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American Idol – A Big Surprise Tonight

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Let me start by saying this week’s show sucked! If you are going to do Latin you need some contestants that can carry it off. This crew, no way! This week’s show was really disappointing after the “hot” performances last week.

I will say that Jennifer Lopez is really terrific. She looks great, has a wonderful positive attitude, and really seemed interested in promoting the contestanChris Richarddsonts rather than herself. Kudos and props to Jennifer.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way – Sanjaya: you are safe and continue to be a force to be reckoned with even if people like pwinn don’t get it.

LaKisha: it looks to me like you are now in the bottom three and losing momentum fast. Jordin: if you continue to improve each week, like you have so far this season, you are going to win in a barn burner against either Sanjaya or Melinda.

Last week I took some “guff” because I incorrectly predicted that Phil was going home. I definitely underestimated the effect of him saying he was singing that love song “to his wife”. Nice touch man, very smart. I did have the bottom three correct in case you missed it.

You won’t believe this but I think both Phil and Haley will make the cut this week. I did enjoy Simon Cowell’s comment about Haley’s skimpy clothing. Most of us have been thinking the same thing all season. Well, in order to survive Haley is going to need to consider wearing a “dental floss” bikini or she will be going home soon enough, but not this week. Please America, put her out of her misery soon!

I am sad to say that I believe Chris Richardson is heading home.

I’ll predict further that the bottom three are: Chris, LaKisha and Phil. If I am wrong on my prediction, bye bye Phil.

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  • LaKisha is not in the bottom three, so wrong again. Of course, given your irony challenge last week, perhaps you’ll pretend that Ryan really was surprised?

  • Haley instead of LaKisha, but Phil and Chris are in the bottom three.

  • Both your prediction and your backup prediction were wrong.

    However, I’m quite happy to see justice done, so I’ll let you off the hook this week. Ding, dong, Haley’s gone!

  • Right Phil. Wrong I was. I should have read my previous posts and I would have been OK.

    Haley really was horrible this week. The singing part. I felt like I was watching the Miss America contest or something when she gave her performance.

    I don’t have anything against Haley. She really is beautful and wonderful to look at for sure but she is not much of a performer. Anyway, it is also a shame she made it into the top ten because now we will need to wait a year before we get to see what little we haven’t so far. In Playboy magazine I mean.

    I really thought when the show came on and I saw the way they were sitting that LaKisha was in the bottom three. She is really getting a lot of milage out of one good performance.

    So now, unless something unusual happens we get to sit back for the next two weeks while we watch Chris and Phil go home. Or will it be Lakisha?

    I am personally rooting for Chris to put on a big performance next week.

    Meanwhile what are the chances that Sanjaya will come out next week in those leather cowboy riding pants? Chaps? Cowboy hat?


  • Judge Judi

    Robert (or SOMEONE) –
    Would you please explain to me your comment … “Sanjaya: you are safe and continue to be a force to be reckoned with …” A force to be reckoned with? What is THAT?? What force does he have? His hair? His weird looks at the camera?? Look, this guy can’t sing, and the ONLY reason he’s still there is because of all those weird websites out there … Vote for the Worst, etc. who are trying to screw up the voting. His singing ability is definitely NOT the reason why he’s still in this competition, and if you ask me, this is the WORST season of American Idol ever!! And I’m a HUGE fan. But I can’t stand what has happened this year with Sanjaya thinking he can do anything and sing horrible and still remain safe each week. It’s disgusting!!

    I certainly could stand to see Phil go, although I think he has a very nice voice. He’s just too weird to look at … and I think Lakisha is losing her edge quickly. But it’s surprising to me that CHRIS is actually growing on me. I liked his performance this week. I think he’s cute, humble, and a really good singer.

    But my ultimate votes are going for JORDIN! She has a great voice, a good attitude, and she’s fresh and looks like an American Idol. Melinda can sing, but she looks too old to be a pop star, which is what I think A.I. is looking for.

    But Sanjaya … PLEASE!!!??????

  • Judge Judi said, “This is the WORST season of American Idol ever!!”

    I dunno, Season 3 was pretty bad. 1/4 of the contestants were inexperienced teenagers.

  • Judge Judi

    Yeah, but at least the people in Season 3 who were good were REALLY GOOD. You had Jennifer Hudson (awesome), LaToya London (awesome), Matt Rogers (cute, and pretty good singer) and Fantasia and Diana DiGarmo. That season was alot more entertaining than this season! And there were no ROGUE wanna-be singers, like Sanjaya!!

  • Grandpa Idol


    You need to listen to the wisdom of Judge Judi because she is right on the mark. Other that Fantasia, who I could not and still cannot stand, and Amy Adams who had a Broadway (Joseph touring performance as the narrator) appearance before any of her fellow competitors, her references to Season 3 were accurate.

    Sanjaya is a gimmick and will not last when, and it will probably happen, he starts his life outside of Idol. Honestly, ask yourself if you see that clown ever winning any music award or creating music that you would buy.