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American Idol – 70’s Dance Music?

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American Idol Update
The theme was “70’s Dance Music” on Tuesday, 4/19/05 in this year of our Lord. A subject I should know something about but beyond Donna Summer and the BeeGees I discover I am woefully ignorant. For some of the songs sung by American Idol contestants were either completely unknown to me or were, to my complete surprise, considered 70’s dance music. More on this later.

Vonzell, still a contender, was, as always, stylishly attired and sang a song congruent with her voice and range. Anwar, who was voted off this week, was okay as I assessed it. I saw Randy Jackson on late night TV. This American Idol Judge asserts that Anwar Robinson was “technically” the best singer in this year’s competition. Evidently the viewers didn’t see it that way.

Scott Savol has never been one of my personal favorites in this competition but the big fellow stole a piece of my heart this past week. For he sang one of my all time favorite songs-“Everlasting Love”. While I still don’t think he’s a top three contender, should he make it I’ll be happy because he sang this song and did a wonderful job of it.

Anthony Federov, who still reminds me too much of Clay Aiken, sang a song I never heard of. Federov was one of the bottom three but hung on for another week.

Pictures of all contestants with those eliminated and those still in contention, are available on my Blog.

Constantine Maroulis, a contender for the top three as I see it, did a fabulous job with the BeeGees’ song “Nights on Broadway”. By me he sounded better than the BeeGees in his rendition. I really wish he would wash his hair. He’s got smoldering bedroom eyes and dresses reasonably well. So why the greasy hair?

Carrie Underwood, my favorite for the winner, committed two errors. One, dear Lord, she sang the worst song EVER. “MacArthur Park”, which I would never have guessed as being considered “dance music” no matter the decade, is widely considered a terrible song with no meaning. Two, what on earth was that child wearing? She donned some sort of froufrou skirt that did not match her top at all. Simon Cowell commented on her attire as well and not kindly.

But hey, there were some incredible high notes in the song and Underwood hit them all. She aptly demonstrated her voice range and almost made that tune worth a listen. Carrie needs to talk to her fashion stylist about star clothing.

Bo Bice gave a good rendition and still seems a contender for the top three, possibly the top spot itself.

Third-Constantine Maroulis
Second-Bo Bice
First-Carrie Underwood

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