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Amber Rubarth “23”

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Amber Rubarth's song "23" follows one of those narratives that many of us can relate to, at least generally. The song is basically about doing things when we're young that may not be the most considerate or thoughtful things to do someone, particularly in the area of dating. Of course, as Amber points out in her interview before performing the song, age does not necessarily bring any more thoughtfulness in this area.

But, one thing is for sure. Amber Rubarth is a rising star. Her charm, storytelling and musicianship come together in her unique approach to songwriting and singing that is turning heads and catching ears all over the place. And, unlike our love life decision making skills, which may or may not improve as we grow older, I have no doubt that Amber's musicianship will continue to grow. Having spent some time with her on a few occasions it is obvious that she is a hard worker determined to get better at her chosen craft.

This is a big week for Amber as her new record New Green Lines (Sounden) will be released tomorrow May 1st with a special show at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.  "23" is one of the twelve songs on the disc.  We're happy to give you a preview here with Amber giving you some insight in her view of the song and then performing "23."

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