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American Idol: Americans Chose Wisely

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I have watched American Idol for the last couple of years. And every year I listen as the season draws to an end and people ask things like “Is it time for for a [fill in adjective here] American Idol?” Maybe it is just the media, but any popularity-based competition seems to always be turned into a litmus test for society. Have we come to a place where any chosen lifestyle or attitude is not only tolerated but celebrated?

This year among the final three, all the contestants were within the realm of “normal,” but there was one who was more mature than the others. And by mature here, I mean it in the way American Idol judges mean it when they talk about “growing up.” One was more provocative with her dancing, her songs, and her clothing. And truthfully, compared with the stuff you would see on MTV, if they still played videos, her ways were mild. But the other two, Lauren and Scotty, were so overtly wholesome and humble they made the mild sensuality and attitude Haley displayed seem amplified.

By the finals, it seems to me that it is always about America choosing people, not singers. It is really down to who as a person do you like more. It is not about who chose the best song, refrained from being “pitchy,” or nailed the chorus. It is more like a high school student government election. The decision is always about general likeability.

And I for one felt good about the youth of our nation when the lights were dimmed and the results were revealed. America chose two good wholesome kids to be the one they call “idol.” I was surprised, but pleasantly so. Maybe, just maybe, the kids have seem enough filth in their lifetime and have grown hungry for goodness. I sure hope that is true.

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  • Antown

    Never heard of American Idol. It is chosen or elected? Who can be an idol? How often does this happen? Who is American Idol?

  • Butch

    I assume this was an attempt at satire? It was straight-faced enough to almost fool me. But you gave yourself away at the end by implying “Idol” has been dominated by “filth” in the past.