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America Needs More John Wanamakers

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I'm sure all of you have been in a department store at some point in your lives. The department store has become an American staple known for its variety of goods at affordable prices. It's hard to think what our lives would be like without the modern conveniences that we always seem to take for granted.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the "father of the department store," John Wanamaker. While he is best known for Wanamaker's, the first department store, John Wanamaker was so much more than that.

What I'd rather tell you about John Wanamaker's life was his sense of duty as a U.S. citizen. His business acumen aside, Wanamaker was a philanthropist and public servant. His activities as a philanthropist included:

  • President of the Young Men's Christian Association (for eight years)
  • Board of Finance of the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition (member and helped raise the first $1 million needed to stage it)
  • Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company (director) 
  • Presbyterian Hospital (Trustee, Fundraiser, built Children's Ward with his wife, and managed the University Hospital)
  • Citizens Relief Committee (Chairman, helped people both foreign and domestic)

As a public servant, Wanamaker engaged himself in the following:

  • Republican Party
  • Committee to Elect General Benjamin Harrison to the Presidency
  • Postmaster General (Appointed by President Harrison)
  • Union League (Member)
  • Republican National Conventions of 1912 and 1916 (Delegate)

There is a point to me showing you Mr. Wanamaker's achievements and accolades. It's to show you what a great person can do. It's to show you that capitalism isn't evil. It's to show you that we really don't need the government to help us, we need more people like John Wanamaker to stand up.

Where is today's John Wanamaker? Why isn't he or she more prevalent in society? Can you name anybody who resembles what Wanamaker so graciously displayed during his time here?

If we tax people like John Wanamaker to death, thus forcing them elsewhere, what happens then? What happens to that person's sense of duty to their country and fellow Americans? What happens to their philanthropic spirit?

What happens? It becomes nonexistent. People tend not to be as charitable when they are nickle-and-dimed.

The answer to the Obama administration's questions as to how we can help those without health care comes to down one word — taxes. More taxes stifle innovation. More taxes stifle growth. More taxes stifle philanthropy.

What was it that Rev. Boetcker said in his Ten Cannots? You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. And you cannot help little men by tearing down big men.

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid — don't tear down the John Wanamakers of today. If anything, help them do more in the way of serving the greater good. Give them more tax incentives. Cut taxes for their businesses. Help them help others.

This country was built on the backs of people like John Wanamaker. Don't steal their wallets while they're helping the needy. Instead, make it easier for them to continue what they're doing.

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  • STM #131,

    I am not criticising this man.

    I simply asked him Why? Why, when the subject at hand was the earthquake and the suffering of thousands of souls, he instead went after me?

    I realized that Roger, Cindy, and Jordan brought him to his highest knowledge level and then flew above and beyond him…thus, many of these responses are starting with the name, Jeannie.

    I knew he didn’t type out that little song! At least, I would hope not!

  • Ah Senator,

    I forgot to mention: your podium is just to the left, the microphone is on and is live, the camera is at an angle just at the level of your eyes, and there is a glass of mineral water available for you for you to whet your whistle as you may require it. Will you need anything else, sir?

  • STM

    Jeannie … unfair to criticise TRF and lump him in with the earthquake in Haiti.

    Sorry, but I don’t see the basis for any correlation on this, nor is it right to do so. We all understand what a tragedy it is, I’m certain.

  • Golly Gee Senator,

    If you would just step this way, you can speechify about the earthquake victims in Haiti to your heart’s content. Not only that, but you can add them to your extended remarks in your state (or commonwealth’s) legislature.

    Happy refounding!

    P.S. I prefer coffee (originally from Kaffa Province in Ethiopia) to tea anytime, but the teabaggers are at least trying to do something good in your country. It has nothing to do with the nanny state – it has everything to do with honesty, openness and accountability in government, which the several past sitting regimes have been distinctly lacking in in the United States, extending about – six decades or so….

    I bid you a pleasant evening from the mountains of Liberated Samaria, about 50 kilometers north of the Eternal Capital of the Children of Israel, Jerusalem.

  • Jeannie,

    Let me first say that the earthquake is a tremendous tragedy. The people and their families are in my prayers. I know the Red Cross is doing everything they can and I know the U.S. will help in any way as well.

    But, that’s not what we were talking about. You besmirched the Tea Party movement and I stood up for it. What’s wrong with that? How is that all about “me, me, me?” (And of course I didn’t write that crap from our little poet).

    I realize that you’re concerned about the earthquake victims (as am I and most of the world), but I ask that you respond to the post I wrote itself and not another subject.



  • Shouldn’t you be making some sort of public statement right now about the earthquake in Haiti?

    Senator, it is this ‘me me me’ attitude that I find so distasteful about you..and if I were a voter in the State of Montana; I would try very hard to make sure that you do not see a second term.

    When I looked at your thread this morning, I was reffering to the last comment made.

    Now, unless you are the one that typed that little ditty, then you should not be so offended..

  • Correction: People who have good health care plans should NOT be taxed because of it.

    My apologies.

  • Jeannie,

    How is the Tea Party movement “childish, selfish, and ignorant?” Please fill me in.

    By wanting our government officials to remember they work for the people and not lobbyists?

    By not wanting a government to meddle in our lives so much? We want a smaller government, not a bigger one. Their main job should be to protect us.

    By not wanting to be a “Nanny State?”

    By reminding people that health care is NOT A RIGHT? People who have good health care plans should be taxed because of it. Most of those that do have them, work hard for them. Why should they pay a penalty for it? (By the way, the people who most often abuse these “Cadillac health care plans” are government and union officials).

    You don’t help the poor by bringing down the rich. That’s not the way it works. You help the poor by empowering them to help themselves. Sorry, but that doesn’t come in the form of a handout.

    You don’t help anybody that way. You just put another band aid on a problem that will resurface next month.

    Tell me, how will the government make health care more affordable? How will the new plan cover every American? They already said it won’t. It’s just a way to redistribute wealth.

    While I do believe the health care system needs an overhaul, that overhaul should NOT come from the government.

    Those are some of the things the Tea Party movement stands for. If that makes us childish, selfish, and ignorant, then so be it.

    For me, I think it makes us true Americans and supporters of the Constitution.


  • #124,
    On a day when we should be thinking of the poor people in Haiti..this ass is singing a little nursery rhyme.. a very appropriate little tune for this childish, selfish and ignorant political group.

    Wouldn’t you all agree?

  • Tea party

    I’m a little tea pot,
    Short and stout
    Here is my handle
    Here is my spout,
    When I get all steamed up,
    Hear me shout
    Just tip me over and pour me out!

    I’m a clever teapot,
    Yes it’s true
    Here let me show you
    What I can do
    I can change my handle
    And my spout
    Just tip me over and pour me out!

  • Look at theseidiots and see how they drag their children into it…

  • Exactly, Roger.

  • Good link, Jeannie.

    In absence of their ability to articulate their views coherently, what you’re looking at is a culmination of the teabaggers’ philosophy.

  • G’d eye said the blind man as he peed into the fan…it’s all coming back to me now.

  • I am going to go make myself a nice cup of tea now..I learned awhile ago that when these clowns named their movement, they were not referring to a beverage..:)

  • G’day STM ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ditto Well, be that as it may, the freedom of speech still reigns.

    I hope so..

  • Hurrah for the Internet, though, Silver Fox. Had I known he was a State Senator, I probably would have been more circumspect with my comments.

    Well, be that as it may, the freedom of speech still reigns.

  • STM

    Who’s been using all those silly names.

    Well I never.

    G’day Cindy, Rog, Jeannie, et Al (I never did work out who Al was)

  • It goes to show it’s difficult to compete with Glenn Back. But this thread still has the makings of a standup comedy hour.

    Perhaps it’s not the wisest thing to have done to expose oneself to BC ridicule. Not the best way to launch one’s political career.

  • Cindy,

    This is the strangest thread i have ever been on!

    #93 should be looked at..

  • Jeannie,

    My comment refers to the funny names used by Dr.D and Stan.

    Is this true?

    Not sure what you mean.

  • Night Of The Rebounding Garter

    Make that do they GO big on the pot.

  • Night Of The Rebounding Garter

    A friend of mine once went to a tea party at Buck House (Liz’s joint), and had a bit of a chat with Phil the Greek.

    They did have cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches, too, which, apart from getting to meet the Queen, is one of the main reasons everyone goes if they’re lucky enough to get an invite.

    My friend promised everyone she wouldn’t curtsey, then did. She just couldn’t help herself. Everyone was doing it so she did too.

    However, she WAS upset that she didn’t get to speak to Her Maj who, as a strong woman who has been able to keep her head for decades while all about her others are losing theirs, is someone she looks up to.

    But that was the only bad part of the tea party, apparently. She even enjoyed speaking to Phil.

    Who goes to the tea parties in America, and do they have famous – even royal – people there??

    And do they big on the pot??

  • Cindy,

    Is this true? or is everyone pulling my leg?

  • Oh it’s Stan, I think. Funny stuff, Stan!

  • lol Dr.D (& Co.) that is hilarious!

  • Roger,

    This thread is fun!

    Now, how do we get the Senator and the blog together so that the people of Montana can see the truth?
    I find this incredible!

    What does this man think of housewives and veterans in Montana?

  • And that’s from a real patriot, Resounding Father. STM pulls no punches, though we disagree on a number of things. His is the conception of true freedom and democracy, however differently we may envisage such things.

    Yours is a voice reaction, hopelessly mangled and muted.

    I should wish, I suppose, that you prosper. But your kind, to tell the truth, is a dying breed. The sooner the better.

  • Actually, Jeannie, you put your finger on it. The very same individual, and no other.

  • STM

    Well, not here there’s not. If he’s around, he’s talking (or listening virtually) to:

    1 Pommy;

    1 Canuck, and

    1 Australian.

    None of whom, if for no other reason thasn they live outside the US, would have any idea of the meaning of liberty, freedom, or truth, justice and the American way.

    And the man obviously has something serious to say.

    Why is no one listening?

    Shame on you, America …

  • Jordan Richardson

    Unless he summarily deletes them all, it looks like he’s just talking to himself.

    He’s talking to “My Fellow Americans.” I guess there aren’t as many of those as he thought.

  • Night of The Rebounding Garter

    I notice no one answered the question about The Resounding Laughter’s pot.

    Perhaps it’s a case at these tea parties of the kettle calling the pot black.

    I don’t know. I’d like an invite too.

  • I don’t mind tea bags, mate, as long as they’re Tetley.

    Thankfully you can get Tetley quite easily over here.

  • The Resounding Laughter

    I just went to the Father’s blog and noticed all the talk about tea parties, and if there’s anything I love it’s a good tea party.

    How do you get an invite to one of these, or do you just wander along.

    Does one need to take anything … tea cake, cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, etc.

    Also, being in America, would the tea parties be more into teabagging, or prefer the pot? I’m not a great fan of the teabag and would be able to bring my own pot.

    Please let me know as I’d love to go along to one.


  • Well then Doc, i guess there’s nothing for me to see here anymore.

    on to more interesting threads..see ya!

  • very relevant and interesting…i thought i was the only one with a lonely blog ๐Ÿ™

    thanks for pointing this out!

  • I note the possibly interesting, possibly relevant fact that none of the little entries in question on The Refounding Father’s blog have any comments.

    Unless he summarily deletes them all, it looks like he’s just talking to himself.

  • you should have thought twice before publishing my name on that blog…believe me Mr. if anyone attacks me or my family (like a lone wolf,since you probably are attracting nuts to that obnoxious site)you will be the first person we look at. Got that clear in your head?

  • is this you?

  • TRF,
    here’s one for your little blog..

    ‘The party of no has proven time & time again that they are not ready to lead!’

    I’ll be looking for it when you publish.

  • STM

    All this is making me feel like a nice cup of tea.

    One lump or two?

  • #89


  • Jordan Richardson

    I find it interesting that the Resounding Father had since removed the “liberal swine” comment (see #73 above) from his personal blog.

    He’s also gone with the good old “I’ve been attacked” narrative for his latest post, apparently ignoring all of his own atrocious personal attacks that he has tucked away on his blog and believing, somehow, that he and the world of Glenn Beck-inspired “debate” actually elevates things in America.

    What a confused individual.

  • Jordan Richardson

    No, Jordan, we kill them as well.

    Right, right. Forgot about Texas.

  • “I would rather not compromise with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and the thousands of others. I am proud of America for standing up against the murders that rule these other countries.”

    You must not be an educator in history. How about you double check when their regimes started and when America finally stood up to them? The years don’t always match up.

    “Oh yeah, here in America we educate retards rather than killing them!”

    No, Jordan, we kill them as well.

  • This does not assist with my confusion.

    I’ll go and lie down now.

  • no i did not mention that name Roger…brrrr

  • OK DOC, you saw my mistake..:(

    i will never be a cyber bully..because i would end up telling someone

    “Watch out! or I’ll put you in a comma!”


  • As a matter of fact, there is – at least an album.

    I don’t think any reference to JOM was intended.

  • @ #76:

    ‘Just One Man’ is the banned commenter you’re thinking of, I believe.

    Unless there’s a band called Not Your Daddy?? I’m confused now.

  • I find it interesting that the Resounding Father had since removed the “liberal swine” comment (see #73 above) from his personal blog.

    Where is your conviction, Father? Why not let it stand?

  • No problem as far as I’m concerned. One possible strategy to implement is simply not to address him any more.

    Why give him more “ammunition”?

    It’s limited, of course, because he may go to other threads and use selected comments as material for his own blog. Whatever it takes.

    Good luck, Resounding Father.

  • Hmm…

    I don’t think there are any legal issues here, Jeannie, up to and including libel – since you did actually say those things, and in a public forum to boot.

    I do not, however, approve of TRF’s decision to post the conversation verbatim on his personal blog, especially since he used your name and most especially because he did so without asking you.

    Not only is that unethical; it’s bullying. It’s not a heck of a lot different than if he and his friends were to surround you in the schoolyard and make fun of everything you say.

  • Talent? That’s a laugh…

  • No, just another recent addition to replenish BC’s talent drain.

  • NOT YOUR DADDY, Aren’t you band? or was that another pithy little title.

  • If being called names is the best they can do..let em!

    My mother died because of corporate greed..she gave her life up to the FOR PROFIT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM these filthy conservatives are trying to hold on to! There use that! You have permission. As long as you don’t skew what I just gave you.

  • Roger, This shows how dry his well really is.
    Perhaps we could suggest he use some Viagra..i hear that might help get the creative juices flowing again. A little writer’s block for the ole man? TEE HEE ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Here’s a direct quote from the aforementioned blog:

    “Why I continue to cast these conservative pearls before liberal swine I have no idea. Stay tuned. Check back for updates here and at Blogcritics.org. Be sure to check out my exchange with Jeannie’s liberal pal, Roger, too, on the Blogcritics site.”

    I suppose the resounding Father plans for more of the same. He’s intent on treating his readers to a real feast in a pigsty.

    Nice going, Daddy, or it is Father, I should say.

  • THANKS! TRF…:)

  • TRF, Claims on his blog today that Jeannie will make your eyes bleed… My words, although not as polished or sophisticated as all my other fellow BCers has POWER!

  • TEF, With your deep and abiding love of this teabag group(do u even know what teabagging means?)don’t forget about the KKK that has rooted itself there..Yes the KKK, that good ole American terrorist group! Remember TRF? or do you also belong?

  • I have the same question, Jeannie, and I want to get Dreadful’s opinion. It may not be illegal or against the BC policy, since everything we post here IS for public consumption. Nonetheless, I think it should behoove “the resounding father” to at least let you or me know that he was going to make a “running transcript” and be publishing your and my comments on his own blogsite, under some such title as “his pearls (of wisdom) cast to the liberal swine.”

    So I’m awaiting Dreadful’s comments on this.

  • I do not know what would posses Mr.TRF to use my comments as a base for his blog. Perhaps he does not posses enough writing creativity to produce his own opinions fully!…remove it soon TRF..Jeannie will notify the proper authorities.

  • Good analysis, Cindy. You’ve got more patience than I do. I just strike at the psychological defects of those who espouse such simplistic views. That’s the root cause, in my opinion, not the logic.

    You’re taking your time trying to point out the inconsistencies inherent in their thinking. Both approaches have their merit, I suppose.

    I just don’t want to waste my time talking to juveniles. Nothing short of a shock treatment, like falling flat on their faces, would turn them around. Their views are but an expression of their underdeveloped, infantile self. Perhaps you’ve got to stir their noses in their own shit pile, like when you train a dog not to mess up your carpet, before the lesson can take in.

    But that’s just my opinion. Perhaps I should be more loving and understanding.

  • The author, while likely claiming to be for liberty and equality, supports a system where the rich replace royalty or dictators, and get to determine who gets to eat based on their benevolence or lack thereof. We, like a nation of codependents, are supposed to tread lightly, lest we irritate the privileged potential abusers of power.

    The author holds out a Capitalist and admires how generous he is because he donated back some of what he usurped. This strikes me rather like tossing all the fish I caught onto the shore and then proclaiming my sainthood when I toss one back in the water.

    Charity makes rich people (who already have their heads over-filled with notions about how much better they are than others) feel as if they are doing something worthwhile. It isn’t psychologically healthy to maintain conditions in a society of arbitrary wealth and need and then baptist the few who have the wealth as saints when they act like human beings and paint those without wealth as lazy.

    That charity is even necessary indicates that Capitalism does not work. We don’t need to kiss the asses of the wealthy (as if they were kings and queens), we need a reasonable system where everyone has a fair chance and an equal say.

    We need liberty and equality.

  • Cindy,

    We still have “unfinished business,” remember?

  • It’s not the real wealthy who complain about taxes but the upper-middle class. The real wealthy are few and far between, and they’ve got loopholes galore and the best tax accountants that money can buy. Not so with the upper-middle class (like my sister and brother-in-law, for instance).

    But why should the wealthy object to being represented by proxy? It’s to their singular advantage for all the world to know how they’re being screwed by the government.

    And then of course, we have the ordinary rank-and-file apologists like “the Daddy” or “the Father,” who will be the first to say they’re not really well-to-do. And I believe them.

    Well, they’re better to do than all the lazy poor, all those on the public dole. And their blood boils. “If I have to struggle to get a piece of the American pie, why shouldn’t everybody?”

    But that’s an attitude only a cut above “the trailer park white trash.” They’re conservative to the core and believe in the American way because they’re better off than “the niggers.” And they’d like to keep it that way.

  • You are making the rest of your right-wing libertarian friends look silly. This article should be called: My Rationalization for Libertarianism, Based on Questionable Analysis of Facts I Made-Up Myself.

    The author suggests:

    Capitalism is a fine system, because once there was a Capitalist who was generous and donated to charity.

    Capitalism would work just fine if the govt didn’t make the Capitalists mad by making them pay taxes. Then they would feel happy and generous.

    Putting these together, the author arrives at the following premise and conclusion:

    Capitalism works just fine, and somehow, proof of this is that if we do not kiss the asses of rich people they won’t donate to charity.


    Aside from the lack of logic that makes all by itself, the author seems not to have noticed that taxes have actually decreased for the wealthy–thus, rendering his/her/its entire argument one that now supports the opposite view. That Capitalism does not work and that if you reduce the taxes Capitalists pay, it makes them more greedy and less inclined to donate to charity.

    Further, the author omehow mysteriously ‘knows’ that poor people can actually find jobs, they are just too weak (read lazy) to go look for them, because they are getting too much govt aid.*

    *Some version of this hostile supposition and a desire to attack and blame poor people seems to be the real motivation underlying the thinking of many right-wing libertarians, such as the author.

    to be continued-

  • What’s interesting is the recent influx of new ultraconservative writers, of the most banal and pedestrian caliber, one might add: “Not Your Daddy,” Colonel Tom Carter, and now “the [resounding] Father.”

    If one were into conspiracy theories, one could swear that our Mr. Nalle had a hand in replenishing the the dying crop. But even Dave can’t be accused of being that devious.

    Of course, what Mr. Nalle will probably argue that what we’re evidencing here are the fruits of the “teabagger revolution.”

    Go ahead, Dave, and prove me wrong!

  • Jordan Richardson

    Heck I think Socialism sounds wonderful on paper but it didn’t work.

    Where didn’t Socialism work? Better still, just name one actual working model of Socialism.

  • Jordan Richardson

    If we bring back all the jobs to America, your $20 pair of shoes will cost $200. Because we have to pay Cost of Living wages.

    Let me just see if I’ve got your reasoning down correctly:

    It’s better to pay people peanuts overseas and outsource jobs, thus causing unemployment in the United States, because paying people to do the work in America would require better wages and a better standard of employment. And that, heaven forbid, is more expensive.

    Of course, this additional expense (the “expense” to give people decent living conditions and to treat them like human beings and not mere tools) couldn’t possibly come out of a reduction in executive salaries, a streamlining of the work force and the introduction of more technology and work-related systems to help reduce luxury and superfluous costs, could it?

    I mean, what you’re basically saying is that America can’t afford to actually pay people properly to produce goods in an effective, efficient manner so America must go overseas where it can knowingly take advantage of other cultures who will, sadly, tolerate such foul treatment.

    Do I have that about right?

  • and don’t act surprised by this reference..ole Dicky has been in our White House since Ford!

  • Educator, You better add Dick Cheney to that list..ask someone who’s been tortured by the CIA under his orders what they think!

  • It does not make one somehow unpatriotic if they don’t claim to be “The greatest country on earth” while pounding the chest and jumping up & down..and shouting who who who haaa haa loudly!

  • #49 amen Doc,

    It does not make one somehow unpatriotic if they don’t claim not to be “The greatest country on earth” while pounding the chest and jumping up & down..and shouting who who who haaa haa loudly!

    Have a little humility and take down some of that “World War II mentality, people.”

    yes, i thank God i was born in a developed country..but we are slipping here!!

    Without National Health Care and many of the benefits afforded other countries, just how developed are we now?

  • Jordan Richardson

    It’s fucking weird how Americans tend to compare themselves to Third World countries and communist dictatorships when they’re trying to tell the rest of us how awesome they are.

    “Oh yeah, here in America we educate retards rather than killing them!”

    Really? How novel for you!

  • STM

    One in four Australians is from somewhere else, and of the other 75 per cent, a fair proportion are children of migrants or grandchildren of migrants.

    And, we have the same standard of living as the US.

    In fact, it’s better, in many respects.

    I know that sounds like a brag, but it’s actually true.

    Not that the US isn’t a good place, I love it; but I’d never leave here to live in America … except, possibly, like Doc, for love.

    And it’s all a bit late for that so I just stay here, upside down, in the southern hemisphere on the edge of the south pacific and live my life in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I will say in America’s defense though, people from every part of the WORLD come here for our freedom and our opportunities and for the RIGHT to pursue happiness. America has many failures and has made many mistakes but every single person has an opportunity to succeed here. American’s have a choice to work, to dream and to fail.

    Educator, you’re on the right track but you’re clearly still stuck in your Americentric world view. Yes, the things you listed are part of what makes America great – but the United States is by no means the only country about which this is so.

    I believe in people and I believe in America. As much as you don’t want to accept it, Capitalism has given minorities more rights than any other system currently in place.

    Nor is the United States the only capitalist country in the world.

    According to statistics from the International Organization for Migration, Oceania (effectively Australia and New Zealand) has the most migrants by percentage of its population, while Europe is some way ahead in raw numbers. Of course, there are arguments to be had as to the reasons people migrate to certain places (whether they are looking primarily for freedom or for work, for example), but these figures show if nothing else that America is not the solitary beacon in a darkened world.

  • educator

    I have found this whole string interesting.

    Dr. Dreadful, you are correct America is not the greatest country in the world. There is no way to judge what the greatest nation is. I will say in America’s defense though, people from every part of the WORLD come here for our freedom and our opportunities and for the RIGHT to pursue happiness. America has many failures and has made many mistakes but every single person has an opportunity to succeed here. American’s have a choice to work, to dream and to fail. There are many countries where people are massacred because they don’t believe like the current government. Their poor make up the masses and their government chooses how much education each person can have.

    As an educator I believe America is a great nation because we educate everyone including the mentally retarted. Many countries don’t bother with them. In a global world, I worry that America’s weak students will be treated the same way those in Mao’s China where they were put to death.

    Jeannie -When you call for a Global world you call for America to compromise our morals. I would rather not compromise with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and the thousands of others. I am proud of America for standing up against the murders that rule these other countries.

    Finally, Jeannie, I ask you do you like or care about poor people? I ask this because the policies you cry out for will only hurt them. If we bring back all the jobs to America, your $20 pair of shoes will cost $200. Because we have to pay Cost of Living wages. The food that is produced around the world will triple in cost if we attempt to produce it here because of the laws we have in place in growing food.

    What will the poor do when shoe prices double or triple or when food becomes to expensive? You calls for improvements are nice and on paper I really want to support you. Heck I think Socialism sounds wonderful on paper but it didn’t work.

    I believe in people and I believe in America. As much as you don’t want to accept it, Capitalism has given minorities more rights than any other system currently in place. It is not perfect but the fact is we don’t live in Utopia. As a minority that came from nothing, I know the value of a fair educational system and a country that supports my right to pursue happiness. It is my duty as an American to help people weaker than I. More so, that is my duty as a human. How often we forget that before we are a government, we are human beings. As Americans we should care for eachother as people and not as a government number. Before you say that doesn’t happen, I am an educator for the urban poor. As far as school districts and welfare agencies are concerned, my students are nothing but a statistic. Only to me are they people.

  • Aliens are not required for that, Doug. How many books and articles have you read in which it is explained that the unique conditions on Earth were ‘perfect’ for the evolution of life?


  • doug m

    I hope in my lifetime aliens set up relations with Earth, just so I can see how many of those suffering from jingoistic fever can proclaim to be living on the greatest planet.

  • It’s true that we are the greatest nation on earth. What’s depressing is that so many people fail to see that.

    I’m not American but I do live in the US, so allow me to act as control here.

    Do you not find it the teeniest bit odd that of all the hundreds (arguably thousands) of countries and nations in the world, you just happen to be from the greatest one?

    While the United States has much to commend it, it is not the greatest country on Earth. Neither is my country, England, although it, too, is great in many ways. Neither – although it comes pretty damn close – is STM’s Australia.

    The US is simply your home. You consider it to be the greatest nation because it represents a close match for the values and accomplishments you were raised to believe are great.

    And a person from, say, Sumatra might consider Indonesia to be the greatest country on Earth – for precisely the same reasons.

  • Jeannie,

    Try Googling: ‘Wind farms could power all of UK.’

    Best link I found was this: http://ontariogasprices.com/news/Wind_Farms_Could_Power_all_of_U_K/21589_394316/index.aspx

    It takes you to Fox for the full article. Maybe you can bypass the restriction that way.

    – The Refounding Father

  • Jeannie,

    You know what, I think you just gave me the answer I was looking for: “We are the greatest nation on earth…hogwash.”

    I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s very sad.

    It’s true that we are the greatest nation on earth. What’s depressing is that so many people fail to see that.

    Through this “progressive movement” that has taken place over the last century, many people have forgotten that the founding of this country was truly a miracle. This was supposed to be a place of destiny…a place where people can be free.

    But, many people have lost sight of that fact. I wanted you and Roger to tell me that your ideas were so much better. I wanted you to explain to me why a global community is the best way to go. I wanted to understand your point of view.

    Then that statement you made, Jeannie, put it all together. You don’t care. You don’t care about this country.

    Rather than focus on making the current system better and making the U.S. better, you think by some “magic” everybody will live in harmony worldwide through one giant global community.

    If we are indeed headed in that direction, that would frighten me. And it should frighten you, too. It most certainly will frighten your children when they have to deal with the consequences people like you will set forth.

    I pray to God you are wrong.

    – The Refounding Father

  • TRF,

    The link to fox is showing an untrusted site. I have WOT

    do you have another one?

  • Roger

    #38 was a great response…what may i ask does TRF want to hear?

    We are the greatest nation on earth…hogwash
    We are one of many nations trying to find our way around this blue ball without falling off.

    That is exactly what i like about Obama..he has humility; that is something 43 should have learned as a child…

  • Jeannie,

    Thought this might interest you as well: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/01/08/wind-farms-power-uk/?test=latestnews

    I know, I know…it’s from Fox News.

    Here’s an important excerpt: “But it requires a major increase in manufacturing capacity, including greater production of turbines, offshore electrical systems and installation vessels.

    There are fears the manufacturing base will be outsourced abroad to meet the increased demand more cheaply.”

    I’m sure that wouldn’t happen here with your beloved green jobs, would it?

    But, hey, maybe the U.S. will be completely wind-powered, too.

    – The Refounding Father

  • Roger,

    I understand there’s a vast difference. I get it. All I’m asking is why.

    I realize you may not want to stop it personally, but what I meant was you claimed it was virtually inevitable (unless I misunderstood you).

    That aside, other than saying the current system hasn’t worked…you don’t back up your argument. I’m just asking why you believe what you believe.

    If you choose not to answer, then fine.

    But, it’s just a question: why do you think a global community would work better?

    – The Refounding Father

  • I don’t want to stop it, can’t you see?
    My hopes no longer lie with this country, only with its transformation.

    Again, you fail to appreciate the distance separating the two of us.

  • Roger,

    So, that’s it? That’s all you have? I’m surprised.

    If you’re correct, however, that we are on the path to becoming one global community, shifting from the nation-state paradigm…that’s not a world I want to live in.

    I take it you can’t answer the question of how a global community is better…since you seem to be against the nation-state? (You know, regardless of whether you can stop it from happening).

    – The Refounding Father

  • I’m not about to argue with you about the merits or demerits of global community.

    The trend is underway anyways, with your liking or without. The UE is but the taste of things to come.

    The point really is, that the time of the nation-states is over. Sooner or later, and preferably sooner, the entire structure is going to crumble like a house built on sand. The nation-states paradigm hasn’t delivered and it’s time to move on.

    Again, it’s got nothing to do with my druthers. It’s march of history.

    I really have nothing else to say on this matter. And least of all, I don’t have to convince you of anything. I don’t really have a stake in the present worldview. You do.

    And since you do, speaking to you is like pissing in the wind. So no, I don’t have to try again.

    And since you do

  • Roger,

    Again. That’s not an answer. You’re simply throwing verbose language around with no real substance. Give me facts.

    How will becoming a global society under international laws make us all better?

    Try again.

    – The Refounding Father

  • I’ll give you an answer in her stead. I’d bring America closer in line to the soon-to-become world community.

    I realize such concepts are abhorrible to you, being subject to international laws rather than basking under the protection guaranteed us by our founding fathers. But that era is gone, never to return, and we haven’t really much to show for it. America has lost its prestige both internationally and with respect to the great majority of its citizens. It’s but a paper tiger by now, still roaring and barking, but the roar is but a roar and the bark has no teeth to back it up. An empty suit, to use Mike Savage’s favorite expression.

    So yes, we had better come down from the Olympic heights and thoughts of glory which could have been ours, and rejoin the rest of the world community. In the final analysis, we’re not better than anyone – just another nation that had a real shot at changing the world to have only made it worse. Because of its own hubris.

    You’re not suggesting now, I hope, that we deserve better faith than the ancient Greece or Rome.

  • Jeannie,

    You failed to prove your case. You’re just saying what you would do. You simply give me examples without saying how they would make things better.

    I asked: “4. If you want the country to look different…prove your case. What do you support and why? What do you envision for America? If Jeannie Danna were President of the United States, what would she do?”

    How would your changes make things better?

    – The Refounding Father

  • K Rog, later gater

  • Don’t be paranoid, Jeannie. It’s a response to #30, second paragraph.

  • Roger, was that comment #32 directed at my sentence structure..you know, even though Van Gogh was never accepted into the little clique, he proved he could paint!

  • I’ll answer#4 first TRF ๐Ÿ™‚

    If i were President i would throw all the lobbyists out the back-door and make them all come through the front,,transparently like the Teachers Union..no secret deals and padded bank accounts.
    If i were president the EV one would be humming out of our hurt car factories and everyone would have their jobs back!
    If i were president we would have clean energy jobs, cap & trade would be implemented immediately, and all the jobs shipped over seas would return. (there is a way)

    Above all, if i were president, we would have National Health Care!

  • Roger won’t respond to a third-grade level of discussion.

    And no, you don’t have to be rich to be blindsided. Most rich well know what score is, but they keep silent. And why shouldn’t they since they’ve got people like you espousing their cause. So keep on plugging.

  • Yes, STM. But don’t forget there was a time when tea was more expensive than other beverages which might hold you over during the dreary winter season. It was the beverage of choice for the upper strata of society.

    For the rest of ’em, the cry was: give them gin.

  • Jeannie,

    What are you talking about? Did you just see Ron Paul and stop reading? I mentioned I liked that he was fiscally conservative, that’s it. Everything else you say there doesn’t deserve attention…you’re just ranting.

    I’m glad you responded again because I wanted to ask you a few questions. Hopefully, you will actually answer them since Roger won’t (or can’t) give answers to his.

    1. Why do you assume that I’m rich?

    2. To you, are all conservatives white and rich? If so, is that not racist? After all, you assume I am racist.

    3. You mentioned Canada. Is that the country you want the U.S. to become? Do you like Canada because patients from Montreal who need an angiogram have to go to Detroit or because of the high taxes?

    4. If you want the country to look different…prove your case. What do you support and why? What do you envision for America? If Jeannie Danna were President of the United States, what would she do?

    – The Refounding Father

  • STM

    See Rog, the British have known this for centuries: with tea, you don’t need to add anything to it to make it work.

  • STM

    And if America needs more John Wanamakers, Australia needs more Lance Hills.

    Lance invented the Hills Hoist, the rotary clothes hoist, and was known to be a great fan of of the medicinal and resorative powers of tea.

    Doubtless it was tea that helped two men on separate continents to achieve their not-inconsiderable goals.

  • I’d suggest a good shot of whiskey, KY bourbon preferably – with coffee or without.

  • STM

    Father: “Go drink your coffee. Don’t call me “Father.” That’s fine. It’s just…tea is so much better…don’t you think?”

    Coffee’s great, but when the world’s problems are weighing you down, when everything’s getting on top of you, you can’t beat a cup of tea.

    I’d love a nice cuppa right now.

    Followed, of course, in short order by a good lie down …

  • It’s sidestepping to you, it’s critical to me. Goes to show the two shall never meet.

  • Hello Taylor Brown,
    Thanks for posting your name..I just find it so funny that the most acrid responses and comments here are from people who hide themselves behind pithy little names.

    I know you are not going to change my mind any more than I can change yours, but a third party might read this and see the light..

    If you think I’m going to crumble under your teapots your all wrong..:)

    I must say i was impressed with Ron Paul in the beginning, but when he proclaimed that we did not need the department of agriculture and education he lost me…

    Anyone up for some more salmonella in their salad?

    Who needs education? Just the privileged?

    I’m laughing right now. Do you hear it?

    Oh there is one nugget of worth coming from Ron Paul…we don’t have the right to preemptively strike wherever and whenever we want!

    Please continue deregulating everything…my cats toys aren’t shiny enough, need more lead.

  • Roger,

    I disagree. Thanks for sidestepping my questions too.

    – The Refounding Father

  • We’re not talking logic here, TRF, but value-systems – in case you failed to notice. There is no argument to be resolved here by appeal to mere facts, because your interpretation of the facts is clearly colored by your prejudices.

    To be fair, so is mine.

  • Roger,

    I can do this back and forth with you and Jeannie. That’s fine.

    You can pick apart my statements and not offer any support for yours.

    But, at the end of the day, what do you stand for?

    What is your vision for America?

    If Roger Nowosielski were President, what would he do?

    You’re so quick to attack, but you don’t back anything up.

    – The Refounding Father

  • One reason why #15 doesn’t merit any response is by virtue of “American capitalism is great.”

    Anyone who would claim that today is clearly delusional. If you think it produced a happy outcome for the rest of the world, let alone all of its citizens, you really need your head examined. We are falling apart at the seams, as a nation, and you’re spewing out accolades. Talking about being in touch with reality.

    And no, “the Anglo-Saxon race” wasn’t a racial comment – just a reminder who stands to benefit the most from the benign progress of capitalism, unchecked and unhampered.

    Happy dreams!

  • Jeannie,

    I actually did a little research for you.

    Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal at the following link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122886086448792609.html (You will have to copy and paste this in your address bar, I apologize).

    Here’s an excerpt I found particulary intriguing (and very relevant to our conversation): “The Europeans once believed the “green jobs” myth too. Now, as blue-collar workers take to the streets, they have learned that climate-change legislation means green unemployment.”

    Could it be that even the Europeans are waking up?

    – The Refounding Father

  • Jeannie,

    My name is Taylor Brown. Nice to meet you. I go by The Refounding Father because it’s the title of my blog. I invite you to come by.

    1. How is calling Obama the “Messiah” racist? There we go again with the racism claim. I didn’t give him that nickname.

    2. As I said before, I’m not a Republican. I believe they are just as guilty for the mess we are in as the Dems. Am I freaked out that a black man is the President of the United States? No. It’s just I think people who voted for him are beginning to realize he isn’t what they thought they were getting.

    3. Honestly, I would’ve preferred Ron Paul over John McCain. McCain and Obama were very similar on many fronts. Health care and the economy to name two subjects, if I recall correctly. I liked Paul, although I knew he wouldn’t get enough votes, because of his fiscal conservatism. (The Fed does need an audit done on it. In light of their role in this financial crisis, wouldn’t you agree?)

    4. I don’t know why you think I’m against you here, but I’m not. If corporations are getting bailed out, I agree that taxpayers should too. However, I’m not a fan of bailouts at any level. People need to be allowed to fail. That’s the only way you can achieve true success. It’s about eliminating dependency and picking yourself up off the ground despite unfortunate circumstances. It’s the true American way.

    5. What about lobbyists? I’m not a big fan of them either.

    6. Green jobs are a myth. You want companies to stop shipping jobs overseas? LOWER TAXES! DE-REGULATE!

    7. You’re correct, not all companies are moral. There is a lot of greed out there. A lot of it is on Wall Street. But, it’s also the government’s fault. Who do you think forced banks to give out loans to people who couldn’t pay? When you package up a bunch of bad mortgages and sell them as bonds…that’s not a good idea. While greed is a flaw within capitalism, is it not in socialism and communism? In that case only the government gets to be greedy, but it’s still there. Don’t throw capitalism under the bus…throw the people that caused it there. You need to remember to distinguish between the greedy who use capitalism and the fundamentals of capitalism. They are mutually exclusive. Not everybody is greedy.

    It’s very simple, Jeannie. I don’t care how long it takes to help you understand this. I will help you see where I’m coming from.

    – The Refounding Father (a.k.a. Taylor B.)

  • TRF-
    Too bad your not brave or genuine enough to publish your real name…sooo TRF will have to do. I had two great fathers in my lifetime and they are the only ones deserving of that address from me.

    #1 Why are you addressing President Obama as messiah? I detect racism here…spit it out man, you are still freaked that the ‘good ole white boy’ didn’t win…and
    where is this famous tea bagging patriotism? does it only exist if you win?

    I wasn’t really asking for your money yesterday T, I just wanted to point to the glaring fact that when the individual needs help in this society it’s called a hand out and they are somehow morally defunct! Yet when Wall Street or big business needs help, that’s called a bail-out a loan, or something absolutely necessary. Not what it truly is CORPORATE WELFARE!
    Why don’t they lower their bottom line or bring back a fraction of that sheltered money from the Caymans if they are so moral?

    your third point can be answered by one word..lobbyists! but we will win my fellow pixel:)

    The Obama Administration is a long time coming for this world and I for one will give them all the praise and encouragement needed…the economy is recovering.

    The greatest thing about green jobs is that they can’t be shipped over-seas…oh no! No more slave wages and huge profits for the faceless shareholders….

    I LOLRONF at the use of the word socialism…yes T just like Canada…

    I like French-Roast coffee myself.

  • Jeannie & Roger,

    I’ll address you both.

    1. Jeannie, I should ask you the same question for the middle class. The “Messiah’s” health care plan that is being worked out in the Congress and Senate will severely cripple the middle class through a drastic increase in taxes. I’m a member of the middle class, why would I want them to go away?

    2. If had the money to lend you and your husband…believe me I would. I believe in entrepreneurship. Those are the people that will save the country.

    3. I’m glad you brought up that green jobs are saving the economy. But, tell me, where are they? Great you see a few solar panels and wind farms…fantastic. But, where are the jobs? The truth is they haven’t created any and they haven’t “saved” any. Economists don’t even have a statistic called “saved jobs.” It’s made up.

    4. How can you say the Obama admin. did anything to “save” the economy? With what? Cash for clunkers? Come on. You’re better than that.

    5. American capitalism is great. Why can’t you see that? What is your alternative that is so much better? Socialism…where people are all handed everything? Then, nobody buys anything because people don’t want what the government is producing. That’s insane…not to mention it’s never worked in the history of the world. And it should not be tried here in the U.S.

    6. Go drink your coffee. Don’t call me “Father.” That’s fine. It’s just…tea is so much better…don’t you think?

    7. Roger, wake up my friend. These are hard times. And they’ll only get worse if those in power remain there. We need them to wake up too. We need real “change” and not the B.S. promised to people so Obama could win an election.

    8. What’s with the whole “privileged Anglo-Saxon race” comment? Why does everything have to be about race? There are plenty of people who are not “Anglo-Saxon” who are wealthy and well-off. Chances are, too, that many of them are that way because of their entrepreneurial drive. The same drive and determination that helped grow this country when immigrants came here. The same drive and determination…that will help avoid another Great Depression.

    What I find most discouraging in these conversations is that so many people take what made this country great…and spin it. People looking for a better life…an alternative to socialism and communism…came here to be free. They came here to have the freedom to become anything. No, not everybody has an equal shake. But, they all have the chance to pursue what they desire.

    Does communism offer that? Does socialism..facism..do they offer that? The answer is no. And until you construct an economic..political..financial..whatever what to call it..until you construct an alternate system that is better than capitalism…the fact remains that capitalism is the only way to go. It’s not perfect. But, it got us this far. And, like it or not, liberals and Dems must admit…we’ve done pretty darn well.

    – The Refounding Father

    PS: See, Jeannie, I told you I don’t need you to call me “Father.” I’ll just call myself it. No problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • #14

    Hi roger, sorry I had to leave just as you wrote #11.
    Keep on commenting!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, Jeannie,

    Don’t let some of these people get you down. They’ll never change. That’s why I really wish for hard times, much harder than we’ve experienced thus far, to make them sonsofbitches wake up. Nothing else will make ’em realize that America’s “ideals” was a mirage. (I don’t want to wait until they all die out like the last remnant.)

    Only then can we hope for a brighter tomorrow for all humans, not just the privileged Anglo-Saxon race.

  • Hi Rog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • #7 TRF,

    I said I don’t want the country you, rush and all the other tea drinkers want….

    point #3 If we did not have a strong American Labor Movement, Rush would not have a mic in front of him he would have a serving tray!
    Do you want the middle class to just shrivel up and go away?

    You have really reminded me of 43 and how he chirped one day..”Just become an entrepreneur!” In fact TRF, why don’t you lend my husband and I enough money to become one of those entrepreneurs since the banks that had their hands out for corporate welfare sure won’t!
    Why did the economy almost completely collapse before The Obama Administration took over and headed us back in the right direction? Green jobs, jobs, jobs! I See clean wind farms, solar power and the resurrection of the EVONE in Americas future.

    The question is why can’t you?

    The decimation of the Sherman anti-trust laws has aloud capitalism to become this over grown greedy monster that sees nothing but Wall Street and the bottom line…

    If American capitalism is so great then why have most of our jobs been shipped to China and I’m hearing now Africa?

    I am going to go drink a cup of nice hot coffee right now TRF. sorry, but I will not address you as Father.:)

  • Bless you, my son.

  • It was a joke, Father…

  • STM,

    Thank you for taking my statement out of context.

    – The Refounding Father

  • STM

    TRF: “Jeannie, the whole country has wandered away from our core principles. That’s why the Tea Party movement is so strong.”

    Thank God for the teabaggers then.

    There’s nothing that can’t be solved by a nice cup of tea.

  • Jeannie,

    Let’s take this point by point.

    1. I’d love to read your article that says capitalism has produced a nation of liars. I disagree, but would enjoy the read.

    2. Us people? Jeannie, the whole country has wandered away from our core principles. That’s why the Tea Party movement is so strong.

    3. Social programs have not built our country. That is entirely false. Social programs have destroyed this country — especially welfare.

    Donโ€™t you understand that most of those who count on welfare are handicapped by the system? Itโ€™s not that these people are poor or canโ€™t find jobs, itโ€™s that the system has allowed them to be weak. It has crippled them. It has left them with an inability to control their own lives. They are completely dependent on others.

    What you fail to realize is that this is by design. The Democrats (and some Republicans) need the poor to rely on them. That way, they can make them empty promises they have no intention of fulfilling โ€“ just to get re-elected.

    4. You mean labor unions like SEIU, AFL-CIO, or the ACLU? The SEIU is tied with ACORN — the organization that wanted to help bring illegal young girls here for prostitution. The SEIU boasts about how many undocumented workers they have in their ranks. Those workers take jobs from unemployed Americans. Shall I go any further? Not all unions are bad, but many are. So, you’re wrong there as well.

    5. Let’s get something straight — I am not rich. I am not part of your “owner class.” I agree that the American worker is taxed to death. But, it isn’t the employer’s fault — they give them a job. Blame the government for taxing you to death and using the money to support meaningless programs — or corrupt labor unions — or undocumented illegal workers.

    Besides, lower taxes would allow companies to offer goods and services at lower prices. Lower taxes would let companies create more jobs. Lower taxes would spark innovation.

    Less government intervention would allow the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in America once again.

    Does health care need improvements? Sure. But, don’t blame the employer. And don’t expect the government to take care of it — you know the same entity that monitors Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office, Amtrak, etc. Is that what you want? More incompetence?

    You mention the cadillac health care plans — shouldn’t you put Senators and Congressmen in there too?

    You make the American worker sound pathetic. They are not pathetic. We need less government and more American ingenuity.

    You want to talk about rights? Let me remind you what the current health care plan on the table will do to those rights if passed.

    Finally, Iโ€™m sorry you donโ€™t want to live in the America our founding fathers intended. Thatโ€™s very sad to me. Whatโ€™s also sad is how you completely dismiss capitalism โ€“ the reason we are the greatest nation on earth. While, yes, capitalism has its flaws โ€“ no other system has worked. Not socialism. Not communism. Not fascism. Argue all you want โ€“ but itโ€™s the truth.

    Read your history โ€“ real history. Not the B.S. they spew in school textbooks. Read the 5,000 Year Leap. Read The Lexus and the Olive Tree. You will understand then where Iโ€™m coming from and why your explanations are dead wrong โ€“ and scary.

    Make no mistake about it โ€“ I am NOT a Republican. I am a Constitutional Conservative. The GOP has really lost itโ€™s way. Until they come back to their core conservative principles, I will continue to vote for those that hold similar values to me.

    You don’t want to live in my America? That’s fine. But, I’m sick and tired of living in yours. Been there. Done that.

    The Refounding of America continues.

    – The Refounding Father

    PS: Let me say that I’m sorry your father had to live through that. But, FDR’s New Deal only prolonged the heartache for Americans during the Great Depression.

    If we are not careful, the government could prolong this recession as well. And it could be worse than what your father went through.

  • TRF,

    I recently wrote that unchecked capitalism has produced a nation of liars.

    This article proves that statement.

    The fact the Mr. Wanamaker was a Republican shows just how far you people have wandered from the core principals of this country.

    The social programs implemented by our government is what built this country and the middle class to begin with.

    The labor unions also strengthened the American home so that workers could earn a living wage. Of course, if your rich you don’t worry about trivial concerns like food, shelter, clothing, education and opportunities for your children to improve and enrich their lives.

    So you say “Let us keep our money! Don’t TAX US! just the little guy ”
    While you, the owner class, pay little to nothing in taxes, the American worker is taxed dry before even cashing that paycheck.
    While you, the owner class, have cadillac insurance plans for your HC, the American worker goes bankrupt after any major medical need for them or theirs!

    While you, the owner class, live rich secure and affluent lives, the American workers must hold their hands out to you for


    Again, you make our rights your burden…

    I hope I never live in the country you are claiming to re-found.

    PS My father joined the Conservation Core in order to survive. What’s the hardest decision you have ever made to live?

    Incidentally, the Conservation core built all those Ski lift runs you enjoy. A good by-product for the effort wouldn’t you agree?

  • It’s a chicken-and-egg situation really. Charity exists because not enough help exists for those in need. The question is whose responsibility you believe the provision of that help is.

  • You’ve got a valid point here. Compare the level of charitable giving in the more socialist states of Europe with the US. People in Europe have mostly given up personal responsibility for making society better and delegates that responsibility to government, which I don’t see as an improvement.


  • Thanks for the link.

    Are there still Johnny Wanamaker’s department stores around? There used to be one in the Wall Street district in the late sixties, and they did specialize in the top-of-the line man’s fashions.

  • People tend not to be as charitable when they are nickle-and-dimed.. Good point!

  • A basic tenant of business and taxation is that businesses do not pay taxes. Businesses collect taxes for the government. It’s amusing that so many people have never learned that.
    Remember that man who owned a pizza chain that spoke out so eloquently against Hilary’s healthcare plan back in the 90’s? He would qualify as a “Wanamaker”. Yeah, I nominate him — unless he got run out of business by government regulations.