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America, We No Longer Know Ye. Or Care To

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On the celebration of our nation’s beginning, I find myself wondering how many more such celebrations we will have.

Our “leaders” are playing juvenile status games, and the nation’s status contines to decline while they do. They ignore the increasingly frequent infrastructure failures, choosing instead to focus on building foreign nations as commercial colonies while allowing our streets to crumble, our bridges to collapse, our energy distribution to fall, our schools and libraries to close, and our food and water supplies to be contaminated.

Our leaders tell us that We, the People have to cover all of the losses suffered by free market banks to keep the economy from crashing, yet the fact that the free market theory isn’t being followed by allowing these failed banks to close only indicates that the well-connected are being saved from their own greed and foolishness at our expense. We, the People didn’t want to retire with medical benefits anyway, did we? We only live to serve the New Corporate World Order.

Our leaders choose to spend money we don’t have on elective wars for oil when we could be spending money we don’t have investing in technologies which would make oil obsolete and make enough profit to repay the loan.

Our leaders continue to wage war when the originally stated reasons for doing so no longer exist. New reasons are invented to continue the bloody folly, for one must maintain the military-industrial complex lest jobs be lost. Tell that to the 14 million who can’t find jobs who haven’t fallen off the rolls yet; and to those additional others who have.

Our leaders talk about the democracy of our republic while they do everything they can to quietly negate all of it. They encourage us to vote, which increasingly only provides cover for manipulation of the outcome to favor those already bought and corrupted.

So to those who served to defend the nation when it was truly in distress, and especially to those who died when it wasn’t, I say there is only one thing they need to know about their costly effort:

Long live the corporate status quo!

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  • In Re: “As Chair of the Obama Wing of the Democratic Voter Base, I want to thank you for your commentary and ask you for a donation, no matter how small, because we ran out of gasoline for the flame throwers. Incidentally, if you really want to get comments, why don’t you consider writing some utter crap, next time?”

    I was wrong. You did. At least you tried.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    The “Corporate World Order”.

    Thanks to Citizens United, corporate “personhood” is now a part of the nation’s law.

    Realist, I’m not eager to agree with you…but I don’t have a whole lot of choice. Well said.