update!

  • Dawn,
    Regarding bringing up his past, it is just the way things are especially with celebrities. Even with regular folk the past is brought up all your life, it is not erasable. As a few examples, new job apps., background checks for volunteering at your kid’s schools, and in the case where you may have had a substance abuse issue and it is documented, it can follow you through illness/accident treatment situations. Being a person who understands how the past can follow you, I relate to Bice and his accomplishments.

    I have had horseback riding accidents as well, in one accident, I came off a spooking horse, broke my shoulder in 4 places, was miles away from the barn in the middle of a ranch, no one nearby. Had to get the horse, get on the horse and ride it every jarring mile back. I went into a shock, felt like throwing up; how he continued with the rest of the show I cannot imagine! This is one of the reasons I marveled at his Detroit performance, to perform like he did with that cast on his foot. (Not to mention continuing the concert in which he incurred the injury!)

    Bottom-line, your history doesn’t go away, it shapes you for better or worse. In the case of the Biceman, for the better.

    After the event of the past few days and the discovery of his intestinal tract blockage resulting in a kink in his intestines, the fact that he has been performing at the level he has, outright heroic. My already high opinion much elevated.

    Thank you for your comments, good to hear from a fellow Bice-fan and equestrian.

  • Jewels, baby, are you down with the intestinal kinkyness?

    I’m not sure I am. Bo’s just falling apart there. You should give Madonna tips on horse riding.

    As for the addiction stuff, I’ll reserve judgment but remain concerned and skeptical (much like the legal system is toward Bo, apparently). I highly doubt that anyone who used drugs only a “few times during the 90s” would get caught TWICE with pot possession, be arrested for public intoxication, and also get caught with coke. Those are some pretty bad odds if that’s the case. Of course his bandmates and friends are going to cover for his substance use as well — keep in mind too that what rockers think is excessive drug use is way different than what we civilians think is excessive. You mention he was sent to a diversion program — diversion programs are almost ALWAYS drug addiction treatment. Whether or not he was chemically addicted, he received counseling and psychological treatment FOR addiction. Based on that, he probably shouldn’t have been given morphine. There are other pain-killers that can be used in hospital settings that don’t contain opiates. Opiates are HIGHLY addictive and most good physicians will inquire thoroughly about substance abuse or addiction treatment history before prescribing them, even to pop stars.

    If someone’s an addict, the past is the present and is always potentially the future until the addiction is treated.

    That is all.

  • Bobba,
    I am swallowing it, down, the complete kinkyness story. I have a special ‘source’ to the real-deal news about the Biceman. It’s real, not spiel.

    A mere broken appendage could not stop our powerful musical hero, it seem Bice has met his cryptonite and it isn’t about drugs or mere fatigue.
    Much Love

  • Is Bo’s problem anal?

    No wonder Carrie can’t get him to steal her away from Soviet spy (someone alert Dave Nalle!) Anthony Federov.

    You’re swallowing what down now? What are we talking about?

    I’m lost, honey.

    That is all.

  • You asked if I was ‘down’: “Jewels, baby, are you down with the intestinal kinkyness?”
    As in ‘are you swallowing this ‘hook-line & sinker’, well the news story ’bout Bo ain’t no line, and ain’t no “stinker”. (play-back on your ‘anal’ reference, don’t want ya to get lost again) But you can’t keep a good man down, he’ll be back.

  • C-

    Bob A. Booey is much, much too impressed with himself.

    A Bo Bice fan and proud of it!

  • C.
    You’re comment about Bobba is a kind understatement! He just can’t help himself.
    Much love,

  • kirstie

    hey i am new