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Amazing Race 7 Reaches Finish Line

I was sitting on edge while watching Amazing Race 7 come to an end.

The last episode started with the teams in Jamaica at Frenchman’s Cove doing the limbo to try to get the earliest departure time from Frenchman’s Cove the next morning. First place team, Uchenna and Joyce, got the 9am departure while the other two teams earned a 8:30am departure. Rob used up all the roadblocks, so Amber would have to do the rest of them including the limbo.

They headed 11 miles to Grant’s Level high in the hills outside Port Antonio. Detour! Raft It or Build It. Raft It requires traveling eight miles down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft with only a pole for steering. Build It involved correctly building a bamboo raft and using it to cross the river. All of the teams did Build It with Uchenna and Joyce and Rob and Amber in a close race to get the raft across the river.

Time to travel 80 miles by taxi to Montego Bay and reach the Pit Stop at Round Hill, a 100-acre coconut and spice plantation. The three teams were in a taxi race… and twists occurred.

Rob and Amber’s taxi got pulled over at a police checkpoint. Uchenna and Joyce didn’t celebrate long because shortly after their taxi got a flat tire. Ron and Kelly barely beat Rob and Amber in finishing the second to the last leg to win it. Arriving last, Uchenna and Joyce gave Phil all of their money and belongings. Doesn’t bode well for them.

The next leg began with a tearjerker. The teams had to cut 50 onions. Rob and Amber barely beat Ron and Kelly. Uchenna and Joyce found a taxi to take them to the airport for free. They had to beg for money and Joyce began crying due to frustration and the inability to collect money. It took a lot of time, but they finally got enough to get to the kitchen shack to cut up onions and for more crying.

The other two couples continued racing for first place as they both decided to Tee It. Both finished almost at the same time and headed for the airport.

The teams had to fly to San Juan. Rob and Amber took the earliest flight out. Ron and Kelly departed three hours later. 12 hours behind, Uchenna and Joyce looked out of the race especially since they had no money. But they caught up thanks to the place in San Juan, which didn’t open till 7:30am. Gotta love places with hours to make the race more exciting. This allowed the second and third place teams to catch up with Rob and Amber.

Amber couldn’t find the bridge. So the other two teams finished first. Next, go to airport and fly to the final destination: Miami. Ron and Kelly took a wrong turn to get to the airport and fell behind.

Rob and Amber found a flight departing within minutes and got on the standby. They successfully got on the plane. Rob asked the flight attendant if the gate was closed. Yes. They’re joyous.

Uchenna and Joyce found the plane Rob and Amber were on. They begged to get on. They lucked out and talked the pilot into letting them on. Seeing Rob and Amber’s faces was great. Ron and Kelly got the flight departing an hour later.

Teams needed to travel to Little Havana and find the King of the Havanas Cigar Shop, which is known by its Spanish name, El Rey de los Habanos. Uchenna and Joyce’s driver knew it was on 11th and got them there in no time. Rob and Amber ended up on 27th street and lost time.

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  • Winny

    OMG…I so know how you felt on the last few minutes of the show. We were yelling at the TV….”PAY THE CAB DRIVER AFTER YOU GET THE MONEY…” My Husband and I both had tears in our eyes. The first show that someone we liked actually won. And Uchina and Joyce deserved it. They got along during the whole show and were very supportive of one another! So a Big Ole Congrats to them! Good Luck with the Baby thing!

  • Tyler C

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