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American Idiot?

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With more and more artists now falling into the ‘get that man out of the White House’ camp, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, a band who have always been clear on their political position, has been talking about their new single ‘American Idiot’ which asks: “Can you hear the sound of hysteria/ The subliminal mindfuck America?”…

As for the title, which some see as a dig at ‘American Idol’, Armstrong says he just likes the word ‘idiot’! Armstrong: “It’s part of my self-deprecating sense of humor. Years ago I had this T-shirt I would wear and I wrote ‘idiot’ and pointed an arrow right up to my face. Idiot – it’s just a great word.”

‘American Idiot’ will be released in Sep.

This bit of Green Day comes via CMU.

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