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America, Freedom, and Ron Paul

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It continues to amaze me how many are afraid of freedom. It is not just the leadership of our country, average Americans are just as fearful of freedom in their own lives, and in yours. Those in power, of course, long to retain that authority. I also believe that many are arrogant enough to believe that they know better than the average American, who is often looked down upon and belittled by the ruling class.

What I find more interesting is how many average Americans long to be controlled by their government and have the power to control their neighbors. Throughout history, many civilizations willingly surrendered their freedom to a dictator, while others fought and perished to remain free. What is it that propels someone along the path of freedom versus servitude? Is it purely by chance or are there other factors? We may never know.

Contemporary America is particularly hostile to freedom. This hostility is not purely a Republican or Democrat condition. The Democratic Party is hostile toward economic freedom, religious freedom, gun rights, and parental rights. Republicans are hostile towards the First Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, and anyone who doesn’t support unlimited wars of aggression. So both have deplorable records when it comes to our civil liberties and our God given freedoms.

The federal government has a role in our homes and businesses and we would be a significantly stronger republic if we respected everyone’s views and realized that our beliefs are strong enough to withstand differing views. How much is intolerance toward other viewpoints really just a reflection of our own weakness? Is it really that our neighbors are so evil and sinful or do we believe we do not possess the self constraint to live next to a lifestyle we don’t agree with?

For years I was very closed minded; I was against gay marriage, legalized prostitution, legalized drugs, and strongly supported empire building. Over the years, as I began to follow Ron Paul, I started to reconsider many of these issues. If two people of the same sex have a relationship together, does it really affect my life? If a town wanted to legalize prostitution, would it destroy my town? If drugs were legalized would everyone start using them? Of course not. I have a firm set of beliefs that are not harmed by other citizens exercising their own freedoms.

It was really hard to come to that conclusion, especially concerning drugs. I had a stepfather who was addicted to several different drugs and beat me for years. Drugs being outlawed did not change the actions that he chose. I have also had coworkers I knew were smoking marijuana but who were outstanding employees. It comes down to personal choice. If someone breaks a law then hold them accountable for that action, but it makes no sense to imprison millions of Americans, as we have throughout the years, for choices they made which harmed no one else.

I think America is big enough to allow people to pursue their own American dreams, and freedom is something that should be cherished and preserved. Our founding fathers’ vision was not that of a nanny state where government and citizens force their views and values on everyone else. When you look around at the politicians we have today, I dare say there is no one who has been a stronger defender of our God given freedoms than Ron Paul. If you are a Republican, Democrat, or anything in between I hope you will strongly consider supporting the one politician who respects you enough to allow you to determine the course of your own life. Vote Ron Paul 2012 and let’s see what a free America can accomplish.

The reason the establishment constantly mocks and belittles Ron Paul is because they fear that if his ideas were ever enacted the American people would come together, robbing them of power. Most of our politics today is driven by fear and division. Republicans, with their war on terrorism and an unseen enemy who allows them to strip away our civil liberties, Democrats constantly play the race card against anyone who disagrees, and they use threats of climate change as an excuse to divide conservationists and businesses. By embracing personal responsibility and freedom we no longer fall into their divisive traps and power diverts to the people instead of the political parties. With that power we prosper as individuals and as a country; and that would be the fulfillment of Ron Paul’s vision.

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  • TK3

    Is there any hope left for the G.O.P. establishment Party ?
    Dr.Paul is so far above the rest of the candidates on all counts that favor liberty and good government that this race is, in effect, a “test” of the basic intelligence and patriotism levels of the old G.O.P. establishment PARTY “primary” voters.

  • banh

    Let’s pray that Ron Paul gains the delegates to command some consideration at the Republican convention, and that if he continues to be pushed away, he throws his hat into the Independent ring.

    One way or the other, America needs a few lessons on respecting freedom and the freedom of others. Whether it comes as a pleasant and productive learning process through Ron Paul, or suffering a Marxist regime through Obama’s second term, America will learn.

    Our corruption needs to be thoroughly cleansed and our people need to be educated to a higher cause.