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American Contractor Beheaded on Video

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“My name is Nick Berg, my father’s name is Michael, my mother’s name is Suzanne. I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah. I live in … Philadelphia.”

These were the last words of an American contractor in Iraq before he was beheaded on video… CBS.

After reading a statement, the men were seen pulling the man to his side and putting a large knife to his neck. A scream sounded as the men cut his head off, shouting “Allahu Akbar!” – “God is great.” They then held the head out before the camera.

I would hope that like me you are outraged with this barbaric act. CNN commented by saying “that is the difference between us and them.” Yes that may be true, but I’m certain the deceased and his family will find little comfort in that.

War is not clean, or cool gadgets that shock and awe. For all our bravado and technology, the fact is you cannot play fair and win against fanatics. Either join them or leave them. Become more brutal than them, or leave them to their own devices. Just ask the ancient Crusaders.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the insanity of war. The sooner we realize that the better.

This war is out of hand and I recommend a new strategy. Instead of just lobbing bombs, throw loaves of bread. In other words make friends not enemies. That would be the smartest bomb ever. Teach them how to self govern and get out of there ASAP.

What a novel idea! Couldn’t hurt, but that would be too civilized for the war mongers. Let’s show them how Americans kick ass.

I leave with this parting thought. Catch phrases like “we will stay the course” make me shudder as I am reminded of another lost cause. I would hope we have learned our lesson from Nixon, where countless more lives were lost because he fixated on saving face, spouting “peace with honour” as he went down in flames.

Give Iraq back to the Iraqi’s and let them determine their own destiny. And do it quickly before another Johny comes home lately in a body bag.

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  • Of course I assume you’re also willing to accept the thousands or hundreds of thousands that will most assuredly die in the next terrorist attack in the US.

    Care to explain how the billions of US dollars and “[thrown] loaves of bread” for Arafat has helped.

    Sorry pal don’t make me a target!

  • Good idea. Let’s nuke em all now before they get us.

    I recommend you re-read the post and then read your history books instead of playing war games on your Play Station. Could save a lot of pain in the long run.

    Unfortunately some people just don’t get it.

  • “And that ladies and gentlemen is the insanity of war. The sooner we realize that the better.”
    *someone* has been takign war films rather too seriously, methinks. Apocalypse Now, anyone? how about Platoon?
    but i think you’re missing the point. if we do not resist the insanity of war, then we will all descend back into a primitive age when we simply clubbed every stranger over the head until they moved no more. or they did it to us.
    didn’t the likes of Martin Luther King and Gandhi say something along the lines of passive resistance being the best – showing an “enemy” that you weren’t prepared to rise to their insults, merely ignore them?
    It may be a rather different situation, but that doesn’t mean the same basic principle cannot be applied. The terrorists expect the invaders to fight them with force. it’s what they want.
    I wish we weren’t giving them exactly what they want.

  • How lame. Jadester, I gotta go now but I can’t believe my ears (or in this case my eyes). Did you misspell your handle? “Jester” perhaps? πŸ™‚

    Surely you are joking by trying to compare the “passive resistance” of a King or Gandhi to flat-out armed warfare?

    My God… as the Bloke slowly walks away shaking his head muttering to himself…

    Peace brother.

  • “Surely you are joking by trying to compare the “passive resistance” of a King or Gandhi to flat-out armed warfare? ”
    this is exactly what i wasn’t doing. Altho i *did* misread the original post (damn you, beer!), mixing its context up with that of Marc’s reply.
    I am sorry, i actually agree with the original post, so you can disregard my comment about “the insanity of war” (or kepe it in mind as a reminder that it’s not a good idea to post when not 100% sober)
    what i am seeing is that the more the US tries to use force to combat the growing unrest, the more the unrest grows. Sort of understandable really, but anyway.
    My apologies for the mixup. I will try to remember this next time i’m fired up on hop-juice…

  • mike

    As a result of the Iraqi debacle, of which the prisoner abuse and this horrific response are only the latest signs, two things are coming to the United States:

    Another terrorist attack; and then

    A military dictatorship, imposed by the Bush or Kerry Administration at the behest of the U.S. military and the far right.

    Absolutely guaranteed.

  • Marc: think that attack won’t come if you stay in Iraq? Seems to me it only makes the chance of that happening bigger.

  • Shark

    Marc: “… I assume you’re also willing to accept the thousands or hundreds of thousands that will most assuredly die in the next terrorist attack in the US.”

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Fear — Where “You’re gonna vote Republican or you’re all gonna die!” has become the most popular marketing phrase for the GOP. Do us a favor, Marc: stay in your bomb shelter and don’t even leave to vote come November.

    BTW: It would have been nice to have PURSUED the terrorists around the world — rather than wasting time, lives, money, and resources on a Neo-Con wet dream in Iraq. I hope the oil revenues and Halliburton’s profits can balance the losses the rest of the nation ends up paying ($150 Billion and 700+ lives so far)

    Thanks, George!

    Harald: “…think that [terrorist] attack won’t come if you stay in Iraq? Seems to me it only makes the chance of that happening bigger.”

    Not only does it increase the chances, but it has increased the number of terrorists by the thousands, if not millions; on top of that, they now have wallet-sized photos courtesy of the U.S. Dept. of Defense that give them plenty of ‘inspiration’ — as if they needed any more.

    Look out for the suspicious vehicle with the “Ask me about my nude pyramid” bumper sticker; it’s sure to be driven by a suicide bomber.

    Thanks, George and Rummy!

    Oh, and did I mention:





  • BB

    For every so-called “terrorist” that is killed, several orphans are left behind to grow up and become American-hating terrorists.

    Middle eastern cultures have a long, long (did I mention long) history of hate and revenge. They live for it. It’s bred in their culture. They are brainwashed from birth to remember the past and hate. My God, they’re still pissed off over Alexander the Great and Ishmael taking a back seat to Isaac.

    You will NOT beat them into submission and you CAN’T beat them at their own game. Now do you get naysayers it?

  • Click here to see the Berg execution video

    I urge all interested Americans to see this video for themselves, and form your own opinions rather than take FNC or CNN’s word about it.

    God bless The Memory Hole. Whenever there are controversial public documents, they’re the first stop for getting a look at the raw data.

  • Sandra Smallson

    If it’s the abuse of prisoners, if it’s the killing of Yassin or now this beheading, the anti-war people don’t know when to shut up. This is not a time to parade your views on the war. The actual fact is that this man has been beheaded. They say it is in response to the prisoner pictures. You believe that if you are as dumb as the fuckwits the Osamas and Al sadr’s get to do their suicide bombing for them.

    This is not the first time they are beheading a foreigner and putting it in the public mainstream. They’ve slit the throat of a journalist. They’ve hung some people. All this before any prisoner pics and some even before the Iraq War. These people have been preaching hatred of Western Values for decades and decades. The Orphans supposedly caused by this war have not had the thought process re-directed by the War. The Orphans caused by Sadaam still hated the Western world for not doing anything about Sadaam. WE CAN NOT WIN WITH THESE PEOPLE. Forget the fight for hearts and minds. Thier views are entrenched. Let’s deal with the practical. If their parents were alive they would have taught them that the Western World is the enemy. Now, you say the parents are dead, the Western world is still the enemy.

    For civilised people to try and find justifications and excuses for these terrorists because you do not like War and claim history supports your opinion that war solves nothing is really a very unintelligent path to follow.

    You are entitled to be anti-war. However, when you justify your stance by arguing about the increase in terrorist attacks or terrorists and how brute force in war can be likened to terrorist attacks, then you really begin to sound daft, uninformed and just silly.

    Those who do not support war because they do not believe in any shape of violence deserve respect even though we may disagree. Those who do not support the war because they claim it would lead to more terrorists or terrorist attacks and so on are really just ignorant and unintelligent. They have no clue. You say War has not been the answer and history supports you(though it was War that got rid of Hitler in the end. I guess you wanted dialogue with Hitler while Jews were being fried. It was War that got rid of many dictators and tyrants. It was War that freed many countries)
    It may have failed sometimes but it’s also worked sometimes.

    Perhaps the time spent studying history should also be spent studying the history of terrorists and see whether you can find a peaceful solution all through history that you naysayers can suggest as the best way to solve this modern day crisis. Until you can suggest a reasonable and effective solution, Shut the hell up as you sit with freedom and liberty and a right to life itself.

    Let those who think War is the way carry on. We succeed. Thank God. We fail, we try again and fail better.

  • BB

    Sandra if I could understand your point I would be happy to respond.

    Al, I just saw the video and I must confess that I had to shut it off. I couldn’t watch it all. I’m astonished. I’m stunned.

    No mind can fathom such evil or so much hate to do such a monstrous thing. There can be no justification and there is no defence. I’m speechless.

  • Sandra Smallson

    BB, and I am all the wiser for you not having responded. As is the rest of the world, I dare say.

  • BB

    Sandra, I was being serious. I could not follow your rambling.

    Sorry, and no offence meant.

  • Sandra Smallson

    No offence taken. I know you were being serious but I am aware of you on this site too so I did not expect you to follow my rambling. You lack the equipment.

  • bb

    Now golly gee wiz Sandra. This is our first conversation and you’ve been insulting and hurt my feelings. Shame on you girl.

    Well, it’s my beddy-bye time and as much as I would love to chat, frankly this conversation isn’t worth the effort. So go ahead and fight with yourself dear. And besides this topic is much too serious to be soiled by your nonsense.

    Hey, look… I see Barger over there, so go pick a fight and knock yourself out.


  • Sandra, you actually said it yourself in your own post
    and by trying to “win” we giving them exactly what they want; ammunition with which to recruit more terrorists, and generally spread the hate. I.e. where before, you may have had a load of people who weren’t really interested in hearing how bad the West is, cos they were just getting on with their lives, you now have an audience that is willing to listen to the extremist views.
    Is the US still in iraq? yes!
    Is Iraq now ruled by Iraqis? no!
    Are iraqi civilians still getting caught in the crossfire? yes!
    Are the invaders taking our oil at knock-down prices? yes!
    the invaders are evil i tells ya! Evil! Eeeee-viiiiil!

    see how easy it is? of course it’s distorted, wholly one-sided and not even 100% truthful, but that’s how the terrorists work. We’ve made the recruiters’ jobs much easier for them.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Jadesester: I.e. where before, you may have had a load of people who weren’t really interested in hearing how bad the West is, cos they were just getting on with their lives,…

    Sandra: Wishful thinking of the highest order. You yourself know that is a gross distortion of reality and a complete lie.

    Jadester: you now have an audience that is willing to listen to the extremist views.

    Sandra: The point of my entire post. How can you claim that it is our actions that have recruited these people? They have existed since time immemorial. Our recent actions may give them another reason to justify their acts but even without us doing anything, they were always going to have reasons or find reasons. I guess we both agree we can not win but for competely different reasons.

    BB, have a good nights rest and retrieve your medula oblaganta from the spirit world then maybe you will understand my ramblings.

    At this point your responses show that you are a dunce with wits and a wit with dunces. I tried to laugh at the attempted sarcasm but I am not a dunce and that is where your wit gets all it’s success obviously. Amongst the dimwits.

  • I just want to clarify something because i’m not sure what you mean by:
    “Sandra: Wishful thinking of the highest order. You yourself know that is a gross distortion of reality and a complete lie.”
    do you mean to imply by this that before the Iraq war, the average Iraqi was prepared to carry out terror attacks against Western countries, or even worse, sacrifice themselves in doing so?
    or do you mean that you took me to mean all Iraqis now think ths way – if so i apologise for not making myself clear, it is seemingly a major flaw of mine. I did NOT mean that, by any stretch, ALL iraqis (or even the majority) are now prepared to fight the West. I simply meant that now there are a good deal more Iraqis who are prepared to listen to the extremist preachers, and once they start listening, it’s hard to stop – those preachers may be rather crazy but most of them know how to manipulate an audience at least to some extent.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Before the Iraqi War, jadester, the average Iraqi could barely think, eat, sleep, speak or do anything let alone carry out any terrorist acts on the Western world. Infact, those who were members of terrorist groups probably joined as a way out of Sadaam’s rule.

    My point is, be it iraqi, be it Syrian, be it Lebanese, with or without the Iraq War we were always going to have more and more terrorists and more and more anti-western feelings. We needn’t have done a darn thing to make recruitment easier. They were doing well by their damn selves and the only reason you may think they are on the rise now is because America is no longer isolated and you are all now more aware of the outside world since 9/11.

    The existense of an alarming number of terrorists is nothing new. Anti-American sentiment is nothing new. You just paid no attention then because nothing major had happened on your soil. What difference does it make if it is an Iraqi that bombs the American Embassy in Lebanon or if it is a Syrian? These people existed before the Iraq war, they exist now, and they will continue to exist. If you think the war is a failure in stopping the matter, well we will keep trying and keep failing better. It certainly is far better than sitting down knitting and doing fuck all.

    If Dialogue was the method they used against Hitler, far more Jews would have been fried. Enough were cooked already as it is.

    At some point you have to let go and realise that some people just dont understand. You go into the jungle you operate with the laws of the jungle. It’s as simple as that.

  • Shark

    (BB, don’t feel bad; Sandra is not familiar with the concept of brevity. She might have something to contribute, but I usually skip her garrulous posts.)

    I do think this beheading plays into the hands of Bush and the Neo-Cons. We’ve started down a slippery slope that will end with massive escalation of violence around the world.

    Next Trend: Americans seriously wanting to “nuke” the Middle East. (whoops! This just in…)

    Another Trend: Suggestions to instigate “The Final Solution” for all Muslims — followed by millions of Americans thinking it’s a great idea.

    Bush and Co. are loving it.

    After 9/11, we coulda been a contender. Now, thanks to Iraq, we’re the Universal Satanic State for the balance of the 21st century.

    America’s days are numbered.

    Thanks, George!

  • Shark

    Big Al: “I urge all interested Americans to see this video for themselves, and form your own opinions rather than take FNC or CNN’s word about it.”

    Just curious, Al:

    How would you hope that people react differently when viewing this video versus hearing a graphic description of the act?

    What sort of reaction are you hoping for that you don’t think you would be satisfied with from a simple ‘graphic description’ etc. from CNN.

    Please to explain.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Shark: (BB, don’t feel bad; Sandra is not familiar with the concept of brevity. She might have something to contribute, but I usually skip her garrulous posts.)

    Sandra: And I am all the wiser and very grateful for this kind act of skipping my posts. Now, a further act of kindness would be if you could skip referring to me altogether, I assure you the kingdom of heaven could be well within your reach.

  • Some people don’t have the capacity or good sense to take a hint. This is a serious topic hijacked by a twit that is too ‘small’ minded to understand the meaning of collecting her thoughts and proper sentence structure. Perhaps a topic about Howard Stern’s transvestites from planet moonbeam would be more to her liking.

    Please, by all means carry on with your hateful vendettas on another thread and get a brain while you’re at it.

  • Sandra Smallson

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    -Edmund Burke

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
    -Albert Einstein

    “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”
    -Haile Selassie

    The above is my point.

    Now, a postulate invertebrae, another wit with dunces and a great dunce with wits, has run in here calling himself Mr Blog Bloke.

    The ineffable dunce has nothing to say and says it with a liberal embellishment of bad delivery, embroidering it with reasonless attitude. There never was a blockhead so stupid, a crank so variously and offensively daft. He makes me tired.

    Thank you Ambrose Bierce for saving me the effort:)

    Atleast I have a chance to find a brain. Though I am quite happy with the one I possess. I am also happy with my sentence structures on blog. Reading yours and those of your friends, I fit in perfectly. As for you, the best part of you ran down your mothers legs. The rest of you has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Gods speed.

  • sheri

    I understood Sandra perfectly.And I agree.

  • Ok sweety, here’s a quote for ya: “Yo momma always said stupid is as stupid does”, or in this case “says”.

    So now that you’ve vented kindly take your PMS dissertations to another thread near you. That’s all we need. Another dundertitty with a chip on her shoulder.

    Ok, I take that back. You win Sandra. I confess that I am REALLY and TRULY impressed and HUMBLED by your presence.

    You are quite the wordsmith aren’t you? Especially at the insult level. Thank goodness for Google eh?

    So we could trade insults and google for quotes all day long, but in all seriousness – does this have anything of value to add to this thread?

    Seriously, Ms. Smallson. If you are that confident in your writing skill, are you capable of writing a post as opposed to merely denigrating the work of other blogcritics? If so then please by all means amuse us and show us what you are capable of. I believe Eric is looking for ‘talent’.

    Otherwise, act like a troll and you will be treated accordingly. Now I have work to do. Um… you do work… don’t you?

  • Also,
    “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”
    in all honesty, stealing it from whoever said it first;
    Fighting for peace is like f**king for virginity

  • SFC Ski

    “In other words make friends not enemies”

    One of the reasons contractors are in Iraq is to rebuild its infrastucture (yes, including the petroleum supply equipment) and improve what had been neglected by the former regime for 30 years (oil for palaces, not medicine, not roads, not municipal services). A lot of money has been spent, and a lot of Iraqis are better off, and morethen a few of them are pleased and grateful that this has been done. It doesn’t make headlines.

    Iraq is not lost, but it will be hard to win. Thank God I am here with some people who are trying to accomplish something out of all this mess, not you quick to quit whiners. You’re so quick to say “I-told-you-so”, and point to some knowledge of history to back you up, but if you truly were knowledgeable, and objective, you would know that nothing worth acieving in recorded history has ever been easy, nor has it ever looked like a sure thing from the outset. Hell yes, it looks bad right now, especially if all you read is the negative press. But I speak to more Iraqis on a daily basis that know not all US Soldiers are torturers, and that there is still hope.

  • According to what I read in today’s newspaper (yes, I’m probably a bad, bad man for reading instead of watching war porn), but Berg was in US custody for two weeks before being disappeared three days before his body was found.

    Isn’t that what we should be talking about, rather than propaganda from Hill and Knowlton (little Berg was in an incubator, and those animals, just tossed him on the floor while looting, uhm, wherever the fuck he was).

  • Sandra Smallson

    Sheri, glad u had no difficulty in understanding me.

    Mr Blogbloke, I love quotes. My bookshelves are stacked with handy little quotation books from different eras. Love’em. Love to read’em. Use’em when I can. Read them so much I have them tripping off my tongue at any given time. Why shouldn’t I? The greats before me had the foresight to leave for us wise words to apply when one encounters unwanted attention from little minds. In fact, I have one that summarises my response to your most recent drivel..I’ll of course play around with the words just so you get a good idea of what I think of your recent rant.

    What you’ve written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Now, here’s the thing, if you feel that all my posts on blog denigrate fellow bloggers and are pointless, it’s no surprise to me. What’s more, I could not give a rats ass. You clearly had a hard on when you jumped into this thread. Any idiot, and idiot thou art, would see clearly that my posts on this topic were not about denigrating anyone’s post until you and that other empty vessel reared your ugly heads. Obviously to announce that if you can’t be intelligent you can at the very least entertain us with your particular brand of dumbness. You clearly have a career in that field. Worry not about my employment status. I do not have the qualifications(i.e; arrested intellectual development) to steal your job.

    Please, rest assured that I feel no need to prove anything to you. Think of me what you like. Better still, skip my posts. I will continue to write as I do and express my opinions as I like. If they are too long, TOUGH SHIT. They are no longer than some of the actual posts that start of the responses. Attention deficit disorder is not a gift or talent. See a Doctor.

    You’ve crawled out of the woodworks and I never forget a pest. In your case, I’m willing to make an exception.

    Thank you for playing.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Forgot to add a thank you after my quote, to the Principal in the Billy Madison comedy:) Heaven forfend I be credited with it;)

  • Hey, Al, how does it feel to be part of the provisional wing of Al-Queda by spreading the meme of the atrocity video?

  • According to what I’ve heard on CBC radio, the US forces are denying he was held by US forces, but by Iraqi police. The same police who were throwing about 80 per cent of prisoners into Abu Ghraib because they couldn’t pay baksheesh.

    Coalition spokesperson Dan Senor said Nick Berg had been arrested by Iraqi police in Mosul on March 24, and that FBI agents had visited him three times.

    “He was at no time under the jurisdiction or detention of coalition forces,” Senor said.

    So, they can neither confirm or deny they had anything to do with his death. He, uh, was just in prison, for no reason, and we don’t know nothing about what happened after.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • I’m not quite certain what set you off dear girl but for your personal edification, excepting my sabbatical, I believe I have been around here a lot longer than you give yourself credit.

    And for your further edification dipshit, this was my post – not yours, so if the words ‘idiot’ or ‘pest’ is applicable… then please don’t choke on your words as you make a graceful exit.

  • Eric Olsen

    Sandra, PLEASE make an effort to not be insulting and abusive to the writers. We enjoy having you around but you are often very quick to besmirch the intelligence of our members, which tends cause a dismissal of anything else you have to say. Disagree, argue, whatever but please do not insult. Thank you.

  • Smenkharon

    And while you’re at it, stop making references to God in your posts, it takes away any credibility you might have.

  • sheri

    Like Sandra is the only one around this place that doesn’t insult? LMAO. How utterly insane.

  • boomcrashbaby

    sheri, you share your computer with other blogcritics?

  • sheri

    Boom, ummm, no. Why do you ask?

  • boomcrashbaby

    not that it matters.

    Do you know what an IP address is? It’s the unique address of any given computer. There’s a link on each comment, that you can click on the IP address so you can read all the comments that originate from that computer. Several different bloggers show up when I click on yours.

    But then again, the link does say ‘experimental’. Perhaps it’s some glich or something. And like I said, not that it matters, I was just curious.

  • sheri

    Yeah, and Chris Kent and Natalie Davis, and a bunch of others are in there I don’t know amongst my comments too. I asked Philip about it, maybe he can explain.

  • j

    kill all sandflys good or bad……how dare you exercise freedom in our country…u will all rot with hatrid from all of us…….good or bad….dont close your eyes….your’e all the same blood…….

  • sheri

    Sabaoth ,Lord of Heavenly Warrior Hosts….. will put all enemies under His feet.

  • Stately Wayne Manor

    RE:Post#43 Whaatinthefugareyatalkinbout?

  • It appears to me not a f–king one of you know what the HELL your talking about, sound like y’all have had one or two many, If the USA is bombed it will be our own damn falt for what our soldiers have done. I don’t care what those people have done none deserve to be humiliated in that manner and that is why the american burg was beheaded, And that will be the same reason we will be bombed, And I know damn well..Most americans will be setting dumb founded wondering why did this happen to us again. WELL TAKE A LOOK IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD AND YOU WILL SEE…WHY….OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

  • It appears to me not a f–king one of you know what the HELL your talking about, sound like y’all have had one or two,two many, If the USA is bombed it will be our own damn falt for what our soldiers have done. I don’t care what those people have done none deserve to be humiliated in that manner and that is why the american burg was beheaded, And that will be the same reason we will be bombed, And I know damn well..Most americans will be setting dumb founded wondering why did this happen to us again. WELL TAKE A LOOK IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD AND YOU WILL SEE…WHY….OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

  • Sandra Smallson

    Eric, I find it astonishing that you do not feel the need to pass on that same reprimand to BB and BlogBLOKe if they are not one and the same person. I truly do. Also, an overview of this entire site and infact some recently posted topics seem to have flown right past you.

    How on earth do you hope that putting PLEASE in uppercase letters is going to have any effect on me when you have no credibility with me? How can you have any credibility with me when this is the THIRD time going back to the early days where you have come into a thread where I and some others are insulting each other for whatever reason and somehow my name just seems to excite you and you refer to me alone?

    Really. I am truly amazed that you do not even feel any shame whatsoever to admonish me when any neutral observer can see others doing the same. I am even more ashamed that I am amazed. The fact that you had begun to seem reasonable should in no way have misled me to think that you had lost all the many faults I believed you had at first. It was my fault for being misled. I apologise and won’t make that mistake again. Do what you have to do but you must think me a fool if you think I could respond to a post like BB’s with anything but what he got. I will take this as my first warning. Next strike and I’m out. Do what you must and so shall I.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Smenkharon, just to let you know..I do not give a damn what credibility if any, you give to my posts. You are an odd name on a computer screen. What the hell do I care?!Especially if your problem is my reference to God in my posts. LOL. Honestly! The Good Lord really made all sorts didn’t he?!

  • As an OT aside, a quick note about IP addresses:
    Even in this day and age, when many people have always-on ‘net conenctions, your ISP will, from time to time (how frequently depends on the ISP) change your IP address. Particularly, for example, if your service is interrupted for a short time due to the ISP carrying out maintenance/whatever.
    Not forgetting that there are still plenty of ‘net users out there who are using dialup connections, where their IP address most likely changes avery time they connect. Hence, if a bunch of blogcritics use the same ISP, there’s a good chance that, after a while (maybe up to a year), it will be possible to track those blogcritics to seemingly have come from one IP address, at least using that “comments from the same IP” feature.
    This is an issue which is not easily solved without changing BC so that you *have* to sign in just to make a comment.
    This isn’t neceassrily the explanation but i wanted to point it out, because alot of people these days seem to take static IP addresses for granted when they shouldn’t

  • garth mulholland

    I just watched that execution video- it is very disturbing

  • I suppose at least the Daniel Pearle (i think it’s the daniel pearle one, but i’m not certain) one doesn’t actually show his head being cut off. Or have sound.
    I only ever watch this stuff once. I watch this stuff to remind myself that yes, humans really can be incredibly brutal to each other, and this stuff DOES happen for real.
    It somehow brings it home more than any simple news report could. They may try their best to convey the horror but you can only really get the full effect by seeing it happen.

  • I am still wishing I hadn’t seen it. I agree with your point about bringing it to reality, but that video really messed with me and didn’t change any opinions.

  • “I am still wishing I hadn’t seen it.”
    anything less and i’d be suspicious as to your state of mind. Actually, i admit i ahven’t seen it yet, i’m not sure if i want, having seen some similar execution clips from the “Faces of Death” series that are highly disturbing.
    I wouldn’t expect such a video to change any opinions, that’s only a possiblity, but my view is that too many people are prepared to talk about stuff like this without really, truly considering the awfulness of the act.
    For example, i am antiwar, and i still am, but that doesn’t mean i can’t think the people who did this execution are crazy and should at the least be locked up for life. Of course, they have to be caught first…

  • alexis

    how can i see the video of berg beheaded. which website

  • comment #10 by Al has a link.

  • you can download it off kazaa or shareeza too

  • I hope it’s worth it all for Halliburton&co. As long as it doesn’t affect the oil price… who cares? Next week that dude is forgotten. And it conveniently takes the attention away from the torturing going on in Iraq prisons.

  • Shark, regarding comment 22, my suggestion that people see the video is not based on what reaction I think they might have to it. It’s about having a fully informed public, and I don’t think a vocalized journalistic description of a video like this even BEGINS to be truly informative.

    In this case, I suspect that the Berg video will shore up support for the war effort- as you have suggested.

    However, I would support having the American public see this regardless of how it affected opinions.

    I also support full and immediate public release of every bit of Abu Gharib video and still photos, even though this would probably tend to work against popular support for the war effort.

    I don’t put much faith in democracy, but the only way it even has a CHANCE of producing a decent result comes from giving the public all the relevant information on which to base their own conclusions.

    We need to see the Berg video to see again the continuing nature of the wickedness we’re fighting. We need to see the prisoner abuse pictures to see what kind of bad things our own people are capable of. From there, we can start to make some reasonable judgments about how to proceed.



  • Nadeem, I believe we all agree the abuse Iraq prisoners received was wrong. But it was done by a only few rogue soldiers that are in the process of being court martialled. They certainly do not reflect the majority of American soldiers. And if found guilty they will be punished.

    Hopefully as a result of this incident you will see the difference between our cultures and how western justice works. It is not a perfect system, but it is the best in the world and I hope you will see that.

    Again, we agree that it was wrong and it will be dealt with, and our apologies go out to all of the Iraqi people.

  • Praise the lord….Dr. Phil has come to the rescue.

    Dr. Phil, the many who knows everything in the world, was on Larry King Live spewing out crapshit advice for how we should deal with all this. He is the last talking thumb I want to hear from.

    He was telling us to tell our children to look at the abuse pictures and think of something in their life like it. It started getting way to kinky for this boy.

    In all seriousness, I don’t think I have ever seen this united states so fucked up. I am loosing faith in the government, I think we are going to ass kicked by the Muslims. I don’t trust the white house at all. They are all dildo licking freaks.

    something fishy with the berg boy….
    as we say in texas……that dog don’t hunt. Rummy was cheerleader for the day.

    Hey it is fun to blog drunk.

    jack e. jett

  • bhw

    something fishy with the berg boy….

    Here’s what I read this morning:

    It turns out that the FBI questioned Berg two years ago after finding his e-mail address was used by an acquaintance of 9/11 suspect Zacarias Moussaoui. It happened in 1999 when Berg was a student at the University of Oklahoma. Moussaoui attended flight school in Oklahoma, but the two apparently never met, and the FBI ruled out any terror link for Berg.


  • Joe

    Wellllll !!!! I think we just need to elevate the temp, on them fuckers by 2500*f and turn the whole god forsaken muther fucken place into 1 big ass glass factory KILL THEM ALL
    LET ala sort the fuckers OUT

    Thanks JOE

  • Awsaf Sophie

    All of your comments just prove how ignorant and racist you americans are. “Lets nuke em’ all and get out of there”…good idea…how about instead of america feeling as though they have the right to enter any country they feel like…get out of there and leave Iraq to the IRAQI people…

    At first america went in wanting to capture saddam and find the weapons…well you captured saddam and STILL havent found weapons and you’d think one with common sense would think THERE ACTUALLY ISNT ANY…plain fact of the matter is all america wants is OIL and more hatred towards the followers of islam in the world…

    I feel so sorry for John and his family and beheading someone the way this video shows is NOT anywhere in the Islamic teachings…Islam is a religion of peace. This tape doesnt show Iraqi phonatics killing John…it shows JEWS dressed as muslims killing John in an attempt to bring more and more hatred towards the muslim people..and yes Jewish people can speak PERFECT arabic just incase your questioning my comment.

    A proper muslim would never even contemplate beaheading someone in this manner…Funny how this tape was released just after the photos of iraqi men being tortured in jails and women being RAPED by american soldiers were released. Anyone smart would realise this tape is a decoy in order to take the attention away from what the American soldiers have done…

    well done..it worked…it worked with the millions of ignorant and unwilling people who believe what they read and watch on tv. Its a pity so many people dont have the intelligence to read between the lines and think logically for themselves.

    God help us all and bring peace to the world. Allahu Akbar…

  • Tom

    This is far rediculous & demonic…this war for “Freedom” will not stop this mass killing…both Us & the Blasphemers such as these islamic extreemists and suicide bombers….. Being Half Jewish Half Muslim decent ..i believe that both religions are cousins…and theres no dout about it…but if you look at the facts they are….My queston is why doesn’t the US GOVERMENT work more on peace other than being greedy…. And the only time i will fully respect The goverment is when they start thinking About other people other than them selves…..

    Its time to unite as one…not separate people with a gun…..Curruption has to stop….Yeshu Baruch Atah Adonai Elohaynu, Melech Ha Olam

    God bless us all , we need it….peace
    ..الله يتواجد في ثلاثة صور,أو أشخاص. الله الآب, الله الاٍبن (يسوع المسيح), والله الروح القدس. هذه الشخصية الثلاثية تعرف أيضا بالأبدية . ممكن أن تكون صعبة للفهم كيف أن ثلاثة في واحد, لكن الله مختلف عنا. في الكتاب المقدس آيات كثيرة موجودة لتساعدنا على الفهم بصورة أحسن. ممكن التشبيه بثلاثة صور داخل مثلث, كلها تنتج الله الواحد الأعظم

  • “And the only time i will fully respect The goverment is when they start thinking About other people other than them selves…..”
    you may have to wait awhile. The nature of politics in general these days (was it always so?) is that the most successful politicians are the most selfish, self-absorbed ones who have as few morals (if any) as possible.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Awsaf Sophie: …This tape doesnt show Iraqi phonatics killing John…it shows JEWS dressed as muslims killing John in an attempt to bring more and more hatred towards the muslim people..and yes Jewish people can speak PERFECT arabic just incase your questioning my comment.

    Sandra: It is because of thinking/reasoning and comments like the above that we(okay, perhaps I shouldn’t use the royal “we”) that I, a non-American but a westerner, believe that a majority of the Islamic world have flown over the cuckoos nest.

    This kind of paranoia in one person is sad and worse still, this type of paranoia in a community of people(Islamic community) is a complete disaster and a travesty. Indeed, peace be with us all and may the good Lord protect us from each other. It seems that is all we can pray if this is the mentality running rampant in the Muslim world.

  • Awsaf

    Ok miss sandra…since you have all the answers…answer this. John Bergs own FATHER said he had receieved an email from his son telling him he was safe in with americans…Bergs own father said his sons beheadding was from behind the Bush administration. How do u justify the tape now. Bergs own father is still questioning this. Surely if americans had a citizen from their own soil in there safe arms…it would not be stupid enough to hand him over to iraqis right? No…thats because he never was in the capture of iraqis… BBC news has even released reports that John Berg had been deceased days before the tape was released…and that this video is a fake… Bergs head after it has been detached from his body was not even dripping blood…surely a the head would release enormous amounts of blood after it had been detached.And surely the body of the beheadded would continue to move for some time…this body on the floor is dead still… As for the claims that Aby Musaab Zaakawi is apparently the one who performed this horrendous act…BULLCRAP…the guy performing the beheading in this tape is clearly light skinned…Zaakawi is very dark skinned…

    Its more than obvious what has happened…if its not jews or americans on the tape its a bunch of men who have been paid off by the americans or jews to do this…or on the other hand this tape is all FAKE…(just like the fake tape the americans made for landing on the moon…)

    I have nothing against jewish or american people…i have jewish friends…ITS THE GOVERNMENTS OF THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE LETTING THEM DOWN…2 thirds of the jewish people want to withdrawl from gaza and more than two thirds want Sharon out of power…it is the Jewish PHONATICS and american government who are trying to destroy the islamic faith and ummah and they will stop at nothing to succeed… Despite all that has happened since september 11th (gee…bush knew about that one too..funny that) Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. So we must be doing something right. I am a muslim and i am proud…nothing i read or see on tv will change my mind on my faith…

    If it so happens that it is muslims in this tape (which i highly doubt) shame on them and god punish them as they dont represent islam in ANY light from what they have done. Islam teaches us that when slaughtering an ANIMAL you must do so in the quickest way so that it feels the littlest pain possible… Islam teaches that if it has prisnors of war…they are entitled to a FAIR trial and that while they are in capture they must be treated fairly and kindly like a HUMAN BEING…

    Muslims in this tape or not…islam is the religion of peace and unity… maybe if many of you took the time to sit down and read the english version of the quraan for yourselves instead of believing what you read and see on tv…you would all be able to see islam for its true qualities…in all its beautiful light…

    God bless us all…Peace…
    Allahu Akbar

  • Sandra Smallson

    Awsaf, I am not interested in investigating the conspiracy theory that you might have come up with. I saw the video. Now, until Al Quaeda, or Sadr’s militia deny this matter, I have no reason to doubt that they did it. These terrorists love their announcements. If they did not do it, they would be saying so right now. It was put on a site that carries this sort of thing. All evidence leads to the conclusion that it was the Muslims that did it. They said they did it. It is the sort of thing they do and have done before. Why on earth will I trouble my pretty head wandering if it might have been the Zionists impersonating Arabs? I think you need to wake up and smell the nescafe. It was Muslims that did it and you are on the right track condemning them for doing so. You lose ground when you start to waddle in la la land accusing Jews of doing it. Come on! Get real!

    Speaking of Governments letting people down..where do you say you are from again?!:) Funny that!

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nah

  • Sandra Smallson

    wandering=wondering..OH..and my argument is not that Islam is not a religion of peace.

  • awsaf

    im actually australian u idiot… real funny huh? born and raised 3rd generation lebanese MUSLIM australian and proud… :oD

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this matter…and the only reason i posted on this website is to voice my opinion…not to sit there and argue with people like u who dont have enough intelligence to read into anything other than what they are fed by the media like dogs….


  • awsaf

    As for our government…more than 2 thirds of Australians feels as though our government has let us down by being so far up Bush’s lying ass we dont know where Bush ends and Howard begins.

    Since it seems as though u were assuming i was from an arab or muslim country i will break it down for u sweetie.Like i said i am not living in a Muslim or Arab country (although sometimes i really wish i was) Im NOT covered from head to toe…the reason for this being it is MY FREE CHOICE as a muslim woman to do as i please… but on the other hand i do have enough respect for myself not to go around dressed as a hoe…Another answer for your poor overworked head…as a woman in ISLAM i am respected more than western women would ever dream…so please we dont need your sympathy and bullshit news reports on how badly we are treated. We are VERY happy the way we are…

    people like u sandra smallson need to learn how to seperate CULTURE from RELIGION…women in Afghanistan for example, are treated so as a form of CULTURE…NOT RELIGION…geez…ud think it would have sunk into ur head by now…

    There is no reason for me NOT to believe that America hasnt staged this to their advantage. The american government is officially the worlds biggest bullshitters on the face of this earth and you have people like Bush and Rummy to thank for the lovely repuatation you attire. Its a shame…most of you being good people having such poor representation on your governments behalf. Your government is the worlds most hated and depised…

    You might need to think twice about what u say next time luvvy….

    Ciao…ASALAMUALAKUM brothers and sisters ;o)

  • awsaf

    oh…am i in lala land? its really nice here…im happy as larry… not a bullshitter in sight…

  • Sandra Smallson

    ROTFF*LMAO..Awsaf, poor lass, do u ever wonder what life would have been like if you had got enough oxygen at birth? Poor miscreant. You should hear me laughing..lol..YOU, AWSAF Sophie? Calling me an idiot? Questioning my intelligence? I am cackling..laughing like a banshee..HILARIOUS. Freaking Hilarious. You..you were born brainwashed you fool.

    The minute you were born and your parents managed to escape the Muslim Country( or did they lie to you taht you were born in Oz:) as you arrived in Australia on a raft and were pulled out of the sea, you were told the Zionists caused all your problems. Your inferiority complex is part of your make up. I would say your brain but alas, your head is empty.

    Nobody wants you to dress like a whore Awsaf. That’s our department:) We dress to suit the ocassion. You say Whore like it’s a bad thing. Bite your tongue you naive uninformed virgin:) Repeat after me.. A Lady in the home, Cook in the kitchen, Whore in the bedroom.

    Please, keep covering up yourselves Afterall, even if you were allowed to see and speak, nobody gives a damn what you’ve got to say. You do what you are told to do. You have verbal diarrhoea talking about being happy as you are because you sit in the relative safety of Australia where you can slip on our “western attire” and spew drivel you ingrate. Go to Syria and open your mouth. You will be decapitated.

    I thank God you are way over there and I over here. Had you been close by, you may have strapped explosives to your wide waist and headed down here to blow me up. Afterall, that is the solution to every problem in your world. The Islamic community..lol..there but for the grace of God, goes God..I tell ya.

    It is no wonder the Australians kept those Arab asylum seekers/refugees on that Ship all those months…having let people like you in with the above type of mentality they must have been terrified. Yet the International community disparaged them. We should have known that they had people like you to serve as a warning to the world. Why are you in Australia you coward? Why not go and live in a Muslim country? Where you will fit in perfectly. You have packed your tent and run to Australia, discovered a computer and the internet and you now want to communicate with other humans, bloody beast of burden. You wish you lived in a Muslim Country? LOL.. YEAH RIGHT!

    Believe me dear, the kind of respect you get? I want none of it. Keep slaving away, sooner or later your arranged husband will marry another wife and ease the burden on your poor shoulders. I don’t know where you get the idea that Muslim women are more respected than Western women, maybe the same place you got the idea the Jews killed Nick Berg, the same place your people got the idea of the 72 virgins waiting for them up high..the same place they got the idea that when they kill themselves they will become martyrs..lol..a severe case of fundamental mental derangement. Believe me, I would rather fuck a wilderbeast than get the respect reserved for muslim women. Have no fear, keep your inferiority complex in check:) The Zionist women are not after your men. From what one hears, I would get more of a thrill if I pleasured myself with my thumb rather than the equipment your boys carry around. You are welcome to them.

    On that note, I will cease any debates with ya. I have no evidence to encourage me that people with your mindset eventually see sense. I don’t want to aggravate you too much. Next thing I know, you will run to the beach and kill innocent civilians and claim you are trying to make a point. Calm yourself Awsaf. You are free. Australia is democratic. FREE..FREE..Thank God Almighty..FREE ATLAST. Don’t forget to go to the Mosque on Friday and pray for those you’ve left behind that they too may be free one day.

    N.B..Eric, please do not give me any instructions. Incase you feel the need to, let me draw your attention to the posts by AWSAF SOPHIE. YUP..that’s her name….because I am almost certain I will be the one to be spoken to while the rest are ignored. I think if people provoke insulting comments you should let them receive it…..enjoy)

  • Sandra Smallson

    delete incase..should be..should you feel the need to..meant to write in the case of..totally different comment..confusing?..yes..but so is the reason God made Awsaf.

  • Lomu

    “Nobody wants you to dress like a whore Awsaf. That’s our department:) We dress to suit the ocassion. You say Whore like it’s a bad thing. Bite your tongue you naive uninformed virgin:) Repeat after me.. A Lady in the home, Cook in the kitchen, Whore in the bedroom.”

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Sandra. This reminds me of how much I’ve missed reading your comments. I was away on holiday. The wife thought we’d better make great use of my time off.

    It’s only 7 days to go to you know what. I haven’t forgotten and I will definitely give you a detailed feedback after opening night. Two VIP tickets for opening night. The wife can barely contain her excitement. See you later.

  • boomcrashbaby

    Comments like #76 will create new terrorists.

    people need to learn how to seperate CULTURE from RELIGION..

    Unfortunately, there are many westerners (and people in the Middle East) who cannot separate religion from culture, government or anything else. But there are many of us who can.

    most of you being good people having such poor representation on your governments behalf. Your government is the worlds most hated and depised..

    Actually, her government is ‘over there’. She’s not in America. However, I’m very glad to read that you know there are many good people in America who are working hard for a change in government. We feel the same about our current administration as you do.

    The fact that one feels that a Muslim in Australia would strap a bomb to their waist because ‘that’s what all Muslim’s do’, is stereotyping and bigotry, and is exacerbating the problem rather than reaching for a solution.

    Truly disgusting, pointless, illogical and counterproductive commentary.

  • “confusing?..yes..but so is the reason God made Awsaf.”
    i’m sorry, but that’s getting dangerously close to being a religious insult. NOT the way any of us should be heading in this day and age, and uncalled-for.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Boomcrash, did you read Awsaf’s post at all? You really are pathetic. You are a disgrace to everybody who knows you. A total disgrace. A complete disgrace to the human race as a whole. You should be ashamed of yourself. It is ignoramuses like you that try to understand the mentality of people like Awsaf that lead to more terrorists. Not people like me. My response to Awsaf clearly fits into the vein of her own post. If you can not see taht, it is no surprise. It is clear that you are blind to many things in this life.

    You have the audacity to come in here to support the wholely overblown view of Awsaf and then accuse my commentary of causing more terrorists? And awsafs view of western women and the western world is not ” stereotyping and bigotry, and exacerbating the problem rather than reaching for a solution.
    Truly disgusting, pointless, illogical and counterproductive commentary”?…People like you do not deserve the freedom you take for granted. I am begging you, pleading, do not read my posts and respond to them. Since you feel all these things. You are clearly unable to seperate issues and you take out your frustrations on a topic that is clearly unrelated. Ignore me as I will you. Our paths needn’t cross. I can no longer tolerate you and quite frankly I may be forced to be more scathing than I have ever been with you, if that is at all possible. So help me, to help you:)

    Finally, What are you doing in America? Pack up family and head to Iraq or Palestine and become a human shield. That will save “people like me” having to listen to people like you. Enjoy.

  • Sandra Smallson

    LOMUUUUUUUU:) My boyfriend’s back..la la la..LOL. Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself:) Hope all is well with the wife and the girls. Yup..I am almost as excited as “the wife” and I am not even going to opening night. I look forward to your feedback:)

  • boomcrashbaby

    It’s no surprise that my critique was of the commentary and your critique is of the person. And you wonder why Eric singles you out.

    And it’s pretty obvious that you never tolerated me. But to use your illustrious Catholic phrase “I don’t give a rat’s ass”.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Jadester..have you ever cracked a smile? Listen ..look around..many similar comments litter the board..it’s sarcasm..it is not a religious insult..and again, it is people who are shaking in their boots trying desperately to be politically correct that take everything so seriously, so much so as to call that comment a “religious insult” that need to relax. We don’t need that sort of behaviour in this day and age. THAT is what is uncalled for.

    Funny..Passion of Christ was called anti-semitic..someone comes in here accusing the Jews of killing Nick Berg for no valid reason and the person is not called anti-semitic..instead, we have the apologist boomcrash trying to explain her world and Jadester terrified that my comment may be a religious insult..heaven forbid that we insult Islam when all they show towards Christianity is respect…OH LORD! What won’t I see in this life?! Wonders truly never cease.

  • sheri

    WoooHoooo! Smack it back Sandra, you go girl :0)

  • Sandra Smallson

    You see what you want to see, Boomcrash. If Awsaf’s post taht I responded to was “of my commentary” and not “of me” then you must read minds cos God knows by her words I can’t tell. Another thing, I am not a child. That whole commentary thing wont wash with me and I am not sure who it washes with on this board. You say my comment engourages terrorists. You say my comments are “stereotyping and bigotry, and is exacerbating the problem rather than reaching for a solution. Truly disgusting, pointless, illogical and counterproductive commentary.”

    You mean, dear BC..That I am stereotyping. You mean that I am a bigot and I am not helping the problem…you find my comments disgusting, pointless, illogical and counterproductive. I made those comments. THEY did NOT drop out of the air. Therefore, you are referring to me. Unlike you, I am not a coward so I will tell you as I see it. I don’t need to hide behind the camouflage of criticising the commentary when even a child can read and understand what you mean. BC, it’s all in your head your problems. I actually had no problems with you even after all our debates. I enjoyed them. you clearly took them to hear. I tolerated you then. In fact, I did not need to tolerate you because there was nothing intolerable about you. We had arguments. Simple. It is now that I find you truly intolerable. I am delighted you do not give a rats ass. If you can now apply that indifference to other aspects of your life, you will be a happy camper and have that chip off your shoulder finally:) Take care:)

    Eric can single me out anytime. I am not sure I asked for your input on that, dear.

  • boomcrashbaby

    If Awsaf’s post taht I responded to was “of my commentary” and not “of me” then you must read minds cos God knows by her words I can’t tell.

    I did not say that HER post was ‘of your commentary’, I said mine was.
    Unfortunately you see what you want to see.

    I made those comments. THEY did NOT drop out of the air. Therefore, you are referring to me.

    It’s sad that there are people who not only cannot separate religion from culture, but that also cannot separate words from human beings. There are people who say things like ‘we should just nuke the whole Arab world’, yet if you put their finger on the button that would do so, they wouldn’t push the button because they don’t REALLY feel that way. They know inside that too many innocents would die. The words do NOT equate with the human being. One only believes that a critique of her words equals a critique of her persona, when she truly, truly believes in her words, not as sarcasm but as truth.

    Why now are you intolerant of me? Because I disagree with you and am willing to speak up about it? Must be the reason because I have done nothing else. I have disagreed with others on this board, haven’t singled you out, however they haven’t gotten their bloomers in a twist over it. One would think my words must ring true, to spark such ‘intolerance.’

  • Sandra Smallson

    Okay, Boomcrash. You make me tired. Really:) Let’s just ignore each other. I now find you intolerable because I am tired of you. You did not need courage to speak up. After all, we have disagreed tens of times on this board. It’s just tiredness. Especially when it is blatantly obvious that you bring baggage from our many disagreements to this topic. I do not say agree with me. Why break the mould?:) But if you are going to accuse me of things, and indirectly apologise for my comments when the person I am speaking to is clearly saying the same things I am saying, that mean the same things, but from her point of view? Come on..who are you kidding?! You are so transparent..lol. All the things you say my posts show, young Soph does her fair bit for her “people”..lol. However, you can’t criticise young Soph, because of the baggage you bring from our many disagreements:) I understand but I have little tolerance for that sort of attitude to life. Which is why I took issue with Eric when he reprimanded me on a topic where the whole thing was mayhem started by someone else not even me. That, I can not tolerate.

    So, all that being said, I have no interest in discussing culture or religion or whether I can seperate the two..etc etc etc..Let’s both be on our merry way and try our best possible not to cross each other. I’m sure we can co-exist beautifully. Jeez..I hope you say nothing that I have to respond to again. My final comment to you on this topic. Think what you like..as I reach back to my illustrious Catholic Phrase “I don’t give a rats ass”.( By the way, glad you like it.)

  • boomcrashbaby

    Let’s just ignore each other.

    Sorry to have worn you out Sandra. Believe it or not, there are times when I agree with you.

    And awsafs view of western women

    Since we are ignoring each other, I should clarify to others who are reading this. I DID read Awsaf’s posts. Nowhere did I see her offer a view of western women. What she did say is that she has too much respect for herself to dress like a ho. I don’t see that as commentary about western women at all. I see that as a personal preference about how one dresses. However, it’s possible there’s a slam in there, I suppose although it sure doesn’t read like it.

    However, you can’t criticise young Soph

    If somebody else reading this would like to cut and paste a sentence from Soph, that they have an issue with, I’d be more than happy to criticize it, but I cannot criticize the source, from which a misquote stems.

    It probably all comes down to perspective. If I was a female, and if I had a hot body, I’d be the most skimpiest dressed and sluttiest ho in town and damn proud of it.

  • kayla

    i’m a 16 year old canadian and i have not seen the video that has been going around on the net and i will not watch it. i feel so sorry for the gentlemen and his family. it was not right, in a way he was only doing his job and he was inoccent. i blame bush, bush has sent them in there to destroy there homes, their families, and there lands. i think that from what happened on september 11 bush would not want to go in there and do the same thing. he must thing that it will help, but in the end it will not help one bit.bush should have just went there and snopped aroud not blow things up. bush is no better then the people that hijacked the planes and killed all the people on september 11, he’s probably even worse. i remember september 11 like it happened yesturday, i remember getting hauled out of class to go and watch t.v. that was the worse thing that i have ever seen happen, until now. bush is sick he’s no better then them. i blame bush

  • hey:

    you seem very smart for a 16 year old.

    jack e. jett

  • Cpt.COont

    Why dont you americans just pull out and make them think they have won then nuke the fuck out of there sick bitch asses?I mean dude that american getting beheaded was some sick shit and i wouldnt take that crap from skinnies and neither would canada

  • Awsaf

    im brainwashed to hate? Take a look at what u are writing sandra….u sound like racist pig… (i dont usually insult people i dont know very well but you have shown me just how much intelligence u have by what u wrote)… ur the one who is brainwashed by the media…taught to think that us muslim women are treated like crap and that we have no say in anything…little known fact for u sandra…MUSLIM WOMEN HAD THE RIGHT TO VOTE LOOOOONG BEFORE U DID…and if u read my comment properly i wasnt taking a slam at western women…im friends with HUNDREDS of western people….guys and girls…i have nothing against them or against other western people…i am a westerner myself…BORN IN AUST A 3RD GENERATION MUSLIM LEBANESE AUSTRALIAN…no my parents did not escape from any muslim country…but i tell u something….the people who i know that did escape… didnt do so becuase of the harsh laws u seem to think are implimented in these arab countries…it was because the american government was at WAR with them…they were very happy to stay in their country before people like bush came along claiming to be KING OF PEACE…peace my ass…and sandra…how do u have the audacity to sit there and tell me that if i go to syria and open my mouth i will be decapitated…Have YOU been to Syria URSELF?! No…so iin other words…shut ur mouth because u dont know crap about the country or its laws…i have been to syria and let me tell u..i was treated and respected like royalty…i walked the streets and went shopping….cafes…movies just like i would in any other country…NO INTELLIGENCE sandra… as i said…

    And strapping bombs to my wide waist? Haaha…so now ur calling us fat and ugly…let me send u my photo hunny and then u can tell me whos fat and ugly… MEDDITERANEAN WOMAN ARE ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RACES ON THE EARTH…

    and no sweetie i wasnt brainwashed from birth…my parents actually taught me to respect all walks of life….muslim or not…it seems as though u are the one who has been brainwashed…so severely that ur sitting there having a go at me for being a muslim…(yes sandra ur comments were racist)…i was having a go at ur f***head of a government u idiot not at u as an american…i feel sorry for ur parents

    The people who are blowing themselves up in these countries are doing so because they cant take the pain anymore. Israel WAS PALESTINE…the british and palestinians made an agreemne to give the jews a part of palestine many many many years ago… but it wasnt enough…the jewish government(not the jewish civilians…its better to explain myself with u sandra…) kept expanding and expanding all over THE RIGHTFUL PALESTINIAN LAND…with the green light from everywhere..and the palestinians took it and took it…until …hey THERE IS NO MORE PALESTINE…Can u imagine living like the palestinians who are having their houses bulldozed whether they are in their houses or not…hearing that a family member has died every day of the year…living in constant fear that they could get bombed or killed anyday… its not easy living like this…and unfortunately killing themselves is the only way they see to releive their pain and suffering…by ending it…

    as i said…i have respect for anyone who is blessed with the mentality and personality to be able to respect all religions and all races. I dont hate americans and i dont hate jews…as i said I HAVE JEWISH FRIENDS (i know i keep repeating myself but sand’s doesnt seem to be getting it through)…but what i do hate is the unjust treatment and judgement that we are all surrounded by today…and u know what sandra? Its because of people like u… who dont have the sincerity to accept and admire people for their differences… if god wanted us to all be the same…we would all be the same…

    Im not going to let ur racist comments affect me and turn me into a bitch who is going to sit there having a go at ur culture and religion… Thank god i have the patience and the mind not to let that work me up…

    Boom crash baby…im glad u have the intelligence brother…u should be proud…

    Asalaamualakum brothers and sisters…

  • awsaf

    “confusing?..yes..but so is the reason God made Awsaf.”

    and sandra…u might think that wasnt racist…but it was and another one even worse….

    “Don’t forget to go to the Mosque on Friday and pray for those you’ve left behind that they too may be free one day.”

    im guess u think that one wasnt racist either…not to mention the racist comment about the muslim and arab men…well well…let me tell u…i am OVER THE MOON with my PALESTINIAN choice… πŸ™‚ might have to send u a pik of him too…then u can tell me what u think….LMAO

    hmm…thanks sweetie..u just confirmed my thoughts about u…god help u…ur parents and ur future offspring… i feel sorry for them…

  • awsaf

    jadester U kik ass…and kayla…u should be proud of urself sweetie…u sound like a very intelligent 16 year old girl…:D

  • Sandra Smallson

    πŸ™‚ Awsaf, there is so much I could do with your recent rant but I don’t want it to seem like I want to educate you and make you realise you’ve been living a lie all this while. Therefore, I can tell you that ALL and ANYTHING that you think I have conveyed via my comments regarding you, you are fully entitled to think. I make no apologies. I truly feel all those things about you. I said not a “religious insult” It’s not a “racist insult” either but I do not want to argue that because it would mean interacting with you again.

    There is so much nonsense and paranoia in your post..I would love to rip it apart but I can not be bothered. Besides, the American-Israel meeting is being televised live ..I have to focus, you know..These are my PEOPLE:)

    Enjoy! My favourite “3RD GENERATION MUSLIM LEBANESE AUSTRALIAN”..LOL..Or is that Mediterranean? ROTFLMF*AO..I have never heard such bullshit in my life. You are having an identity crisis..You don’t even know who you are…3rd generation Lebanese Australian Muslim?..OR Mediterrenean?..LOL..Fool that you are, you might think it’s one and the same……Confusion must be a trait.

    Oops..The meeting has started..Okay..must focus..I must see what we have decided to do about Islamic(fundamentalists) terrorists…Take care and enjoy.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Sorry..not American..from good old blighty:) Great Britain:)

  • BB

    As the author of this post I would like to apologize for all those who made intolerant remarks and used this thread to spew their mindless hate-driven agenda.

    Peace to all.

  • Lomu

    Hey Sandra, the wife knows about us. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway, we are trying to get to L.A before Sunday. I won’t be posting for a while because we’ve got several things to do before we leave. I’ll ensure that I memorise everything from the L.A Forum. If I don’t, the wife definitely will. Or the girls. You are in a win-win situation.

    The four men who beheaded Berg have been arrested. Has anyone found out if they were Jews or Americans? Or are we going to put that down to another Islamic folklore? When we see rumors like this, why do people think we need a War to increase terrorists? The terrorists can and do come up with lies to increase recruitment. Sadly, a majority of the followers don’t require any evidence to believe everything they hear. These falsehoods spread and young idle boys with no education join the terrorists on the belief that they are fighting for the honor of Islam.

    Back in the day, we used to say there’s no smoke without fire. These days we’ve fire without a trace of smoke.

  • Lomu

    These days we’ve fire without a trace of smoke or smoke without sign of fire. You catch my drift anyways.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Have a great time Lomu:) Tell the wife not to worry. I’ve got boo-boo and no matter how I try I’m still frighteningly addicted to him. He’s very tasty but I’m ready to control my addiction if she wants to swap sometime;)

    I could not agree more with the rest of your comments regarding the beheading of that poor fella.

  • Brasslamp

    What does Boo-boo mean??? Why are you “frighteningly addicted”??? What does that mean??? Lomu are you a Kiwi? I am so curious about these questions that my main comment on Berg has left my head:-)

  • Sandra Smallson

    LOL Brasslamp. Boo-boo is just a term of endearment. Like “boo”.. means boyfriend/ lover/husband/ my man..some of us say boo-boo..it’s the same thing. I think it originated from the African American community but I’m not sure. I don’t remember where I picked it up from but I use it sometimes…:)

    I am “frighteningly addicted” because no addiction is good:) Therefore, when you are addicted to something or someone it’s terrifying. That’s what I mean. In my opinion it’s not a healthy situation to be addicted to someone. I have enough troubles trying to quit smoking;) I hope the above clears it up for ya. I don’t know what else to say:)

    Why do you think Lomu is from New Zealand? Is it because of the rugby player from New-Zealand named Lomu?

  • Chris

    where can I watch the videoclip?

  • brasslamp

    Thank you for taking the time to explain, Sandra. I can no longer remember what I had to say on Berg.



  • mizo

    to some extent i can understand what u said cuase i am not so good in english but i want to say leave us.u speak about this so why u dont speak about the american soldier acts and about hundreds thousands of people killed in iraq cuase of the american occupation .so long as you stay we will fight and kick your ass