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Amber Rubarth – “Ol’ 55”

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Music is a great companion for the road. There's nothing like driving down a scenic road, be it near a beach, in the countryside or along a mountain top on a nice day with the windows (or top) down and some great music on the radio. The right song accompanying the right view can tap into a few emotions for me. On one hand it can provide one of those "life is really great" moments. On another hand, the music and car ride can serve as a reflective time to mull through issues or problems. Or, on a long trip, it can just help the time pass by.

One of the great road songs is Tom Waits' "Ol' 55."  Waits is no doubt one of the great songwriters and he ably captures the road experience in this song, which was the first song on his debut album, Closing Time back in 1973.  Some may remember that the Eagles covered the song and scored a mild hit with it on their 1974 release On The Border. Waits was reportedly not too impressed with the Eagles cover.  So, Amber Rubarth is showing some bravery in taking on the song.

However, Rubarth says she simply likes the song and didn't put too much thought into it.  Amber says "I haven't actually covered that many songs… certain ones just hit me and it's almost like I don't want to think too much about it. I wanna just kind of like just soak it in and then sing it and appreciate it as a song." She obviously appreciates Waits and this song. And, we at Sun appreciate Amber's terrific version. Check it out below:

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