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American Idol 6 — Sanjaya Now the One to Beat

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Finally, American Idol, HOT HOT HOT! Last night’s show was terrific. For the first time this season, the majority of the contestants came prepared to fight for the crown. Big performances by Melinda, Jordin, Blake, Chris, and yes, Sanjaya, as these five separated themselves from the pack. At this point, it looks like Chris is rising and both Blake and LaKisha are beginning to fade. My top five in order right now are: Sanjaya, Melinda, Jordin, Blake and Chris.

That's right, America, Sanjaya is now the one to beat.

The kid continues to surprise with his offbeat and often endearing personality. It now appears that the evil Simon Cowell is beginning to “get it.” No less than the great Tony Bennett left it clear that even he is impressed by the kid's presence (are you listening, Joe Scarborough, Mo Rocca, and Larry King?). It seems that some are willing to accept what is, while others just can't stand the idea that this is a voting contest. For those with short memories, Diana DeGarmo made it into the final two. Need I say more?

Chris RichardsonSo far I have correctly predicted who is going home for three straight weeks (the entire voting season). If last night is any indication, I should be able to get it right at least two more weeks. While it is Haley that should be going home tonight, my analysis tells me it is going to be Phil this week. Both Phil and Gina just continue to disappoint. I can't help but feel after last night's show that they want to go home so they can get out from under the pressure.

Next week, it will be the beautiful, wonderful-to-look-at Haley versus the more talented Gina to see who gets to get back to the daily humdrum of things. Come on Gina, let it fly. Get a Red Bull or something before the show.

To recap: Sanjaya is now the one to beat, Chris is rising, Lakisha and Blake are falling, and Phil is going home tonight.

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  • I think you misunderstood Simon. He said Sanjaya was “incredible” in the foolish hope that American would oppose him as they have been and now *not* vote for Sanjaya. It was sarcasm, and hilarious.

  • I agree with Phillip. Simon was definitely being sarcastic. You know darn well what he really feels about Sanjaya. As for Diana DeGarmo, funny you should bring her up, because I’d like to know whatever happened to her.

  • Ty

    Diana Degarmo, a few years ago, was hitting the county fair circuit.

    As far as mentioning her in making the AI finals, keep in mind in season 2 the most pathetic excuse for a singer “won” (in a rigged content) the whole thing, Rueben.

    He stinks so bad it’s not even funny.

    Oh, am I being being mean to Rueben?

    In his words, “DAMN, SO SORRY.” God I hate that guy.

  • Julie

    Diana DeGarmo spent 2006 on Broadway playing Penny Pingleton in “Hairspray,” a Tony Award winning show. She’s working on a second CD but has mostly turned towards earning rave reviews among the theater community in NYC.

    She has also been in the national touring production of “Brooklyn,” playing the title role in that musical and also starred as Maria in “West Side Story.” Not bad for a girl who isn’t even 20 years old yet

  • Grandpa Idol

    Please don’t bash my girl Diana and whatever you do don’t compare her to Sanjaya because she could actually sing. Sanjaya is indeed entertaining but more in a William Hung style.

    I still proudly wear my “I Voted for Diana DeGarmo” tee-shirt that I picked up at the end of Season 3. In my opinion she has done more than Fantasia since Idol and if you remember Diana was only 16 at the time. Even Amy Adams, the last multi-colored hair contender like Gina, made it to Broadway before Fantasia.

  • So much for that streak of correct predictions!

    So Jordin, LaKisha, and Melinda were in the top three, while Blake, Chris (ptui!), and Sanjaya were in the middle three. Interesting.

    The bottom three all deserve to go home; none of them has a shot at #1. Chris deserves to go home, too. I guess that means I consider Sanjaya to be the fifth-best competitor on the show, because Blake is the only guy with a chance of winning the top spot — and a slim chance at that.

  • Sanjaya gave a wonderful performance this week, I’m so pleasantly surprised at how very well he’s adapting and growing. He’s handling all the caustic media and criticisms in such a commendable fashion. I hope he takes this all the way.

    Looking forward to Latin week, I have high hopes for him.

  • Grandpa Idol

    Jewels, I was hoping that your treatment for delusional behavior would have started working by now. Sanjaya is a dog of an entertainer and could not sell a record if his life depended on it. His gimmicky performances have no place in this competition and the sooner he leaves the sooner the real singers can get on with the business at hand.

  • He was being sarcastic. Don’t blame him. I’d be stunned myself. I don’t think Tony would have said a bad thing about anyone.

  • Inigo Montoya

    “Sanjaya gave a wonderful performance this week”

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • That week that Sanjaya did “You Really Got Me” he sounded horrible, but I was amazed at how much he looked like Mick Jagger circa Its Only Rock And Roll (’75 tour when Mick was doing the glam rock thing).

    My prediction: Sanjaya makes top three (along with Blake and Melinda). Melinda wins it.

  • How very interesting. So far, about 8400 people on Yahoo Answers said that they hate Sanjaya and think he is causing the show to lose its credibility.

    Read it for yourselves.