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American Idol – 5 Left and a Hint of Scandal

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As of this past semi-final segment there are five contestants left: Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Scott Savol, Anthony Fedorov and Vonzell Solomon. To Paula Abdul’s tears, Constantine Maroulis was eliminated in this round.

The touch of scandal comes from hints of an ABC expose of the show which will, as has been hinted, feature claims of manipulation by sore losers and a whisper that Paula Abdul has somehow been involved in a romantic fashion with some of the contestants.

I don’t know how much is true but as Fox proudly claims, an ABC expose will give their hit show even more publicity. Myself would watch to see who Paula’s been romancing.
From Matt Drudge:

ABC has been warned in writing it could face legal fallout for airing its scathing behind-the-scenes look at FOX’s AMERICAN IDOL, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

FOX owner Rupert Murdoch has informed executives that it appears ABC is attempting to maliciously “destroy” the nation’s most-watched series as it heads into the final weeks.

FOX believes ABC has interviewed a half a dozen losing contestants — contestants who will claim AMERICAN IDOL producers and judges somehow manipulate the show’s outcome!

Some other tidbits about the competition include an allegation that favored Bo Bice had been in trouble with the law over cocaine and marijuana possession with intent to distribute. Supposedly Bice was upfront with the contest organizers and there’s no intent to defraud.

Another tidbit-I heard Steve Doocey on Fox and Friends say that Constantine’s Aunt was his daughter’s teacher. I suppose she’s a bit disappointed this week.

Pictures of all contestants plus posts since the beginning of the contest are on my Blog Pat Fish Blog
Now on to some thoughts about this past week’s segment. Which theme was “songs of the new millennium”, or songs created AFTER 2000.

This pretty much leaves this Grandma Blogger in the dark as I work with a belief that there were no decent songs composed after 1969. Yet even in my ignorance I have an opinion. Understanding that I was unfamiliar with every song sung during this past week’s competition.

Carrie Underwood is still my favorite to win this thing. She looked much nicer this week with a typical country shirt and comfortable jeans. She stuck to her venue-country and western. I thought she sounded good but alas, the judges were not impressed. I have a blurb in my notes that Carrie has a nice butt. I don’t know why I wrote this but consider it so noted.

Even with a more modern theme, Bo Bice wore some kind of 60’s shirt and in general looked like the hippies of mine own younger days. Which bothers me not a whit as I myself wore buckskin fringes and granny dresses of the era. It just seems odd for a competitor in this contest not to have a more updated look. The song he sang was odd, including a segment of “talking”. Wow. You’d think singers in a SINGING competition would avoid such a thing. If those whispers of past drug issues don’t kill his chances I still look for Bo to be one of the top two.

Vonzell Solomon looked great with a gorgeous outfit and great hair. I thought the song she sang was okay. Randy loved her and said it was an especially difficult song. In total I thought Vonzell gave the best performance during this segment of the contest.

Anthony Federov wore a handsome suit. He also added some drama by sitting down and singing part of his song. A nice touch. The judges were approving except, of course, for Simon Cowell. By me Anthony is just not up to Carrie, Bo or Vonzell and I expect him to be eliminated soon.

It seems that Constantine took my advice and washed his hair. He’s a talented fellow and definitely deserved to stay over Scott Savol. At least as I see it. Maroulis does have a bit of a ham in him, loving the camera and acting out a little too theatrically by my taste. Alas Constantine is no more.

As for Scott Savol, I thought he did an awful job and so did all of the judges. Simon’s only comment to Scott was to “pack your bags”. The big fellow hangs in for another week but I’m not convinced he’ll be around much longer.

Picks for top three:
3-Vonzell Solomon
2-Bo Bice
1-Carrie Underwood

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  • The Theory

    >> Paula Abdul has somehow been involved in a romantic fashion with some of the contestants.

    I thought she would have sex with anything that moved…

  • LilyPearl

    It makes no difference to me what she does or doesnt do in her personal life. Im surprised that ABC would air a Prime Time Special over something so ridiculous. Paula, Simon and Randy are not the ones that decide the winner. Its supposed to be the public. If Cory (whom Im speculating the story is about)won the title of American Idol and Paula was the person who decided he would win, that would be a different story. IF this alleged affair took place, IMO it is their own business and Cory should be ashamed of himself for trying to make a quick buck by writing a book about it and ABC should be ashamed for airing a special on it. Isnt there bigger fish to fry then this?

  • Michelle

    It’s Vonzell Solomon, not Washington.

  • Amy Warren

    Vonzell’s last name is Solomon, not Washington! And Scott’s last name is spelled Savol, not Soval! And Anthony’s last name is spelled Fedorov, not Federov!

  • Brendan

    My American Idols are:
    2002: Tamyra Gray
    2003: Trenyce
    2004: Jennifer Hudson
    2005: Vonzell Solomon

  • mo money

    this is petty who she sleeps with is her business and you need to know your facts before you put them out.

  • Dawn

    Hello, Well the media sure can stir the pot.. I love Bo Bice, he is himself and nothing else he is what you get! He has such talent, that he can sing most anything. Bo Has straighten up his life, and works in his church helping other’s. We all make mistakes no matter how big or small, The past is the past and should stay there. It’s how you live your life today that matter’s. I have read many news all about this, The police report said the charges were droped in that case, the policeman that arrested him did even show up to court! He did however plead guilty for drinking. That’s the short story. If want to report on things go look it up as I did and read it. Bo said his Mom cryed and cryed when it came out.. AI knew all about it cause Bo was upfront about his arrest’s As with Scott, other wise both would’ve been kicked off the show.
    I know that Bo will be on till the end!
    Go Bo !

  • -E

    Oh geez, who cares if Paula romances any of the contestants- if so, good for her. And my goodness who honestly cares if the producers rig it or not? It’s a television show. They are all getting their 15 minutes they wouldn’t otherwise have without the show.

  • Idol_Fanatic


  • Peggy

    I wonder if anyone else feels the way I do about Paula crying over Constantine???
    This is American Idol not Paula Abdul Idol! What message does she think she’s sending to the remaining contestants?
    I spend two hours every Tuesday night with my telephone and I vote consistantly for Scott Savol. It bothers me that someone thinks the votes are being messed with. I’ve not missed a night voting for the idol that I would like to see win this contest. That’s what voters do.

  • The world loves a scandal. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cory’s book was somehow backed by the American Idol sponsors.

  • lorraine

    I am losing it with this show, how can
    constantine and anwar go, and that idiot scott is still in.

    If scott does’nt go soon I am not watching this show anymore.

    carrie or bo to win

  • redhotpeg

    It’s all politic’s-Anwar was the best singer, so why is Scott and Anthony still here?? Makes you wonder. HUH Carrie or Vonzell will win. Who tallies the votes?????? We all can’t be wrong.

  • Scott Hater 20X6

    We all know that Paula totally screwed that guy. She was messin around with a animated fox! She is SUCH a slut.

  • Liz Lane

    The rumor (which I firmly believe) is that Constantine was put on the show to up the ratings and once he did that, they arranged for him to get voted off. Me and my entire family of 9 each voted for him that night at least 10 times, myself I dialed til my fingers hurt. Then I convinced many neighbors, co-workers and friends to vote for him that night as well. Voted Off? Yea Right. Not possible. Who are they kidding? His talent spoke for itself as well as his fans.

  • elizabeth lane

    Yes, American Idol is just a television show and so is the news. These are also peoples hopes and dreams and if the votes were tampered with then how dare they and who are they to say one isnt good enough and another is. We are the ones who buy the music, our vote and only ours should count. Paula only is what she is because “We” the fans made her by buying her music and watching her shows. And if she is sleeping with contestants shame on her, keep it business. The world is full of men that arent Idols or on the show. I would rob the cradle too if i were her but never mix business with pleasure.